Wolf in the forest

Figuring out what our dreams mean can be a personal but rewarding process. You may be experiencing a recurring dream featuring details that keep popping up every time you close your eyes. Deciphering each detail can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know where to start. A good place to start is by researching why these animals may be appearing in your dreams.

One of these animals is the wolf. Their appearance and presence in your dreams can cause unnerving feelings due to their predatory nature. Although these creatures are considered dangerous they can be misunderstood because of preconceived personal beliefs surrounding the animal.

Dreaming About Seeing a Wolf

Wolves have many different interpretations depending on the culture you are a part of. When you begin to see a wolf in your dreams it is a sign of being connected to the wilderness and the feeling of being “wild”. The wolf is appearing in your dreams because of your tendency to conform to society’s ideology. This animal may be guiding you to your true identity and true form that you may be scared to reveal to others and to the world.

Wolves are known to appear in dreams if you are trying to escape something you may be avoiding. This can be many things such as feeling lost, experiencing grief after loss or deep unhappiness about your uneventful 9 to 5 job. It can also be present when your subconscious is trying to warn you about mistrust and liars in your circle who wish and pray for your downfall. There may be people or things that sound too good to be true and they probably are. You are going to encounter a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” Keep an eye out because they will only set you back further from where you need to be in your life.

If you are seeing one wolf, this may be an indication that your subconscious is telling you to walk your path alone. “The lone wolf” characteristic is an individualistic mindset. To set yourself apart from the group is a daring and bold choice, which can be scary at first. However, when you start to walk alone you begin to have more trust in yourself and in your own decisions.

Dreaming About Seeing Two Wolves

Dreaming of seeing two wolves can be interpreted in many ways… The most common one being that you have a great bond with a close friend or companion. Two wolves can represent your connection with another person in your life. A loyal friend or a caring partner who is willing to go to the ends of the earth with you. These two wolves can also represent spirits of loved ones or ancestors who have passed on who are here to give guidance on your life path. If the wolves in your dreams are tame and docile, this a very good sign that these wolves are going to be a guiding presence and not a predatory one.

However, dreaming about seeing more than two wolves can be a negative sign. Especially if these wolves are circling you and surrounding you. This means that there are many wolves surrounding you which means there is an event or people in your life who wish you great harm. Something bad is about to happen to you and you are going to be taken down without mercy. This may be an indication of your deep rooted fear of being excluded and cast out by your community. This may be a sign to face your fears and live more independently as you are currently surrounded by people who cannot be trusted.

Dreaming‌ ‌About‌ ‌White‌ ‌Wolf‌ ‌

Seeing a lone wolf is rare since they are by nature pack orientated creatures with a loyal mentality.  However, nothing is more rare than seeing a white wolf in the wild. The white wolf is a subspecies to the grey wolf which is native to arctic regions of the world such as North America and Greenland. They are notoriously isolated creatures and hard to spot in the wild, especially during snowfall as they blend in with their environment.

This dream is symbolic in many ways. Your subconscious is trying to tell you that there is purity in your life as the colour white usually represents purity. Another meaning for the colour white is life. This can mean your health should be your top priority at this moment in time, you may be receiving some news that could change the way you see your body and may change your perspective on life. This is not a negative thing, as many people have reported seeing a white wolf and then being told that they are no longer plagued with a long term illness. Some have said that they became pregnant after being told by doctors they couldn’t conceive naturally. This can be a neutral sign but a sign nonetheless.

Dreaming‌ ‌About‌ ‌Black‌ ‌Wolf‌ ‌ ‌

The colour black can represent many different meanings such as death, grief and mystery. However, a black wolf has a different meaning. Colours tend to matter when it comes to wolves as they evoke different feelings. A black wolf symbolically can represent your wish to separate yourself from your shadows of your former mistakes and choices. You are haunted by the things that you have done and they may keep you awake at night.

Seeing a black wolf in your dreams is your subconscious reminding you of the past and how you are still connected to it, no matter how hard you wish to deny it. You are who you are today because of the decisions you have made in your past. These may be things that you regret. You lack comfort due to who you are. It is time to face the black wolf and address the negative aspects of yourself and your life so you can move forward without burden. Addressing these negative choices will force you to reflect on yourself as well as your life which can move you into a healing period and a personal rebirth.

