Tiger in a water

A tiger dream is universally considered a powerful reminder about our inner strength and determination. While it might not be the most common spirit animal to take form in our dreams, the tiger often graces us with its majestic presence at times when we feel threatened by a person or a situation in our real life.

This protective aspect of the tiger dream symbolizes the link between our intuition and our subconscious mind, telling us on a personal level what we need to do in order to emerge successful out of a challenging situation and what type of emotional work needs to be done after that.

Much like the tiger in its own habitat, we might feel the need to constantly seek out the ‘prey’ and use it for our own benefit, or on the contrary, we might feel preyed on by something far more powerful. Whichever the case, the mystery of a tiger dream should not be eluding you for much longer.

General Tiger Symbolism

In order to discover the true meaning of a tiger dream, you’d have to dig deeper through its long and ample history in folklore culture, spiritualism and dream books alike. Much like any other feline, the tiger represents determination, cunningness and ability to overcome any obstacle.

In many dream books, the tiger is described as both feminine and masculine, combining positive and negative energies which may vary depending on the dreamer’s real-life situation. In most cases, however, the tiger is generally considered a good omen.

On a personal level, the details of a tiger dream might point out to the self or an important person in your real life, be it an overbearing partner, an overachieving colleague or a commanding boss. The tiger in your dream could also reflect the financial situation or general well-being on the dreamer in the real world and how the tools and resources available to them are used to improve them.

Dreaming about a Single Tiger

If you dream about a single tiger, in most cases, it represents your own personality, with both good and bad aspects. On one hand, the tiger in your dream reflects your ego, your passion for life and your drive to be the best at everything you do; on the other hand, the tiger appearing in your dream can symbolize your inner power, unquestioned authority or even strong-willed nature.

The tiger in your dream can also be interpreted as a situation or a person that you consider dangerous and that you would do anything possible to avoid. If this is the case know that running away might not be the best solution, but that instead you could try focusing on any misconceptions you might have. Tigers often also symbolize being heavily influenced by people that deplete you mentally and emotionally and simply use you for their own benefit.

Seeing a White Tiger in your Dream

A white tiger appearing in your dream symbolizes pride, wisdom and glory. It is a sign that in the real world you have achieved great things and are on a quest to attain even more. One important aspect of a white tiger dream is that it invites richness, positivity and generosity into your real world and that, if for instance, you decide to follow its advice, it will bring you great riches and luxury.

If you have a dream about a white tiger, know that you should pay close attention to what is truly important to you in the real world and distinguish who is genuinely supportive of you. As patrons of wisdom and spirituality, white tigers symbolize the rarity and uniqueness in you, meant to help you understand more about yourself and about what you can give to others.

Seeing a Black Tiger in your Dream

The black tiger appearing in our dream is associated with inconsistencies at work in the real life, especially if you’ve recently changed your jobs or made a decision to start over. The choices you have made were perhaps rushed and not as sincere as you’ve convinced yourself they were.

For many of us, a black tiger dream announces financial loss as a result of reckless spending, a toxic relationship that might be taking away our independence or the possibility of someone stealing away our profits. In any case, a black tiger dream should make you more alert of your surroundings and help you keep your guard up so that you are not unpleasantly surprised by anything headed your way.

Running Away from the Tiger in Your Dream

If you dream about running away from an angry tiger, it usually indicates that in your waking life you fear rumors and assumptions others have about you. You hate the gossip that seems to follow you everywhere, although you can’t quite understand where it all begins.

The act of running away from the tiger in your dream also indicates that your enemies are close to catching up with you and that you feel you are out of time. The more you think about your problems, the bigger and more dangerous they seem – hence this type of dream should be considered a wake-up call to avoid overthinking and making a situation seem more difficult than it actually is.

Alternatively, a dream in which you envision yourself fleeing the scene, fearing the tiger will catch up to you could indicate that you might be unwilling to face your responsibilities and refuse to leave your comfort zone.

Taming the Tiger in your Dream

If you succeed in taming the tiger in your dream and take it as a pet it means you have come to terms with your inner conflicts and have mastered your own emotions. You are no longer controlled by your angry outbursts or your aggressive side and have made room for peace and harmony in your real world.

A tame tiger in a dream is a good omen, symbolizing inner balance and bliss. It indicates that you have learned how to best use your passion for constructive purposes rather than destructive ones. You have tamed your character to a point where you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Dreaming about a Tiger at the Zoo

Tigers are very stubborn animals that do not prefer feeling being trapped or caged. If you experience a dream in which tigers appears to be placed in cages or on display at the zoo, know that it symbolizes a loss of independence and integrity.

