Owl in a Dream

Owls have always been considered symbols of mystery and magic across various cultures and belief systems around the world, showing up in our nighttime visions as messengers of important spiritual significance.

Experiencing an own dream means that in the waking life you may be undergoing changes that at first appear to be difficult to piece together. An owl showing up in a dream can also be symbolic of death, darkness and significant upcoming dangers in your everyday life.

But even though the owl can be both a positive and auspicious visitor, it often serves as a guide warning the dreamer ahead of time about troubles up ahead. Moreover, regardless of the characteristics of this highly intelligent bird appearing in your dream, there is always a deeper level to its symbolism.

So what does it really mean to have an owl dream? 

General Significance of the Owl Symbol

To experience a dream in which you envision an owl usually signifies the expansion of your awareness and the transformation of your inner self toward spiritual growth.

The owl inside your nighttime vision is connecting with your subconscious mind, bringing messages, both good and bad in what concerns rebirth, wisdom and shadow work.

During ancient times, owls were often associated with bad omens and death, especially within the Native American culture, who believed that owls were harbingers of bad fortune and darkness, while ancient Greeks associated owls with the goddess Athena, standing for wisdom and war.

The owl symbolism has gained quite a flexible significance over time, with present-day Christians looking at it from a much more positive perspective, as a symbol of intelligence and abundance communicating to us in our dreams to help us out of the dark times in our real lives.

Having an Owl Appear in Your Dream

A dream in which an owl shows up and acknowledges your presence is linked with wisdom and awareness. If you’ve been recently going through changes that seem to be rather confusing to understand, the owl is visiting you to provide you with the insight and clarity needed to overcome the stressful situation.

Dreaming of an owl is an indication of your wisdom in the waking world and your innate ability of perceiving things as they really are, coming up with creative resolutions to issues that may arise.

The owl presents itself to you as a symbol of your focused attention on achieving your goals and reminds you of your tendency to overthink things at times.

An owl revealing itself to you in a dream is essentially a manifestation of your subconscious mind, suggesting that you may also be overlooking a minor stress factor that seems to be troubling you.

Being Watched by an Owl

If the dream presents the owl as the watcher, following you around without making its presence obviously felt, this could possibly indicate that in your real life your intuition has caught onto something subtle and is trying to bring it to your awareness.

If you’ve been second-guessing yourself over challenges in your waking world, the owl is watching over you and following you to help you focus on the bigger picture. This is an ideal moment to take a step back and listen closely to your gut feeling about everything revolving around you as you may be missing out important clues.

This type of dream is also all about people in your community and how they interact with you. The trust that you give other may be wrongfully placed and you may soon be threading on a rather bumpy road up ahead.

Owls in dreams are nonetheless connected with clairvoyant abilities and often appear before individuals closely connected with the spirit realm.

Having a Dream About a White or Snowy Owl

A nighttime vision of an encounter with a white or otherwise known as a snowy owl could be representative of your excitement for adventure, living life to its fullest and meeting new people.

The white owl is symbolic of living life with a passion for even the littlest of things and cherishing moments spent in the company of those dear to you. When a white owl shows up in a dream it foretells good omens about to enter your real world, bringing joy and happiness into your life.

As opposed to brown or black owls, that signify the needs to piece together the deeper meaning of your life here on Earth, ongoing transformations and discovery, the white owl already has it all figured out and is just enjoying life as it comes, encouraging you to do the same.

Baby Owls in a Dream

To dream of a single baby owl of a group of baby owls represents news of previously undiscovered spiritual gifts that you are not putting into practice.

Each and every one of us has access to these gifts once we figure out exactly what they are. The baby owl is a positive sign of cyclical growth toward the true spiritual calling of the dreamer.

It can symbolize taking up a new hobby or even starting out a new career as a psychic, life coach, artist of even public speaker.

Owl Attacking You in Your Dream

The owl paying you a visit does not seem to be too friendly? This is due to the repressed feelings of anger and doubt eating you up from the inside within your waking life.

The owl attacking you in a dream embodies that fear of everything outside of your area of control, that seem to have taken over your reality. There may be ongoing changes that have impacted your wish to maintain a routine.

In this type of dream the owl is trying to guide you into letting go of fears and releasing the constant urge for control. There may be various scenarios in your real life where your ability to adapt and overcome the situation will be called upon.

Releasing the angst and negativity will help clear your mind and make room for new endeavors and relationships that are actually beneficial to you.

Finding an Owl Nest in a Dream

Although rare, dreams of finding the nest of an owl are still present in certain people’s dreams. In reality, owls do not build nests, but instead the secure their living spaces in nooks, forked tree branches barns and any other types of structures that they feel safe in.

Having such a unique type of dream indicated your need to balance out your life, secure your finances and create a safe space for you and your dear ones to thrive in. Depending on the items you may find in or around the nest, you could just figure out the missing pieces of this elusive puzzle.

Regardless of the subjective symbolism, dreaming of an owl’s nest is a calling to take action and turn your reality into a safe space in which you can grow and evolve.

