Cat in a Dream

Cats are one of the most common symbols occurring to dreamers across all walks of life. Often adored as house pets and venerated by ancient civilizations, cats have gained a strong reputation as powerful spiritual symbols showing up in our dreams when we need a certain type of insight.

Mostly known for their feminine-like appearance, their nine lives and their ability to adapt to any situation, cats are perceived as interpretations of our subconscious mind that remind us of our self-resilience.

While for some superstitious folk cats are interpreted as signs of bad fortune and loss, for most cultures the appearance of a cat is considered a good omen. But what other hidden messages lay behind the illustrious eyes of this furry companion?

General Symbolism of the Cats

Generally speaking, cats are associated with illusory tricks of the mind, intuition and one’s subconscious processing raw emotions about present or future events.

To experience a dream in which the cat symbol is present is commonly linked with the current emotional state of the dreamer and the needs that one has in the waking world. Although at a first glance these elements may not seem obvious, the cat enters into the dream to provide insight into any issue that lacks objectivity.

If you happen to have a dream in which a cat appears before you, it usually serves to convey a deeper message about happenings in your everyday life that may otherwise pass unnoticed. As cats are subtle beings as well as masters of deceptions, coming face to face with your spirit cat may just help you better understand your relationships with others as well as with one’s self.

Cats in Different Cultures

When analyzing historical facts, we can note that ancient Egyptians worshiped goddess Bastet, otherwise known as the Goddess of Cats and regarded them symbols of happiness and celebration.

Another interesting instance where cats have gained significant praise is given by the Islam, where cats have been admired for their cleanliness and therefore allowed to enter homes and mosques. In most Arabic writings, cats are simultaneously portrayed as thieves and tricksters both as dream symbols as well as in the real world.

In other parts of the world, such as Thailand, cats are usually kept as temple guardians that enter the dreams of those who are in need of spiritual protection. For the Celtic and Japanese cultures, black cats are commonly thought to be true embodiments of the occult, the mystic and mysterious as well as devious craftiness.

In Hinduism, to dream of a cat is considered to be a warning that the dreamer needs to become aware of the presence of negative influences in their waking life. These influences may either come from inner struggles or from outside sources and the cat will most often be pointing it out.

Being Scratched or Bitten by a Cat in Your Dream

Having a dream in which the cat you are trying to pet or to hold turns around and attacks you is most certainly not a pleasant one. The message contained by it, however, hold a different significance.

If the cat visiting you in your dream deliberately attacks you by biting or scratching you, it is usually indicative of possible dangers unknown to you in the real world. Another important significance of this dream consists of the urgent need to protect your finances and material possessions as well as your general peace of mind.

If this type of dream occurs at a time in your life where you have left unsolved issues pass you by, this is a reminder that you been to become more cautious and responsible in your interactions with those around you. Revising your friendships and business relationships is highly advised.

Dreaming about Killing a Cat

Although not a common or desirable nighttime encounter, this type of dream is usually regarded as a bad omen about to manifest in the real world. Perhaps someone that has gotten close to you does not wish you well or maybe new people about to enter your life will prove to be less friendly than they pretend to be.

Whichever the case, having a dream in which you see yourself killing a cat is generally regarded as a warning and a reminder that the energy you put out into the world eventually returns to you in the same form.

Coming face to face with such a dream should help you better analyze your influence upon others and aid in figuring out if your actions towards them caused more harm than good. In this instance, the cat that you are killing is symbolic of your own plans and dreams.

Dreaming about Rescuing or Saving Cats

To experience a dream in which you envision yourself as the savior of a cat is commonly regarded as a good luck sign, foretelling the accomplishment of your goals after a long period of time through which you have felt powerless and defeated.

Saving the cat in your dream and coming to its rescue means that you have finally regained your independence and confidence in the real world and are about to resume your endeavors or kickstart new ones.

Essentially, saving a cat in a dream is intrinsically linked with power, courage and freedom. To rescue a stray cat or help an injured cat in a dream is synonymous with the need to regain independence and to fix friendships that may have been left aside.   If you dream of saving a cat, it means that you have regained your lost power and independence. You have become more competent and able than ever before.

Kittens Appearing in Your Dream

Unlike dreams in which a fully grown cat shows up, to see a kitten in a dream symbolizes innocence and childhood memories. The motive of a kitten in a dream can remind you of a pleasant memory or simply of your inner child-like nature.

To cuddle a kitten your dream helps provide you with a soothing comfort zone in which you can revel in all the happy moments that you have accumulated in your life so far. In other words, if you dream of kittens, you may interpret it as your subconscious mind telling you that it is alright to show a little bit of your sensible and vulnerable self with others around you.

For many cat lovers, this is an ideal dream to have. Kittens appearing in dreams indicate that you are currently residing in a safe space in your waking life and should be looking forward to taking new chances and exploring new paths.

Seeing a Cat Running Away

Unlike the popular belief that a black cat crossing your path is bound to bring forth bad luck, to see a cat running away from you in a dream or simply chasing after something, be it a mouse or a toy is considered to be a representation of your wish to follow through with all of your goals and projects.

This specific type of dream is often connected with your business life and to your work endeavors and usually takes place if in your real world you have accumulated a series of objectives that you ceaselessly chase after.

If you happen to see a cat chasing something in your dream, it means that you are trying to follow your dreams but have not yet devised a successful plan on how to achieve them. This dream may also relate to chaotic personalities that struggle to attain balance.