Dreaming About Being Bitten by a Wolf

This can be a terrifying dream to have and some would consider it a nightmare. Wolves can be a positive omen but there is nothing positive about a wolf attacking you in your dreams. Wolves by nature are aggressive and predatory animals. Known to hunt and circle their prey before taking them down. Having this dream can be anxiety inducing and make the person who has the dream fearful of it’s true meaning. Fighting and being attacked by a wolf can represent inner conflict and stagnant personal growth. There is something in your life that you do not want to acknowledge or face because you are fearful to do so.

However, by refusing to face this thing you are only hurting yourself, hence why you are dreaming of being attacked and bitten by the wolf. You are only damaging yourself and your mind by doing this. You cannot flourish and be free of your past choices if you do not address whatever this dream may be alluding to.

If you are bottling your emotions and not letting them out in a healthy way this can overtime weigh heavy on your conscience. This can break us down over time. This is a roadblock in your mind that needs to be addressed as soon as possible in a healthy way. Removing this road block can take time so be patient and kind to yourself during the removal process. 

Dreaming About Taming a Wolf in a Dream

Dreaming of taming a wolf in your dream is a good omen. This can represent positive things such as joyful times and pure happiness. Wolves can be loyal creatures and can protect their owner from harm once accustomed to them properly. Wolves are incredibly loyal to their pack and will willingly die for the members of their pack. There are people in your life who care for you deeply. You know in your heart who these people are and it is always a good idea to keep them close. In times of need you can always rely on these people to be your emotional support and lend a shoulder to lean on in hard times.

This wolf is symbolic of the care and protection you have from those around you. At times, this can be hard to see and our minds convince us that we are alone and fighting our demons by ourselves. You must reach out to your support circle and let them know. They will help fight for you and protect you just like a loyal wolf would. You have your protectors by your side moving forward. So do not worry yourself with the feeling of loneliness, there are people in your life who are one phone call away from helping you with whatever you need.

Dreaming About Seeing a Deceased Wolf

If in the dream you are the slayer of the wolf this means that you are facing and destroying the negative aspects of your life. This can be a sign of good luck and a good omen especially if this wolf was attempting to attack you. You have avoided a negative event that was on your life path and you can move forward on your journey without worries or stress. The bad omen has been destroyed and there is nothing to fear from this point on. Historically, wolves have hunted sheep which has destroyed the lives of cattle farmers due to loss of important stock.

Killing a wolf in your dreams, particularly killing a wolf with your bare hands is a positive sign as well. This can foretell good luck and spiritual blessings from other worldly divine sources. The deceased wolf is symbolic of a past version of yourself that has been finally laid to rest. It can also mean that you have overcome a great obstacle that was in your path and you have won a battle. You have overcome a big problem in your life and a new day is dawning. The darkness has been defeated and it’s time to look towards the light.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Wolves in Dreams

Wolves feature in many versions of folklore and fairytales spreading across generations. The most famous probably being the wolf from “Red riding hood” who infamously dressed up as red riding hoods grandma in order to try and eat her. In the oriental tradition, it is believed the wolf dream is meant to be a prophecy in which the prophecy foretells a future tragedy. In Persian tradition, the wolf symbolises someone in your life may despise you and wishes you nothing but harm. Most interpretations can be seen as a warning sign.

Western folklore tells a different story of the wolf symbolising the person who sees it. The wolf mirrors their emotions and their inner turmoil. The wolf can also be a protector, who can see the person’s true heart and intentions. The wolf is willing to die to protect them from all evil and darkness.


Dreaming of wolves always has a deeper symbolism than many might think. These dreams containing these animals can provide a sense of clarity and relief in regard to the next steps on your journey. Keeping these animals and their presence in mind moving forward can lead to a positive outcome for your own future.

Wolf can be seen as a guiding presence or a warning of what is to come. It is always good to keep a record of what you see in your dreams so you can decipher their true meaning. Tracking your dreams can be very beneficial. Use your powerful intuition when you are figuring out what your dreams mean. The truth will reveal itself to you over time and it may take a while before the meaning presents. Be patient and the meaning of the wolf in your dreams will reveal itself.