This type of dream usually reflects a sense of supposed anger and overwhelming frustrations in the real world. It’s most likely due to a failure or a rejection that you have been unable to move over this far and that, for any reason, seems to have left you helpless.

Much like the tiger at the zoo, you feel watched by those around you and judged harshly for not having complete control of your life.

Seeing Tigers in the Wild in a Dream

If you dream about tigers basking freely in their natural habitat, it means that you have left your fears and worries behind you and are ready to move forward with your life. The tigers in the wild represent your own free-spirited nature, eager to explore and conquer new territories.

If you had such a dream, it is possible that you will soon embark on a trip or will find like-minded individuals that will you create happy memories with. The free tigers in the wild are essentially the embodiment of your own desire to break all boundaries, taking the burdens off your shoulders and simply enjoy your time here.

Dreaming about a Tiger’s Fur

If you dream about a lovely tiger fur coat or that you sleep on a luxurious tiger rug, it usually indicates a sense of financial stability, general well-being and a boost of social status.

Much like the expensive tiger fur, you feel the need to surround yourself with riches and quality people, from whom you can learn more. You wish to be associated with the higher class and in most cases, you might be seeking to gain more influence or to climb up on the social ladder.

The dream could suggest that you will either meet someone with a highly important social status that will take you under their wing or that all of your plans and projects will turn out even better than you have ever imagined.

Riding the Tiger in Your Dream

If you have a dream about riding on a tiger’s back, it usually means that you feel in charge of your life and that others look up to you, or might even fear you for your powerful character. You are naturally the leader of your group and others consider you a strongminded and passionate individual.

Although all these aspects will help you succeed in whatever you put your mind to, it is important not to let your ego overpower you and to continue making conscious decisions on the way, without daydreaming about the picture-perfect life. Always be in charge of your instincts and show that you are human, above everything else.

Being Chased by a Tiger in a Dream

If you dream about being chased by a tiger and unable to escape it, do not be afraid, but instead try to protect yourself ahead of time before coming into harm’s way. This type of dream urges you to see though other’s true intentions, as someone that is close to you might soon be revealing their true colors.

Although the dream of being chased by a tiger can be truly terrifying, the real message behind it is to protect yourself from the predator before you become the prey. The dream advises to be very cautious in your real life in the days to come and trust in your own instincts before you trust in anybody else.

Dreaming about Tiger Cubs

Tiger cubs appearing in a dream are generally symbolic of new friendships and bonds that you will form with others in the real world. These powerful connections with your fellow peers will develop into life-long friendships that will make you stronger, much like the tiger cubs thrive as part of the pack.

The tiger cubs in your dream can also signify a new startup project that will soon take off and become so much more than you’ve ever expected and will help boost your inner strength and awaken your creativity.

Being Attacked by a Tiger in your Dream

If the tiger appearing in your dream attacks you, know that you will be faced with challenges that might test your strength and determination. You will soon begin to notice that everything is not as you imagined it to be and that people and situations may change at a moment’s notice.

The tigers attack unexpectedly and, in most cases, they are deadly – in this case, the deeper meaning of your dream is to protect yourself before such a fatal blow hits you. You might feel persecuted at work or misunderstood by your friends and family; however, you should not let these things grow into negative feelings. If there is a problem, there is also a solution to be found – there is no need to grow bitter and attack others emotionally or physically over misconceptions.

Dreaming about a Sleeping Tiger

A sleeping tiger could symbolize both positive and negative aspects of your real life. On a positive side, the resting tiger indicates that you are at peace with your past, present and foreseeable future and are taking a step back and recovering, possibly from a period of intensive labor.

On a less positive side, a sleeping tiger could be associated with ignorance, laziness and denial, feeling that if you simply lay back and wait, the problems in your daily life with fix themselves. This is not always the case, hence it would be wise to awaken your inner strength and take action in the present moment, before unexpected problems arise.

Hunting Tigers in your Dream

To go tiger hunting in a dream can indicate that in the real world you are a very goal oriented and hard-working individual, that will stop at nothing to climb to the ‘top of the food chain’ and achieve great success.

Much like the tiger preys on the weak, a dream in which you envision yourself tiger hunting might reflect that your strong-willed personality could be quite frightening to people of a more sensitive nature. Nothing will stop you from attaining your dreams, however you should consider not harming others while doing so.

