Dragon as Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are divine deities that connect us to the spiritual realm. They are communicators between human beings and guardian angels, that are presented in the form of animals or fantastic creatures.

Old cultures followed the practice of assigning and connecting to the spirit animals very diligently. From birth, little children learned the importance of finding out what your guardian animal looked like and how to summon it when needed.

Somehow these old practices were forgotten and the sacral knowledge about spirit animals was only kept by old tribes and pagan cultures, but now as today – many people starting to engage with their guardian deities and they try to further educate themselves about the importance of having a spirit animal as your protector.

It is important to know, that each spirit animal has its personality traits and magical powers, depending on what type of animal they represent.

Although dragons don’t exist in reality, some cultures accept it as spirit animal. Can this be your spirit animal, depends are you coming from such culture and do you feel it as something that existed.

A dragon is a very powerful and ancient spirit animal, that carries magnificent magical powers.

In this article, you will have the opportunity to understand the deeper meaning of the dragon spirit animal and the ways how to connect to it on a deeper level.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Dragon as Spirit Animal

Dragon is undoubtedly the oldest and most powerful animal spirit guide. In the far east, the symbolism and significance of the dragon were all about the power of the emperor, who for a significant period of history was the chosen ruler for the entire nation. The dragon is the guardian of the elements, it is considered to be the “creator of destiny”. In a metaphysical sense, a dragon’s capacity to change into other animals and enter Dreamtime is equivalent to a shaman’s control over the Elements.

The dragon is a symbol of wealth and luck in Feng Shui. These powerful beings represent the capacity to overcome adversity and have clarity of vision.

In addition to representing longevity and the oldest magic and wisdom, some of which have since been lost to time, dragon symbolism and meaning also include the fundamental natural forces.

Also, the never-ending conflict between knights and dragons is a reflection of humanity’s inward quest to understand its spiritual or ethereal origin.

A sense of mystery is associated with dragons, which also refers to the greater mysteries. Local legends claim that a massive air dragon that dwells under the Hebrides occasionally emerges into view. In this mystical way, the energy of dragons is related to the energy of ancestor realms, healing, and power stones.

Dragon spirit is attracted to intelligent and upright people. Such people are led by dragons towards ultimate wisdom and, enlightenment. Your dragon spirit animal teaches you to embrace your potential in this environment so that you may discover your voice, be heard, and be genuinely understood.

Some people might feel extremely terrified of these creatures because they are considered to be the most brutal mythical beings. But have no fear, their intuition and intelligence are very high and they always thrive in peaceful environments. They show their wrath once triggered and it’s not that easy to gain disrespect from them. Once you stay true to yourself, the energy of the dragon spirit animal will guard and stay with you throughout your life.

The Devil is represented by a dragon, the same as in the myths of St. George and St. Margaret of Antioch (they both defeated their enemies represented as dragons). Spirit animals are always sent to serve your highest and greatest interests. The highest and finest good may occasionally require you to confront and “slay” the dragon within of you (addiction in any form, violence, or low self-esteem). Alternately, the dragon spirit animal could appear when it’s time to confront and “slay” a “Devil” who is harming you, your loved ones, your community, your hearth, and home, your pets, etc.

Characteristics and Personality

Having a dragon as your power animal is equivalent to possessing a key to the paranormal and the world of actual witchcraft. You’ll need some time to get proficient with that key, though. Since all dragon spirits possess alchemical abilities, they all desire to transform your spirituality into “gold.” You should embrace this wonderful gift with gratitude.

If you choose a dragon as your power animal, you will have much more karmic obligation. When you labor for the greater good, a dragon will protect you, but never overestimate your power and harm others. This is an excellent method to get scorched by the dragon’s wrath and lose your power animal at the same time.

The dragon was regarded as a prophet in ancient cultures. It was the creature that could see the future and receive the divine messages from the spiritual realm. It was holding a key to other cosmical worlds and was considered to be a very powerful spiritual being, that had sacral knowledge about the creation of the world and the mission of humanity in this life. This is why this animal was highly worshipped in various traditions and cultures.

The dragon as a spirit animal represents:

  • Wisdom
  • Magic
  • Nobility
  • Adaptiveness

Dragon Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Adaptive – The capacity to adapt to change or novel circumstances is referred to as adaptability. People with high levels of adaptability may go from one activity or place to another without any issues. Those who are less flexible must take some time to become used to change or unfamiliar circumstances.

Calm – You can focus better and complete tasks more quickly when you are calm. Your creativity may be impacted by calmness. According to research, our most original thoughts occur when we’re not actively paying attention or under stress.

Forgiving – The links that attach you adversely to another person are broken by forgiveness. It’s possible to forget while also forgiving. You experienced what occurred. That cannot be disputed. And you shouldn’t attempt to act like everything is OK again. It’s not. You could choose to forget about someone once you’ve forgiven them.

