Dog as Spirit Animal

Everything in this world has divine energy that affects its surroundings. The ancients have tried to decode this language through the creation of mythologies and rituals. Spirituality has been overlooked by a lot of people – because we are focused on finding proof outside rather than within. These days we’re trying to reconnect to the knowledge we carry within. As creations of the universe – as bodies created from stardust – we hold the divine in ourselves and with some guidance, we can find the way back to it. That’s why we are in desperate need of spirit animals. They carry the specific energy we need to evolve and grow. Every animal that we relate to holds truth about ourselves. By understanding and knowing them on a deeper level, we can improve our life.

This article focuses on the Spirit Animal Dog, its symbolism, personality traits, ways to reconnect with it, and more.

Dogs have been domesticated a long time ago and they have proven themselves as man’s best companion. These animals are playful, loyal, protective, loving, cheerful, and caring. Dogs have guided, supported us mentally, protected us physically, and have been a trusted companion in a lot of our activities. They are extremely intelligent, communicative, playful, and caring. Dogs have been a part of our households – as guardians and beloved friends. They can understand complex commands and be trained to help us. Similarly, the Spirit Animal Dog will gently help you move safely through life and will protect you on your way.

If you relate to the Spirit Guide Dog, you are most likely playful, curious, intelligent, kind, cooperative, gentle, protective, loyal, and extroverted. You feel the need to be part of a group, either as a member or a leader. You have a lot of genuine love for others, a gentle and caring soul, and the will to protect your close people and help them.

If you feel like you embody these traits or want to channel them in your life, keep reading to find a way to better understand how to use and find them.

Meaning and Symbolism of Dog as Spirit Animal

People who relate to Spirit Animal Dog are most likely intelligent, loving, enthusiastic, caring, extroverted, playful, and protective. By diving deeper into the characteristics of this animal, you will learn how to amplify your strong traits and work on your weaker ones.

Dogs, from an evolutionary point of view, have descended from wolves and coyotes. They embody the elements Earth and Fire. In spirituality, we associate them with playfulness, love for life, and stability. Fire represents curiosity, impulsiveness, raw feelings, assertion, and bravery. Earth is resilient, goal-goal oriented, closed off, practical, and protective. When these two elements combine, they create the fun-loving nature of dogs, as well as their willingness to help their pack.

In ancient Egypt, there is a god called Anubis, who is half-man and half-wolf. He was the god of death, protector of graves, and a guide to the afterlife. In many other religions and mythologies, dogs have been worshiped as divine messengers and protectors. They have guided us through life and after it for centuries.

Characteristics and Personality

Dogs have a pallet of personalities, changing from one to another. Therefore, the Spirit Animal picks you according to your divine being. For example, some dogs are shy and introverted, while some may be outgoing, curious, and brave. However, all share the need for balance. Therefore, whatever traits you lack in your life, this Spirit Guide will help you develop what you are missing. They will analyze your life, find out what you need, and become it for you. In this way, you can realize what you have been missing and become it or if you are content with your life as it is.

Dogs have been helping us emotionally and physically throughout the centuries. They are highly intelligent, adaptable, and even though their personalities may vary, that is because they change according to their surroundings. However, they get attached to the people around them, having a favorite person. Similarly, your Spirit Guide will pick you and loyally stand by your side while you go through life’s challenges.

Nevertheless, they keep an optimistic outlook on life, staying curious and playful. Dogs have been teaching us how to stay present, to enjoy life as it is happening before our eyes, while we keep track of what is important – our loved ones.

The Spirit Animal Dog has heightened intuition and can sense when we are in danger. They feel the surrounding energy and react to it accordingly. If needed, dogs would signal their loved ones that there is danger ahead. This is why in many cultures dogs have been seen as messengers and guides.

These animals represent:

  • Playfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Loyalty
  • Protection
  • Balance
  • Intuition and messengers from the divine
  • Bravery
  • Curiosity

Dog Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Playfulness: Dogs have stronger senses than we do – for them, life is an adventure. They collect information about the world as they explore it. This makes them constantly excited and curious about what is out there. They perceive life in a completely different way than we do and approach it with optimism and excitement. We can all become inspired by them. Instead of being scared of the unknown – we can march towards it with joy. Most of us have stayed in our primal state – of fight or flight as a response to life. However, we have outgrown the times when it was needed and we can learn to be excited about the future and what it holds.

