Magpie as Spirit Animal

Magpie is known as the bird of the brain. They are one of the most intelligent birds to exist. These birds have been known to show the ability to make and use necessary tools, mimic human speech, play games, work in teams, and grief. Magpies are the birds of boldness and intelligence.

If this bird’s wittiness and smart move catch your attention and you love to observe their activities, then you can be more than just a magpie lover. If you are thinking about this bird quite often, or dreaming of them, or noticing them quite often physically or in some other form, it means you are born with magpie as your birth totem.

Characteristics and Personalities

These black and white-colored birds are a symbol of intelligence and wit. They belong to the Corvidae family which represents ravens, crows, jackdaws, jays, and nutcrackers. In short, magpies are also known as corvids. They show extraordinarily high IQ and resourcefulness.

When magpie as your guide energy walks into your life, you start noticing your inherent nature of being lively, bold, and ingenious getting manifested. You are active, agile, and a problem solver. You are a curious soul questioning everything about life.

Magpies are exceptional in mimicking the voice of humans, dogs, horses, and other species. If you have seen the magpie copying the sound of any human or any other species, it is evident to you how entertaining and uplifting their vibe is. They are social creatures and can be kept as pets. As a magpie-spirited individual, you are admirably expressive, playful, mischievous, and high-spirited.

When the magpie energy is around you, it brings new opportunities and possibilities in life. It helps you to come out of your stagnant phase and embrace the changes of life.

Just as humans do not face trouble recognizing themselves in the mirror, magpies also possess the same traits, unlike other animals. Magpies can recognize themselves in the mirror and can remember the faces of humans who have done good or bad deeds to them.

As a magpie-spirited individual, you have a great memory. You tend to even remember narrow and precise details from the past. It helps you to analyze situations effectively and make noteworthy improvements learned from past mistakes.

Magpie is all about curiosity, smartness, shrewdness, fearlessness, and communication.

Magpie Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Magpie as your spirit animal brings positive transformations and new changes in life. Below are the positive traits of magpie spirit animals –

  • Smart
  • Communicative
  • Problem-solver
  • Balance
  • Curiosity
  • Social
  • Opportunistic
  • Instinct
  • Fearlessness


Magpies are known as birds with the brain. Anyone who deals with or observes magpies closely regularly can have a keen understanding of how smart they are. They can perceive human behavior, sense threats, and play games as well. They can hide food and relocate the same with incredible accuracy. Their impressive mimicking trait can stun people.

People born with magpie as their core energy are naturally bright, intelligent, and have a sound mind. They have the astuteness to learn and grasp the knowledge quickly. They can deal with new or difficult circumstances quite cleverly. They are quite brainy to crack puzzles or complex issues.

Magpie-spirited souls are pretty crafty and innovative. They know how to use their resourcefulness and experience to find the unique solution for every problem. Magpie people are not easy to trick or outsmart. The kind of knowledge and intuitiveness they possess helps them to remain one step ahead of everyone else.


These charming birds love to chatter and they are outstanding in imitating humans and other animal sounds. Magpie represents the creative ways to communicate with people.

When the magpie energy is around you, it teaches you to choose your words wisely and communicate effectively. It helps you to frame your thoughts properly to convey your message just the way you want.

You may have a lot of things in mind, but the magpie energy aids to express yourself with firm conviction. It urges you to be more compelling and even persuasive to get your points across. It also teaches you to engage in active listening skills to have a better perspective of others’ opinions.


Magpie-spirited individuals do not allow their emotions to cloud their judgments. They don’t feel threatened by criticism or external help, rather they are open to learning from people.

Magpie souls are pretty flexible and adaptable when it comes to working in a team and under pressure. They understand the importance of allowing ideas and inputs from other people to come up with the best possible solutions. Magpie people maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficulties and have the ability to see problems as a challenge or new learning experience instead of something that stands their way.


