Alligator portrait

If you have a dream about alligators, at first it can seem like a nightmare. A dreadful dream filled with a predatory and dangerous creature who lurks in swamplands in search of prey to find. The alligator is a premonition of what lies in your future and what is to come. Alligators are often associated with feelings of terror and discomfort. Their appearance in the wild can evoke fear in those who come across them. Encountering a wild alligator can end in a violent brawl, one in which you will not come out unscathed.

However, despite all the negative aspects of alligators, they can also be a symbol of strength, individuality, determination, and wisdom. Dreaming about alligators can mean many things, depending on your circumstances and where you are in your journey. You may feel overwhelmed by the end of this dream but it can be very beneficial as it can provide you with a strong sense of clarity.

Seeing a Baby Alligator

Having a dream containing a baby alligator can be representative of one of two things. Seeing a baby animal of any kind in a dream can be a symbol of your inner child trying to make its way to your surface. Something in your past, when you were young has not been healed and therefore you cannot move forward on your path. This baby alligator is a manifestation of your childhood trauma and you cannot move forward until you address it.

The baby alligator is your fragility and naivety to the harshness and cruelty of life. You were born unequipped for the world and all it had to throw at you. You had fears about what type of person you were going to become as a child.

Seeing a Mother Alligator

The meaning of seeing a baby alligator with its mother in a dream is that you feel a sense of protection. By nature, we have to protect our young so that they can survive. It is no different in the animal kingdom. Mother alligators are extremely protective of their young and will rip to shreds anything that comes near their nest. The sense of protection you feel is your wish to protect those in your life that are vulnerable. This can be family members or friends.

You are incredibly protective over people you love, this protectiveness should be celebrated and congratulated. You constantly go out of your way to save those closest to you, even if it is inconvenient for you. Seeing a mother alligator in your dream means you have a deep connection to others and their own safety.

Alligators that are Chasing You in a Dream

Having an alligator chase you in a dream may seem nerve-racking and you may wake up in a sweat. This dream has a deep meaning and one you will not like. The alligator chasing you is representative of something negative chasing you. Your decisions are yours to live with, however, this doesn’t mean they don’t weigh on your mind. You are attempting to outrun something that you cannot run from. No matter how fast you run it will always come back to haunt you.

There is a troubling situation in your life that is looming over you like a dark cloud. It could be a fear of failure, experiencing the loss of a loved one, or not succeeding in your personal goals. Anything that is bringing you feelings of stress is why you are experiencing dreams of being chased by an alligator. On the other side of this battle lies better and more joyful times. Trust your own strength and capability.

Group of Alligators Chasing You

You are being chased by a group of alligators in your dream because you are attempting to run from a problem that you know will be a challenge to solve. You possess a desire to move into a safer and more comforting zone rather than continue to be in danger. This may be an impulsive decision and one which will not serve you in the long run. You must face your problems to move forward in your journey and this entails facing your fears head-on. Stay strong and keep your head up.

Alligator Attacking You in a Dream

Having dreams of alligators biting you means that you are in the crossfire of your own thoughts. You are surrounded by negativity and bad omens that are taking various forms. You may dislike where you live and your career. You possess a desire to change your surroundings and that will change the outcome of your emotions.

You are harboring a lot of negative thoughts towards others and you are constantly putting others down. You are being brought down by all of these emotions you have towards others and you should be seeking guidance in ridding yourself of these feelings as they are only going to hold you back.

Alligator Killing You in a Dream

An alligator attacking you symbolizes you have concerns about your future. Alligators are known for their camouflaging techniques and their ability to hide in plain sight, blending in with their environments. They can be hard to spot with the naked eye. They are always prepared to attack even if you cannot see it. This symbolizes a hidden danger in your life.

You are surrounded by foes that you may not be able to see at first. You are plagued with thoughts of paranoia and worry about little things that do not matter. You need to calm yourself before moving forward on your journey and realize that not everything is within your control. Letting go can be the healthiest thing that you can do for yourself and your well-being. Dwelling in negative emotions will only have a negative outcome for you.

Dreaming of a Deceased Alligator

If you have a dream about a dead alligator, it can mean that there is a big change coming to your life. A dead alligator symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Seeing this in a dream is a very positive thing. It is also a sign of hope and optimism for your future.

New paths are going to be presenting themselves to you very soon and you should be preparing yourself for them when they do. The more prepared you are the more competent you will be in making life decisions for yourself.