Loyalty: The Spiritual Animal Dog will stand by your side your whole life. These animals stand by their beloved ones no matter the situation. Their loyalty stands with the person or the animal they have chosen and nothing can persuade them to back away.

Dos have been considered “men’s best friends” because of their undying reliability. They would never back away from confrontation if it means defending the one that they love. What is more, they stay by the side of their friends even after death. That is why in some cultures they are perceived as guides in the afterlife. They stand next to their family in every situation – during and after physical life.

We can learn from these animals what true loyalty means. To walk next to someone in their good and bad days, to support them no matter what, to find the god in every bad situation, and to believe in a better tomorrow. Most of us believe that being a part of someone’s life should be all an amazing experience – but as we constantly change – so do the people around us. Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect of other people what we can’t provide. The Spirit guide Dog teaches us how to support the people we care about, even when it is difficult.

Balance: When the Spirit Animal Dog chooses you, it knows what traits you possess and what it needs to balance your life. These animals will sense if you need guidance, support, love, space, care, or friendship. When you need to bring peace into your life – you should call upon this Spirit Animal for help. Dogs can sense whether they should lead you or play the supporting role. Because of their divine knowledge – they play any role needed. We can all learn from them that different situations should bring out a different part of our characters. Sometimes it’s important to play the supporting role, while sometimes we should take the lead. What we can learn from this Spirit Guide is the art of reading the room and reacting accordingly – to move as one with the universe.

Intuition and messengers from the divine: Dogs have heightened senses – they can sense beings from other realms. This is why they try to warn us and protect us from everything that may harm us. They hold the knowledge of the universe within them and know that in whatever way they express it, it will work towards the greater good.

Dogs know how to read the energy. They immediately know if someone wishes you harm. That is why sometimes they can act out of character. Their loyalty lies with their chosen person. However, it will not end in this life, a bond once made will last throughout time and space. Your spirit guide will stand by your side no matter the situation or the rival.

Scorpion Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Mirroring behavior: Because of its need to bring balance into life, the dog, as a spirit animal, will adjust its behavior to your character. It will sense everything that you are lacking and compensate. For example, if you are anxious – it will be overly protective and assertive. Therefore, dogs are the perfect way to analyze yourself. Some may feel threatened by it or will even assume that it is disobeying them – while it is simply reacting to their character in a balanced way. Seeing your personality mirrored may be scary for most people, but it is a teachable experience. We can all learn to reflect on ourselves more. The Spirit Animal Dog will make you face your truest self. Whether you will be content with what you find or not depends on you.

Attachment issues: Dogs pick a partner for life, whether it is another animal or a human. When they form a connection – they never forget about the person or what they have been through together. However, it is important to leave the past behind and focus on the present. Sometimes we get too fixated on previous connections that we forget how exciting life can be. We should focus on appreciating every moment we have with the people around us. When the time comes that they leave, we should move on with a full heart. After all, we have been through all of these beautiful moments together, we have learned so much, whatever we experience next – it will bring even more meaning into our lives. The Spirit Animal Dog reminds us not to dwell on the past but to stay curious and optimistic about the present.

Dog as an Animal Totem

If you want to bring optimism, love, care, playfulness, and balance into your life – you can carry a dog as a totem. To channel this guide’s qualities, you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary. You can carry a dog symbol on your clothes, have it as art, a small statue, maybe even as a pet. There are various ways to stay in touch with this Spirit Guide. Anything that you associate with it – can be used as a totem.

Keeping a dog totem in your home will bring enthusiasm, protection, emotional intelligence, and loyalty to you.

How to Call the Animal Spirit of Dog for Help?

The best way to reconnect with your guide is to spend some time with dogs. If you don’t have one – you can go to a park and observe these animals’ behavior and interactions. However, if you want to do it from the comfort of your home – the next best thing is visualization and meditation.

How Reconnect With the Animal Spirit Dog

Imagine that you are running freely in the wild. You roam around, exploring every corner of your territory and protecting its borders. In this meditation, you can visualize yourself as a human, or a wolf, whatever feels more comfortable. Keep in mind that you should focus on the optimism these animals represent. The world is vast and full of excitement, your energy and mind are steady, you know what role you play in every group and are ready for the adventures ahead.

