Hawk in a Dream

Hawks visit our dreams as symbols of insight and enlightenment most needed when we’re at the crossroads of out paths and needing to make important, lifechanging decisions.

The hawk has been considered a spiritual guide, aiding the dreamer in pushing through any challenge and moving forward with effortless grace, much like the hawk soaring in the sky.

Hawks appearing in dreams serve as reminders of our connection to the spiritual realm and symbolize our innate ability of tapping into it and manifesting our wishes into the real world.

For these reasons and more, hawks play important roles in keeping us rooted into the real world, but not completely out of touch with our spirituality. Thus, learning more about its powerful significance will help aid you in infusing your actions into world.

General Symbolism of the Hawk

Hawks universally symbolize concepts such as intelligence, independence, adaptability, and spiritual awareness. They have represented clairvoyance and intuition since the dawn of humanity as these majestic birds took the appearance of several deities throughout many cultures.

At a glance, the hawk is commonly associated with the mystical, the ethereal and the perception beyond ordinary sight that analytical psychologist Carl Jung believed to represent the symbol of the true “Self”.

The appearance of a hark in our dreams can be rooted in our childhood memories as well as in the present and varies from person to person, based on each individual’s background. Therefore, it is Important to keep into perspective the characteristics and behavior of the hawk showing up in your dream.

Seeing a Single Hawk

Seeing a single hawk in your nighttime vision is most likely a reminder of maintaining your independence in the real world. The hawk in this case wants to bring to your awareness that you should always have the confidence to rely on yourself more so than on others, encouraging you to respect yourself just as much as those around you.

Seeing the Hawk Circling above you

If the hawk in your dream gracefully pans above you, glancing down at your person, it is vitally important to consider the confidence levels you display in your relationships. In this scenario, the hawk represents a reminder that what we give and show to others, will eventually will return to us in the same way.

Seeing a Pair of Hawks

If you see a pair of hawks sitting together in your dream it signifies commitment, romantic relationships and love, especially if you are not emotionally bonded with someone else at the time the dream takes places.

The two hawks represent the powerful union between compatible and like-minded individuals and is meant to encourage you to keep looking for that special one.

Seeing a Group or Flock of Hawks

As opposed to the pair of hawks, seeing more than two birds in your dream may indicate struggles and is usually considered a less fortunate omen. For most of us it signifies struggles in the business and career aspects of the real life, especially if you’ve recently had to deal with matters of pressure and urgency.

The flock of hawks in your dream may symbolize the atmosphere in the workplace that seems to be circling around you, constraining your personal freedom. If this is the case, the advice of the hawk is to not overwork yourself or over procrastinate.

Watching Hawks in Flight

Hawks flying high above you in a dream portray a desire for freedom and independence that you may experience in your real life. The hawk symbol in this dream is a bound to the need of breaking free from routine or exerting more individuality in your world.

More often than not, seeing the hawks flying above you in a dream constitute a temporary metaphysical experience, which allow you to set your soul free and explore more than your we are more than our physical bodies.

Hawks Hunting Their Prey

You might experience dreams where the hawk does not act very friendly. In fact, these powerful creatures are natural born predators that rapidly fall from the clear skies to capture their prey.

This type of dream puts you in the role of the predator, perhaps due to witnessing conflict or rash actions in the real world and feeling like you needed to stop the situation from unfolding. Seeing hawks seizing their prey, carrying it with their talons or chasing it means the completion of a long struggle or victory over your enemies in the real life.

Seeing a Hawk on a Branch

A dream in which you see a hawk atop a branch signifies respect and admiration that you will soon receive from your peers for all the hard work you’ve been undertaking. The higher the position of the hawk in the tree, the more you are bound to climb on the social ladder in your real life. Alternatively, it may also indicate that others may fear your reactions and may keep quiet about delicate topics.

Dreaming of a Hawk’s Nest

The nest of a hawk signifies the need to settle down, buy a loving home and raise a family. For younger people, such a dream may indicate the opposite, that it is not yet time to commit to such an extent. This type of dream in which the main focus is on the nest itself suggests the need to become closer to family and your loved ones, taking on the responsibilities of the adult life.

White Hawk Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a white hawk indicates achieving the next level in your consciousness and self-awareness. It is a dream of purity and divine gifts, clairvoyance and harmony. The white dove symbolizes a very positive omen and a reminder to trust in your intuition.

Black Hawk Dream Meaning

Black hawks are in fact messages from our subconscious mind to be more careful of what we wish for and what we are steering our lives towards. It is a warning to not neglect your own needs and higher calling.

Red Hawk Dream Meaning

Red-tailed hawks indicate that in the waking world you have achieved great wisdom and have mastered your abilities. Seeing a red-tailed hawk in your dream represents your strength, ambition and leadership skills.

Killing the Hawk in Your Dream

Surprisingly enough, if you decide to kill the hawk in your dream, know that it does not mean anything ominous, but in fact it signifies the victory over evil forces in your real world.

