Dragonfly as Spirit Animal

Nature holds many secrets, some of them were clearer in previous centuries, some we unravel now. However, this knowledge has been accessible to only a few chosen people, who have passed it through generations. To bring this divine knowledge back into our lives, we should try to reconnect with nature once again, learn from it, and about it.

Firstly, you can start by observing animals and habitats that you feel drawn to. By reconnecting to nature mindfully, you can learn more about yourself and how to access the divine energy.

It is highly important to pay attention to the emotions and thoughts that emerge from these experiences, as they hold a message for you. A simple way to understand it would be to focus on the messenger itself. Each animal has sacred symbolism, divine spirit, and behaviors, which if carefully studied, will improve your life experience.

This article focuses on the Spirit Animal Dragonfly, its symbolism, personality traits, ways to reconnect with it, and more.

The dragonfly is a seemingly graceful animal, solely a reminder of beauty, lightness, and joy. However, it is much more than what it shows on the surface. Having the highest success rate in the whole animal kingdom, it is the world’s greatest hunter. Regardless of its current habitat, the dragonfly’s quick thinking, ability to predict the plans of its prey, and miraculous control over its body, serve as a superpower. With a swift mind and physical capabilities, it will succeed in all its endeavors.

If you feel like you embody these traits or want to channel them in your life, keep reading to find a way to better understand how to use and find them.

Meaning and Symbolism of Dragonfly As Spirit Animal

If your Spirit Guide is a Dragonfly, then you are probably quick-witted, swift, and determined. These are all traits that would make you a perfect decision-maker. For some, it may seem like your actions are impulsive and rash, however, they are very well calculated and precise. Your thought process can be so fast – that it is sometimes difficult to explain and keep track of. With these outstanding mental capabilities, whatever task you set your mind on will be successful.

The Dragonfly is born in water, spends a big part of its life there, and then emerges above to find a partner. Therefore, it has perfectly adapted to both the element of Water and Air. From a spiritual point of view, water symbolizes emotional depth, self-awareness, and being in touch with your spirituality. Air represents mental agility, adaptiveness, lightness, and curiosity. The combination of these two elements is what makes the Dragonfly the highest success rate hunter. It understands its surroundings so profoundly and uses the collected information to make the most precise decision.

This Spirit Guide reminds us that we should not only be aware of our surroundings and that it is equally important to set our focus inwards before we reach a decision. It gives us the strength to believe in our capabilities, reminding us that we will thrive in any environment and circumstances.

So, whenever you see a dragonfly, try to remember that whatever you are struggling with, it will pass, and you will come out of it stronger than ever before.

Characteristics and Personality

Dragonflies are practical creatures, which prefer to move solo. They are not interested in group work, because whenever they set a task, they are completely capable of handling it alone, and everyone else is competition. This animal has a higher understanding of its surroundings, making it is highly flexible and able to fly in different patterns and directions accordingly. This means, that it has full control over itself and can adapt at any given time to achieve a goal.

The dragonfly amazes us with its beauty and grace, it roams around ponds like a mesmerizing fairy. These feelings of magic and serenity that it brings are merely scratching the surface of its capabilities. Behind this lovely façade, there is wisdom, maturity, and self-awareness, beyond imaginable.

Knowing its place in the world, the dragonfly chooses to ignore relationships. It procreates for the sake of creating life, not for love, as its focus is elsewhere. However, like any other task it takes, it is done carefully, so that the next generation has the best possible chance for a future.

It inspires us to collect information and act on it, keeping in mind our advantages and disadvantages. Our mind is our greatest asset, and we can reshape the world around us with its help.

There is a lot we can learn from this animal when it comes to analytical thinking and faith. Even when it drastically changes its environment, the dragonfly doesn’t lose focus of what it is in its core, it molds its old form to fit better and keeps going.

These animals represent:

  • Adaptation
  • Wisdom and Maturity
  • Quick thinking
  • Determination
  • Lightness, Joy, Happiness
  • Connection with the spiritual world
  • Self-reliance
  • Swiftness

Dragonfly Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Adaptation: Dragonflies instinctively thrive in any environment life puts them. They adapt effortlessly and dominate it once again, staying true to themselves in the process. In the times we live in, it is highly useful to be flexible so that we can change ourselves according to our surroundings.