Magpie as your spirit animal brings a sense of calmness and stability when life has become too chaotic. It reminds you not to engage yourself too much in superficial things, instead focus on your inner self, and develops a higher consciousness. It helps you to maintain harmony between the materialistic and spiritual life.

The magpie energy teaches you that being in touch with your spiritual self is of utmost importance to tackle the adversities and temptations of the material world.


Magpie-spirited individuals are never bored. They are always looking for something new to learn and explore. They use their sense of curiosity to expand their mind. They love to discover new ideas and open up new avenues and possibilities.

Curiosity is what brings excitement to their life. They are self-motivated, mindful, and ask questions relentlessly. They are not afraid to admit if they do not know something.


Magpies are undoubtedly social creatures. They have a loud and harsh sound. Magpies have an excellent recall for human faces. They are very human-friendly and people love to get entertained by their mimicking. It’s quite fascinating to see how they can imitate humans, barking dogs, sirens, and other birds so accurately. No wonder humans love to observe them.

Magpie as your spirit animal helps you to build up your social skills and make valuable connections that will help you grow emotionally and spiritually. You love to meet new people, attend parties and events, host shows and have a good time with your friends and families. People love your charming and fun-loving nature and like to be around you.


Magpie-spirited individuals are smart enough to identify the right moment for them. They work hard, keep learning, and remain up-to-date. Adapting to the hardships of life and embracing the changes are other notable positive trait of magpie-spirited persons.

When magpie as your spirit animal glides into your path, you begin to experience new energy and new possibilities around you. New ideas start popping up and the right people come across your path. This opens new channels for you to seize the right opportunity at the right time.


Magpies have a great instinct to sense threats around them. As your spirit animal, the magpie helps you to discern things in the right way. When you are full of thoughts, overwhelmed, confused, anxious about any situation, and unable to make a move, pray to your magpie spirit animal.

Listen to your inner voice and it will guide you in the right direction. The magpie removes unnecessary thoughts from your consciousness and helps to concentrate on what is important. It lightens up your mind to help you take the right decision.


Magpies are bolder than anyone can imagine. They are not frightened of spending time around humans. People born with magpie as their spirit animal are naturally fearless and dynamic.

They are not afraid to stand for the truth. They like to face their problems and difficulties upfront and deal with them in their unique way. They are not the person to give up easily.

If you feel scared or stressed about any situation and don’t know how to handle the same, the magpie as your spirit animal comes to your aid. It infuses the strength of will to be confident and decisive in your quest. It helps you to be self-assured and determined in the face of criticism and disapproval.

Magpie Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are the negative traits of magpie-spirited individuals –

  • Superficiality
  • Illusion
  • Sneakiness


Being a magpie person, you often get attracted to or feel tempted by things that appear shiny and fancy from the outside. You tend to get carried away by outer appearance rather than looking inward. This happens when your thoughts are messed up and you are unable to think straight. This is when you need to be strict on yourself and pull yourself out of the shallowness.

The magpie energy reminds you to listen to your inner self and bring your natural ability back to sense people’s real motives and behavior.


In some cultures, the magpies are also the symbol of illusion and witchcraft. As a magpie individual, you often have false perceptions or beliefs regarding certain things. You tend to live in that deceptive appearance or strive with a false impression of mind.

The problem is you can realize that these imprints of mind are illusions and self-deceptive, yet you find it hard to come out of your fallacy.

Pray hard on your magpie spirit animal during moments like these. Withdraw from everything else and sit with yourself and try to look within yourself. Listen to your soul and what it has to say. Your gut feelings will guide you to the path of light amidst darkness.


Magpies are also symbolized as a sign of deceit in some parts of the world. This is because they sneak food and steal shiny objects they can find. They also steal food from other birds or hunt small birds in groups.

If your magpie energy is out of balance, you may go distracted and lose track of your real self. You may be seen indulging in treachery or unethical activities.

Whether you are going through a bad or good phase in life, make a habit to meditate on your spirit animal regularly. This will help you to build mental toughness and self-discipline. Even when you are about to lose control of yourself, your inner voice will remind you of the consequences of your actions. You will be under the blessings of your spirit animal.

