Puma as Spirit Animal

Known as the mountain lion, the puma belongs to the large cat species mainly native to America. They have about 40 nicknames including cougar, catamount, panther, red lion, and American lion. They are recognized for their unique hunting skills and the speed at which they run. The puma can climb trees and swim skillfully when needed. They are opportunistic hunters who prefer to hide in treetops to trap and kill their prey. They often take refuge in trees when chased by predators.

Pumas are not the mammals you get to see every day. If this animal is coming in your dreams, catching your attention randomly through various ways like documentaries, videos, magazines, pictures, or any other way, it’s a sign the animal is trying to convey a message to you. If you find special interest in this animal and have also noticed many similarities between you and the puma, then the puma is your spirit animal.

Characteristics and Personality

Pumas survive on a variety of prey from small rodents to large predators. They are willing to hunt anything. The big cat is highly adaptive and can live in a wide variety of habitats like rocky mountains, forests, deserts, and prairies. They can withstand harsh weather conditions pretty well.

They like to hunt and live alone and only come in contact with other pumas during the time of breeding. The mammal is intelligent and avoids contact with humans. They are the ambush predators who stalk their prey by hiding or drawing close before striking. They run very fast with their flexible spine allowing them to reach at a speed of 64-80 km/h.

People with puma as their spirit animal are smart, intelligent, and opportunistic. They are highly adaptive to any situation and possess a great level of patience. They are fearless, strong, and dynamic. Puma-spirited individuals are solitary lovers. They like to avoid crowds and unnecessary social interactions. People with puma spirit are excellent observant and have high visions for life.

Puma Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Puma as your spirit animal helps you to find your inner ferocity and psychic awareness. Take a look at the positive traits of the puma spirit to know more about your true self.

  • Adaptability
  • Opportunistic
  • Intuitive
  • Intelligence
  • Courage
  • Independence
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Observant
  • Leadership
  • Protective


As a puma-spirited individual, you can adjust to any situation whether it is a new place, new people, or any challenging circumstances. You have a unique poise and charm to handle adverse situations with ease that works to your advantage. You are always ready to accept change and embrace new possibilities along the way.


Pumas are sharp and intuitive. They are not visible easily. They walk in dense bush, shrubs, treetops, and tall grass and hide behind them while stalking their prey.

As a puma-spirited individual, you work hard and keep a silent eye on the opportunities around you. You wait for the right moment patiently and pounce on the appropriate opportunity. If you are unable to see any possibilities ahead and feel stagnant, meditate on your puma spirit animal to give you the vision to find new possibilities and connections.


Puma spirit animal supports your psychic instincts and mystical self. It brings inner fortitude on your path of spirituality. It gives you the intuition to listen to your inner voice and helps to make the right choice in the moment of conflict and uncertainty. Puma helps you to walk on the path of patience, wisdom, and righteousness without ignoring the wild self which drives the gut instinct.


Puma as your spirit animal provides you with wisdom and self-knowledge. It gives you the ability to utilize your intelligence and intuition in the right way. As a puma-spirited person, you highly revere knowledge over anything else in life. People see you as a ray of hope and may seek advice from you in the moment of distress. You are seen as a wise person in the group. If you are seeking an answer, meditate on your puma spirit animal for higher consciousness and realization.


Puma as your spirit animal infuses you with strength and courage when you are surrounded by self-doubt, hopelessness, and uncertainty. The mountain lion can cover an impressively long horizontal jump covering approx. 20-40 feet. The puma energy inspires you to take the leap of faith and face your fears with an unfaltering spirit.


Pumas are secretive and solitary creatures. They walk, hunt, and live alone except at the time of breeding. If puma is your spirit animal, it helps you to be bold and self-reliant. It drives you to have a firm belief in yourself and fight your battles with a valiant attitude. You do not depend on anyone for emotional support. You like to explore and experience things in your unique way.


As your spirit animal, puma brings harmony and certainty when life is full of chaos and restlessness. It gives you greater control over your energy. It helps you to walk a balanced life between assertiveness and gentleness. The puma energy helps you to remain calm and stable when life challenges you. It drives you to have a firm conviction and helps to maintain emotional balance while dealing with many difficult situations in life.


If puma is your birth totem, it gives you the power and robustness to believe in your abilities. The moment when you start doubting your knowledge and expertise, seek guidance from your spirit animal to give you the ability to withstand or overcome any adverse situations of life. Puma as your spirit guide inspires you to have a determined identity and toughness to face any unwanted circumstances of life.


Puma-spirited individuals are born with the gift to move silently. Just like the mammal, you maintain a subtle movement without making people aware of your thoughts and actions. You like to avoid unnecessary attention and don’t like to show yourself off. You are an excellent listener and observer which help you to be able to notice things that other people may overlook. As a puma soul, you do not seek assistance from others and solely rely on your competency and watchfulness.


If puma is your birth totem, you are a natural leader who inspires everyone around them. People may perceive you as larger than life when you demonstrate your expertise and communicate effectively. You know how to value and appreciate each member in your group and how to keep the unity stronger and unshakable. The puma energy inspires you to stand tall and lead the pack from the front, and take any criticism positively.


