Spider as Spirit Animal

Have you ever wondered about what spirit animals are? Spirit animals or animal totems are deities that possess cosmic energies and are represented in an animal form. These creatures are characterized by specific qualities, vibrations, and energy. Therefore, a person who is connected with an animal is characterized by the same traits and can use the energy of their spirit animal. In many cultures, the spirit animal is also represented as a human protector, a guide who helps us make the right decisions and follow the right path.

Through the spirit animals, we can connect to the universe on spiritual frequencies. They heighten our senses and give us the ability to raise our self-esteem and self-appreciation through diverse life experiences.

It is important to know what each spirit animal symbolizes and what is the hidden meaning of their personality traits, to deeply connect with them and gain control of their energies as the “hosts”.

As mentioned above, each animal has its unique power, an individual trait that distinguishes them from other spirit animals.
With this article, you will have the opportunity to thoughtfully understand the symbolism and divine power of spider spirit animals.

Spider as a spirit animal represents ultimate manifestation, balance, and patience.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Spider as Spirit Animal

Spider spirit animal – represents the greatest combination of feminine and masculine energy, great care, and ability to transform their lifestyle according to their wishes. They are called weavers of fate.

The web that the spider weaves is a symbol of the creative forces of the universe. The Cosmic Spider is the Creator itself who knits the thread of life from its substance, attaches all manifestations through this universal cord, and becomes as powerful as ever.

The spider spirit animal is often associated with good luck, wealth, or high social status. As its hard-working attitude serves as a guarantee of success.

These spirit animals possess the unique trait of creative spirit, which is presented in their approach to doing even routine tasks and casual work. They never lose the drive of creation which is embedded deep in their spirits.

Working hard to attain something is the usual personality trait for a spider spirit animal. They do not wait for universal blessings and if there is something they desire with all their heart, they will weave their web in a way to attract most of their desired things.

Even if spiders symbolically are presented as aggressive cunning hunters in some cultures, it is notable to mention that this spirit animal is docile and its energy is only focused on preserving the inner peace of mind.

Characteristics and Personality

Spider as a spirit animal represents renewal, creativity, achievements.

This creature is an artist of its fate. Its passion knows no limits when it comes to pursuing its happiness and peace of mind. Comfort is a very prominent desire for this spirit animal, and even they have to give up on the ever-present harmonious lifestyle, they still manage to adapt to new environments and people.

The spider spirit animal represents:

  • Balance
  • Strategic thinking
  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Power

As every coin has two sides, spider spirit animals also possess both positive and negative traits. Deeply understanding their diverse nature, will help you to connect to them easily.

Spider Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Balance – we are constantly facing situations, where our inner peace is disturbed and the flow of negative energies affect severely on our well-being. In such moments it is important to not lose yourself in the whirl of emotions and keep the balance, no matter how hard it gets. Spider spirit animals are great at balancing their emotions. Their collected and yet enthusiastic approach always leads them to a victory.
Not being blown away by harsh winter winds and withstanding any obstacle that comes into their way, is a life philosophy of spider spirit animals. Being rational and grounded in any given situation is a key to ultimate success.

Instinctual – even the spider spirit animals are into patterning their behaviors, it is really easy for them to pursue huge changes and unknown environments purely based on their instincts. They always know, when and how to reveal their true potential. Their cunning nature and instinctive thinking always lead them to a bright future.

Creative – spider spirit animal is all about hard work and routine, it never loses its sense of creativity during the whole process. They are very open-minded and it is easy for them to come up with new and interesting ideas. Their preference for isolation never determines their quick wit and ability to impress others with their original and authentic approaches. They are true charmers when it comes to communication.

Hard-working – spider as a spirit animal is very hard to break. They don’t know how to give up. Even though their web gets destroyed numerous times, they renew it as many times as necessary and never back down. They even enjoy overcoming obstacles, which makes them great workers in stressful environments.

Spider Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Aggressive – their laid-back nature is not always a prominent trait in their personality. Sometimes the stressful environment gets to them and they become aggressive around other people or even towards themselves, which could be quite damaging for their image and representation. Spider as a spirit animal needs to fully understand the importance of self-control and find ways to express themselves better.

Closed-off – spending too much time working on building their preferred environment and happy space where they will feel comfortable, might lead them to isolation. They sometimes love overworking themselves, and barely find time for loved ones. Their priority is sometimes focused on only their own needs, so spider spirit animal finds it hard to go out often, unwind and just relax with friends.

Obsessive – everything comes with a price. Spider spirit animal is aware of this philosophy and knows what it means to put its all-in important tasks, but sometimes they end up being overly obsessed about perfecting their lifestyle, relationships, work, and so on. Their perfectionist nature becomes a great deal source of stress for them.

