Seal as Spirit Animal

Seals are adorable aquatic mammals that are found chiefly in cold seas. Seals are mainly found in polar seas, they also reside on shores, islands, or ice floes. They are highly agile in the water and are excellent swimmers and divers.

Seals are cute and playful. If you have experience in feeding seals, or you love to be around them, or simply love to observe their movement, you might have a genuine fondness for them. If you feel like you have some similar qualities like the seals, and you think, act, and behave the same way as them most of the time; you might be a seal in human form.

Don’t be surprised if you dream of the seals, or randomly come across them through magazines, TV shows, art, or any other way. It might be the time to listen to your seal spirit animal.

Characteristics and Symbolism

Seal as the spirit animal symbolizes happiness, adaptability, playfulness, and strength. When seal as your spirit animal walks into your life, it helps you to be independent, imaginative, and a good decision-maker. It brings a steady transformation to your life.

The seal as a power animal drives you to be true to yourself and be adaptive to the constant changes of life. It reminds you that nothing can stop you and urges to not to be afraid to dive into new waters.

Seal Spirit Animal Positive Powers

  • Playfulness
  • Peaceful
  • Adaptability
  • Optimism
  • Strength
  • Imagination
  • Transformation
  • Kindness
  • Protective

Seal-spirited persons are very optimistic, friendly, and jovial. They are fun-loving and good-hearted humans who love to meet new people and explore new places. You can bring ease in a serious and dull atmosphere. Seal as your spirit animal drives you to be lively and outgoing. People like to hang out and spend time with you.

As the seal-spirit, you are naturally calm and peaceful. Seals are aggressive only when they feel their existence is threatened. You do not like noisy, trouble-causing people. You like to be at ease with yourself and others. You like to maintain happiness and contentment even in the most challenging situations. And you prefer to avoid arguments and conflicts.

Although Seals are aquatic creatures flexible on both land and water, they are more agile in the water. As a seal-spirited individual, you have the endurance and strength to adapt to the constant change of life. You like to welcome change and grow with it. You shape yourself like water under any challenging circumstances.

People with seal energy don’t lose hope easily even when things go wrong. You like to hold on to your dreams and goals and be patient until things become normal. You show the path to others to move forward. You are naturally a person of solution. People may seek advice and suggestions from you on various matters. Keep the ray of hope alive and kicking.

Seals are heavy and strong enough to cause serious injury to humans and other creatures. Seals are friendly and adorable until they sense trouble. They are physically strong like any other aquatic mammals who are ferocious.

As a seal-spirited individual, you are strong enough physically and mentally. You have that indomitable zeal that can’t be tamed or shaken off. Even if you are physically not that strong, the unbeatable spirit takes you far enough on your quest.

Seal-spirited individuals are highly creative and imaginative. They feel balanced and fulfilled when they express themselves through their art and imagination. If you are uncertain about your purpose in life, listen to your inner voice and try to be aware of your thoughts. Stay in touch with the constant rhythm of your intuitiveness and creativity to be the best version of yourself.

People born with seal energy have incredible inner strength. When seal as your power animal glides in your path, it helps you shred your past and renew your energy. You start to perceive the world in a whole new way. It steadily helps you to transform yourself into a better self. Channelize the energy to bring out the inspiration and confidence to make changes in your life if you feel stuck.

Female seals are very affectionate, loving, and kind towards their babies. Male seals are also loving, playful, and peace lovers. The seal energy makes you kind and empathetic towards others. You tend to provide emotional support to people who need it. People feel relieved and uplifted after sharing their thoughts with you.

Seals are adorable and playful. However, humans are often warned not to swim or play in the vicinity of adult seals. They are powerful and can even take someone’s arm off if they misinterpret any action of the humans. Female seals are extremely cautious and protective of their young.

As seal spirited person, you have the same awareness and sense of security towards people or things you love. You like to defend, preserve, or shield your close ones with your heart and soul.

Seal Spirit Animal Negative Powers

  • Aggressive
  • Clumsy
  • Sensitivity

Seals are instinctively protective towards their young. They cause a serious hazard to people or other animals who appear to be a danger in their territory. As wild animals, they are highly aggressive and attacking in nature while giving protection to their babies and groups.

If seal energy is in your nature, you need to be aware of your thoughts and action when you are provoked or agitated. You may hurt people’s sentiments while protecting what you love. Try to practice deep breathing and meditation regularly. This will help you to bring control to your impulsive nature.

Seals can be seen busy doing nothing along the coast. They love to roll themselves on the shore while getting soaked in the sun.