Perhaps you have faced great adversity in your real life and now it is time to take into account all that happened and move forward with gained wisdom, trying to prevent this unpleasant situation from happening to you again.

Alternatively, killing the hawk in your dream may announce that you will eliminate forces that are jeopardizing your path and embarking on a new journey, leaving behind all negative influences in your life.

Feeding the Hawk in Your Dream

Feeding the hawk in your dreaming allegedly represents that someone in your social circle is out there spreading misinformation about you. This unpleasant dream should act as a useful tool to determine which person this might be acting against you.

To feed a hawk in a dream could also represent the decision to face a person or a situation with tact and determination and read them well. It symbolizes that you have had enough lies and confrontations and that your vengeful nature is prone to get the better of you if left unmanaged.

Seeing Yourself as a Hawk

If you dream of yourself as the hawk, may indicate that you have a wild and reckless personality and seek happiness at all costs. It is also a symbol of gifts, good news and opportunities heading our way in the real world.

Envisioning yourself as a hawk means that you have gained the wisdom to make the right decisions in your life and guarantees upcoming financial stability and abundance as a result of your choices.

Dreaming of a Hawk Attacking You

If the hawk visiting you in your nighttime dream is hostile and attacks you, it may announce a tough situation or challenge on the horizon. Being the prey of the hawk in your dream can be without a doubt concerning, however it is meant as a reassurance that with hard work and adaptability you will be able to attain your goals.

Being attacked by a hawk in a dream can also represent the need of affiliating yourself with influential people, especially in the business field, in order to climb up the social ladder. The features of the hawk may be relevant and describe to you a particular authority figure or an important obstacle distracting you form progressing further.

Seeing a Dead Hawk

If you see a dead hawk in your dream, it can be considered a bad omen, foretelling that your plans for the next period of time may not go as well as you’ve anticipated them to. The dead hawk represents hard work and effort to obtain a better job, however without any positive outcome. Perhaps you can try again after reconsidering and revising your strategy or simply picking a different career.

Dreaming of Hunting Hawks

Dreaming of going out hunting for hawk means that you might attack someone less powerful than you in the real world, whether you actually meant them harm or not. Alternatively, this type of dream could indicate that you are looking for recognition from friends and family, wanting to be the one making all the decisions and calling the shots.

Capturing the Hawk in Your Dream

If you manage to capture or hold the hawk in your dream, know that it signifies finally obtaining the chance you’ve been seeking. Whether it is related to work or personal goals, the opportunities for you have not been many, however things will soon finally take a turn for the better.

This dream could also indicate that you are working hard on a big project that may bring little to no results and may be a waste of your time and energy. Perhaps it would be wise to turn to something more profitable and constructive.

Dreaming of a Wounded Hawk

Experiencing a dream in which you see a wounded hawk symbolizes someone or something that has affected your confidence and self-esteem in your real world. To see a wounded hawk means that you will need to work on rebuilding the trust in yourself and your abilities in order to move forward from this situation and that you may need a lot of time to heal those wounds.

The positive undernote of this dream is that these unpleasant situations had to happen in order to shape your character and strengthen your faith in your dreams.


In a nutshell, hawks appearing in our dreams are connected with profitable business ventures, improving one’s life skills and liberating, spiritual experiences.

Dreaming of a hawk means taking advantage of the chances and opportunities you are given and leaving behind negativity and bad influences.

To see a hawk fly by you in a dream symbolizes seizing every opportunity, especially in the workplace to help propel you toward the life you’ve always wanted. Seeing a pair of hawks indicates upcoming love and commitment.

A flock of hawks surrounding you in your dream signifies potential challenges and the need to keep a focused mind, looking out for people’s real intentions. To see a hawk sitting on a branch announces the climb onto the social ladder you’ve been working for.

The hawk stands for making the correct decisions and proceeding with caution and tact even in the most unfavorable situations, knowing that you can trust in yourself and rely on your abilities.

Alternatively, the hawk in your dream may provide insight into a situation that will not bring you the desired results, instead helping you concentrate on more fruitful ventures. If the hawk in your dream is white, it signifies purity and wisdom, particularly related to your subconscious.

If the hawk in your dream is aggressive towards you, the deeper dream significance may be rooted in how you plan to solve the problems you have in your daily life. A dream of seeing yourself as the hawk might call for you learn something new from past failures.

If you dream of a hawk hunting, it may be connected to a situation in your life where you are taking on the fore of the aggressor against someone else. Alternatively, it may mean that you seek to be the leader and set an example instead.

Deciding to feed the hawk in your dream gives you an advantage over what is to come further down the road and can provide you with foreknowledge to tap into your innate psychic abilities.

Last but not least, the hawk symbol in a dream is connecting the dreamer to the spiritual realm and to one’s true self, providing wisdom and perception beyond ordinary sight.

The hawk showing up in your dream wishes you to trust your intuition and regain your confidence by dissolving negative thoughts and setting a firm foot in reality. Hawks encourage us to flow with the energies around us and to trust our gut feeling, awakening the dormant energies within.