Canary as Spirit Animal

The canaries are iconic birds who have plenty of interesting characteristics unique to their breed. The canaries are popularly known for their bright sunshine-yellow feature and their enchanting songs. These birds have been selectively bred by humans for hundreds of years to create domestic birds. They are naturally friendly which is why they are great to keep as pets.

If you have a canary at your house whom you love immensely, and you have a very deep connection with the bird, then this bird is more than just your pet. If the bird comes in your dreams, you think of it quite often, or you notice things related to the bird randomly; then the canary could be your spirit animal.

Characteristics and Personality

There’s a popular idiom that says ‘like a canary in a coal mine’. This comes from the time back in the early 19th century when canaries were brought into coal mines to act as an early detector of poisonous gas. Though the practice was ended in 1986 to stop exposing them to harmful gases. It stems from the fact that canaries can take in double the amount of air than humans in each breath. Hence, they would show early signs of poisoning which could help the miners to evacuate on time.

Hence, if the canary is your spiritual energy, you naturally have a high instinct and can sense things before anyone else can understand. You can sense and notice subtle things that others may overlook. When the canary glides into your path, it teaches you to be more alert and protective and asks you to listen to your inner voice in the moment of doubt and uncertainty.

Canary brings a sense of joy, good luck, and prosperity to people who encounter them. People with canary as their soul energy have a natural ability to be compassionate, friendly, and optimistic. They know how to uplift others and provide the right direction to people in their need.

The Canary represents the symbol of light, hope, strength, and healing. It helps you to reconnect with your soul and feel the blissfulness of peace and contentment.

Canary Spirit Animal Positive Powers

People with canary as their spirit animal are vibrant and open-minded. Here are some of the unique qualities that canary-spirited individuals possess –

  • Liveliness
  • Communicative
  • Healing
  • Instinct
  • Creativity
  • Friendship
  • Compassionate
  • New beginning


The canaries originated from the canary islands located off the West African Coast. These birds were eventually transported to the North and South American continents. They were brought to Europe in the early 17th century and have been extensively bred since then. These bright-yellow birds have been bringing joy to countless homes for hundreds of years with their sweet and beautiful songs.

As a canary-spirited individual, you are known to bring hope and joy to your surroundings. People feel the radiant and vibrant personality that you carry. Your presence can make a significant difference in others’ life. You can be known as the jolliest person in the room who is always lively, funny, and optimistic to be around.


People with canary as their spirit animal are naturally confident speakers. They are quite talkative and love to connect with people. They like to make new friends, learn a new language, and know about various cultures of the world. They tend to excel at jobs where communication is important. They can express their views and ideas quite easily.

If canary is your energy, you can be great in professions like public speaking, event management, teaching, team coordination, market executive, radio jockey, singing, etc.


The canaries have the power to bring liveliness and joy even in a dull, dreary, and lustreless environment. They are the little warmth like the Sun that brings a ray of hope and positivity on a boring and cloudy day.

Canary infuses you with strength and determination to rise confidently in your quest and be the light of hope for others. The canaries can empathize with people’s emotions well enough. They touch the right chord in the heart and know how to connect the dots to show the right direction to others.

They provide the wisdom and awareness to overcome the challenges of life. They inspire and energize people to deal with their problems in the right way and move forward with life.


The Canaries are highly sensitive to dangerous pollutants in the air and can show behavioral changes when exposed to threats and pollution of the environment.

Canary as your spirit animal gives you the natural feeling to sense any unseen threats or dangers. It reminds you of your inherent ability to recognize people’s motives and behavior to understand if anything is wrong.

If you are unable to make any decision, feeling uncertain, or hopeless; call on your canary spirit energy to have the awareness to discern things correctly. Listen to your inner voice and it will guide you on the right path.


Canary people are curious and enjoy learning new things. They like to ask questions and come up with interesting solutions. Besides artistic capabilities, they have creative traits which they like to exhibit in all areas of their life. They come up with diverse ways to reach a solution.

People with canary as their spirit animal can choose professions like writing, singing, hosting, music composing, painting, designing, etc. Canary as your spirit animal reminds you to express your individuality in your unique way.


People with canary as their soul energy like to hang out with people, make connections and have a good time together. Family and friends are one of their top priorities. Canary individuals are known to be the life of any gatherings, parties, or events. Their jovial and optimistic nature brings a spark to the room. One can confide in canary souls for any problem. They are loyal and devoted to the relationship that matters to them.


Canary-spirited individuals are kind, humble, and empathetic. They understand quite well what the other person is feeling. They are always one step ahead to provide help and support. They try their best to provide the best possible measures to people in need. Sometimes, they sacrifice more for others. They don’t judge people easily. They try to understand the perspective of other people and why people act in a certain way. Family and friends are very important for someone with the canary as their birth totem.

New beginning

The canary glides in your path when you are in doubt, confused, depressed, or exhausted with life. It helps you to break the shackles of your emotional cage. You start to feel better and get the strength to deal with your emotions and actions. It’s a feeling that some source of positive energy is guiding you to the right path and asking you to take the leap of faith. It helps to shred the baggage of the past and embrace the life changes.

Canary Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are some of the negative aspects of canary-spirited individuals –

  • Exhaustion
  • Emotional cage


The canaries are mostly talkative and highly active persons. They tend to handle a lot of tasks and responsibilities at the same time. They are always eager to help others and make people around them happy.

They end up giving too much of themselves for the welfare of others and often feel restless and overwhelmed. They tend to make themselves available to others even when they are physically and emotionally drained. They often feel low and blame themselves for not being able to do enough for the other person.

Try not to get entangled with other people’s emotions. You can offer your support while being completely detached from what’s happening in the other person’s life.

