Serval Cat as Spirit Animal

Serval cats are wild cats that are mostly found in sub-Saharan countries. They mostly live in the south of the Sahara where tall grass and bushes camouflage their stealthy hunting. These medium-sized wild cats have the longest legs of any cat relative to their body size. They are agile jumpers and avid diggers due to their long legs. It can jump up to 9 feet in the air to catch birds.

Serval cats can be kept as pets but they need large outdoor enclosures and more rooms to roam. Although, they are not cuddly, friendly, and affectionate like cats. Still, they can bond well with their owner and become emotionally attached. Due to their natural wild temperament, the serval cats are not recommended to be kept as pets.

Serval cats are slender, yet strong. They are a sight to behold when they stretch and jump to pounce on their prey. Serval cats could be your spirit animal for many reasons. You have a keen interest in this wild animal, you like to know more about them, or think about them quite often; then you are attached to this animal in some way. If this animal is appearing in your dreams, or you are noticing things related to this animal quite often, it’s a sign that the serval spirit animal is trying to connect with you.

Characteristics and Personality

Serval cat as your spirit animal comes to the rescue when you are too shy and hesitant and lean on others for your betterment. Serval cats are solitary creatures except for mating and mothers with kittens. Serval as the spirit animal helps you to become self-reliant and rely on your judgment.

These cats rely heavily on their sense of hearing and height advantage to attack their prey in tall bushes. People with serval as their birth totem are opportunistic, witty, and extremely patient. They are highly observant and wait for the right moment to strike the hammer. They don’t get annoyed easily when dealing with difficult situations in life. They are curious and intelligent. Serval individuals like to explore the unknown and know more about life.

Serval-spirited people are loners. They enjoy their own company the best. They can not stand unnecessary dramas and unhealthy conversations and mostly stay away from social events. People with serval souls can be writers, musicians, readers, designers, or can be associated with any profession expressing creativity and imagination.

Serval individuals love to spend time in nature. They are strong-willed and daring. They like to set for wild expeditions and are always looking to try something out of their comfort zone. They often manage and explore things all by themselves. They may hate to plan things with groups. Serval-spirited people can be avid trekkers, hikers, or gypsy travelers.

Serval as your spirit animal represents self-sufficiency, independence, intuition, agility, and protection. If you are not feeling secure, unable to find a way out of your chaotic situation, or feeling clueless; seek guidance from your serval spirit animal. It will bring hope, strength, and protection to your life.

Serval Cat Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Below are the positive traits of people with serval cat as their animal totem:

  • Self-trust
  • Observant
  • Opportunistic
  • Honesty
  • Self-love
  • Agility
  • Protection


Serval cat as your spirit animal teaches you to trust your instinct when everything else seems to be falling apart. Work on your serval cat energy and awaken your true potential. People with serval cat energy tend to plan and execute things on their own. They don’t like anyone interfering with their plans or invading their space.

They are goal-oriented and independent. They are willing to accept healthy criticism to improve themselves. They are curious about learning and trying new things. Serval cat as your spirit animal teaches you to stand your ground and listen to your discernment before taking any action.


Serval cats have strong hearing skills and they are known to pick up the slightest whispers. They can spot and recognize subtle details which others may overlook. People with serval spirit energy can identify other person’s hidden motives and they are not easy to be lied to or manipulated.

Serval as your spirit animal helps you to step back and observe things before making any decisions. If you are not able to make any decisions lately, and struggling to understand the chaotic situation, pray to your spirit animal to give you the strength to distinguish and note things carefully.


Serval cats are opportunistic hunters. They hide behind long grasses and bushes and wait for the right moment to pounce on their prey. If you have been working hard and waiting for the right moment to shine through, the serval cat energy can help you. New connections, new situations, a new scope of learning, and new doors of opportunities appear when the serval cat as your spirit animal glides in your path.


One of the highly admirable traits of serval cats is their honesty. When it comes to keeping a promise and maintaining integrity, you don’t even tolerate dishonesty from your friends and family members. If a person is looking for honest feedback and trustworthiness, the serval cat-spirited individuals can be a great help. They are outspoken and virtuous.


As a serval-spirited individual, you love to spend time alone. You enjoy a career where you can work on your terms and pace. You like to express yourself freely without anyone else bossing around. Your work is truly inspiring and artistic when people get a glimpse of your talent. You know how to prioritize self-care along with your work. You are pretty disciplined and serious when it comes to taking care of your emotional and physical needs.


You are naturally agile, smart, and witty if the serval cat is your birth totem. You are impressively dexterous when you immerse yourself in your work. You like to do things within the time and in an organized way. If you are having trouble getting your things done or feel demotivated lately, pray to your spirit animal to provide you with the composure of a quick, sharp, and calm mind.


Serval cat as the spirit animal teaches you to be aware of your surroundings. It helps you to understand any negative intentions and act accordingly. As a serval cat person, you may need to be more careful and intuitive in protecting yourself, your family, or loved ones when the serval cat appears in your life. It helps you to take the necessary measures to ward off unforeseen circumstances.