Dragon Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Careless – The results of being careless are frequently undesired and can lead to errors. Carelessness may have its roots in a lack of concern or apathy for the effects of the behavior owing to inattention. One theory for why people are more likely to have accidents is carelessness.

Passive-aggressive – A person may or may not be conscious of their underlying unhappiness, rage, or insecurity, which can manifest as passive aggressiveness. The act of being passive-aggressive might be an expression of such feelings or a control-seeking maneuver in a relationship. That can influence how you react if you keep it in mind.

Dragon as Animal Totem

Dragons are considered ferocious totem animals. This is not to mean that anybody should be terrified of them. The energy of fierceness may be quite beneficial. It’s true that being “fierce” may be quite harmful. The dragon that resides within you should only be used for actions, words, and ideas that are beneficial to everyone.

Keep in mind that dragons are strongly related to all elements of nature. Earth, air, fire, and water, are the four fundamental elements of our physical world.

Each totem animal is assigned to one special element and they possess the same character as this element. For example, dolphins possess water element energy, eagles possess air energy, and so on…

It might be simple to let your ego take over when the dragon is your totem animal. Who wouldn’t want to be the largest and fiercest of them all, after all? However, use caution if you choose the dragon as your animal totem. Without a good reason, avoid using this aspect of yourself. Dragons are powerful totem animals. Therefore use the power of the dragon animal totem for very clear and big objectives.

It is advised that anyone working with dragon totems become as knowledgeable as they can be about these beings. The more you comprehend your totem’s signals and powers and the more you respect it and its dominating element, the better.

Additionally, if you get the chance to fully “tame” the energy of the dragon animal totem, you will be blessed with heightened intuition and become more sensitive toward the outer world. Maybe you will start seeing futuristic visions or your dreams might become more vivid. Have no fear, it only indicates the strong connection between you and your dragon totem animal.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Dragon for Help?

It’s crucial to know when and how to invoke your power deity once you’ve made a connection with the dragon as your spirit animal to feel energized and uplifted.

Meditation is the secret to calling your spirit animal.

Various tribes and shamans have practiced meditation for ages. People who are spiritual and meditate regularly can easily connect with their spirit animals.

For instance, you may just choose a peaceful area if you are feeling down, missing the ability to view things from several aspects, or simply feeling overwhelmed by everything that is going on in your life at the moment. When you have calmed down after two minutes of breathing exercises, visualize your power animal gently descending from the sky.

Imagine your connection to this deity once the dragon settles close to you and brings peace with it. Feel the energy moving through you as it gives your body its cooling and freshness.

Regularly engaging in this technique will enable you to quickly connect with the energy of your spirit animal whenever necessary.

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

Have you ever questioned why you keep on seeing images of dragons so frequently? You frequently see pictures, watch videos, and have dreams in which the dragon is your spirit animal.

Make sure to examine these recurring indicators more closely. Your power god is attempting to manifest itself via them.

Dreams are the most frequent setting for our guardian animals to interact with us. Perhaps the images you had as a child come to mind.

Those vivid visions involving an animal might have been an attempt by the guardian god to get your attention.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

Your power animal’s messages will become clear to you once you have mastered the above-described art of visualizing approach.

When a dragon symbol appears in your life, it typically denotes a rapid regeneration, metamorphosis, and accomplishment of all of your challenging goals.

Additionally, you may talk to your spirit animal when you are sleeping. Simple human language is not necessary for us to easily communicate with our spirit creatures.

Their massages will make sense to you through visions.

There are numerous strong arguments in favor of designating the dragon as a powerful animal. One benefit of this Spirit’s energy is that it promotes feeding, especially spiritual nourishment. Dragon also enhances your awareness and ability to tune into certain vibes.

Meaning of Dragon in Dreams

One of the Chinese Zodiac signs is the dragon, therefore if you see one in your dreams, it might be a reference to someone who was born during the Year of the Dragon: An exuberant, active, and charismatic year. Eastern cultures see the dragon as a symbol of guardianship, secrets, hidden knowledge, and hidden riches. In contrast, the dragon is associated with evil and the Devil in Christian beliefs. A similar association between dragon images and Satan may appear in dreams. Your perspective and individual understandings will essentially define the visuals in your dreams.

Meaning of Dragon in Various Mythologies

Celtic and Druid culture frequently contains tales of dragons guarding the holy and hidden entrances to other realms.

For example, the Komodo dragon is a ferocious animal that makes people afraid. As a result, it had a dream meaning that had to do with things you are scared of in real life. Given that the Komodo dragon is a gigantic lizard, seeing one in a dream implies that the dreamer is “living large” or “bigger than life.” Its bite contains anticoagulant venom, which promotes bleeding and prevents blood coagulation. Therefore, if a Komodo bit you in a dream, it means that toxic connections are robbing you of your life energy. This symbol was frequently interpreted in eastern cultures and dreaming of such dragons was never a good sign.