Peacock in a Dream

A peacock dream is a rare, blissful nighttime encounter that signifies renewal, good fortune and prosperity. If you’ve been meeting this graceful creature in your dreams, know that you are bound to change your lifestyle and regain your well-being.

The peacock is a dream motif resonating with compassion, rebirth, spirituality and success. Though you may have this dream spontaneously and might not fully understand what it means, the symbolism of the peacock is usually a sign of happiness and positive energy.

General Peacock Symbolism

Having a peacock dream is seen by many dream guides as a sure sign of future love and friendship. The peacock is also associated with regaining financial control and with getting in touch with your spirituality once again.

In this dream, the peacock could also signify the inflated ego of someone infatuated with appearance and social status in the real world. As a symbol of pride, the peacock might appear in our dreams when we’ve allowed our confidence and pride to get in the way of our inner balance and serenity.

Having a peacock dream could also entail that in the real world we love to show off our skills and achievement, be in the center of attention and showing off to others.

Seeing a Peacock in your Dream

If you spot a peacock wandering around in your dream, it is considered a lucky sign that can change your life for the better. This is a good time to buy that lottery ticket you’ve been thinking about or confidently ask your date out.

Though the symbolism behind the peacock in a dream can be much more complex than that, it is usually good to know that in most cases it illustrates your pride and self-assurance in the real world.

There is a chance, however, that meeting a peacock in your dream could signify that in the near future you will be making new friends that could prove to be disloyal and dishonest to you. In this case, the peacock in your dream warns you ahead of time not to entrust any secrets to them, but instead to remain humble and focused on yourself.

Dreaming of a White Peacock

The dream in which you come across a white peacock indicates that you are eagerly chasing your goals and dreams in the real world, placing an increased focus on the material gains. Instead of chasing after gold and reaches, the white peacock in your dream advises that you focus on your inner peace and spirituality.

Being a symbol of purity and love, the white peacock urges you to remain true to yourself and practice compassion and empathy towards others in your community. It is telling you that you will need to delve deeper into selflessness and humility in order to manifest the life you wish for.

White peacocks essentially stand for renewal and regrowth. After experiencing such a dream, it’s time to focus on your behavior and perhaps begin a little soul-searching.

Dreaming of a Black Peacock

Seeing a black peacock in a dream indicates that there is negative energy all around you in the real world. The black peacock could symbolize someone that is envious of you and wishes to undermine your efforts.

Moreover, dreaming about a black peacock could suggest that a close friend might be concealing their true intentions from you, spreading rumors and misinformation behind your back. In this case, the black peacock wants you to be aware of these things and protect yourself from all the negativity surrounding you.

Seeing a Peacock Flying in your Dream

Seeing a flying peacock in a dream can be considered sign of pride and arrogance. The majestic peacock gracefully soaring above you in your dream is illustrating your ego and overconfidence that could bring you negative consequences in the real world.

In this type of dream, the flying peacock signifies changing your ways, becoming more compassionate and never boasting loudly about your achievements. Being close with your loved ones and celebrating your success in private will keep you happy and in touch with your reality.

Dreaming of a Peacock Spreading its Tail

These beautiful birds have no doubt always fascinated us with their display of grace and power. Seeing a peacock fanning its tail at you in a dream is a sure sign of love and happiness about to enter your life in the real world.

The peacock spreading its tail widely signifies that you will find passion, especially by reconnecting with someone you had a crush on before. You will make the best out of your relationship and live vividly together with your significant other.

Alternatively, to see a peacock spreading its tail in a dream can be associated with new and promising opportunities at work, especially if you decide to do all the work by yourself and not trusting in anybody in the days to come. Your colleagues or teammates might try to pull cheap tricks on you and deceive you for their own benefit.

Chasing or Running After the Peacock in your Dream

If you see yourself chasing a peacock in a dream you are most likely setting unrealistic expectations for yourself in the real world and running after perfection. In this case, the peacock symbolizes the doubt you feel about yourself and the many insecurities that haunt you in the real world.

Although you feel like your efforts are not good enough, you always seek immediate gratification and this is only inviting further stress into your life. After having a dream in which you chase after a peacock, you should begin focusing on the things you have already achieved and the people that support and admire you for everything you have accomplished so far.

