Giraffe in a Dream

Giraffes are rare dream messages taking form in our nighttime travels under the disguise of mind, body and spirit all connecting at the same time. While for some of us giraffes might seem like exotic animals, for others they can be quite familiar symbols.

Due to their elongated necks, giraffes have often been associated with air headedness, feeling detached from everything around you or feeling left out from your social circle. The giraffe may also show up to offer us a way of seeing the larger picture of it all.

Having a giraffe dream is considered by many a truly spiritual experience of grace and open-mindedness. But just how many more secrets lay behind this majestic creature’s appearance? Let’s explore the many paths and perspectives.

General Giraffe Symbolism

The beautiful wild giraffe universally symbolizes uniqueness, pride and thoughtfulness. In art it is used to represent the bond between the modern world and the wilderness as well as to bridge the gap between the intellectual and emotional self.

In dreams, giraffes indicate a longing for something deeply rooted in us, a far-fetched illusory future or a spiritual awakening. Giraffes can also symbolize a new perspective of you real life, frequently experienced by those on the brink of epiphany.

Essentially, these one-of-a-kind creatures signify identity, self-discovery and blissfulness.

Seeing a Giraffe in your Dream

The giraffe appearing in your dream indicates a need for re-establishing balance in our everyday life and finding new goals worth pursuing. The powerful imagery of a giraffe is also connected to breaking free of isolation from your peers, individuality and protection.

If you experience a dream in which you see a giraffe appear, know that it may mean you need to feel acknowledged by your community and to prove your ability to success in achieving the major goals of your life, to be seen and noticed.

Dreaming of a Black Giraffe

When dreaming of a black giraffe, its unusual appearance can predict a shift in your normal behavior in the real world, which may lead to others changing their opinions of you.

The black color of the giraffe in your dream foretells that your dream will take a different course and that you should not indulge in negative behaviors in the following days to come. The black giraffe can be taken as a warning to be wary of toxic and stressful elements in your everyday life, whether they are people, habits or even work projects.

Seeing a Chained or Trapped Giraffe in your Dream

Dreaming of a chained or trapped giraffe symbolizes feeling confined from others in the real world. You feel as if you have disassociated from the rest of your community and that you wish to appreciate instead of isolated for your different points of view.

Although the dream makes you aware of the harshness of your situation, it also advises that you never feel imprisoned by the burdens of responsibilities of your real life, but to instead see them as battles that we fight each day in order to become stronger.

If you have this type of dream and have fallen into a rut in the real world, this is your cue to pick yourself back up and break free from the chains holding you down.

Dreaming about a Giraffe Chasing You

A dream in which a giraffe is chasing you emphasizes the presence of draining people in your real life who are literally using all your energy for their own benefit. The giraffe chasing you in your dream suggests that you distance yourself from their negative influence and instead focus on spending more time with genuine friends and family, putting your mental and emotional health first.

Dreaming of a Herd of Giraffes

If you see a herd of giraffes in a dream it most likely means that you are slowly building up your place in society and affirming your thoughts and ideas in the real world.

This dream has a positive connotation and indicates that others will treat you with respect and that you will be helping one another grow and thrive. Seeing a herd of giraffes is a sure sign of rise in status, gaining respect in your community and helping others through sharing your knowledge and experience.

Dreaming about Giraffes Fighting with each other

If the giraffes appearing in your dream are not getting along peacefully, but instead are fighting each other, know that it could indicate unforeseen problems in the real world.

The fighting giraffes represent your subconscious mind’s way of letting you know that you will need to put in all your effort and dedication to solve the situation and move forward.

Dreaming of a Running Giraffe

If you see a giraffe running in your dream, it could potentially signal that you are struggling to accept the reality of your life. Perhaps things are not going exactly the way you planned them and this left you frustrated and deceived.

If you dreamed of a giraffe distancing itself from you, know that you might have to finally come face to face with your worst fears and troubles in the real world. The dream advises to be truthful and honest in the way you approach this situation.

Seeing Giraffes in their Natural Habitat

Giraffes wandering freely through wildlife in your dream suggests that you have experienced problems in your romantic relationship that have caused you to become much more introverted and lonelier.

