I vividly remember the night when my sister met her husband. It was a scorching summer evening, and we were blithely waltzing towards a bar in our floral dresses, preparing for another night of tipsy debauchery.

A live band was performing that night, and somewhere between a few Hugo cocktails and the soft, romantic blues filling the air, the saxophone player caught my sister’s eye. He was a dapper fellow, just about her age, and it took her minutes to snatch him into a long-winded conversation when he approached the bar during a break.

She asked about one of his tattoos, an elegant number 7, carefully drawn onto his forearm, and he quickly asked for her on a date later that week. She did not talk about anything else for the rest of the night, nor in the cab ride home, nor as we entered our building. As we approached the elevators, we quickly noticed that all three were on the 7th floor.

They had a beautiful summer wedding on the 7th of July, the night they met, and they will not miss a chance to tell anyone the story of their love omen.

What Are Synchronicities?

Many people will dismiss my sister’s story as a string of uncanny coincidences rather than a message from the divine realm that she found the one. But when you strip a coincidence of its human-given name, how can you explain it?

Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity” to refer to those moments in our life that somehow align into an experience that’s meaningful to us. For example, when you randomly think of an old friend and, later that day, they call you out of nowhere. Jung was a firm believer of a thing he called the Collective Unconscious.

He thought our subconscious minds, which we know are actually in the driver seats of our lives, are interconnected, thus allowing us to communicate telepathically. The belief that our mental space is not an isolated one, limited to the individual, opens up more expansionary questions.

Everything Happens For A Reason

What if we’re not only connected to each other but with everything around us? That certainly isn’t too bold of an assumption. We’re practically made out of the same elements as everything else we see in nature. The bounds of our physical body you can only feel because your brain perceives pressure.

When seemingly insignificant details of your life fall into place like pieces of a puzzle, who’s to say that’s not further proof that your subconscious mind is scheming with the universal order behind the scenes?

The Universe Is Sending Cheeky Messages

Whether you believe in a higher order or not, you must have heard that the Universe has a sense of humour. It will habitually put you in situations where you get the opportunity to grow, present you with incredible options at just the right time or synchronise low blows with some of your most miserable days.

And it’s constantly sending you messages and answering your requests. Did you finally decide you’re over that one person that’s not healthy for you? They just sent you a text saying how much they miss you. So you get a chance to prove that to yourself.

Did you take on way more responsibility you could carry because you couldn’t say no? You’re now having enough of a bad time so that next time, you’re ready to respect your boundaries.

You’re Fine Tuned For Deciphering Signs

You’re orchestrating your reality with every thought you have. And when you’re on the right path, following your passion and standing up for what you believe in, you will perceive your reality in a way that leaks validation into your conscious mind.

The thing is, that white feather you saw probably meant nothing for hundreds of people before it landed at your feet when you needed a sign. But it travelled a long way until it reached your sight, and you were ready to see it for what it is.

The confirmation that you’ve got the power to do right by yourself. To use the power your thoughts hold to bend reality in a way that’s beneficial to you, that’s going to help you grow more and more into what you’re meant to be.

Angel Numbers Are Recurring Synchronicities

Max Tegmark, a renowned MIT physicist and best-selling author, describes the Universe as a mathematical structure. Although nature may appear chaotic, there is no doubt that there is a precise, mathematical order in which even the most minor elements of nature blossom.

From Mandelbrot’s fractals resembling both trees and neuronal pathways to the Fibonacci sequence that makes up the proportions of sunflowers and seashells and the human body intricate forms, everything is numbers. Everything can be put into numbers, rather.

Of course, number sequences hold meaning and of course, seeing them everywhere is a way the Universe is trying to communicate. In which the deepest layer of your subconscious is sending messages to your aware mind.

What Are The Agreed Meanings Of Angel Numbers In Numerology?

Before we try to understand the meaning of the number sequences that might pop up in your life, we should take a look at the single-digit numbers. These are the foundation of numerology, and they are considered the essence of the world.

Each of the nine single-digit numbers has a specific symbolism, which was later used to decypher the messages behind angel number sequences. If you were to close your eyes and think of each digit individually, you’d probably be able to come up with these meanings yourself.

That’s how deeply rooted these meanings are in our minds, making them all the more convincing. These are the general meanings of the numbers, as agreed upon by numerologists and various religions.

Number 0

The number 0 rarely appears alone in an angel message. It is usually preceded or succeeded by another number, thus increasing the magnitude of its significance. If you continue to see number 0 everywhere you go, you must check what other numbers usually appear with it, and try to interpret the significance based on that.

Number 1

Independence, ambition, innovation, freedom, lack of inhibition, leadership qualities, recklessness, egocentrism, power, drive, success, expansive energy.

When decyphering your personal messages, referring to these meanings could make you conclude that you’ve got all it takes to succeed in your endeavours. That you’re right to demand more from your experience and that you possess the abilities to make your dreams a reality.

You could also view them as an encouragement to revolutionise the way you think and to accept the help of others. To stop putting so much pressure on yourself. To break free of programs instilled in you by your environment. To consider the advice of your friends.