When we change, we sometimes completely lose touch with our previous selves, as if they never existed at all. Whereas a dragonfly is conscious of what it is at its core, and it channels its divine energy to find new ways to show it. We can all learn from this that adaptation doesn’t necessarily mean to “kill” our old selves, it may mean to find alternative ways to represent them.

Every creature’s soul is divine and doesn’t need changing, however, in different times, the way it makes itself known alters. Physically, we can observe this as the phenomenon of evolution. Spiritually, it is harder to pin down, but it would be the aim of higher consciousness.

Wisdom, maturity, and quick thinking: These animals have a closer connection to the spiritual realm. Their wisdom brings them a sense of serenity, which makes them sure of their success.

When you feel like you are on the right path, you don’t feel lonely, your faith is the fuel that keeps you going. This is where their maturity comes from. Dragonflies may seem like loners, but they are confident in the place they hold in the world and don’t need someone to validate it.

With their knowledge, it becomes easy to make the right decisions in seconds. They can predict the decisions others make and their own so well that they can create any outcome they desire. All within seconds, as if they can see the future before their eyes.

They are an inspiration to people who wish to develop their analytical thinking or tap into clairvoyance.

Determination: This Spirit Animal stops before no challenge or opponent. When it sets its mind on a task, it creates an errorless plan that maximizes its chances of success. Maybe because it is so reliant on its mental capabilities, the only factor that matters is the physical size of the opponents.

However, the dragonfly’s life is like a well-written code. Every action has a calculated reaction. This creates a sense of purpose that is almost holy, and nothing can stand in its way. We can learn from this Spirit Animal, that when we are in tune with our inner worlds and are conscious of our places in life, we shouldn’t hesitate to take the necessary steps towards our goals. To walk with determination on a clear path is the first step to success.

Lightness, joy, happiness: Dragonflies have always been seen as a good omen, partially because they are subconsciously associated with the fairy world. These animals remind us of magical beings, the places where we see them are like a part of a tiny new world, that is yet to be explored. We can’t fight the feelings of lightness and joy.

However, dragonflies are a reminder that what we see on the surface is rarely the whole truth. These animals can teach us to move with lightness and to spread joy, no matter what we are going through currently. When we trust ourselves and have faith, we will see problems as a small detour to our end destination and nothing more. This is the moment when spreading happiness becomes easy, as life, with its ups and downs, is merely an experience, that by itself is blissful. That is the divine wisdom the Spirit Animal Dragonfly helps us find for ourselves.

Dragonfly Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Self-sufficient: In Buddhism, the root of all suffering is known to be attachment, however, that is wrongly interpreted as self-sufficiency in some cultures. A more accurate version would be to enjoy the relationships we have as they are and not get attached to them, not to stay alone forever, in fear we may suffer. A dragonfly lives its life on its terms, not having a constant partner, and communicating only when necessary. As practical as may seem, our experiences are enriched by relationships, and we should never forget their importance.

Emotionally distant: Throughout its life, this animal doesn’t build meaningful relationships with other species. Its focus is to fulfill its biological needs and nothing more. By choosing this way of living, it deprives itself of the joy of being part of a society and group activities. Being emotionally distant is the safest option: no one can hurt you; you don’t have power over others either; no one can hold you accountable for anything. However, we can learn so much from our interactions and from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. It is scary and exposing but well worth the experience. If you feel like it is sometimes necessary to be emotionally distant, remember that being open and having a soft heart requires great braveness. Try to find the strength to believe in others one more time, knowing that you are strong enough to endure whatever these relationships bring into your life.

Dragonfly as an Animal Totem

Animal totems serve as a daily reminder of the traits our Spirit Guide embodies. By keeping one close, you can reconnect to the Dragonfly and the spiritual realms. It is not necessary to carry the animal with you, a mere symbol of it would suffice. A good option is to find it on a necklace, bracelet, drawing, maybe on clothes as a fun pattern.

You can use a dragonfly symbol when you need a mental boost to make fast and efficient decisions. It can also be helpful in situations where you need analytical and practical thinking, as a reminder that the truth is rarely what you see on the surface.

How to Call the Animal Spirit of Dragonfly for Help?

The quickest way for some people is visualization. However, if you feel uncertain and have difficulties trusting your gut, try journaling, creative writing, drawing, any activity that helps you create will do. When you find your voice in the crowd, listen carefully, and try to understand where it is coming from and why.

