Frog as Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are guardian deities in an animal form. The knowledge about their presence and ways how to connect to them – goes way back to time immemorial. Shamans were aware of the special abilities of spirit animals. These deities helped and guided their “hosts” like companions, advisors, or teachers.

Finding out how you can find your power animal and how it can support and accompany you with its abilities – is very important, because their energies will provide the greatest support when you are faced with a hard or depressive phase in life.

Through spiritual communication with your power animal, you can better recognize yourself and balance all the healing processes in your life. It is important to know that there are two types of power animals that might be considered as your guardian deities. You might be connected to a spirit animal that reflects your personality and accompanies you throughout your life. It has a deep personal relationship with you. Or you might feel even more deeply connected to a power animal that only supports you as a helper for a certain time or in certain situations, such as illnesses or short periods of sadness. They usually have less of a personal connection to the people they help and focus more on exchanging their crystal-clear energies, rather than emotions.

In old spiritual traditions, if a person did not have a connection to their spirit animal, it was considered an abnormal happening. Because the only way you could see what your mission is in this life and how you can comprehend your deep feelings and visions – was only possible with the help of your guardian spirit animal.

Your spirit animal is a being in animal form that has an important role in connecting you to the spiritual world. When you undergo a special transformative period, power animals serve as mediators to guide you through this process unhindered.

It is noteworthy to mention that each spirit animal has its characteristics and personality type.
In this article, you will find out all the helpful sides of the frog spirit animal energy and ways how to connect to this specific guardian deity.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Frog as Spirit Animal

The frog as a spirit animal encourages our mind to try new approaches and engage in new possibilities, and shape a whole new attitude towards life even. Its energy is driven by transformation – the power of the spirit animal frog changes our lives for the better.

The frog spirit animal can be connected not only to water but also to earth – and these two powerful elements are symbols of the frog spirit animal. The frog as a spirit animal is known for its diverse abilities to adapt to new surroundings. Above all, the frog is characterized by rather smooth approaches to maneuvering in harsh environments. Naturally, the frog is born in the water, and only through metamorphosis, when it loses its tail and fully develops its limbs, the land becomes its second habitat. This transformation also aligns well with frog spirit energy – its ability to mix well in a different social setting. Frogs are found almost everywhere in the world. They are cold-blooded animals, which means their body temperature adapts to their environment. When it’s cold, they slow down their metabolism – so they can conserve energy; When it’s warm, they recharge their batteries and become more agile again. This list of their diverse abilities showcases that the power of a spirit animal frog can be endless. But just as the frog has to get rid of it its tail to finally discover the land, the frog as a spirit animal also emphasizes the need to let go of unwanted energies and emotional baggage and thus advance to unseen horizons.
Only when we are at peace with ourselves and there is nothing that holds us back emotionally, we can advance further.

Characteristics and Personality

In Asia, the frog is a symbol of luck and prosperity. It is a sign of fertility, which is also inherent in the frog as the spirit animal. The frog encourages us to jump off and explore the possibilities the world offers us. Its philosophy focuses on this narrative: By purifying our thoughts and feelings, we can regain the inner peace we desire so much.

Frog spirit animal encourages going through a metamorphosis and their energy pushes us forward in life. In this way, the frog spirit animal helps us to change, gain a new perspective on things, and free ourselves from the shackles of everyday mundane life that hinders the way of progress. Among the Celts, the frog often accompanied healers and shamans as a power animal. Its energy strengthens the sensations and provides the space for hidden powers. With the spirit animal frog, you can give your own life new meaning.

Frog as a spirit animal symbolizes:

  • Change
  • Encouragement
  • Grounding
  • Flexibility

Frog Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Potential – Frog spirit animal is all about unleashing your inner potential and thriving towards your aims and aspirations, without putting on a fake façade and losing inner balance. Sometimes it takes us a lot of time to find our true talents and discover the things we are good at. Frog spirit animal encourages us to try different things, engage in diverse opportunities, create and inspire others.

Encouraging – The frog as a spirit animal is full of supportive energy. Whenever going through a hard time or complicated situation, you can always count on your frog guardian animal. The energy they transmit to us is always uplifting and it gives us the strength to move forward – and also encourages us to cheer for our friends and family to do the same.

Flexibility – frog spirit animal is the most powerful deity when it comes to flexibility. Their ability to maneuver through unknown realms and charm others without even trying too hard – is outstanding. They can change according to their surroundings, without actually betraying their virtues and beliefs.