Serval Cat Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are the negative traits of individuals with serval cat spirit animal –

  • Selfishness
  • Being overwhelmed


Serval cat-spirited individuals are loners. They like to enjoy their own company which might strike as rude and selfish to others. People with serval energy do not pay much heed to other people’s opinions which is good in one way but this can often create problems in the workplace or amongst family members. Working in your comfort zone and not socializing at all can give the wrong message sometimes. This can create a block in your upcoming opportunities and growth.

Be aware of your actions and behavior. Spend some time with people that you think are healthy and necessary for your well-being and growth.

Being overwhelmed

When difficult situations arrive, you try your best to create peace and harmony among the people. You give your best to sort everything out even when that’s costing you peace of mind. Too often, you dive into a situation without giving much thought to its consequences. This happens when you are feeling restless and impulsive about certain circumstances.

Serval cat teaches you to put yourself first and then everything else. Self-love is what matters the most. Try not to get entangled with the other person’s emotions and provide your support by not exhausting yourself. Try practicing meditation regularly. It will help you to remain emotionally balanced.

Serval Cat as an Animal Totem

When the serval cat is your birth totem, it teaches you to come out of your comfort zone and be face to face with your fears. You must be willing to cast your shyness and fears aside if you want to achieve something meaningful in life.

Serval teaches you to be self-reliant and insists to follow your intuition rather than following the crowd. When this spirit animal makes an appearance in your life, it teaches you to build self-confidence and higher consciousness to move forward in life. It helps you to communicate effectively and manifest the best version of yourself.

Serval-spirited fellows are highly patient and persistent in their quest. They may appear selfish and arrogant, but deep inside they are kind-hearted and quite friendly. They avoid conflicts with people at any cost.

Serval cat as the animal totem represents the strength of will, confidence, courage, adaptability, expressiveness, and calmness. The serval cat is an overall symbol of a calm, yet bold personality.

Times When You Need to Summon the Serval Cat Spirit Animal

  • You are losing your focus and not being able to get your thoughts together.
  • You need to be more focused and observant.
  • You need to be calm and patient in challenging circumstances.
  • You need to adapt well to the changing circumstances.
  • You are looking for new opportunities in life.
  • You are trying to convey your point of view effectively.
  • You need to be quick-witted and graceful.
  • You need to explore more to grow in life.
  • You need to take care of yourself and the people you care about.
  • You need to listen to your inner voice and act accordingly.
  • You need to be determined and goal-oriented.

Dream Interpretation of Serval Spirit Animal

Dreaming of a serval cat usually means confidence and grace in oneself. However, depending on the mental state of the person, the dream can imply a lot of possibilities.

If you dreamt of a serval cat walking gracefully and peacefully in the wild, it indicates your self-esteem and contentment in life. It implies you are currently going on the right path and feeling fulfilled in your pursuit.

If the serval cat was hiding behind bushes waiting for its prey, it hints at upcoming opportunities that may show up in your way after a long time. It is asking you to be aware of your circumstances to recognize and seize the right opportunity.

If the serval cat was hiding from you, it means you need to work on your self-expression. It indicates you are trying to hide your emotions and not being true to yourself.

If the serval cat was trying to chase or attack you, it hints at your hidden fears and dilemmas that you have been avoiding for a long time. It’s a sign that you need to sit with your emotions and pay close attention to your weakness.

If the serval cat was nurturing its babies, it means you need to take good care of yourself or the people around you. It can also indicate that it’s time to nurture your emotional and physical health and provide utmost care without any compromise.

Dreaming of a talking serval cat means you can fruitfully express your views and ideas. It can also mean that you need to work on your communication skills to improve your way of conveying.

Dreaming of a dead serval cat indicates loss of confidence, financial stability, or some upcoming emotional turmoil. It’s an indication that you need to be more conscious of your choices in life and be at ease with yourself to move forward in life. It can also be a reminder to take a break and reflect on oneself rather than quitting altogether.

Mythological Significance of Serval Cat Spirit Animal

Serval cats are associated with human beings since the time of Ancient Egypt. Servals can be found in Egyptian art depicted as gifts or traded objects from Nubia.

South Africa is known to be serval cat’s native space. Hence, there are few folklores associated with this animal. Legends say that once a puff adder became very ill and pleaded for help from other animals but no one dared to approach. That’s when a serval cat agreed to help the puff adder on one condition it should not harm him. The puff adder agreed. The serval took care of the puff adder until it healed. In return, the puff adder wanted to grant a wish to the serval. On that, the serval cat asked for a beautiful coat. The puff adder bit the serval just a little bit, and the serval started having a shiny and beautiful coat a few days later.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

The serval cat glides into your path when you need to know how to balance everything in life. It teaches you when to stop, reflect, and listen to your instincts.

The ideal way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. The mind becomes calm and relaxed during meditation. This is when you can see your thoughts and emotions with clarity. This is the moment when you can hear your inner self and take the right decision.

Your spirit animal can also appear in your dreams to make you aware or convey something important. You may also randomly notice signs and symbols around you related to this spirit animal. You should not ignore these indications as they are from your spirit animal trying to connect with you.

Summon the serval spirit animal to have the strength of will and determination to challenge against all odds in life. The serval cat spirit animal comes to your aid when you need to stop leaning on others and be self-sustained and optimistic to move forward in life.