Simple Ways to Reconnect With the Animal Spirit Dragonfly

This animal embodies the elements: Water and Air. It spends the beginning of its life commonly in a pond and emerges in the air to mate. Ideally, to reconnect to it any place that has a lake, pond, sea, ocean, or river would do, but if you want to do it in the comfort of your home, here are some easy steps on how to meditate.

Imagine you can breathe underwater – you are roaming around your home, noticing all the animals and life forms around you. How does it look like? Is it spacious, light, or does it feel dim and narrow? Try to keep track of your visualizations mentally. After some time, you feel comfortable in your surroundings, you are happy and curious. Your adventurism drives you to swim above and look around, a whole new world with new possibilities! You decide to find a quiet place to observe this new place at first, and soon after that, you feel safe and ready. Try to imagine you can fly. Do you have wings? Does it happen instinctively? How would the wind feel on your skin, do you enjoy it? Whenever you can imagine something precisely your body can almost feel it as well.

In this visualization, focus on enjoying two different worlds to the fullest, not having a favorite, just appreciating them as they are and you being a part of them. This will remind you that no matter what the surroundings are and what adaptation you may need, at your core, you will still be the same person.

You can channel this inner strength whenever you need it with this simple meditation. It is also a great way to reconnect to your intuition so that you can ask your guide for help just by visualizing it.

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

Spirit Animals can be messengers, but keep in mind that they come from other realms and may communicate in different ways. It can be difficult for us to understand them or even notice them. Like in any foreign language, if you can’t distinguish the words when you hear them, it is pretty much just a noise you can ignore.

There aren’t any simple ways you can learn how to decode it. You will have to pay attention to the world around you and be constantly in touch with yourself. Knowing how different circumstances make you feel is the key to understanding your higher self.

A Spirit Animal might make itself known in your dreams, random thoughts, by physically appearing, and so on. Any symbol of it can be seen as a sign. However, we can’t go through our days seeing hundreds of signs, so to say. Try to pay attention to your feelings, they will help you distinguish where there is a message.

How to Understand Your Spirit Animal’s Message

The most accurate way to understand your guide’s message is to ask yourself what it truly means for you. What are your associations and thoughts about it? There is no simple way to decode your messages, however, if you feel stuck, try reading the universal meanings, and maybe they can help you understand.

For example, if you see a dragonfly on a lover, you can expect deceit and cold-heartedness.

If you see a dragonfly in a difficult situation, it may be a reminder that you will adapt and survive this, coming out stronger than ever.

If it passes you randomly, maybe it is a reminder to enjoy the world around you and see its magic.

Whatever the situation is, remember the qualities it embodies first – then pay attention to the situation where it makes itself known. By doing this, you will find your true meaning with no doubt.

Meaning of Dragonfly in Dreams

Understanding the meaning of dreams is quite like understanding real life. We are on the search for the same things – thoughts, emotions, and what caused them. Most people would argue that dreams make so much less meaning than reality, in some cases – it is true, however, if we let ourselves be consciously guided by our inner world – we will find out that they are quite like each other.

Interpreting the meaning of the Spirit Guide Dragonfly in dreams is always related to the surroundings and people you see it with.

For example, if you see it near a pond looking for a partner, it might remind you that it is part of your life cycle as well. You may feel the pressure to create a family.

If you see it attacking its prey, it may be a sign to act quickly, and you will be successful.

If you see this animal relaxing on a branch, near a lake, it could be a sign to take a day off and enjoy nature.

The truest meaning is the one you find for yourself!

Meaning of Goose in Various Mythologies

In Welsh mythology, the meaning of dragonfly is the snake’s servant as it follows the snake around and stitches it when it is wounded.

One of the names of Japan is Aki Tsushima, which translates to the island of dragonflies. Japanese people also believe that dragonflies guide the dead ancestors to come back for the summer feast of the dead.

Dragonflies are connected to the goddess Freya in Norse mythology. She’s the goddess of love, war, and fertility. Some say they became her symbol because mating dragonflies form the shape of a heart.

Throughout history, the dragonfly has been associated with death, as a form of transformation. It is portrayed as either a positive messenger to loved ones or the manifestation of the soul’s transcendence into the spirit world.

The Akkadian Epic of Gilgamesh contains allusions to dragonflies, signifying the impossibility of immortality.

Swedish folklore holds that the devil uses dragonflies to weigh people’s souls.