Seeing a Dead Cat in Your Dream

Although none of us wishes to come face to face with the lifeless body of a cat in our dreams, it may sometimes represent an important message from the dream realm that we are at an all-time spiritual low and must pick ourselves up and continue moving forward.

To see a dead cat in your nighttime visions is also associated with addictive and destructive behaviors that can be present in our lives and that we may not be aware of or able to control.

For some of us, dead cats are indicative of family and relationship issues that are not quite as easy to solve while for others, to come across the lifeless body of a feline suggests that they have begun to rely far too heavily on others.

Talking Cats in a Dream

Perhaps to some of us this type of dream may sound silly or childish, making little to no sense, however, at a closer glance, the talking cat showing up in your dream is actually trying to tell you that in your real life you may have been a little too careless communicating with others.

Whether it is related to a heated discussion that recently took place or to an adversary that you’ve been battling against for some time, to see a talking cat means that you must do your best and make good use of your tact when approaching such situations.

Aggressive Cats Towards Others or Towards You

Seeing cats behaving in an aggressive manner in your dreams suggests your need for solitude or heightened survival instincts coming to surface. During this type of dream, you may just find out that you have reached a point in the real world where you might feel incompatible with those around you.

The aggressiveness of the cat is directly proportional with the intensity of your emotions and is usually targeted either at you, if the negative emotion is related to yourself or at a person that may be causing you pain.

Seeing an aggressive feline in your dream is essentially the embodiment of your repressed anger, lack of personal freedom and uncontrolled negative emotions. You are in this case reminded to take care of your mental health and emotional wellness.

Cats Attacking You in a Dream

Dreaming of a cat attacking you means that in your waking life you are currently striving to balance out the masculine and feminine sides of yourself, feeling afraid to let one win over the other.

If you have experienced a dream in with a cat has attacked you, it symbolizes your irrational fears or aggression towards someone that may not be based on real facts. Alternatively, to see a cat attacking you is a sign of holding onto something menial for a long time without any significant benefits brought to your life.

Dreaming of a White Cat

The deeper meaning of a white cat visiting you in your dream varies from one situation to another. While in some cases seeing a white cat is linked to upcoming difficult times or the loss of someone dear to you, in other circumstances the white could simply be present as a reminder of your calmness and inner peace.

In relationships, white cats tend to show up if the bond between lovers seems to fade, is a representation of the many problems preventing the pair from experiencing and enjoying life together.

An alternative meaning of a white cat showing up in a dream is symbolic of illness or other material losses that could still be prevented ahead of time.

Dreaming of a Black Cat

The symbol of the black cat is notoriously known as a harbinger of bad fortune and bad omens, however, despite this reputation, the black cat appearing in your dream could signify an unjustified fear.

Perhaps within your real life you are expecting an important event or project to fail when in fact this is not going to be the case at all. Moreover, to see a black cat in a dream may also represent the need to go with the flow of all things around you and to take on a more laid-back approach to your life.

Although the black cat may also show to you challenged about to enter your life, you are ultimately the one in charge of all energies manifesting around you, hence adopting a positive mindset should become a priority.

Having a Dream About a Stray Cat

The sight of a stray cat in your dream might at first sound atypical or unfavorable, however, for most of us, experiencing this type of dream is attributed to “feeding” into chaotic thoughts and undertaking reckless actions in our real lives.

The stray cat, in this case enters our dream to show us that we need to prioritize our well-being and that it is perfectly normal to sometimes reach out to those around us and ask for their support.

If you feed the stray cat in your dream, it means that you are in need of such support and affection and that it would be a good idea to not become aloof, but instead to surround yourself with those closest to you.

Playing with a Cat in Your Dream

Playful cats visiting our dreams to delight and entertain us symbolize the happiness and light-heartedness of life. If you see yourself playing with cats in a dream, it suggests that you are truly enjoying your life to the fullest and are treasuring each moment as it comes.

Playful cats are commonly interpreted as a reflection of carefreeness and freedom of spirit that others love about you. Alternatively, it stands as an encouragement from the dream realm to become more playful and relaxed in your everyday interactions.


To conclude, we can mention once more that the cat symbolism in dreams is a powerful indicator of hidden visions from one’s subconscious mind, independence and control

The cat has widely been regarded as a spirit animal standing for wisdom and intuition, being able to see past subtle messages. From a spiritual standpoint, to see a cat in a dream means to regain your own personal freedom and confidence, as well as to balance out your emotional state of mind.

In many cultures, cats are recognized as symbols of creativity and intuition, showing up in our dream to remind us of our adaptability in the face of challenges and adversary forces.

To see a cat in your dream is also connected with your feminine side and your ability to learn more about yourself and about those around you and their actual intentions towards you.
Much like cats in their natural habitat, so can we learn to fend for ourselves and stand up whenever the situation calls for it, without running away from difficult situations.

While adult cats are powerful and graceful companions that offer us protection, kittens often appear to cheer us up and to remind us that our child-like nature should also sometimes come out to play.

To see a cat appearing before you in a dream symbolizes courage, strength of character and tactfulness in the face of potential adversaries in the waking world. The cat serves as a powerful reminder that even if we feel at our lowest, we always have the power to fall onto our feet and adapt to changes and circumstances in life.

The flexibility of the cat and their natural intuitiveness can become important assets to us if we decide to embrace them into our own nature and apply them to our path.