Spider as Animal Totem

Animal totems were frequently used in old cultures and tribes. An animal representation of cosmic force guarded the families and territories and they were utterly respected through the beliefs of our ancestors.

Each animal totem has its unique power and once you find a connection to your very own totem symbol, you will be able to summon its energy when needed and let its divine force guide you through hard times. That’s why it is important to know what characteristics each animal totem represents.

Spider as an animal totem symbolizes magic, the power of creation, and the universal life force. Whenever having a hard time finalizing your project, feel drained, and have no spark in thinking of new concepts – with the help of spider animal totem everything becomes manageable.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Spider for Help?

There are different methods of summoning spider spirit energy. It is important to know that your connection with a spirit animal is a very sacral thing and mostly the vision of this union comes through dreams or meditations.

One of the most popular and old methods to call your spirit animal is through the manifestation technique.

Find a place where you feel most comfortable, the atmosphere should be serene, nice, and calming. Get a nice notebook or blank paper and a pen, light a candle with your preferred scent and close your eyes for a while. Breathe deeply, try to concentrate on your whole being.

Now look at the blank paper and try to formulate a manifestation text, that will help you to call your spirit animal into everyday life.

Write down the description of your spirit animal first, how does it look? What type of energy does its channel? What do you feel when you think about it and what kind of personality or visual characteristics does it have?

After finalizing the description of your spirit animal proceed with writing affirmation. Imagine you are writing a letter to it, asking for its help, describe the worries you are currently experiencing and how do you wish for your guardian animal to help you?

Read your text three times and put the paper aside, leave it in a place where it will be rarely seen. After a while, you will feel the force, good energy flowing through you.

Later, you might also come across the visual representations of spiders in your physical world, like seeing illustrations of them, suddenly seeing a documentary film on a tv about spiders, and so on.

Make sure to be attentive towards those signs, since they will carry a message for you that will help you through hard times.

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

Our ancestors believed that spirit animals were the ones who chose their hosts. The connection that is decided upon heavenly realms is very pure and deep and it flows through our spiritual body.

The energy that is channeled towards us is always felt and easy to detect, once we open our hearts and imagination.

Spirit animals that are also our guardians often visit us in dreams, where our subconscious is in its active phase and the divine energies find it easy to connect to us during that time.

So, ask yourself a question, which animal did you use to dream about during your childhood or younger years?
Which animal stirred up your heart when seeing it? How often did you fantasize about having, for example, a spider pet, that would lighten up your days?

The answers are all in our minds. Once we open our senses and become aware of our spiritual being, the connection with the spirit animal becomes easy to pinpoint.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

The spirit animal is a massager between you and the universe. It guides you and helps you throughout the journey. They carry sacral massages with them and it is important to understand what type of information they want to deliver to you.

Meditation is the most commonly used method for understanding your power animal’s massage.

Lay down on a nice surface (bed, sofa…), take 3 deep breaths, and prepare your body to dive into the strange sensations.

Imagine you are standing on a hill, everything around you is bright and beautiful. You might also want to imagine dark mysterious surroundings, it is all up to you.

Try to think of your spirit animal. Call it through your mind, ask it to appear near you.

Once you will be able to see your guardian, try to communicate with the help of the power of the mind. No need to talk to it verbally; just try to connect to it with your energy, feel the vibrations that are coming from your spirit animal.

Are you feeling warmth? Your guardian might be providing comfort for you and asking you to take things slow and not merge quickly into stressful environments. Do you feel the happy energy radiating from it? It might mean that all is good and you should proceed as planned.

Meaning of Spider in Dreams

In a dream, a spider means your attentive and conscientious attitude towards work, which will surely be appreciated by others. Dreaming of a spider that weaves the web in your home will bring happiness and prosperity.

Usually seeing the web of a spider in a dream is a good omen – it promises health, success, and support from friends. If you also dream of a spider running towards you, that dream is a definite harbinger of success; But if you were bitten by a spider, then the enemies will take you away from success and you should await the sudden betrayal.

Meaning of Spider in Various Mythologies

The spider was commonly represented in various cultures either as a good-hearted deity or a devil.
Arachne (Ancient Greek: spider) – A Lydian girl, an excellent craftswoman, who dared to compete with the goddess Athena in the textile crafting and was turned into a spider by an angry goddess herself.

For example, in Japan, it was believed that spider has evil energy and it bought a piece of bad luck into the families during the night when on the contrary day spiders used to symbolize good fortune, and they were commonly respected in ancient Japanese households.