Dove flying

Doves have been universally regarded as true symbols of peace, freedom, purity and love. Although not extremely common, dove dreams can take place during key moments in our everyday lives.

The dove usually brings good news about upcoming opportunities, new love interests and lasting happiness, representing the beauty, devotion and gentleness that defines humanity.

To dream of a dove has been noted, especially in arts and religions, as an uplifting and positive experience, the dove in this case, embodying an internationally acknowledged concept resonating with hope and peace.  But just what other messages can the dove bring on a more personal level? Let’s explore.

General Symbolism of the Dove

As mentioned above, the general, core symbolism of the dove is harmony and love. However, aside from these very important aspects, this gentle bird can bring us so much more wisdom.

The dove appearing in a dream is essentially linked to positivity, light, and promises fulfilled, being a messenger of good news.

To see a flying dove in your nighttime visions can be one of the most calm and exhilarating experiences one can have, announcing that in the real world you are about to receive abundant rewards for fulfilling your highest aspirations.

Many artists and spiritual guides consider this phenomenon a subconscious mind’s way of telling us that it is now time to let our spirits soar free, surrounding ourselves with innocence and purity.

Seeing a Dove in Your Dream

If you see a dove in your dream, the most likely explanation is that you are bound to receive good news in your real world. This symbol reinforces your feelings of inner peace, gentle demeanor and simplicity that you are now experiencing in the real world.

The dove in your dream is connected to your creative energy and aspirations, encouraging you to take the next step in your career or love life. Seeing the dove in your dream is knowing that others will soon approach you with even more positivity, reciprocating your goals and ideals.

This type of dream is simply an affirmation to enjoy life, take a moment to capture in its beauty and relax, knowing that beauty and harmony will always transcend conflicts.

Having a Dove Landing on Your Hand

Having a dream where a dove lands on your hand or on your arm is, without a doubt, a good omen. The dove is gracing you with its trust and affection, showing you that you are a truly kind and empathic individual in the real world.

This is a message from your higher self, letting you know that the good vibrations you share are well received by others and that your habit of wearing your heart on your sleeve will not bring you harm, but instead will help create stronger bonds with others.

If you see a dove land on you in your dream, try to instill more peaceful moments into your daily routine through meditation or prayer, opening yourself up to new opportunities.

A Flock of Doves Soaring Above You

Dreaming of a flock of doves is connected with a deeply rooted need to be part of a group. Perhaps you have spent a bit too much time on your own and now is the perfect moment to reach out to friends and family.

The flock of doves is symbolic of happiness, especially in the family-related aspects of your life as well as a key element of upcoming success in your career.

Seeing only a pair of doves, as opposed to an entire flock, signifies lovers forming stronger bonds. Whether you are single or in an already committed relationship, know that romance is right around the corner.

Dreaming of a White Dove

The white dove taking form in your dream signifies loyalty, friendship and spiritual freedom. This type of dream announces that you will soon find like-minded people and will enjoy making memories with them.

The white dove is the purest messenger, bringing you calmness and peace, rewarding you for the achievements you have made so far. It is a reminder to relax and not take everything too seriously.

Dreaming of a Black Dove

As opposed to a white dove, the black dove appearing in your dream may signal upcoming troubles in your waking life. Seeing a black dove, although concerning, should not deter you from moving forward, but should instead make you more aware of your surrounding and more particularly, of other’s true intentions toward you.

If you’ve had recent conflicts or arguments with friends or family, this would be a good time to reach out to them and openly communicate your thoughts and emotions, working together to overcome sadness or fears.

Message from a Dove

If dream of receiving a message from a dove, it means that you are likely to face challenges in the near future. The feelings you experience when reading the message may indicate whether this will be a tough time for you or a happy one.

Whichever the case, it is important to pay close attention to the characteristics of the dove in your dream. A dove having a message tied to its foot will often bring positive news of love or friendship.

If you happen to be the one sending the message to someone else, it is important to note whom it is addressed to and to interpret what the message sounds like.

Dreaming of a Dove Pecking You

Although not the happiest of dreams, being under assault by the cute little dove in your dream means much more than in appears to be on the surface. Doves are typically peaceful creatures and being pecked by one is not always a good sign.

Most dreams in which you see your dove attacking you are connected with bad news or fears of receiving such news in the real world. This dream can be linked to certain worries you have relating to work, finances or investments you may have.