Perhaps your partner isn’t exactly the one right for you and in this case the dream advises to go back out there in the wild dating scene and find someone that will be more compatible with you. The giraffes in your dream could also indicate that you may be, in fact, not ready for a relationship.

Seeing Giraffes at the Zoo in your Dream

Dreaming about giraffes behind bars at the zoo it can mean that you feel disassociated from society and misunderstood. This type of dream could also be related to thoughtless actions you have taken in the past that landed you in this unpleasant situation.

The giraffes at the Zoo in your dream may indicate that events in your waking life have left you feeling fearful and inadequate, although that is not at all the truth.

Seeing Giraffes Chased by Predators in Your Dream

If the giraffes in your dream are running away from a predator, this suggests that in the real world you feel as though your thoughts and emotions are being abused and exposed to the world. Just like the giraffe in your dream, you feel chased by your worst fears and insecurities.

The dream in which you see a giraffe chased by a predator signifies your fear of being exposed about something you are not really proud of. You fear others learning your secrets and could sometimes even experience panic attacks because of it.

Seeing a Pair of Giraffes in your Dream

The pair of giraffes in your dream are representative of you and your partner in the real world. This dream has a positive connotation and is associated to loyalty, dedication and love.

For two who are single and dream of a pair of giraffes, the dream illustrates their wish for old-school romance and adventure, placing an emphasis on their high expectations of their potential partner.

Dreaming of a Giraffe Bowing its Head

The dream in which a giraffe bows its head before you symbolizes an important figure in your real life that in fact respects you and admires you. This knowledge will come to you unexpectedly and you might just discover you’ve been judging them wrong all this time.

Seeing a giraffe bow its head is also a sure sign of success and good fortune. Such a dream advises that you try to judge people by their actions in the real world and not only based off of rumors or speculations. Avoid drawing hasty conclusions and being hypercritical of others.

Dreaming of a Talking Giraffe

Dreaming about a talking giraffe is considered a highly spiritual experience, often announcing that you will gain further wisdom and knowledge in the time to come.

This dream can also indicate a spiritual awakening or a radical change of the way you live your everyday life. This dream might also come as a message from your subconscious mind that you can resolve all your problems by simply freeing your mind and listening to your intuition.

Dreaming of Baby Giraffes

If you see a mother giraffe with her babies in your dream, it represents your success as a parent in the real world or your ability to successfully express yourself through your inner child.

The baby giraffe symbolizes innocence, purity as well as feeling protective of your loved ones. It could also signify that you are treating a situation with a childish mindset, even though this challenge might prove much harder to overcome than it looks.  

Dreaming of Being Attacked by a Giraffe

Giraffes are naturally peaceful creatures, hence when you experience a such a dream it usually signifies that you have a terrible time coming to terms about a trauma in your real life or will soon be entering a phase in your life that will be troubled.

The giraffe chasing you advises that you control your anxieties and frustrations as best as you can, so that you may cruise through this timeframe successfully.

Hunting Giraffes in your Dream

If you go giraffe hunting in your dream, it could indicate that you are seeking confirmation and acceptance from others, but in doing so you might be going overboard and receiving the exact opposite.

To see yourself hunting giraffes in a dream is symbolic of becoming independent, feeling competitive and making decisions on your own, without any external input. The dream advises that in the process of becoming self-sufficient you try your best avoiding reckless actions and becoming too self-absorbed.

Riding a Giraffe in Your Dream

The dream about riding a giraffe is linked to a strong sense of individuality and a unique perspective that you possess in the real world. Your ideas are original and you wish to affirm them loudly and stand out from the crowd.

Riding a giraffe in your dream symbolizes living in accordance to your heart’s rhythm, pursuing only the things that truly bring you joy and that fuel your creativity. The dream could also point out your inflated ego, arrogant behavior or self-centeredness. Pay attention to not become overly focused only on yourself.

Taming a Giraffe in your Dream

Giraffes are wild, exotic animals that are not easily tamed, so if you have a dream about petting one or playing with you, teaching it new tricks, know that it signifies profitable investments that you are about to make in your real life, joyful experiences as a result of that and receiving abundance overall in all areas of your life.

