Turtle as Spirit Animal

Unlike humans, animals are still strongly connected to their spiritual force. What we usually call instinct is, in fact, a deep link to the source of divine creation. Most people have forgotten about this important connection due to the everyday distractions of our restless minds and external demands.

This is why we often feel lost, depressed, struggle with anxiety, and find no meaning in our activities. However, animals are also spirit helpers that can manifest themselves in our path whenever we are confused or facing a great challenge.

They encourage us to reclaim our hidden talents, potential, and strength, providing us with wise advice to respond appropriately to our circumstances.

The characteristics of your spirit animal uncover those traits you also have but may not have fully developed. That’s why throughout your life, you may find one or more of these animal guides, depending on the circumstances you are facing and the lessons you need to learn.

If you constantly meet your animal helpers, it means you are a very spiritual person who is in close alignment with your intuition. So, if you want to experience a more meaningful existence, paying attention to your power animal’s message will lead you on the right path.

In this article, we will focus on the spirit animal turtle. We’ll delve into its symbolism, characteristics, personality, and much more.

This animal prompts you to stay grounded during chaotic scenarios and to pace yourself when navigating challenging circumstances.

If you feel a strong bond with this wise animal, or if it has been manifesting in your life lately, pay close attention! The turtle is trying to send you a message.

Read on to find out what the turtle spirit animal brings to your life.

Meaning and Symbolism of Turtle as Spirit Animal

The turtle spirit animal represents an ancient and wise creature that moves steadily through life and takes its time to make decisions. The turtle doesn’t waste its energy in unnecessary worries, pacing slowly on its life journey, enjoying every moment fully grounded in the present.

The turtle animal symbolism is very valuable to people that move with hast through their existence, realizing most of the time when it’s too late to delight in the simple pleasures of life.

However, don’t get fooled by the hard shell of these animals. Turtles are vulnerable animals that often find shelter in this protective house.

After all, turtles reside in the water element which talks about the expression of their profound feelings and vast inner world.

But turtles also walk through the earth realm, representing their ability to stay grounded even in troubled and chaotic times, with determination, and listening to its ancient wisdom.

Overall, the turtle is a symbol of strength and perseverance, traits that help us pass every obstacle we found in our path.

Characteristics and Personality

The turtle spirit animal holds specific traits and characteristics that you also embody or have not yet developed. Delving deeper into these qualities will lead you to acknowledge them and display them in your day-to-day life.

This wise and patient animal have the following personality traits:

  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Perseverance and Steadfastness
  • Protection
  • Home and Retreat
  • Healing
  • Tranquility

Turtle Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Ancient Wisdom

Turtles have long lifespans, which is why they are symbols of longevity in different cultures all over the world. Unlike dragonflies or butterflies, they can leave far more than just a couple of weeks, some of them living up to 70 years of age.

If the turtle is your spirit animal, you are probably an old soul that has a deep and open-minded approach to life. You are a natural-born teacher who has a lot of knowledge to teach others about the meaning of our existence.

If you are investing in a project that needs to endure the test of time, turtles can be of great help as they were built to last.

Perseverance and Steadfastness

Turtles also represent perseverance and steadfastness. They don’t need to go fast to conquer their objectives and win the race, they just need to prevail thanks to their consistency and focus.

Once you are clear about your objectives, the turtle reminds you to stay focused on your path, even if the walk is slow and demanding. But if you are unsure of what you want, this spirit animal encourages you to seek more information. Keep in mind that the process is also part of the journey.

In a harsh and cruel world at times, the turtle reminds you to be perseverant and rely on your shell of resistance to keep moving forward.


Due to their hard shells, turtles are symbols of protection. If you are dealing with a situation in which you don’t feel safe, you can summon the turtle spirit animal to feel more confident. This could be a work negotiation, a personal confrontation, or an experience that is pushing your limits.

The tough shell of the turtle embodies your willpower and reminds you that you are stronger than you think.

All humans need to retreat into the comfort of our shells to recharge their batteries and step away from the external chaos. If the turtle spirit animal appears in your path, you should retreat at home, take care of your needs, and reflect on your circumstances. This will help you embrace your experiences more positively and understand the underlying meaning of your problems.


Protection and retreatment lead us to recover from our emotional injuries, which is why the turtles are symbols of healing. If you are down, ill, or one of your loved ones is going through a rough patch, you can seek help from the turtle spirit animal.


Turtles are known for their slow pace and peaceful nature. Sure, they can be territorial, but they won’t battle like tigers or owls for things that are not necessary or worth it. They would rather bask on a log, soaking up the sunshine.

