Pelican as Spirit Animal

The pelicans are popularly recognized for their distinctive long beak and large throat pouch. They are highly revered in various popular cultures since medieval times. Belonging to the family of large water birds, the pelicans are known to hold as much as three gallons of water in their large throat pouch. They are mainly found in coaster areas or inland waters such as rivers and lakes where the temperature is on the warmer side.

They travel and hunt in flocks and breed colonially. They primarily feed on fish, turtles, crabs, and insects. Pelicans look simply amazing when they fly with their large wings extended or when they plunge-dive head-first for their prey.

If you are someone who loves to be around pelicans and watch their activities, feed them whenever you get the opportunity, or simply take a great fond of them; you might have a special corner in your heart for this bird. If you find many similarities between you and the bird in terms of characteristics and nature, then the pelican could be your spirit animal.

Characteristics and Personality

Pelicans always live in flocks. They are extremely social birds and migrate in a wonderful V formation or a single line. This is why the pelican spirit is closely associated with the energy of unity, dependability, trustworthiness, and alliance.

People with pelican as their birth totem tend to maintain a harmonious relationship with their emotions. They are mindful of each passing moment and don’t let their head and heart prevail over each other.

Being the bird of water, air, and land, the spirit of the pelican represents the balance among all three core elements of nature – the water, the air, and the earth. The bird strikes for its prey when the right moment comes. This diving motion of pelicans signifies diving deep into one’s emotions and self-reflection.

The pelican as the spirit animal symbolizes grace, motherhood, sacrifice, and teamwork. They hold special cultural significance in Egyptian and Christian mythology and heraldic iconography.

Pelican Spirit Animal Positive Powers

When the pelican as your spirit animal comes into your life, it brings hope, strength, and new possibilities in life. Below are the positive traits of a pelican spirited-individual –

  • Grace
  • Kindness
  • Motherhood
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Resourcefulness
  • Teamwork
  • Transition
  • Protection
  • Traveler


The Pelican spirit animal is the symbol of elegance and charm. People born with this animal totem have a unique taste in everything in life. They live life with grace and style. Their sophisticated outlook toward life makes them unique in their choice. People with pelican as their spirit animal may have an interest in fashion, culture, cuisine, or history. They love everything organized and well-regulated. They tend to be the head-turner at any party or celebration.

If you don’t feel confident about yourself and feel demotivated to show up, remind yourself of your pelican spirit. You arrive in style always and that comes with you naturally. Meditate on your spirit animal to provide you with the self-confidence to break all the barriers.


The Pelican spirit animal symbolizes love and kindness. People with pelican souls know the language of love and they can remove darkness with their strength and optimism. They are naturally humble, grounded, and compassionate.

They like to achieve the height of success but keep one foot on the ground. While they climb the ladder of advancement, they like to help others in their journey of progression as well. They can see the needs in people’s lives and respond.

People find comfort and peace while talking to a pelican-spirited individual. They understand and empathize with a person’s emotional state very well.


According to some ancient mythological beliefs, pelicans are seen as the symbol of sacrifice. As per the story, the pelican would cut its breast with its beak to feed its babies with its own blood. Thus, the bird symbolizes selflessness and sacrifice.

Pelicans are very protective of their young. As a pelican-spirited individual, you serve as a very good guardian or parent. You treat your siblings, babies, or anyone who needs support with utmost affection and care. You are gentle and loving. People find a sense of motherly touch in you.


As a pelican-spirited person, you always go the extra mile to help others. You tend to put people’s needs before you. Your friends and family members see you as the pillar of support. You are always one step ahead when anyone needs support.

You tend to understand a person’s emotional state by just looking at their face. You try to do anything that is within your range of possibilities. You don’t hesitate to sacrifice your time and effort for the welfare of others.


You can be a soft-hearted and kind human being, but you have the other side which surprises people at times. You have the amazing strength of will and persistence to find quick and clear ways to overcome any kind of difficulties. You do not give up easily. You try to hold on to your dreams and goals even in the most challenging circumstances.


Pelicans like to fly, hunt, and migrate in flocks. They always like to stay in groups. If a pelican is your spirit animal, you are an active team player by nature. You like to create a strong foundation for your group to stand together. You like to appreciate and value every little strength of each of your team members. You work, support, and grow together with your team. That’s how you like to roll.


When the spirit animal pelican comes as guidance in your life, you happen to come on the right track and make the right decision in your life. It helps you to come out of confusion and darkness and show the path of light and hopefulness.

You finally live the baggage of the past behind and move forward with your life. You adapt to the changes of life and develop the strength of character and courage to face your challenges.


Pelicans are very aggressive and protective towards their young. They become highly alert when they sense danger. As a pelican-spirited individual, you do your best to safeguard your loved ones. Relationships are important to you. People trust you for your loyalty and truthfulness. You take every possible measure to shield your family and loved ones from any negativity and danger.


Pelicans are long-distance migrators. These social birds are full of adventures, they travel significant miles to find their habitat.

If the pelican is your spirit animal, you may have a soft corner for traveling and doing things that may be out of your comfort zone. You may not set for a wild expedition, but you like to wander and know the unknown.

Pelican Spirit Animal Negative Powers

People with pelican as their animal totem are lively, playful, and full of spirit. However, they need to keep a check on their emotions to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Below are the few negative aspects that they need to be aware of –

  • Sacrifice
  • Sensitive
  • Solidarity


As discussed earlier, people with pelican as their birth totem tend to put others’ needs first before their own. If you are the pelican spirit, thinking of the welfare of others is something you are born with. The world needs people like you who are selfless and noble. The one important aspect to keep in mind here is to take care of yourself and your own needs while being there for others.