A tiger hunt can also be associated with overcoming past trauma and conquering your inner demons, reminding you of your long-lost power and determination.

Dreaming about a Tiger Running Away

As opposed to being chased by a tiger, if the tiger in your dream is running away from you, know it usually foretells great triumphs over your adversaries in the real world. Although they have been setting you up for failure, you have successfully managed to outsmart them and emerge victorious despite all odds.

The tiger running away from your means that the once powerful predator has now recognized your power and is defeated. The obstacles that were once plaguing your path are now a thing of the past.

Dreaming about Circus Tigers

To see tigers performing at the circus in a dream relates to your innocent, child-like personality that still believes in the hidden magic of the world surrounding you. It hints at your daydreaming personality that might sometimes embellish or overlook the harsh realities of everyday life, in favor of the fantasy.

The tiger performing at a circus in your dream can also be considered a warning to be more mindful of others true intentions before they willingly or unwillingly take advantage of you.

Seeing a Wounded Tiger in a Dream

If you dream about a sick or injured tiger, it usually means that your troubles have finally caught up with you or that you may have been taken by surprise by an illness or an accident in the real world.

If this is the case, you should not despair, you’ve got the strength of the tiger and will soon recover from this setback and come out even stronger than before. Although the wounded tiger implies that you feel helpless, unable to change your life, the truth is the power lays dormant within you.

All you need to do to regain it is to find your inner balance once more and identify what needs to be improved in your life to shift it into positive.

Dreaming about Tigers Hunting Prey

The tiger hunting after its prey in your dream could reflect coming to terms with a traumatic event in your daily life. You finally found a coping mechanism that works for you and tried your best to rationalize what has happened.

Loss and misfortune are a natural part of life, much like the tiger feeding on its prey is a natural part of the cycle of life. Things happen for a reason and although you feel that life has not always been fair to you, there is always a lesson to be learned from each experience.

Dreaming about a Dead Tiger

The dream meaning of a dead tiger is associated with hardships in the waking world. In some rare cases, a dead tiger could foretell death or illness, therefore you must do your best to save some money aside and be prepared for anything that may come.

A dead tiger can also indicate a dangerous person or a deadline that is stressing you out, leaving you anxious and drained. Whichever the case, you must act in the same manner a tiger prepares for an ambush – lay low and observe everything that happens around you; you might just spot key details that you missed out on before.

Dreaming about a Tiger inside your House

If the tiger in your dream walks into your house, know that although scary, it actually has a positive meaning. The tiger inside your home is a sign of protection and good fortune, often foretelling material gains and new opportunities.

Whenever you see a tiger in your own house in a dream, try not to be afraid of it, but instead, invite it in as it is a sign that good things and abundance are about to manifest into your real life.

Dreaming about a Tiger Attacking Someone Else

If the tiger in your dream attacks someone else other than you, it indicates that you are divinely protected. There is a higher power looking after you and helping you defeat any enemies and obstacles you may be facing in the real world. This dream is considered extremely positive and inspiring, helping you regain your confidence and inner power.

If the tiger in your dream does not attack you, it could also point out that someone is out to get you, but that you still have time to spot them out before they attack. In such a dream, the person that the tiger attacks is usually the person that is conspiring to harm you in the real world.

Escaping from the Tiger in your Dream

If you successfully outrun or escape the tiger in your dream, it can be considered a positive omen, announcing that no matter how tough your path may be, you will be successful in every endeavor. Another important aspect of this dream also signifies that you have finally left behind all the negativity and toxic people that were once a core part of your existence.

Now that you have escaped the proverbial tiger, you feel free to enjoy every single day to the fullest. Alternatively, escaping the tiger in your dream could signify that you are unconsciously seeking a way out of a relationship, marriage or commitment that no longer suits your needs and is hindering your inner peace.

Hearing the Roar of a Tiger in your Dream

To hear a roaring tiger in your dream means that you have certain responsibilities and obligations you cannot avoid, but that you are postponing for the time being. They are looming on the horizon, but because you are not forced to face them just yet, you are temporarily reveling in this calm before the storm.

Alternatively, the roar of a tiger in a dream can symbolize releasing the negative energy in your life and focusing all of your strength on achieving the best results in everything you set your mind to. You always remain vigilant and realistic in your expectations and all of your peers respect you for dedication in all that you do.