Puma as your animal totem gives you the protective instinct and helps to identify any negative forces around you. As a puma soul, you are highly protective of yourself and your loved ones. You take every possible measure to shield your people from any threat or anything negative. You are the pillar of strength for your family members and close ones.

Puma Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are some of the negative energies that puma-spirited individuals need to be careful of –

  • Loneliness
  • Secretive
  • Impulsive


Pumas are quiet, elusive, and like to remain alone. Puma-spirited persons can’t tolerate unnecessary dramas or tantrums. They gradually withdraw themselves from situations that do not serve their betterment. However, at times they can be a bit too self-absorbed which might create problems in their social relationships.

Try to maintain a balance between your social and personal life. Do take time to reflect on yourself and spend as much time as possible to know your best self, but also try to maintain connections with people who are good for your emotional health and professional life.


Puma-spirited persons are very secretive and don’t reveal themselves easily. This might create a wrong impression at your workplace or any place where your contribution as an active member is necessary. Just like the puma, try to be reserved until you get your opportunity to pounce. Make sure your introverted nature does not cost you the long-waited opportunities for which you might be waiting for a long time.


Puma-spirited people may become highly agitated if things do not go in their way. They may feel restless if situations do not go according to their plan. Try to practice deep breathing and meditation regularly to keep your emotions in check. It will help you to be mindful and will assist to develop self-awareness.

Puma as an Animal Totem

Puma as an animal totem signifies power, instinct, and self-consciousness. It helps to rise above your worry and expand your mind to connect with the universal consciousness. When puma as your spirit animal walks into your life, you start radiating a new level of confidence to achieve the things that you want.

It helps you grow and become a skillful leader in the field you are choosing. You become a powerful observer and push yourself to your limits. It makes you aware of your unlimited potential to be the best version of yourself.

Dream Interpretation of Puma Spirit Animal

When the puma spirit animal comes into your dream, it gives you the insight that you have an incredible amount of strength to climb new heights and perspectives of life. It gives you hints and messages through your dreams to help you identify what’s going on in your subconscious mind. Although, depending on the person’s mental state, dreams can indicate different possibilities in life.

If you saw a mountain lion walking peacefully on the horizon, it means you are confident and have a strong vision of life.

If the puma animal is trying to attack and you are unable to call for help, it means you have been feeling helpless in your waking life and unable to see any solution.

If the puma is chasing you in your dream, it hints at some hidden anxiety or any stressful situation that you are running away from. It shows you are avoiding facing certain challenges or fears in your life.

If you saw a mountain lion hiding in the bushes and waiting for its prey to come forward, it indicates you are patiently waiting for the right moment or the right opportunity to show up.

If the mountain lion is avoiding being seen and trying hard to remain hidden in the wild, it hints that you want to stay alone and do not want to communicate with anyone at the moment.

If you have killed the puma in your dream, it refers to a loss of freedom or some possession. If the puma was trying to kill you and instead you killed the mammal, it means you have been successful in overcoming certain obstacles or fears in life.

If you saw the mountain lion roaming inside your house, and it does not harm you; this indicates your ability to explore the power of your inner self and face your hidden fears.

Mythological Significance of Puma Spirit Animal

The mountain lion is highly revered due to its innate awareness and high observation skills according to the Native American belief. Cougar as the spirit animal brings stability, intelligence, and great prowess to one’s life. In some folklore, the puma as the spirit animal is associated with witchcraft and hunting medicine. It is a very sacred figure for the Hopi tribe. The mountain lion is believed to be the guardian of the tribe. The animal is regarded as the greatest hunter and the most fearless animal, to whom Hopis look for guidance and protection during times of conflict and danger.

According to Inca mythology, there is a god of creation known as ‘Viracocha’ who is believed to have created the entire universe, and humans. He used to be worshipped as the deity wearing the sun as the crown, with thunderbolts in his hands to destroy all the evil, and tears coming down from his eyes as rain. It is believed that Viracocha eventually disappeared into the pacific ocean, and was never seen since then. According to some other myth, the deity rose from Lake Titicaca during the time of darkness to bring a ray of hope back into the world.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect with You

The mountain lion or the puma represents the protective powers of your soul to stand strong in every stage of your life. When the cougar as your spirit animal walks into your path, you start noticing significant changes in yourself and start becoming more agile and adaptable. It helps you to take the leap of faith and discover new opportunities and possibilities that life has to offer.

If you are trying to connect with your spirit animal, be more observant and be aware of your surroundings. Look for signs and symbols. If you dreamt of the mountain lion, try to decipher the meaning of your dream. Dive deep into your subconscious mind by practicing deep meditation. Meditation helps the mind to calm down and brings it to a tranquil state free from all the regular turbulence of thoughts. This way you can develop a deep sense of awareness and inner stability to communicate with your spirit animal.

Summon the puma spirit animal to infuse you with strength and courage to overcome the obstacles of life. Meditate on the puma energy to teach you the stealth of purpose and harness your potential for the abundant good of yourself.