Kestrel as Spirit Animal

Kestrels are one of the most colorful raptors found widespread in North America. This little bird holds the fierce intensity of a predator into its small body. They are known as North America’s littlest falcon. They belong to the family of Falconidae and they are about the size of a Blue Jay. Male and female American kestrels can be distinguished by their plumage. Male kestrels have blue-grey wings that remind of blue jays and female birds have reddish-brown wings with black barring.

This smallest falcon is the best-known and easily identifiable raptor in North America. If you are fascinated by this little adorable yet fearless bird and take a great fondness for photographing and knowing about them, you may have some deep association with this bird.

If you are noticing this bird randomly in your surroundings that might appear as some signs and symbols, or if this bird is appearing in your dreams and thoughts quite often; then the kestrel could be your spiritual guide.

Characteristics and Personality

Kestrels are often referred to as ‘Windhovers’ due to their nature of hovering high in the air before diving down to their prey. This adorable and beautifully colored bird is considered the symbol of speed, nobility, ferocity, and vision. It’s amazing to see them flying high with their head keeping dead still while the body, wings, and tail writhe about.

Kestrels are associated with dreams, ambitions, and foresight. People with kestrel totem are blessed with notable observation skills combined with intelligence and skillful pattern recognition. They are highly intuitive and have a sixth sense to predict the future to some extent. Their watchful nature helps them to understand people’s motives and actions.

People born with kestrel power symbolism tend to receive protection from the universe. They struggle to trust others, hence the kestrel energy helps them to use their instinct and make the right move.

The kestrel-spirited individuals are curious, knowledgeable, wise, and stoic. This energy often manifests in the form of creativity and imagination. The kestrel energy helps the individual to be fearless, determined and striving. People with kestrel spirit aim for one singular goal and direct their whole energy to achieve that objective.

Kestrel Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Kestrel birds always reflect a positive vibe with their bright and uplifting color contrast. People, especially bird lovers, can vouch for this bird’s vivacious nature. Below are the positive traits of individuals with kestrel as their animal totem –

  • Gracefulness
  • Fearlessness
  • Observant
  • Wisdom
  • Ferocity
  • Protection
  • Renewal
  • Judicious
  • Ambitious


These little falcons are unbelievably captivating and truly majestic. They carry a style and effortlessly charming attitude. People born with this animal totem are naturally elegant and refined. They like to maintain the good taste and a dignified manner wherever they go. They are agile and have a calm demeanor in any circumstances. People are often attracted to the poised nature of kestrel-spirited individuals.


Kestrels are small yet fearless travelers. They teach you that size does not matter. Kestrels have dynamic and unflinching attributes regardless of the size that makes it up for them. They hover at a certain height to survey a large area to spot the movement of any prey.

Kestrel-spirited individuals are inherently courageous and stout-hearted. They can’t be tamed or bribed easily. They tend to face their problems upfront and find the solution. They are always one step ahead to take up any challenges and excel in any field they choose. They are not afraid to take the risk or ask for help. They are highly aware, realistic, and unconventional.


Kestrels can hover in the air for a longer period observing their prey closely before taking a plunge. If kestrel is your birth totem, you are naturally watchful and sharp-eyed. You tend to remain alert and observe every detail pretty closely. You can perceive and notice certain things that other people may overlook.

With this exceptional attentiveness, you can excel in any field or profession that you choose. The kestrel energy gives you the single-mindedness and engrossment to focus on any aspect of life and recognize the desired opportunity.


People with kestrel as their soul energy possess insatiable curiosity for knowledge. They keep an open-minded approach to learning everything. They are open to criticism and willing to improve their expertise whenever possible.

They can relate to diverse situations. They are abstract thinkers and can acquire mental adaptability. Individuals with kestrel spirit can be book lovers, professors, entrepreneurs, analysts, researchers, wild expedition lovers, or anything that leads to more knowledge and experience.


Kestrels are fierce hunters despite their small stature. They typically hunt insects but can catch anything larger such as shrews, bats, voles, or small songbirds.

As a kestrel person, you may look calm and composed but you have an untamed side that you don’t show people unnecessarily. If you sense any threat or if someone invades your space and causes unwanted trouble, you can be pretty aggressive and savage. You tend to be assertive and hostile when someone crosses your boundary.


Kestrels exercise cooperative parenting. The female kestrel tends the nest and the male kestrel hunts and brings food. The parents continue to take care of the chicks until they reach full maturity. Kestrels manage to protect and hold on to their nest despite several attacks by predators. Although they do not build their own nest, they use disused or old nests or nest boxes.

Kestrel-spirited individuals take all possible measures to endure the safety and security of themselves and their loved ones. They may look friendly but if someone invades their personal life and projects a threat, kestrel individuals can become highly aggressive and protective.


The kestrel energy brings new vibrations, liveliness, and zest to life. If you have been feeling stagnant or unable to express yourself properly, or not able to find a way out of your problems; pray to your kestrel spirit animal.

It will help you to get rid of anything old and make space for something new in life. The kestrel spirit animal will give you the necessary push and will set you in motion. You will start noticing new possibilities, new ideas, and new connections coming your way.


As a kestrel-spirited individual, you are far-sighted, practical, and sensible. You are known to show good judgment and rational thinking. You do not indulge in gossip or unnecessary arguments that pulls your energy down. You tend to channel your awareness to the things and people that matter. You are a person of sound mind and intelligence.

If you are having self-doubt or unable to focus on the journey you are in, meditate on your spirit animal. It will bless you with the shrewdness and perception that will help you to discern the right choice.


Just like the bird, you like to fly high and reach for the sky. Kestrels are quick and agile. They project a sense of confidence, fearlessness, and independence when they fly high. You are a person of vision and inspiration. You like to have a clear strategy and detailed foresight before executing any objective. You are determined and hardworking. You tend to aim high and stick to your commitment no matter what.