Make sure you don’t give yourself too much while making the people happy around you. Also, make sure that the right people are being a part of your generosity as plenty of people are there to take advantage of your kindness.


Pelican-spirited persons are thoughtful, patient, and kind. They can identify and understand others’ emotions very well. As a pelican person, you try your best to provide emotional and spiritual support to anyone who needs them.

Make sure not to get entangled with the other person’s emotions when they share their pain and distress. You can support them fully by being an active listener and strong advisor. Try not to become drained and emotionally exhausted while being the shoulder for others.


Pelicans fly, live, hunt, and breed being in the community. They are strong social birds. This indicates your commendable ability to socialize and blend with people. You like to work, grow, and celebrate with your group and loved ones.

At times, you may struggle to spend some time alone. You might reach for your smartphone to watch something or call someone to distract yourself from being alone. This can work adversely for you. While socializing is very important and good for your mental health, spending some time with yourself is also essential to get a clear picture of your life.

Its highly imperative to reflect on yourself as this will give clarity to your thoughts, judgments, and decisions. You will be able to identify subtle details of your life that you may overlook otherwise. Practice mindfulness to reduce stress and make the right call for yourself.

Pelican as an Animal Totem

These gregarious birds represent the water element which represents deep emotions, imagination, and spiritual awareness. They tend to be full of compassion and nurturers. Pelican as an animal totem also represents elegance, strong social skills, and strength of unity. They have virtues of humility, loyalty, and trustworthiness.

If the pelican is your animal totem, it protects you from unforeseen negativities around you and alerts you to take necessary steps. You like to spread your wings to express yourself by going against all kinds of adversities. Your contented nature teaches others some valuable life lessons.

In short, the pelican as your animal totem represents trust, emotion, union, liveliness, confidence, and adventure.

Times When You Need to Summon the Pelican Spirit Animal

  • You need to remind yourself of who you are.
  • You are confused and uncertain about the future.
  • You need to be kind, humble and grounded.
  • You want to improve your social skills.
  • You need love and strength to hold on to your relationships.
  • You need to be loyal and truthful.
  • You need to be protective of yourself and your loved ones.
  • You need to overcome difficulties and obstacles.
  • You want to progress and move ahead in life.
  • You need to be a fine team player.
  • You need to be lively, adventurous, and fearless.

Dream Interpretation of Pelican Spirit Animal

When a pelican as your spirit animal comes across your path, it brings balance and harmony to your life. It reminds you to spend more time with your family and yourself.

If you dream of a pelican flying high, it means you have visions and goals that you are preparing to work on. The dream symbolizes going ahead with your plan and trusting your instinct.

If you dreamt of pelicans flying in flocks harmoniously, it says something about your teamwork. It means that you have great cooperation with your team and can maintain a strong relationship with them.

If you dreamt of a pelican floating on the water peacefully, it means you have found balance in your life. Or, it may also mean you should practice mindfulness and stillness to find peace and serenity amidst the chaos of life.

If you dreamt of the pelican skillfully scooping fish out of the water, it indicates your ability to recognize upcoming opportunities. You will be able to seize the right moment that you were waiting for a long time.

If you dreamt of the pelican hurting itself to protect its babies, it means you are self-sacrificing yourself for the welfare of others.

If you killed the pelican in your dream, it means you are probably ignoring other people’s feelings. It may also mean you are trying to avoid facing yourself.

If you saw a dead pelican, it indicates your low self-esteem or lost emotions. You may feel numb from inside or may not have the strength to face the world.

If the pelican is taking care of its babies in the dream, it means you have the love, devotion, and motherly care which people around you may need at this moment.

Mythological Significance of Pelican Spirit Animal

Egyptian symbolism

According to Egyptian mythology, the ancient Egyptians used to revere a goddess named ‘Henet’ who was a pelican. She is the symbol of protection against snakes. Mentions of this goddess have been found on the walls of tombs of royal people from the Pyramid Age.

People in ancient Egypt believed that dangerous things are hidden in the ocean in the form of fish and the pelican serves as the savior to capture them with its large beak. According to scholars, ‘Henet’ is believed to be the ‘Mother of the King’. Another belief that symbolizes the open beak of the pelican is associated with the safe travel of the dead person into the rays of the Sun.

Christian Symbolism

Pelicans are seen as the mother figure due to a popular Christian belief dating back to the time of medieval Europe. The pelican was thought to be strong feminine energy and was very affectionate to her young to such a level that once she wounded her breast with her beak to provide her blood as food to the kids when no other option was available.

Over time, the story became the emblem of Jesus Christ’s extreme self-sacrifice for his unconditional love toward mankind.  Since then, pelicans are seen as the symbol of love, devotion, protection, and motherhood.

The self-sacrificial aspect of the pelican has also been reinforced in heraldry. Heraldic images featuring the ‘pelican in her piety’ refer to a mother pelican feeding her babies with her blood, while another heraldic image attributes to the ‘pelican vulning’ meaning the pelican injuring herself.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect with You

As your spiritual guide, the pelican helps you to understand the utmost importance of your emotional stability. Being the water bird, it represents our emotions and inner strength.

It reminds you of the importance of spending some time with your loved ones as well as with yourself. It encourages you to give yourself the chance to seek the wisdom within yourself to keep your emotional, personal, and spiritual life balanced.

The best way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. The mind becomes calm and free from regular turbulence under the practice of meditation. That’s when you will be able to hear your inner voice which will guide you to the right path.

As your symbol of strength, the pelican spirit animal inspires you to grow and prosper with grace conquering all the emotional turmoil that may arrive in the way. It encourages you to spread the language of healing, love, and compassion through the world.