Talking to the Owl in Your Dream

If you find yourself chatting with your nighttime companion, it usually means that you have psychics gifts and abilities that you might have not been aware of.

The conversation between you and the owl may contain both positive and negative messages about individuals and happenings in your real life. It may be a warning of toxic presences in your life or a reminder of keeping your loved ones close to you.

To talk with a speaking owl in a dream can often also represent a message from those that have passed on that you might be missing deeply. Perhaps they have been watching over you also and want you to pay attention to certain things interfering with your everyday life.

To have an own hooting loudly or even screeching in your ear is symbolic of an urgent need to take action and help someone close to you that may be in trouble, possibly going through difficult times that may ultimately affect you as well.

Catching or Hunting Down Owls in a Dream

If you’re hunting the owl in your dream, running after it, trapping the owl or catching it with your bare hands is often an indicator of walls you’ve consciously or subconsciously placed in your relationship or work environment.

The act of hunting an owl that appears in your dream carries important messages regarding the ways in which you interact with friends and co-workers and the secrets and trust that you confide in them.

This can be interpreted as both a good and bad omen depending on each dreamer’s subjective situation. What is universally true about dreams of catching an owls is that you should persistently work on keeping your personal space to yourself.

To Dream About a Flying Owl

Owls flying overhead in your nighttime dream travels are often considered extremely positive omens, foretelling great success and immense achievements in your waking life.

To see an owl peacefully flying by is symbolic of your free-spirited nature and signifies that you have surrounded yourself with people that only help fuel your inner freedom.

Owls soaring above you in a dream can also symbolize trusting the ongoing transformation and changes in your real life and knowing that it will all turn out for the better.

You may not see the right answer to your problems at this time, however having faith that it will come to you at the right time is the key element to the wisdom of this dream.

Soar high and reach for the skies above because all the hark-work will now be rewarded and your goals are surely within reach.

Holding an Owl in Your Hand

To envision yourself holding an owl in your hand or seeing an owl land on your arm is deeply connected to the state your physical body is within the physical realm.

Having this type of dream often foretells an upcoming injury or accident, that can potentially be avoided by listening to your inner voice.

This dreamtime omen could also potentially point out that someone is out to harm you and although it is normal to feel uneasy, it is also crucially important to act before the event ever takes place.

The owl sitting still in your palm is symbolic of your fears. Your fears are a normal response to the variety of triggers that we are exposed to, however the ways in which we choose to respond to them can alter the outcome of our lives altogether.

Owls Landing on You in Your Dream

If you happen to see yourself surrounded by owls and one or several of them pick you as a landing spot, this usually means that you are making the right choices in your waking life.

This type of dream serves as a confirmation that you are on the right track and that you should trust your actions without overthinking issues too much.

The owl landing on you wants to encourage you into moving forward with all plans you have started up and to take no time in putting yourself out there and getting things done.

Killing the Owl in Your Dream

If you end up killing the owl in your dream, this can be taken as a sign of strength in the face of adversity. Perhaps in your real life you feel that you are treated unfairly and yet manage to keep up with your opposition, in some cases even overpowering them.

The killing of the owl in this case symbolizes emerging from a particularly tough situation, in which a considerable amount of negative energy has been send onto you.

This dream is telling your subconscious mind that it is now time to stad up for yourself and be the bravest person you can be, emerging even stronger than before. Overcoming this major struggle or the people that have been taking you for granted signifies that you will rise above this crisis you are facing.

Dreaming of a Dead Owl

To see a dead owl in your dream is connected with hardships and health problems, both for the dreamers as well as for those close to them,

The dead owl represents difficult times up head and life threats posed by various potential afflictions.

If you’re experiencing recurring health-related issues or know of someone that does, this is a good time to be on alert for any changes, as you might just be able to avoid a dangerous situation.

A dead owl may also embody the feeling of being alone and hopeless in the face of a terrifying situation happing in your waking life. The dead owl is in some cases also associated with rebirth and the possibility of emerging out of an impossible situation.


To summarize, owls are often considered mysterious and magical entities, appearing to us in our dreams when we need clarity to tackle situations happening in our waking world.

For some, they may symbolize upcoming troubles, while leaving important clues for the dreamer to help themselves out of that situation.

Throughout various cultures and belief systems around the world, owls carry a vast spectrum of symbolism, ranging from harbingers of doom, to masterful keepers of wisdom and intelligence.

Owls are also signs of continuous transformation, spiritual growth and changes, while for some dreamers they can be guides awakening them to their innate psychic abilities.

These nocturnal creatures showing up in our dream are deeply connected with our subconscious mind, our fears and our ability to overcome tougher situations in our lives.

They can sometimes remind us that we’ve build unnecessary walls around ourselves, while in other cases they could urge us into setting up proper boundaries and trusting our intuition over anyone else.

Last but not least, the distinctive characteristics of the owl are associated with success, insight and intuition, providing the dreamer with the clues needed to piece together the bigger picture that our life is.