Dragonfly in a Dream

The vividly colored winged dragonflies have always been one of the most fascinating class of insects that have mesmerized mankind from the dawn of time.

The motif of the dragonfly is present throughout multiple cultures and belief systems as a totem or spirit animal, endowed with mystical powers that comes to us to help us gain a better understanding at what’s happening in our real lives.

In fact, the dragonfly is so much more than that, it is a messenger of our subconscious mind, revealing hidden thoughts and feelings and often shows up in our dreams to bring us joy, prosperity and happiness. Let’s dig deeper into the significance of the dragonfly dream and find out what it entails.

General Symbolism of the Dragonfly

In broader terms, the dragonfly symbolism is rich with enthusiastic discovery and adventure. Although it varies depending on its color, placement and all the other little details in context of each dream, the dragonfly is universally associated with transformation, spiritual growth, spontaneity and intuition.

Many cultures attested to the importance of these dreams in our lives and have left behind numerous artefacts and mystical accounts of such dreams taking effect.

Much like our distant ancestors, today we are still fascinated by this little insect harnessing so much intrigue around it. Nowadays, we can say that the dragonfly lands in our nighttime visions to bring forward an invitation for change and inner discovery that directly affects aspects of our personality.

Seeing a Dragonfly Flying By

A dragonfly aimlessly soaring above you in a dream or swiftly flying by can be considered a sign of inconsistency and lack of awareness in the real world, especially related to work and handling projects.

Although at first it may seem like a warning, the dragonfly simply wishes to remind you of the importance of doing your best in every scenario and addressing responsibilities as they come. As long as you perform your work conscientiously you will have lots of time to spare on other activities.

Seeing a Dragonfly Hovering Over a Body of Water

Dreaming of a dragonfly aimlessly soaring over a lake or a puddle in your dream is connected with instability that you seem to experience in the real world. Perhaps you feel like you are not grounded enough or that time slips by without any concrete results.

Don’t worry too much about this dream, it is primarily a “heads-up” announcement that if you discover the pleasure in doing things, even without instant gratification, you are bound to have a pleasant journey ahead of you.

Searching or Looking for Dragonfly in Your Dream

To have a dream in which you are chasing after a dragonfly means looking within and searching for the deeper meaning of your life. This can be considered a positive dream, that will lead you on a path to spiritual growth and self-discovery.

To envision yourself looking for a dragonfly in your dreams signifies that you may be consciously or unconsciously looking for meaning and motivation to propel you forward in your real world. The message the dragonfly wants you to know here is that you should never lose hope and you will find it.

Seeing a White Dragonfly in Your Dream

A white dragonfly entering your nighttime vision symbolizes purity, innocence, simplicity and clarity of thought. If the dragonfly in your dream is white, know that it is associated with your intuition and innate psychic abilities.

Whether you have already discovered these skills or are now invited to discover them, the dragonfly in this case means that, in some way, the divine realm is now reaching out to you.

At the same time, the white dragonfly illustrates a strong bond that you may still have with someone that passed away. This reminds you not to dwell on the pain of losing them, but to rather rejoice in the time spent together, the memories made and the happiness of your shared experiences.

Seeing a Black Dragonfly in Your Dream

The black dragonfly is connected with intrigue, mystery and rebellion that may be lingering in your subconscious mind. This type of dream serves as a reminder that you have the right to your own privacy and that someone close to you may be trying to invade it.

Alternatively, the black dragonfly may symbolize over-sharing and seeking attention from others in an intrusive way that may be perceive wrong. This is a reminder that respecting other’s point of view and acting with politeness avoids creating unwanted conflicts in your real life.

Seeing a Red Dragonfly in Your Dream

If you see a red dragonfly in your dream, try thinking about the areas of your life that are related to love and romance. These areas might just be lacking something you have not noticed before.

Alternatively, the symbol of the red dragonfly stands for passion, security and trust in your real-life relationships with others. Perhaps this is a perfect moment to add more vitality and stability to them as this will yourself feel more grounded.

Seeing an Orange Dragonfly in Your Dream

If you see an orange dragonfly in your dream, this means that you feel a deep need for affection and nourishing that may be related to family, friends or even colleagues. If you’ve been spending more time on your own, this would be a good moment to reach out and express your needs openly.

Alternatively, the orange butterfly might be signaling a health-related issue that is affecting your well-being.

Seeing a Yellow Dragonfly in Your Dream

The yellow dragonfly showing up in your dream symbolizes optimism, loyalty and joy and is connected to the way in which you assert yourself before others.

The dragonfly in this case represents the exuberant energy that you spread around, no matter how tired or overworked you may be. This is simply your subconscious mind remining you that you can only pour from a full cup.

Seeing a Green Dragonfly in Your Dream

The green color of the dragonfly in your dream is associated with nature, well-being, financial gains and abundance. If you’ve experienced this type of dream, know that prosperity and good fortune are just around the corner.

The green dragonfly is a symbol of wealth, renewal and success and often come to those that are about to enter a new phase of their real lives or trying out new careers.

Seeing a Blue Dragonfly in Your Dream

A blue dragonfly appearing in your dream suggests loyalty, trust and faith and is usually descriptive of your friendships in the real world. This is a reminder that others have the same opinion of you.