Turtles are gentle and tranquil creatures and encourage you to take it easy and don’t waste your energy getting anxious over anything.

Turtle Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Turtles have a calm and peaceful character that is positive in most opportunities but can also lead them to avoid conflicts.

If this is your spirit animal, you might tend to procrastinate and push back issues instead of resolving them on time.

You are also good at starting things but you are not so great at finishing them, a tendency that delays your projects and leads you to become stagnant.

And just like turtles, when you find yourself in a threatening situation, you hide in your shell and don’t reach out to other people for help.

Turtle as Animal Totem

The turtle totem encapsulates the wisdom and positive attributes of this ancient creature. So, you can use a turtle totem pole as a good luck talisman for bringing healing and protection to your life.

A turtle statue can also be a good luck symbol when you are feeling too anxious and need to change your pace. This totem will help you stay grounded and enjoy the simple pleasures in life instead of fighting for things that are not worth it.

If you need to be persistent and endure a long and demanding challenge, use a turtle talisman to help you stay focused despite distractions.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Turtle for Help?

It is not a challenging task to ask your spirit animal for help. However, our hectic lifestyle makes us forget about our spiritual roots and we stop calling them during our daily routine.

But as soon as you get used to reaching them and asking for their help, they won’t leave your side and will advise you whenever you feel lost and need some extra help.

You can call your spirit animal turtle by going to a quiet spot and visualizing its presence close to you. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine its shape, skin, shell, and every little aspect in detail. Talk to them as if they were an old friend and ask for their help with whatever you need.

You can also carry with you symbols or pictures of this animal. Thus, every now and then you will come across its image and this will help you keep it fresh in your consciousness.

You can also read about the turtle and watch documentaries about these ancient animals, studying their personality and lifestyle so you can try to imitate some of their behavior.

If you follow these guidelines, the turtle will soon begin to manifest in your life.

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

Spirit animals often manifest themselves in our path is through dreams or strange coincidences. This is because they are messengers from a more subtle realm and cannot appear in our path in conventional ways.

You may experience recurring dreams in which the turtle comes by your side and protects you with its wise energy, or a dream in which you transform yourself into this animal. This is a good sign that you should uncover its underlying message.

When it comes to coincidences, they can be absolutely random and varied. For example, your children might talk about these animals for no reason and, on the same day, you might find one of these animals in your driveway. Or even that morning news broadcasts talk about this particular animal.

This means the turtle spirit animal is trying to reach you and you will connect the dots in your heart to discover their message.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

Spirit animals appear in our path to help us contact our higher self. Therefore, you should develop your intuition to align yourself with their messages and better understand what they are trying to tell you.

Then, you must consider your current circumstances. Are you struggling with a particular issue or find yourself at a crossroads? Is your life going through a major transformation? Do you feel you need to slow down and pace yourself to navigate your problems more effectively?

Well, it is on these opportunities that the power of the turtle will manifest with greater potency.

The more connected you are with your inner self, the clearer the message will be. Taking a few minutes to spend some time alone and meditate every day can help you in this task.

Meaning of Turtle in Dreams

Dreaming with a turtle is a symbol of longevity, perseverance, and determination. This spirit animal is encouraging you to be strong and stay true to your journey.

There are many fruitful opportunities waiting for you, but you need to avoid distractions or excuses and take the first step.

If you are being chased by the turtle in your dream, then it means you might be running away from your responsibilities or denying an important problem. The turtle spirit animal prompts you to confront your circumstances before it is too late.

Meaning of Turtle in Various Mythologies

Native Americans believe the turtles symbolize the Earth Mother. Turtles have 13 scutes on their shells, which represent the full moons we have each year, according to Native Americans.

In addition, there are other 28 smaller scutes on the outer rim of the turtle’s shell, representing the 28 days of the lunar month for Native Americans, making them celestial symbols of Earth.

Native Americans also have a creation myth about an ancient flood that covered the planet Earth. Then, the Turtle Earth Mother lunged into the depths of the water to grab mud and with it create the land, people, and animals that exist today.

The Iroquois also have a creation myth that says that the Sky Woman falls down to Earth, which is covered in water, which is why animals tried to create some land for her. They dived into the bottom of the sea and look for mud to build the land, but didn’t know where to put it. So, they pile the mud on top of the turtle’s shell, forming an entire island on its back, and this is how the Earth was created.

For Mohawk Culture, the Earth was also created by a giant turtle, making earthquakes the result of the turtle shrugging to shift the weight of the planet she was carrying on her back.