Frog Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Impulsive – frogs as spirit animals tend to be a bit impulsive. Controlling its temper is always a hard task for a frog spirit animal. Throughout their life people who are connected to this guardian deity, suppress their emotions in specific environments, to navigate better with strangers and unknown surroundings. That’s why sometimes they find it hard to keep bottling up their emotions and as soon as they find an opportunity or a safe space – they unload their suppressed feelings and this might make them look like they are impulsive.

Anxious – sometimes frog spirit animal tends to lose inner balance and overthink every possible detail. As they prefer calm and peaceful spaces, they avoid all types of confrontations because these spiritual beings are sensitive to negative energies. They want to make everything perfect and they end up being anxious about things that are not usually worth being worried about.

Frog as Animal Totem

With the help of the animal totems, shamans could enter other worlds and spiritual realms. Which power does totem support – differ within the different cultures. In some shamanic rituals, the power of the frog totem was used to expand consciousness. The strong energy of this spiritual object made it easier for the shaman to cross the borders of the physical world and enter the divine spaces. Among the totem animals, the frog totem is one of those that enable both shamans and other spiritual practitioners to gain a new perspective with the help of their sacral energy. The frog animal totem helps to let go of emotional baggage and feel free again.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Frog for Help?

To find out which power animal is accompanying you in the current phase of life, meditating before falling asleep – might be very helpful. Calling your spirit animal through meditation works during falling asleep or being in a very comfortable space.
Try to relax your body and mind. Don’t think of anything, just focus on your breathing. Now imagine that you are standing in the middle of a beautiful forest. The atmosphere is serene and you feel very calm.
Suddenly you hear a noise coming from a distance and when you look where these sounds are coming from, you will see a specific animal emerging from the woods and nearing you. Try to visualize your spirit animal as clear as you can. Practicing this form of meditation and remembering little characteristics of your guardian deity – will make it much easier for you to feel deeply connected to your power animal.

How Does a Frog Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

Usually, spirit animals are assigned to us from birth. Their presence is always easy to comprehend, as soon as you open your heart and mind to receive the signs from the universe. People who are into spiritual practices, often find it much easier to connect to their guardian animals and call them when in need.

One of the methods of discovering your spirit animal is – observation. Usually, these deities show themselves in the form of repetitive signs in our everyday life. For example: seeing a frog symbolism too often, or having strange dreams about frogs since childhood, might be an indicator that your spirit animal is trying to reach out to you.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

There are different methods concerning understanding the massage of your power animal. Usually, our guardian spirits communicate with us through dreams, and it is known that there are no language or interactive barriers in dreams. We can connect with everyone and everything in our dreams.

If it’s hard for you to understand what your spirit animal is trying to convey to you, you can seek the help of an experienced spiritual practitioner.

But remember, as soon as you prepare your heart to understand foreign massages received from the universe – nothing will be impossible.

Meaning of Frog in Dreams

If you catch a frog in a dream – you should pay attention to your health and wellbeing, otherwise, you might catch the flu or fall into some short period of sickness.
A frog on grass means finding a good and kind friend soon – who will be a great secret keeper and a good advisor.
Seeing a large frog promises individuals to engage in a relationship from which they will benefit a lot emotionally and financially even.
If you eat a frog in a dream – unexpected happiness will knock on your door soon.
A frog sitting in a swamp means an upcoming misfortune you will overcome with kindness and with the help of close friends.
The frog’s loud croaks predict a quick spontaneous trip with friends, though this trip will not bring you joy, because it will be too hectic to your liking.

Meaning of Frog in Various Mythologies

In ancient Egypt, the deity Heket was part of ancient mythology. She is often depicted with a frog face. In the Old Testament, too, the frog plague was one of the ten plagues that afflicted the Egyptians. In Egyptian mythology, the frog was an important symbol of balance, fertility, and the strong lifeline of the Egyptians.

The frog also appears in Asian mythology. In the beliefs of Asian cultures, the frog stands for happiness and good luck. In front of many shops in China, visitors will find the frog as a symbol of prosperity, which is represented with money, gold, or coins in its mouth. According to Feng Shui, the frog that sits in the entrance facing the indoors – will bring happiness and financial luck to the family. The coin that is held by this frog miniature, must not be removed from the mouth under any circumstances, as this is considered as a stroke of bad luck that promises poverty.

In European mythology, the frog was originally considered a symbol of fertility. Later, however, the frog stood for black magic. Christian mythology associates the frog with bad luck and impurity. In the Bible, too, the frog is primarily used with a negative connotation.