This dream could also signify that in this chaotic pursuit of obsession, you are missing out on some of the good things in your life and people who matter to you. Try finding the balance between what you wish for and taking the time to enjoy what you already have.

Dreaming about a Peacock Chasing You

When you have dream about running away from a peacock that is chasing you, this means that you are scared of commitment. You are avoiding someone that seem to be throwing themselves at you in the real world.

If you have this type of dream, it usually indicates that something does not feel right to you or that, perhaps, you are not ready to settle down into a relationship. Do not let other’s opinions influence you and make you feel like you are missing out on a great opportunity – the peacock in your dream advises you to choose only what feels right to you.

Being Attacked by the Peacock in your Dream

If the peacock in your dream is hostile and attacks you, pecking at your skin, know that it signifies you are being arrogant in the real world and that this nonchalant attitude will bite you back. In this dream, the peacock attacking you remind you to remain humble, no matter how successful you have become.

The peacock attacking you symbolizes the unwanted attention you could receive from people that wish to see you fail. The more vocal you are about your achievements, the more attention you draw onto yourself. You are displaying your winnings too boldly and this might cause you to end up losing all.

Essentially, the peacock in your dream is trying to tell you that you have become too arrogant as a result of listening too much to your ego, which will upset many people around you.

Hunting Peacocks in Your Dream

Hunting peacocks in a dream is symbolic of feeling depleted of energy and unhealthy in the real world. Perhaps you’ve been overworking yourself and this has caused you to feel exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Seeing yourself peacock hunting in your dream is a reflection of the negativity you have given into in the real world, which has left you weakened and tired. After experiencing such a dream, it is usually a great idea to relax and recover before it is too late.

Eating Peacock Meat in Your Dream

Dreaming of eating peacock meat is not a positive sign. It is usually associated with illness, monetary losses or injury. This dream serves as a warning that all these things could happen to either yourself or your loved ones if you do not pay attention to the dietary and financial choices you are making in the real world.

Dream about Peacocks in a Cage

A caged peacock in your dream is a symbol of sabotaging yourself or working against your best judgement in the real world. You are allowing your pride to get in the way of your success and this is only making work seem more stressful than it should be.

Perhaps this would be a great opportunity to reconsider if you are doing things the way that works for you, or altering your way just to please other people and win their admiration. The caged peacock in this dream reminds you that your actions are only hindering your growth and limiting your personal development.

Dreaming about a Peacock’s Feathers

Dreaming about peacock feathers is a sign of becoming a vain and materialistic person. The feather of a peacock is a symbol of vanity and pride over anything else.

If you have this type of dream, the feather is an indication to be more thoughtful and kinder to others and to consider living a more spiritual life.

Seeing a peacock feather could also imply that you are acting immorally and childishly in the real world and ignoring any new ideas or perspectives that others wish to share with you.

Dreaming about a Dancing Peacock

A dancing peacock in a dream suggests that in the real world you feel like your projects are finally taking off and that you are making significant progress in your professional life or career. This is your time to shine and ensure that you remain in the spotlight, showing your talents and skills to those around you.

The dancing peacock in your dream announces happiness and good fortune and foretells that you will finally be getting the attention that you deserve.

Dreaming about Two Peacocks Fighting

If two peacocks are fighting in your dream, it is considered a negative sign from the dream realm foretelling conflict with your loved ones in the real world. The fighting peacocks represent the egos that are now at odds with one another. It’s possible that you have showed a little too much excitement about an idea or a project that has clashed with someone else’s point of view.

If you’ve been having this type of dream, take it as a sign that you should always be mindful of others, even if you have achieved all that you’ve ever wanted. Bragging about your success might upset other people that are still working to seize their own.

Dreaming about Baby Peacocks or Peacock Eggs

Dreams of peacock eggs or peacock babies suggest rebirth and renewal taking place in your real life. Perhaps you have made changes to your behavior or to your surroundings and you are strengthening your place in the society. In this type of dream, the baby peacocks represent your newly found power.

Moreover, baby peacocks might suggest that you will have to start all over again, perhaps even picking an entirely new career, however this will only serve as an opportunity for you to take your skills to a whole new level.

Dreams about peacock eggs or peacock babies are good omens indicating growth and development in all areas of your life.