Magpie as an Animal Totem

Magpie symbolizes your ever-evolving nature. Magpie as your animal totem represents cleverness, courage, intuition, optimism, spiritualism, and prophecy. This bird reminds you to be comfortable with who you are, accept your flaws, and work on yourself.

Magpie spirit animal teaches you to be bold, expressive, and passionate to take risks in life. When this energy finally glides into your soul, you begin to value small things in life and strive to develop higher consciousness. Patience and persistence are something that starts flowing in you naturally and you start becoming active towards accomplishing your goals.

Times When You Need to Summon the Magpie Spirit Animal

  • You need to listen to your instincts.
  • You need to be sharp and decisive.
  • You need to be agile.
  • You are curious to learn more.
  • You need to come out of your illusion.
  • You are looking to develop strong communication skills.
  • You looking for the right opportunity.
  • You are trying to bring positive life changes.
  • You need to be social and make new connections.
  • You are trying to overcome your fear.
  • You are trying to be expressive, resourceful, and confident in your quest.

Magpies in Dreams

Magpie in your dream could foretell a lot of possibilities and issues related to you, your family, or your community. It depends on the feelings that you have encountered during the dream.

Dreaming of a magpie flying gracefully in the sky denotes the positive side of you. It indicates independence, confidence, and fearlessness.

If the magpie was singing, it represents your communication and artistic appearance. It’s also a sign that you should communicate more or pay attention to the way you express yourself.

If a group of magpies was talking to each other, it indicates an upcoming celebration or get-together moment with friends and families.

If the magpie was trying to communicate with you, it’s a sign you need to tap into your inner self to connect with your spirit animal and understand what’s being conveyed.

If the magpie was attacking you, it means you may face betrayal from someone you know or get entangled in arguments with others. It also indicates your irritated self or unable to have control over your emotions.

If you were being chased by the magpie, it’s a hint that individuals around you may be envious or unhappy with your accomplishments. It can also mean you are running away from your fears instead of facing them.

Seeing a magpie flying away with shiny things or valuable pieces of stuff indicates you are being carried away by superficial and tempting things in life. It’s a sign you should get hold of yourself and bring your awareness back.

If a couple of magpies are fighting with each other, it indicates conflicts between peers or family disagreements that need to be resolved.

Dreaming of a dead magpie can symbolize bad luck. It can imply a loss of finance, relationships, or social status. It is also a sign to be more careful of your words and actions.

Mythological Significance of Magpies

Magpies have a variety of superstitions and folklores surrounding them throughout history.

Initially, Christians used to see this bird as the mark of good fortune and prosperity. However, the church started seeing them in a negative light. They believed that magpies were the only creatures who did not weep during Jesus’s crucifixion. Their black plumage gave way to many other stories. According to another folklore, magpies were the only birds that did not enter Noah’s ark during the Great Flood. Instead, they preferred to sit in the rain and gossip with each other.

Another rumor says, magpies carried a drop of devil’s blood in its tongue and they brought bad luck.

These birds used to be considered the symbol of balance according to Scandinavian culture. The black and white plumage of this bird represented the balance between masculine and feminine energy.

In Chinese mythology, the magpies were associated with weddings and were the symbol to discern if their partners were faithful or not.

How to Connect with Magpie Spirit Animal

The ideal way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. During the process of meditation, the mind becomes calm and free of regular stressors. The key is to be in present, be mindful, and take deep breaths. This is when you get clarity on your thoughts and everything starts making sense. This is when you can hear your inner voice and can have a deep and meaningful conversation with yourself. Meditation helps to peel the layers of illusion and dive deep into the subconscious mind to find the answers.

Your spirit animal can also convey its message through dreams. Also, it may appear in your surroundings randomly. Make sure that you do not overlook these signs and symbols.

Summon your magpie spirit animal to develop higher consciousness and sharpen your intelligence. Work with this energy to receive guidance and blessings throughout your journey in life.