Number 2

Intuition, unification, influence, tact, sensitivity, support, protection, inclusion, empathy, cooperation, love, harmony, balance, tenacity, silence, community.

Number 2 is obviously about the partnership in its many forms. You could be preparing yourself for a new relationship or reminding yourself that the one you have takes effort. Your pleas for peace and harmony could have been heard.

You could want to give back to the community or be reminded of the support of your partner. You could have achieved a sought-after balance in your life, or your feminine side might try to reach out to you.

Number 3

Artistry, naivety, charm, creativity, communication, curiosity, joviality, optimism, youth, society, self-expression, opportunities, intellect, fertility, beauty, inspiration.

This number has been an inspiration for all kinds of mysticist stories, and it represents the triangle – the strongest shape in the Universe. The number 3 also depicts the three layers of your mind – the aware, the personal unconscious and the Collective Unconscious. So it is also the Holy Trinity.

It can mean you’re on a spiritual journey and that the Universe loves you’re asking questions! On the other hand, it could guide you towards teachers and healers and remind you that the human experience is precious and fascinating.

Number 4

Practicality, service, loyalty, rigidity, strength, tradition, organisation, balance, dependability, rigour, responsibility, patience, progress, wisdom.

Four can remind you of your strengths and abilities. It can be a message from the Universe that it has your back and that your patience will pay off. However, it could also mean you need to pay closer attention to the structure of your life and your responsibilities before you will be able to reap benefits.

It could be a recognition of your progress or a reminder that you need to be flexible in your journey.

Number 5

Adaptability, flexibility, unpredictability, restlessness, energy, creativity, independence, inconsistency, change, excitability, advantage.

The number five is a cheeky precursor of change. Of expansive energy. Of joy and laughter, and breaking free from prisons we have created for ourselves. Erratic changes are the basis for revolution, and structure needs to be demolished before it can be built anew.

Expect the unexpected, keep yourself on your toes, be curious about your surroundings. Break free of negative patterns, allow yourself to buzz with the excitement of what’s yet to come.

It can also mean that you need to stop your energy from being stagnant. Dance around, let the energy flow through you, keep an open mind.

Number 6

Happiness, harmony, stability, family, deep emotions, evolution, compassion, outward focus, home, spirituality, nurture, faith.

Caring is the verb of number six. It can signify that the Universe is grateful for your living your life in a loving manner. Your loved ones could be sending you messages, or you might want to culture this love into yourself. It could mean you will find your balance as soon as you look inward, without judgement.

Or that you’re doing just fine in your introspection practices. You can also help others around you heal from past pain or that your happiness is on its way.

Number 7

Perfection, completeness, mysticism, support, encouragement, spiritual wisdom, teachings, evolution, spirit, purpose, power, endurance, persistence, trust.

The sacrality of the number seven is something we’re all aware of. This number represents creation, just as God is said to have created the Earth in seven days. Your efforts could have come to advantageous fruition, or you could be making tremendous progress in your spiritual journey. It can mean healing or alignment with your higher power.

It could also be a sign for you to trust your instincts and endure through your circumstances because this could lead to the evolution of your spirit.

Number 8

Good luck, infinity, constancy, pleasures, vices, new beginnings, new order, life, resurrection, material abundance, success, balance, self-confidence.

The eight-day signifies new beginnings that persist into abundant life. Its presence could let you know that your success is on the way; only you should trust your power to manifest it. It could also appear to recognise your progress and patience in fighting for your dreams.

Whatever you want in your life, you deserve, and you can have. This number will appear to bring you a spark of optimism and faith in your own powers.

Number 9

Finality, faithfulness, goodness, honesty, spiritual laws, humanitarianism, responsibility, culmination, leadership, unity, truth.

As the last single-digit number, nine will come to announce the end of a cycle. It can recognise you’ve made the necessary efforts for your evolution and that a particular situation in your life has ended. It can also mean that you are ready to give back to others and that you have all that it takes to guide other people on the right path.

It can also be a reminder to remain true to your purpose and always speak your truth.

Only You Have The Power To Interpret Them

While numerology has default interpretations to most number combinations and assigned meanings to each of the numbers, the message will almost always be “pay attention”.

The Universe will always nudge you on a self-love trajectory; it will always encourage you to be positive, more optimistic, let love flow through you, and be confident in your own powers.

That’s why frequently seeing angel numbers in a moment of your life is up for complete interpretation, and its meaning should always be tailored to your experience. Looking at the time every day at 11:11 exactly can mean that you made progress in your healing journey and that you should continue on your path.

It can also mean that if you’ve been thinking of breaking up with a toxic partner, you should have confidence in your powers and take a leap. If you are curious enough to ask what these numbers mean for you, your intuition will always be quick to shed some light on it.

That’s why the only person who could answer the question “what do these angel numbers mean for me” is yourself. You do have the knowledge. Everything there is to know about their significance is already within yourself.

You just have to pay attention to the moment they appear and quickly assess your mental state. Then, let the answer come within you, and I promise it will always be the correct one.