Kestrel Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are some of the negative traits of kestrel-spirited individuals –

  • Self-doubt
  • Aggressive
  • Dominating


Kestrels are adorable, bright, and pretty human-friendly. They are often underestimated due to their small size; however, they are ferocious little creatures with immense potential.

If you are suffering from low self-esteem and continuously blocking your true self because of others’ opinions, then you should pray to your spirit animal. The kestrel power infuses a new life into you and helps you to recognize your true self. It encourages you not to pay any heed to people’s opinions and believe in your judgments. Listen to your inner voice, it will guide you in the right direction. Your inner voice will show you the light amidst the darkness and will lead you toward your true purpose.


Kestrel-spirited souls are naturally calm, reserved, and friendly. They like to mind their own business. But if they are interrupted in their thoughts, they might become highly agitated. If they sense any threat or wrong motive towards them, they can become hostile and aggressive. They can even take the necessary steps to fight back or teach a lesson to the people who have the wrong intention for them.

If kestrel is your spirit animal, you mostly get angry for the right reasons. But if you are losing your calm quite often which might happen when your aura is in disharmony, you should practice meditation. Practicing deep breathing and mindfulness helps to maintain a calm demeanor. It will help you to strengthen your energy and maintain well-balanced emotional health.


Kestrel individuals are strong, confident, and have a quite commanding nature. If not communicated properly, their words can project arrogance or a wrong impression that might work adversely for them.

As a kestrel person, you might be seen as a selfish and controlling person. Be aware of your words and actions as they play a crucial role in personal and professional life. Try to maintain your inherent nature of being calm and modest while advocating authority and dignity.

Kestrel as an Animal Totem

Kestrel is the symbolism of independence and fearlessness. When kestrel energy is around you, it teaches you to conserve your energy for good. It urges you not to entangle yourself in situations that do not serve you even a percent of good.

It shows you to observe things without saying a word. You are born with the distinctive perception to recognize and understand people and their true motives.

Kestrel as your animal totem drives you to aspire for a higher vision and provides you the tenacity to keep going no matter what happens. You are a person who loves freedom, wilderness, and adventure. You have the strength of will to adapt to any circumstances and keep your pieces together through any thick and thin.

Times When You Need to Summon the Kestrel Spirit Animal

  • You need to be simple and elegant.
  • You have low self-esteem and need confidence.
  • You need to find and listen to your inner self.
  • You need to have higher visions.
  • You trying to be persistent and patient.
  • You need to adapt to the changing circumstances.
  • You need to be watchful and rational.
  • You need to face your fears and overcome your inner battles.
  • You need to protect yourself and the people you love.
  • You need to be creative in finding solutions to any problem.
  • You are looking for opportunity and transformation in life.
  • You need to be active and agile.
  • You are learning to be self-reliant and seeking knowledge.

Dream Interpretation of Kestrels

Kestrels are the symbol of observation and boldness. Encountering this bird in your dream reminds you of the importance of paying attention to detail.

If the kestrel was hovering still in the sky, it indicates your confidence and high self-esteem. It means you are fearless and self-assured. It can also be a signal to liberate yourself from the shackles of painful emotions and unhealthy circumstances.

If the kestrel was struggling against the storm or heavy wind, it means you are finding it hard to sustain your faith and confidence and getting bogged down by the situations of life.

If you saw the kestrel was resting on the top of the pole or anything higher, it means you need to step back and take a pause and rethink your actions.

If the kestrel was nursing its chicks, it implies that you need to give special attention to your loved ones. You need to spend some quality time with them.

If the kestrel was diving down to attack its prey, it means the opportunity that you were looking for for a long time is about to appear. Your hard work will finally be paid off.

If the kestrel was attacking you, it indicates restlessness and fear. It means you are trying to run away from any unwanted circumstances.

Dreaming of petting the kestrels means you can tame your mind and have good self-control.

Dreaming of a dead kestrel can mean discontentment, failure, loss, or hopelessness. It can also hint at the end of something old and painful.

Mythological Significance of Kestrels

Kestrel mythological reverences are associated with falcons. Kestrels have connections in Hungarian mythology. According to folklore, the mythical bird is a gigantic falcon that resembles a kestrel in artistic depictions. Attila, the ruler of the Huns, had a wife who dreamt of a kestrel-like Turul. It gave her a vision that a large river was flowing out of her body and expanding to the west. The dream meant that she would give birth to a legacy of mighty rulers. It became true as her grandson became the founder of Hungary and the leader of the Magyar dynasty. This mythology aligns with the symbolism of kestrels that represent the concept of vision and prophecy.

How to Connect with Kestrel Spirit Guide

When the kestrel as your spirit animal glides into your path, it brings wisdom, vision, vigilance, and protection. It helps to sharpen your psychic skills and develop higher consciousness. You start getting clarity in your thoughts and get a deep insight into everything happening in life.

There are many ways the kestrel spirit animal might appear in front of you. Dreams are the common ways through which spirit animals try to convey a message to your soul. Try to decipher the meaning of the dreams where you have encountered the kestrel. You may notice them randomly in your surroundings and may find it a coincidence to feel their presence. This is a sign that the kestrel energy is around you.

The ideal way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. This is when the mind becomes relaxed and free of daily stressors. Once the mind is calm, you can hear your inner voice. This is when your thoughts become transparent and start making sense. Observe your thoughts like the passing clouds and be mindful. Regular practice of deep meditation can help you immensely to connect with your true self and find all the answers.

Summon the kestrel spirit animal to be blessed with agility, grace, and mental toughness. Call upon this spiritual energy to embrace life changes, soar high, and hover smoothly against the winds of life.