Armadillo as Spirit Animal

When you think of animals, do you consider them as inferior beasts, driven by their baser instincts? If your answer is yes, you are missing out on the hidden power they carry within them.

The ancient sages saw animals as spirit helpers, messengers from other dimensions who come to our aid when in trouble.

Each power animal has specific characteristics that can help us when we are going through a crisis and lack the resources to face it.

Each of us has an animal guide that possesses all those talents, traits, and skills we have not yet developed.

The more we connect with our spirit animal, the faster our unique gifts and talents will come to light. They connect us to our soul, that essential being that knows what’s best for us.

You can have one or more spirit animals throughout your life, depending on your living circumstances. Knowing that you have a guardian angel watching over your every step will give you enough confidence to move forward when you doubt the results that lie ahead.

In this article, we’ll explore and dive into the meaning of the Spirit Animal Armadillo. What is its symbolism, personality traits, special powers, and more.

If you keep bumping into the image of this animal, there’s an important message it’s trying to send you.

The armadillo is known for its thick armor, so it’s encouraging you to define your boundaries and honor your personal space.

If you feel a special bond with this particular animal, read on and find out more about this powerful spirit helper.

Meaning and Symbolism of Armadillo as Spirit Animal

Armadillos symbolize that, to experience life to the fullest, you need to protect your body and keep it safe from harm. So if you are about to participate in a risky activity, take the necessary precautions to ensure you enjoy it properly.

The armadillo’s armor has another symbolism: claiming your territory and creating proper boundaries for yourself. If you have trouble saying no or dealing with an invasive person, the armadillo will help you put your foot down and say enough it’s enough.

Armadillo’s spirit animal also symbolizes paying attention to your instincts. An optimistic spirit is always encouraging, but following your instincts when something feels off will spare you a lot of trouble.

If you have an ambitious goal in mind, don’t cut corners to get there faster. Plan everything carefully and foresee all the possible problems you may encounter along the way.

You know what they say! Better to be late than never arrive at all.

The armadillo is a digger that speaks of this animal’s curious and restless nature, who always goes to the root of its problems and finds creative solutions. Thanks to its inquisitive spirit, it makes the most of its opportunities and discovers new things about itself, regardless of its age.

Another important armadillo’s symbolism reminds you to believe in yourself. Every time we step onto a new path, there will always be some risks and potential hazards, but that doesn’t mean we should hide and not face the world.

The armadillo reminds you that you have enough protection to overcome any obstacle. Believe in yourself and move forward regardless of your insecurities.

Characteristics and Personality

Armadillos are small but very cautious animals. They have thick armor to protect themselves from their enemies and set clear boundaries between their territory and the outside world.

Instead of attacking, they shield themselves by turning into balls that no predator can penetrate.

They are friendly and outgoing but are also clear about their likes and dislikes. They have no problem refusing an unwanted invitation, regardless of whether or not the other person might feel bad about it.

Armadillos know that to have a more rewarding life, they must stop wasting time pleasing others and focus on their core desires. Sometimes this makes them come across as selfish or arrogant, but these animals are sincere and would rather appear rude than sacrifice their well-being.

However, this attitude often makes them detached from other people’s concerns or causes them to miss important events happening in the outside world.

If the armadillo is your power animal, you probably have these traits within you, even if you haven’t developed them yet.

Like this animal, you also represent:

  • Limitations
  • Boundaries
  • Caution
  • Judgement
  • Confidence
  • Detachment
  • Slowness

Armadillo Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Limitations and boundaries:

As we mentioned above, these animals know what they want and put their interests above everything else. They can say no when they don’t feel like doing something and don’t allow others to go beyond their boundaries.

Armadillos are very protective of their own space and expect their loved ones to respect it. They shy away from those people who try to manipulate them into doing something they don’t want to or interfere with their private life.

These animals are respectful and do not worry about hurting the feelings of the people around them. They are mature enough to be driven by fleeting emotions.

Caution and judgment:

These animals have a sixth sense that prevents them from getting into trouble. If this is your spirit animal, you are probably a wise and cautious person who prefers to check where you are going rather than get there first.

Armadillos avoid crying over spilled milk and, therefore, prevent problems. Being impulsive is not always smart because you end up working twice as hard most of the time.


But despite their caution, they live their lives to the fullest. Precisely because they are so careful, armadillos are confident things will turn out well.