The dove pecking you is also a symbol of others spreading false accusations about you or talking negatively behind your back. This is your subconscious’s way of letting you know that you need to be more careful who you keep around in your personal circle.

Catching a Dove in Your Dream

To catch a dove in your dream is often letting you know that a new friendship is right around the corner. The dove in this case, may share certain characteristics with your new friend, hence it is important to pay close attention to the small details.

The dove allowing itself to be caught is a symbol of an honest, trustworthy friends that will bring you much joy in your real life. To catch a dove in a dream, in some cases, may also announce romantic love or marriage on the horizon.

The dove’s meaning in this case is related to the dreamer’s current situation in life, but overall means affection, long-lasting connections, unexpected pleasant surprises and shared adventures.

Dreaming of a Dead Dove

If you see a dead dove in your dream, it symbolizes the feeling of melancholy you are experiencing in the real world. In some rare cases, it may even mean death or incoming danger that you need to be prepared for.

Seeing or eating a dead dove in a dream is closely linked to your mental and emotional state, especially in terms of love and relationships. Perhaps you have recently suffered a break-up and have not yet fully recovered.  This type of dream, in this case, represents encouragement of letting go.

If you feel like you or someone close to you may be in danger, eating the dove in your dream could be the wake-up call you needed to protect them. If this dream happens before making an important decision, it signifies that you are afraid of the outcome.

Seeing a dead dove in a dream is opposite of peace, but rather connected to internal turmoil. It is your subconscious’s way of letting you know it is time to pay attention to your emotional balance and to be true to yourself.

Dreaming of a Dove’s Nest

A dove’s nest appearing in a dream is a good thing. This type of dream may indicate you are about to make an important move in the real world, perhaps involving a complete change of scenery or even purchasing a new home.

The nest of a dove is meant to comfort you and remind you that you have created a peaceful atmosphere for you and your family and friends and that they feel safe around you.

The nest may also mean loyalty and adventure, meaning that the people around you a truly appreciative of your presence and may soon surprise you with little gifts of affections.

This is a perfect time to enjoy life with your loved ones and to spread the warmth to your community.

Killing the Dove in your Dream

Killing the dove in your dream is not a very positive sign, often meaning the end of a harmonious time in your real life. To see yourself hunting or killing doves signifies that you are looking for a way out of a confrontation but cannot seem to figure it out.

Perhaps you have involuntarily made a mistake at work or harmed a friend – this is an ideal moment to make amends and repair the damage that has been caused. Killing the dove in your dream can also signify taking matters into your own hands and owning up to the mistakes you might have made.

The dove in this case, is reminding you that you should always be aware of the consequences of your actions and to always look for a peaceful resolution.

Dreaming of a Dove on the Windowsill

To see a dove sitting outside your window in a dream symbolizes your aspirations, ideals and goals that you project onto your real world.

It is an encouragement to dream on and to try your best to transform these dreams into reality. This type of dream may happen before an important event in your life and can include important clues for you to catch up on.

Alternatively, it may be related to your workaholic nature and feelings like you are constantly running behind tasks. If this is the case for you, it would be a good idea to try to invest some time in positive affirmation and confidence mantras and mindfulness meditation.


In a nutshell, dreams about doves are among the most positive and uplifting of all dreams. The dove is universally regarded as a symbol of love, purity and peace and is prevalent in most arts and cultures throughout the world.

To see doves flying above you in a dream signifies freedom and new beginnings, pertaining to the dreamer’s real world. It is connected to our need of belonging into groups.

A white dove appearing in a dream is symbolic of harmony and affection, while a black one may signify internal turmoil.

Dreaming of a pair of doves can be a positive sign of upcoming romantic affairs and marriage, but can relate to long-lasting friendships as well.

To see a dead dove in a dream foretells trouble and is meant to provide you with insight into the most peaceful solution to this problem. Although regarded as a bad omen, to kill or eat a dove in your dream can also empower you to overcome the stressful situation.

Sending and receiving messages via doves in a dream contains important news relating to work and friendships in the real work and may contain substantial details about the person you are receiving this news from or sending them to.

Seeing a flock of doves is connected to our need for communication and community. Holding a dove in your palm is foretelling of a new friend entering your real life.

A dove’s nest in a dream is closely connected to family and travel in the real world and is a reminder to enjoy our lives and build a happier future together with our loved ones.

Last but not least, doves appearing in our dreams are harbingers of good news, career promotions, lasting friendships and love, reminding us to live in harmony with ourselves and with our community.