Try to practice meditation and deep breathing regularly. Know more about mindfulness and the importance to be in the present. This will help you to manage your emotions wisely.

Emotional cage

The canaries are very loyal and caring to their partners and family members. They love and protect their loved ones even when the other person can be manipulative, abusive, and mentally troubled. They find it difficult to come out of that cage and liberate themselves. They gradually shrink and lose their emotional and physical health.

Canary as the spirit animal helps you to see things from a different perspective and urges you to prioritize yourself first. It helps you to see the way towards freedom and self-realization.

Times When You Need to Summon the Canary Spirit Animal

  • You need to be confident and focused.
  • You need to have strong communication skills.
  • You need to overcome your past and move forward with life.
  • You need to bring back your inherent nature of being vibrant and lively.
  • You need to heal yourself and others.
  • You need to listen to your inner voice.
  • You need to connect with your higher consciousness.
  • You need to protect your loved ones.
  • You need to practice detachment while helping others.
  • You need to be creative to express yourself.
  • You need to welcome the life changes.
  • You need to maintain your true self of being jovial and optimistic.

Canary Bird as an Animal Totem

Canary with its shiny and bright yellow coloring shows you how to celebrate the blessings of life. It gives you the perspective to find beauty in simple things of life. It helps you to search for the rhythm of your soul and the meaning of life.

The canaries represent the element of air. People with air as their dominant element are open-minded, non-judgmental, and outspoken. They like to breeze through life and can often identify other people’s inner thoughts.

If the canary is your birth totem, your personality is as bright as a beautiful sunny summer day. You have a natural vibe of joy and happiness which is quite infectious to people. They find themselves uplifted and motivated after coming across you. You don’t remain depressed or sad for a long time. You manage to pull yourself out of any gloomy or challenging situation quite well.

Individuals with canary as their animal totem do talk clearly and dynamically with firm conviction. People tend to listen to them carefully. A canary person may have a musical tone in their voice. They know how to express their thoughts through writing, speech, music, or any form of art. They like to surround themselves with sounds that create a healthy and happy mindset.

As a canary-spirited individual, you are attracted to natural lights. You like to spend time outdoors. You may like to take a stroll in the park, neighborhood, or any place close to nature.

The key characteristics associated with the canary animal totem are peacefulness, happiness, compassion, love, friendliness, musicality, confidence, healing, and wellbeing.

Dream Interpretation of Canaries

It is believed that seeing a canary in your dream indicates good luck and abundance. Although, depending on the dreamer’s mental state, dreams can signify a lot of possibilities.

If you found a feather of a canary bird, it indicates good luck and prosperity. It means circumstances will be in your favor and your hard work will pay off soon.

If you dreamt of canaries chirping happily, it can imply your playful and talkative nature. It can also hint at the possibility that people are gossiping or saying positive things about you.

If you dreamt of a canary bird chirping happily in your garden or backyard on a sunny day, it indicates that you are confident and determined. It shows you can express your views effectively to people. It can also mean you are happy and content with your life at this moment.

If you caught a canary in your dream, it shows the chance of meeting someone new who is cheerful and optimistic. The person can be a good friend, partner, or mentor who will bring significant changes in your life.

If you saw the canary inside a cage, this is not a positive sign. It means you feel stagnant and hopeless at this moment. You want to come out of this situation bad enough. But you are unable to do so due to certain reasons that are holding you back. Canary as your spirit animal urges you to take action and reminds you to make a firm decision to make progress in life.

If you saw the canary singing beautifully and the sound was soothing you, it’s a sign that your spirit animal is trying to tell you to express yourself in your unique way. It’s asking you not to get intimidated by the world and to choose your song to manifest your best self.

Dreaming of a canary being gifted to you means honesty and recognition. It implies you might receive appreciation for good deeds. It’s also a message to keep your loved ones happy and maintain a well-balanced relationship.

If you bought a canary in your dream, it means you will be able to make some smart decisions to plan your future. You will receive a reward for your hard work and will be able to improve your lifestyle.

Seeing a dead canary in your dream indicates some upcoming conflicts with your loved ones or some financial loss. It can hint at betrayal and unfaithfulness as well. The dream is a sign that you need to be mentally prepared to deal with these kinds of situations or be well aware of the people around you.

Mythological Significance of Canaries

The canaries are considered the symbol of positivity and good vibes according to ancient Chinese mythology. There’s a folklore that talks about the first Chinese emperor who had a canary. It was very dear to him as it used to bring good luck and opportunities for him. Other stories say that happy and content individuals are the only ones who can hear the canaries singing. People who are too much occupied in the materialistic world may miss the sound of this bird. This refers to the idea that one should look within and listen to their inner soul.

People in ancient Greek and Roman culture believed that canaries could see ghosts and spirits of ancestors. The Greeks used this bird as an omen to understand death. It was believed that if the bird was singing in a melancholy tone, it was likely that a family member could pass away soon. If there was any change in the caged canary bird’s behavior like shrieking or ruffling their wings, it meant a spirit was nearby.

According to European mythology, it is considered a good omen if one sees the bird during the daytime. But if the bird is seen at night time, it used to be considered a bad omen. It meant someone in the family could expect death.

Connecting to Canary Spirit Animal

Becoming still is the key to finding the answers to life. Today’s life has become full of stressors and hectic. One does not have time to sit with themselves. The ideal way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. Withdraw from everything and sit quietly with yourself. Let the thoughts pass like moving clouds and observe them closely.  Dive deep into your inner self and ask yourself why are you doing certain things or acting in a certain way. Have a profound self-introspection. All answers lie within you. This is how you can connect with your spirit animal and ask for guidance.

Summon the canary spirit animal when you need to realize the power of your voice and bring healing and manifestation in life. It brings fresh air to breathe and have a new start in life.