Their sixth sense allows them to venture into unknown places without worrying. They know how far to go and when it is best to stop.

These animals are not afraid of challenges and invite their friends to follow their steps.

Armadillo Spirit Animal Negative Powers


Since they have a strong armor covering them from the outside world, armadillos can sometimes become detached from their emotions and isolate themselves from others.

Deep down, they are friendly and outgoing and don’t realize when they have these solitude episodes. They even get lost for days at a time, worrying about their loved ones and colleagues.

They can be unaware of what is going on in the news for a long time. Armadillos usually miss important events without batting an eye, something their friends fail to understand.


As mentioned above, armadillos are better safe than sorry and take the necessary precautions before setting out on their journey. This is why they have a reputation for being slow and taking too much time to achieve their goals.

Although this is usually a positive trait, some situations do not require as much preparation! Armadillos must learn to recognize when it’s okay to worry and when it’s better to let go.

Armadillo as Animal Totem

If you identify with the above characteristics, the armadillo is probably your animal totem, or at least during this time of your life.

You can keep a talisman or a statue of this spirit helper to help you develop those unique qualities that you may not yet recognize as your own.

The closer you hold the image of this animal, the faster you will connect with its messages and embody all those talents your soul wants you to display.

Individuals with this animal totem are wise friends, good listeners, and generous providers. They can sense when something is wrong before others tell them and are good at digging out and discovering people’s secrets.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Armadillo for Help?

The best way to call your spirit animal is through your intuition. You must start trusting your inner self, as these mighty messengers won’t reveal themselves to those close to other dimensions.

You can keep this animal’s images or statues to bring it to your attention and ask it to approach you.

You can also practice visualizations. In a quiet place, take a few deep breaths until the speed of your thoughts slows down considerably. Then, imagine yourself in an area surrounded by nature and invoke your animal spirit to join you.

Visualize in great detail its presence, the color of its fur, its smell, its size. The more you describe it, the better! Ask it to advise you and grant you its talents to overcome whatever situation you are currently going through.

If you practice this exercise daily, soon it will show up in your path to deliver an important message.

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

Spirit animals are mystical messengers. They travel through other dimensions and contact us from a more subtle realm than the one we inhabit.

For that reason, the most direct route in which they reach us is through dreams. During this stage, the ego’s defenses drop, and we become more permeable to other realities.

If you notice that a specific animal appears in your dreams, pay attention! It is trying to warn you of something.

Another way to tell if your spirit animal is trying to contact you is through strange coincidences.

For example, on the morning radio, an announcer mentions some news related to this animal. Then, on your way to work, you discover that someone painted a new mural near your house, and this animal is the central character.

And then, on your lunch break, one of your coworkers makes a joke about that same animal. This is no coincidence. Your power animal is manifesting itself, and you must pay attention to it.

A more direct way of making itself known is when this animal appears to you in person. In this case, there is no doubt whatsoever that it is approaching you about an important matter.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

At first, it may be tricky to understand what your spirit animal is trying to tell you. However, the more you connect with your power helper and get used to asking it for help, the easier it will be to recognize its message.

First of all, evaluate what situation in your life you are currently stuck in. Then, review the qualities of this animal and see if you could overcome this period with flying colors by taking these traits.

For example, if the armadillo appears in your dreams or daily life, it advises you to set boundaries and learn to say no to protect yourself.

It may also suggest you should be more cautious in your new ventures and avoid rushing to achieve your goals.

Meaning of Armadillo in Dreams

If an armadillo keeps showing up in your dreams, it could mean old secrets are coming to the surface for you to deal with them. It may also mean that you need to protect yourself from someone’s energies and avoid any kind of drama during this period.

Dreaming about an armadillo also heralds a time for digging and looking for new answers to past issues. The answers will come on this own, but you must open your mind to new alternatives and unexpected turns of events.

If something doesn’t seem right to you, don’t bury it and brush it off. Get to the bottom of it and trust your intuition because you will probably discover something that can change your circumstances.

Meaning of Armadillo in Various Mythologies

Native Americans consider armadillos as symbols of protection and use their image in rituals to protect themselves from hostile spirits.

In Bolivian tradition, there is a song called “Armadillo song” about an armadillo who loves music and learns to sacrifice itself for its beauty.

Also, Andeans use the armor of armadillos to make charangos, a well-known instrument of this culture.