This fresh start can bring a lot more happiness into your life so be attentive to your surroundings.

Killing an Alligator in a Dream

Dreaming of killing an alligator has significant meaning to it. This may mean you have anger in your heart and you are quick to hold grudges against people who do wrong by you. Killing predatory animals means that you accomplished a defeat in a great battle. A dead alligator represents a victory over evil. Your subconscious is trying to remove negative thoughts and emotions from your life. Although it may be upsetting to experience, a death of an animal as vicious as this one in your dream is a good omen. You will have luck on your way to your goals and guidance from good omens that watch over your journey.

Dreaming of Seeing an Alligator in a Cage

Witnessing an alligator in a cage during a dream can mean that you are feeling trapped by your life and the decisions that you have made in the past that have led you to where you are. You feel confined to where you are and the cage in your dream represents that confinement. You may be feeling overwhelmed and plagued with anxiety. You may have been botteling your emotions for quite some time without realizing it. This can weigh on the soul and crush your spirit.

There is no reason to continue on like this if it is making you unhappy. You must address what may be causing you this bout of tension, and you need to address it at the source.

Dreaming of Seeing a Baby Alligator in a Cage

The alligator in this dream is representative of you and how you feel. You are blocked at every corner and you feel you have no direction because every single one looks the same. How can you move freely if you are trapped in a cage? You cannot. This cage is not indestructible. However, you can break free from this cage if you are willing to face your problems. You may be tempted to wallow in self-pity and accept your capture.

The cage can be a safe place but it is no place for something that by nature needs to be free and live in the wild. The alligator should be free from the cage as should you be free from yours.

Seeing a Big Alligator in a Dream

Seeing a big alligator in a dream can have multiple meanings to the person who is experiencing it. This dream often means that you have a problem in your life that seems to have no resolution. A problem that causes counties to spiral out of control every time you think it is going to end. The size of the alligator represents the magnitude of the problem and how much room it is taking up in your mind.

Being an Alligator in a Dream

You are experiencing this dream because the choices you make reflect on you as a person but can also affect those around you in the process. A choice in the past has harmed someone you care about. They may not have told you how much it affected them, but it hurt them deeply enough to distance themselves from you. Reflect on some of the choices you have made and think about whether or not someone was hurt in the process.

Have you noticed someone with who you were close has stepped back from your life? This dream is a sign that you have hurt them and you should fix your wrongdoings. Rectify the situation so it no longer weighs on your mind and infiltrates your subconscious.

Dreaming of a Black Alligator

This dream can be symbolic of your flippant and reckless decision-making. Your thoughts and the choices you have made in the past are haunting your present. They are casting a shadow on your daily life. You may not have thought about it before but it is entirely possible these previous actions were made without a second thought. You may have not considered others when being reckless and neglectful in these decisions.

Dreaming of a White Alligator

You may feel fear and anxiety but this can mean you are bound to face your fears in your waking state. It can also mean you have a strong sense of independence and a spirit for adventure. You know which direction you want to go in life, you just need help getting there. Alligators can also represent resilience and determination due to their survival instinct and willingness to lay down their life if it means they win the battle. Their thick rough bumpy skin is symbolic of your strength and grit to succeed no matter what the cost. There are positive traits within you and they will show themselves over time.

Dreaming of Alligator Eggs

You are dreaming of alligator eggs because you are not addressing a problem in your life. Without addressing the events in our dream state, over time these dreams and their contents can weigh on our minds. These emotions can stir up unchecked aggression and crippling anxiety. There is a resolution to all life’s problems, through solving these problems we can achieve a more joyful and peaceful existence. You possess the power to resolve your problems. You possess the power to tame your inner beasts and keep them at bay.


If you are dreaming of Alligators consistently, you need to begin asking yourself some very personal and deep questions. Questions such as; “How did this dream make you feel?” and “How does this creature relate to your daily life and the events that happen/have happened?” Each dream and its meaning may have different perspectives and contexts depending on the individual who experiences them. These creatures belong in swamplands, not in your head. Deciphering why they are appearing in your dream is the first step to ridding yourself of the anxiety you may feel when you have dreams with alligators in them. Alligators are manifestations of our fears and anxieties in our life. Our destructive tendency can take on physical forms in our dream state, often as predatory animals such as the alligator.