Seeing a Flock of Peacocks in your Dream

Seeing peacocks flocking together in your dream signifies that you will soon be walking onto a path of good fortune. The flock of peacocks appearing in your dream are symbolic of new opportunities and plenty of achievements in the real world.

In addition to that, seeing a group of peacocks flocking together in a dream represents that you have surrounded yourself with positive like-minded individuals that support and understand you. You will grow stronger and flourish together.

Dreaming of a Dead Peacock

Seeing a dead peacock in a dream signifies that you are in danger in the real world. You might not yet be aware of it, but the dead peacock is signaling to you that your actions will lead you in an unfavorable situation.

If you see a dead peacock laying on the ground, it means that you will soon meet a person that will cause you harm and could possibly cause you to fall ill or get injured.

This dream serves as a warning to protect yourself against all setbacks and maybe even set some money aside for unforeseen situations; that way you will be prepared for whatever may come your way.

Seeing an Injured Peacock in your Dream

A peacock that appears injured or hurt is a sign of conflict and misunderstandings between relatives in your real world. Someone in your family may be feeling hurt or disrespected and could cause arguments to happen without even being aware of it.

In this type of dream, the hurt peacock is inviting you to have an honest conversation with your family and create a welcoming atmosphere for them to pour all their frustrations out, hence avoiding the confrontation altogether.

Getting a Peacock as a Gift in a Dream

If you receive a peacock as a gift in your dream, this means that in the world your presence is deeply treasured by friends and family. This means that you are on good terms with everybody around you and that they wish to show their affection to you.

Getting a peacock as a gift is a good omen, usually indicating a period of prosperity and success in your real life. You are most likely to have numerous opportunities offered to you if you remain cheerful and calm in both your personal and professional lives.

Killing the Peacock in your Dream

Killing a peacock in a dream is not a good sign. Such a dream is linked to material and financial loss in the real world as a result of robbery or unprofitable business choices.

Another ominous meaning of a dream in which you decide to kill the peacock is the loss of a long-time friendship or the disruption of your marriage or relationship. In any case, this type of dream serves as a warning foretelling that your life will never be the same as before.

Feeding a Peacock in Your Dream

Feeding the peacock in your dream is symbolic of reconciliation with a person whom you had previous had a disagreement with. This dream foretells that after this talk, the two of you will become closer than before, strengthening the bond you have with one another.

To feed a peacock in a dream represents forgiveness, love and understanding, finding a common language with those whom you are on bad terms with at the moment. It is time to leave all unpleasant emotions behind and rebuild your relationships with others.

Riding on a Peacock in Your Dream

If you see yourself riding a peacock in your dream it suggests that your life will soon transform dramatically and that you are in for a surprise. Because this type of dream is considered a positive one, the news you are about to receive are most likely going to be positive and beneficial to you.

In addition to that, a dream in which you ride a peacock indicates that you will receive many gifts, abundance and a new and exciting relationship.

Dreaming of a Peacock Squawking

Hearing the squawk of a peacock in your dream indicates that you are trying too hard to impress your family and friends and that this is slowly wearing you down. This type of dream serves as a reminder to stay true to yourself and think about the things that are truly important to you.

It’s time to reflect on the things that really make you happy in life and avoid falling into the trap of living a monotonous life.

Dreaming of a Talking Peacock

Dreaming about a talking peacock symbolizes that you are a very wise and spiritually inclined individual in the real world. The talking peacock in your dream is a reflection of your inner peace and peaceful life that is a true example for others to follow.

The talking peacock implies that you are an individual with high aspirations and dreams and that you passionately follow your path without second-guessing your decisions. The dream advises that this wonderful leap of faith you are taking will certainly pay off in the long run.

Buying a Peacock in your Dream

Buying a peacock in a dream indicates readiness to face the changes about to take place in your real life. You have been fighting for this moment for a long time, putting in great efforts to propel you out of a mediocre life. This is your time to be proud of your achievements and shine.

Purchasing a peacock for yourself is also symbolic of regaining your confidence and ambition, forging a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

Selling a Peacock in your Dream

If you sell a peacock in your dream, it could suggest that you feel a loss of authority and influence in the real world. You feel that others are not taking you seriously any longer and this is causing you a lot of frustrations.

Selling a peacock in your dream indicates that you feel a sense of superiority from others who think that they are better than you and feel the need to put them in their place.