Now, whatever form you have chosen for this visualization, imagine that you are part of a group. What is the dynamic? Are you leading or supporting them? How does communication flow? Focus on observing the group and balancing it out. Whether it is your family, work, friends, or lovers, you can get inspired by the Spirit Animal Dog to balance the relationship – to create a better working group.

This visualization will enable you to reconnect to the Animal Spirit Dog and its knowledge. After living through the adventures and being part of a dynamic group, try to focus on what you have observed. Did any of the vivid pictures you saw spark emotion? Did you feel angry, happy, excited, worried, relieved, anxious, or something completely different? Whatever the emotion – it is a guide to what you should be doing. If at any part of your meditation you felt uneasy, you should examine the topic more thoroughly. However, if you experience joy, you are on the right path.

If you have a specific question you would like to ask your Spirit Guide, try getting inspired by its behavior, or asking it to guide you by leaving a sign.

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

Spirit guides are messengers from other spiritual realms and their language can be hard to decode. However, with practice and conscious observation, you can learn to spot them.

If you pay close attention to the time and place you see this animal, you can narrow the options on what message it might carry.

This guide can make itself known in dreams, visions, and real-life situations. These include seeing them in art, a person randomly mentioning them, a dog choosing to follow you, a friend bringing over their pet, seeing one on the street, or simply feeling a strong connection to them. Anything that you associate with this animal will be used as means for it to communicate with you.

How to Understand Your Spirit Animal’s Message

Let your intuition guide you – how do you understand the message? It can be more convenient to rely on universal symbolism, but nothing can compare to personal associations. You are the only person that can make sense of your emotions and thoughts thoroughly – this is why you should first ask yourself. It may come as an unexpected feeling or breakthrough.

However, here are some examples of what a dog’s message might mean:

When you see this animal in a social setting – it is a reminder to balance the group dynamic.

If it attacks a person or runs away, it is trying to protect and guide you.

When you are playing with a dog, and it is being joyful – that is a sign of good fortune.

In all cases, you must keep in mind its symbolism and personality traits; as well as the meaning of the surroundings, the colors, and the feeling it leaves behind. The smallest detail will change the meaning of the whole message.

Meaning of Dog in Dreams

Understanding the meanings of your dreams is no different than decoding divine messages. The key to an accurate interpretation is to focus on detail. Try to remember as much as possible from your dream while keeping your emotions in check. For example, did you see the dog inside or outside? Was it far away or close? Was it a pet or a wild one? The countless scenarios add more context to the interpretation and small details change the whole meaning. You should pay attention to the feeling the dream leaves behind. If you feel worried – it is most likely a warning. If you feel happy – it’s a sign that positive experiences await.

Here are some examples of what a dream might mean:

A dog chasing you might mean – you are not facing some important issues in your life.

Dreaming of puppies can be a reminder to be more playful and curious – to enjoy life more.

If you dream of a wild dog, it may be an indicator that you crave the freedom to express yourself.

This animal walking by your side means that you are protected and guided.

Small details can change the entire meaning. However, trust your intuition and remember that the answer you are looking for will always be correlated to the qualities this guide possesses. Some of them are enthusiasm, playfulness, bravery, loyalty, and warnings. This Spirit Animal will always look out for you and protect you on your way.

Meaning of Dog in Various Mythologies

The Three-headed Dog: The most fearsome dog in Greek mythology is the great three-headed Cerberus. Like many dogs of our own, Cerberus was a watchdog. He was said to be guarding the underworld

A ghostly black dog who is said to stalk the coastline of eastern England is known as Black Shuck. He is depicted as a big, creepy beast, having flaming eyes. He prefers forests, cemeteries, crossroads, coastlines, and bodies of water.

The Qiqirn comes from Intuit mythology and is said to cause fits when approached by humans. One way to get rid of it is to call out its name.

Argos was the faithful dog of Odysseus, who, as chronicled in Homer’s Odyssey, recognized his master, who returned to his home in disguise after 20 years of absence.

Okuri-Inu – a demon dog of Japanese mythology is a good news/bad news monster. The good news: his ferocity keeps other demons away while he’s following you. The bad news: If you stumble while walking, he’s going to eat you up.

Bau: This Sumerian goddess of fertility and healing, the patron deity of the ancient Babylonian city of Lagash, is often depicted with the head of a dog.

Set: An ancient Egyptian canine deity, usually depicted as a broad-shouldered man with an animal’s head.