Taming a giraffe in your dream is often considered an extremely lucky omen, foretelling success, happiness and satisfaction in your career and family lives. The tame giraffe is also a potential symbol of your optimism, open-mindedness and energetic nature; you are likely a popular figure in your community and others enjoy time spent with you.

Feeding a Giraffe in your Dream

Feeding the giraffe in your dream indicates that you are at peace with yourself and that you are consistently making efforts to bond with others and improve your relationships with them in the real world. Having such a dream announces new beginnings and absolute success in all aspects of your real life.

Feeding the giraffe in your dream is symbolic of your nurturing nature, protectiveness of your loved ones as well as your self-care and self-esteem. You are a healthy individual with a healthy mindset and a solid and realistic perspective of the future.

You are going out of your way to please and assist everybody and your peers know they can safely rely on you – you will always be there for them.

Dreaming of Being Surrounded by Giraffes

The dream of being surrounded by giraffes is a positive omen, announcing the start of a new fruitful chapter in your daily life. The hard times are over and now you can finally feel safe in your surroundings. You have made the right choices and now it is time to reap the rewards.

Seeing giraffes approach you or surround you in a dream is considered a sign of community, tolerance and peace.

Dreaming of a Sick or Wounded Giraffe

The sick or wounded giraffe in your dream is symbolic of your worries and fears in the real world. You feel burnt out and stuck in a very unpleasant situation that is causing you harm.

The hurt giraffe in your dream might also indicate your wounded ego or a powerful obstacle that keeps getting in the way of success. This type of dream indicates that there are certain troubles on your path that you cannot seem to find a way around and this is truly causing you stress.

The dream in which you see a wounded giraffe advises that you devise a new plan or make the changes needed to overcome this unpleasant situation before it’s too late.

Dreaming of a Dead Giraffe

The dream in which you see a dead giraffe is regarded as a bad omen, foretelling troubles that will alter the otherwise peaceful rhythm of your daily life. It usually represents a great difficulty you will have to face, financial instability as a result of reckless spending and bad luck.

The dead giraffe is a symbol of conflict, destruction or emotional distress. However, such a dream should not leave you feeling pessimistic, but instead it should act as a warning to prepare yourself, put some money aside and embrace the uncertainty of the future. Hold tight and wait for the storms to pass – no storms ever last forever.

Seeing a Giraffe Feeding Off a Tree in your Dream

If you observe a giraffe eating leaves from a tree in your dream it usually means that you are about to receive good news in your real life. Perhaps you will be getting in touch with an old friend, finding new love or even getting a promotion.

Whichever the case, this type of dream is considered a positive one and you should have the confidence that in the time to come, your life will get easier and much more enjoyable. You might even receive help along the way from an unexpected source. All signs are now pointing in your favor.

Seeing a Giraffe Entering your Home in a Dream

If the giraffe in your dream enters your home, know that it symbolizes making new acquaintances or forming your own family. You are finally ready to settle down and enjoy a happy life together with your loved ones.

The giraffe entering your house is also associated with new relationships, new career and job opportunities and good fortune. Perhaps through meeting these new people you will discover you were missing out on so much more.

The dream encourages you to embrace these changes with an optimistic mindset and to not hesitate welcoming these people into your life.

Dreaming of a Sleeping Giraffe

A sleeping giraffe appearing in your dream usually indicates success, material gains and an increase in popularity in the real world. The dream advises you to rest your worries aside and enjoy the present moment to the fullest.

This dream can also indicate safety and protection. You are thriving and, on the rise, – there is nothing that can stop you from achieving the success you’ve always wanted.

Dreaming of a Giraffe in the Water

To see a giraffe standing in a lake or a pond in your dream signifies unrealistic expectations of the future or stubbornness in the face of changes. The dream advises that you “go with the flow” and become a bit more flexible about your actions in the real world. Do not remain persistent on tasks that really seems like they are taking you nowhere.

Seeing a giraffe in water should act as a warning that the only one responsible for your own happiness is yourself – it is now time to accept your mistakes and shortcoming and not budge too much over insignificant details.