To see a blue dragonfly in a dream is considered a good omen, reinforcing the messages and energies that you are putting out into the world. The dragonfly recognizes your sincerity, authenticity and wisdom.

Seeing a Purple Dragonfly in Your Dream

If you see a purple dragonfly in your nighttime vision, it means that you are being called upon to tap into your higher being and harness your higher power. This may indicate that you have not explored your spiritual side and that you feel that you are out of sync with yourself.

This can be a perfect opportunity to meditate on evolution, spirituality and the meaning of your life and how you can transform it into a fruitful one, filled with things much greater than yourself.

Seeing a Brown Dragonfly in Your Dream

Seeing a brown dragonfly in a dream usually indicates that your home needs some attention. Perhaps a spring cleaning will bring some order back into your life and help declutter both your environment, as well as your thoughts.

Getting rid of old things that no longer serve you and making room for the new will only invite more joy and blissfulness into your life. Perhaps even adding new plants and decorations will help cheer you up and improve your mood.

Dreaming About Catching a Dragonfly

If a dragonfly lands on you in your dream, allowing you to catch it, it is a sign of good luck and an important clue that your journey will soon come to completion.

Catching a dragonfly in a dream is symbol of finally attaining a long sought-after goal that is especially important to you. It is also symbolic of safety and security, particularly in the financial realm.

To see yourself catching a dragonfly in a dream means that you have regained control of your life and are ready to move on to the next chapter.  You are, essentially gaining control over your inner thoughts.

Dreaming of a Dragonfly With Broken Wings

This type of dream illustrates disruption into some aspects of your real world. This could indicate that you have lost your grip on reality and may be feeling out of touch with your normal routine.

To dream of a dragonfly with a broken wing is symbol of shying away from challenges and avoiding facing your feelings. This is a reminder that avoiding them simply delays your growth process and that change is inevitable whether we want to accept it or not.

Dragonflies Swarming Around You in Your Dream

Envisioning dragonflies swarming around you in your dream acts as a warning for you to be more careful about the people you are spending time around. The dragonfly in this case warns you that their intentions may not be the purest.

To see a cloud of dragonflies swarming you in a dream is symbolic of feeling surrounded by negativity in the real world, leaving you disheartened and mentally drained.

Dreaming of Swatting or Killing a Dragonfly

To experience a dream in which you see yourself killing a dragonfly signifies refusal to change. The dragonfly being a symbol of transformation and renewal entering your world, it comes to you in times when you seem to need it most.

Perhaps this indicates that you are avoiding making a tough decision in your real life or trying to get away with something that you know may not be right. In this case, killing the dragonfly relates to ignoring important message that could positively transform your life.

Dreaming of a Dead Dragonfly

When you see a dead dragonfly in a dream, know that it means losing all faith in your own skills and abilities in the real world. This is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that it is time to pick yourself up and start over, regaining your passion for life.

If you’ve recently lost someone close to you or lost an important project or a job, the dead dragonfly portrays your feelings of defeat and hopelessness.

Seeing a Dragonfly Inside Your House

The most common interpretation of a dream in which the dragonfly is inside your house is that you will soon be welcoming an unexpected guest. The dragonfly in this case is a good omen, this visit being pleasant and sincere.

The characteristics and behavior of the dragonfly in this dream relate to those of your visitor and the object on which the dragonfly lands may be connected to this mysterious guest as well.

Seeing a Dragonfly in a Jar

To see a dragonfly trapped in a jar symbolizes the urge to contain your feelings and thoughts in the real world, for fear of harming others or being otherwise rejected. This type of dream is connected to a powerful emotion triggered by feeling trapped in a situation without possibility of escape.

The dragonfly in this case, comes to help you communicate more openly to others and signifies the need to bring harmony back into your universe.  


All in all, having a dragonfly dream is universally regarded as a good omen, due to the powerful symbolism behind this magical creature, bringing you spiritual growth, renewal and transformation.

To have a dragonfly dream usually involved embracing change and harnessing the adaptability to overcome challenges in the real world.

The color, characteristics and behavior of the dragonfly showing up in your dream contains important messages about the people or situations it revolves around.

Alternatively, the meaning of a dragonfly dream can also represent feelings of instability, doubt, or lack of passion to undertake any activity.

Throughout many belief systems around the world, the dragonflies are viewed as symbols of self-realization, hope and rebirth. Many cultures believe that this peculiar spirit animal instills power and adaptability in us.

The landing on us in a dream acts as a catalyst to help us manifest our thoughts into the material world, reminding us to open our hearts to other people, indicating that is now high-time to explore and try out new things.

Chasing or looking after a dragonfly in a dream may imply that you will soon experience an increased amount of work that could leave you feeling tired. However, this type of dream is not meant to encourage you, but to instead help you push forward and achieve your goals.

A dragonfly in your house indicates an unexpected visitor that will be pleasant to you and provide you with fun opportunities to look forward to. Catching the dragonfly in your dream is symbolic of regaining control and balance over your current real-life situation.

All in all, having a dragonfly dream points to good fortune, blissfulness and abundance, reminding us to be mindful of every opportunity we receive and to be adaptable in the face of changes, making the most out of every experience in our lives.