Seal as your spirit animal reminds you to withdraw at times to give yourself a break. However, you can be a bit clumsy and lazy. It’s important to give yourself some relaxation and spent some time reflecting on yourself. Make sure you don’t become idle, dull, and unproductive. This will make your energy stagnant. Keep that energy active and moving.

Seal as your spirit guide helps you to be sensitive, caring, and kind. People like to share their stories with you as you have the power to give them light in the darkness. But at times, people may try to take advantage of your gentleness. Be aware of such wrong and negative energies around you. Try not to entangle yourself with another person’s emotions. Be there for them, provide your support, but protect and maintain your vibe at the same time.

Seal as an Animal Totem

Seal as your animal spirit drives you to be highly potential and creative. You are curious, have good coordination skills, and learn tricks and strategies easily. You can deal with all kinds of individuals as you own a go with the flow mentality. You can find your way to manifest what you want.

The seal energy keeps you lively and helps you to walk with joy in your heart. Your peaceful and delightful nature makes everyone comfortable around you.

You believe in the fact that laughter is the best medicine. You try to find humor in everything to ease the situation. The seal wisdom helps you to swim gracefully through the tides of life while keeping your head high above the water. Seal as your spirit guide reminds you to let go of your past and embrace your future wholeheartedly.

Times When You Need to Summon Seal Spirit Animal

  • You need a ray of hope amidst darkness.
  • You need to let go of your past and embrace the present moment.
  • You need to lighten up the mood and bring out your joyous nature.
  • You need to adapt yourself to the changes in life.
  • You need to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • You need to be powerful and fearless.
  • You need confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
  • You need to be kind and gentle.
  • You need to reduce your aggression and restlessness.
  • You need to remove laziness.

Dream Interpretation of Seal Spirit Animal

Seeing seals in your dream can indicate a lot of possibilities depending on your mental state, experience, and current phase of your life. In general, if you see a seal in your dream, it defines a sense of peace and happiness in life.

If you dreamt of a seal resting on a beach on a sunny day, it means you feel content and fulfilled in your life.

If you saw a seal swimming skillfully on the beach, it indicates you can pass through all kinds of difficulties in life effortlessly.

If the seal is running away from you, it indicates your fear of the mind. You may be running away from a challenging situation.

If the seal is moving towards you and being playful, it is a sign of your jovial nature. You are full of joy and feel blissful about your life. It can also indicate your creativity and imagination.

If you saw a wounded seal, it may indicate your low self-esteem and lack of creativity.

If a seal was sick in your dreams, it means you are going through some emotional turmoil that needs to be addressed.

If you killed the seal in your dream, it indicates that you might have lost an opportunity to express yourself or your inability to show your creativity.

If you dreamt of a shark eating a seal, it’s an alert that you might be surrounded by negative people. You need to be aware of the situations and people around you.

If you saw a seal sleeping on the beach or not able to move, it means you may feel stuck in your life. You need the motivation to start swimming again.

If you dream of feeding seals, it is a sign that you might give some valuable advice and suggestions to someone who needs them.

Mythological Significance of Seal Spirit Animal

Selkie is a popular mythological figure in Celtic and Norse mythology. Selkie is a marine legend who is half human and half seal. The figure is a seal in water and a human on land. The mythological being has originated from the Northern Isles of Scotland.

According to Native American belief, seals represent innocence, abundance, and wealth. Seals were also a sign of skill and safety on the ocean and were used as the emblem of protection by sailors. There is a story that originated from Makah Indians that talks about how the seals came into existence.

The story goes back to a time when no life was there on earth. The brothers of the Sun and the Moon were recognized by the name ‘The Two Men Who Changed Things’, they came to earth and began making life on earth with trees, water, birds, and many other creatures. One of the animals took what did not belong to it. The brothers of the Sun and the Moon transformed it as a punishment into a beast whose legs disappeared and arms became short. They named the new creature the seal. Since then, seals became experts in finding their food and have never stolen from others.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect with You

Seals are loving creatures and humans love to be around them. If you are one of them who finds them amusing and deeply relates to their nature, the seal might be your spirit animal. Seal as your power animal might communicate with you through various ways like dreams, arts, signs, or symbols in your surroundings. Keep your mind open and welcome all kinds of possibilities.

The best way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. Although you are a jolly and happy person in nature, at times, you might be weighed down by stress and problems of life and feel the need to connect with something powerful. Be calm and meditate on your seal spirit animal to connect with you and show the light amidst the darkness.

Summon your seal spirit animal to swim gracefully through the ocean of life. Reclaim your strength, creativity, and happiness to spread love, hope, and kindness in the world.