Antelope in savanah

Antelope Basic Dream Meaning

Seeing an antelope in a dream can be a comforting image depending on the individual seeing it. Seeing such a creature in a dream can be representative of our subconscious mind leaking into our dream state. It is an easy way to make out our emotions and have a better understand of the situations we are going through. It is a positive thing to reflect on your dream state and wishing to understand why things may appear to us in our dreams. Often the things that appear in our dreams are there for a reason. They are also powerful symbols that can give us direction in our next steps and can even be used to avoid negative situations.

Seeing an Antelope in a Dream

To see an antelope in a dream means that you possess admirable qualities much like the antelope does. You have grace when it comes to difficult choices, speed in making these choices and a desire to help others. You are a logical thinker at heart and thrive in stressful environments. Pressure does not break you; it makes you stronger. An antelope symbolizes the awakening of your personal spirit and your spiritual mind. You need to open your heart so you can let others see your vulnerability. You are always on the move and do not reflect as much as you should be.

Seeing an Antelope Drink From a Pond

Often antelopes drinking water in your dream are a good sign due to their natural shyness in the wild. They are not predatory creatures therefore their presence should not concern you. They symbolize good luck and good news that is on the horizon. However, it is ultimately up to you to use that luck to your advantage so that it is not wasted.

The drinking antelope symbolizes an opportunity to better your position in your life. You could prosper greatly if you make the right decisions from here on out. Use this dream as a sign that any opportunity from now on should not be taken lightly, great fortune could come into your life and depending on your situation it could completely change your life. As well as changing the lives of those inside your circle.

Killing an Antelope in a Dream

Dreaming about killing an antelope can be a warning sign from your subconscious. It is a warning about potential threats to your health that lie in your path. Serious illness or a medical related problem is related to having a dream about killing a antelope. Since antelopes often represent good luck, if you kill one in a dream it means that you are killing your own luck.

Leading you to a unavoidable tragedy. It is entirely possible that you feel guilt over a past event or decision that you have come to regret hence why you may be having this dream. That decisions should be attempted to be rectified if you can. This has affected your mind from the time that it occurred.

Seeing an Antelope Killed in a Dream

Dreaming of someone else killing an antelope in your dreams may signal to your unconditional devotion to someone in your life. Someone who is undeserving of this devotion. You are looking at this person with rose tinted glasses, you do not wish to see who they truly are because of your connection. This person will cause destruction if you keep them in your life. They cannot be trusted with your secrets so do not share them with them.

Remind yourself it is not because of your softness towards them that you have become a victim of their manipulation, they alone are to blame for their actions.

Feeding an Antelope in a Dream

Dreaming of feeding an antelope can represent your hard work and your developed abilities will soon be recognized. Lately, you have been feeling down because of all your efforts have been unrecognized by those you wish to impress. It has been weighing on your mind because of all the bottle up frustration you have been keeping inside. This is going to change as soon as you see this dream, remain optimistic because change is coming your way. You may have considered changing jobs due to this lack of gratitude for your hard work. Biting your tongue has come in handy however because you are about to be rewarded with the possibility of a promotion or a well-paying project.

Feeding an antelope could also be a sign of self-trust and self-reliance. You have had to take care of yourself for so long and now it is time to reward yourself for all of your efforts. Take time for yourself more often because you have been neglecting self-care as of late. This will help improve your mindset and mental state.

Riding an Antelope in a Dream

To ride an antelope in a dream means to experience hiccups in the near distant future. You will come between other fights and problems. However, keep in mind that these are fleeting moments in time. This can be stressful but you can think on your feet. Which you can use to your advantage in this situation. Do not hope or search for reconciliation as this may be a fruitless expedition.

You need to remain focused on your journey and not get between others in hopes of being the middle ground for their problems. You cannot always fix others and you cannot always help them either. Sometimes it is better to let them go and figure it out. After all, this may help them learn more about themselves.

To Be Attacked by an Antelope in a Dream

This can be a frightful experience, dreaming of being attacked by a wild animal. However, it is not often that antelopes attack because usually, they are the prey. This has deep meaning due to their prey nature.

Dreaming of being attacked by such a shy natured animal is a negative sign. This may mean you are going to have a bad experience with a supervisor or a mentor of some kind shortly. The root cause of this argument will be their ignorance and flippant behavior towards your hard work.

Seeing Someone Attack an Antelope in a Dream

Additionally, if you witness an antelope attacking someone else in a dream this symbolizes that your friend and partner will come to disappoint you shortly. They may be disappointed in a life choice that you have decided to make whether they express it outright or not. Pay them no mind as this individual may be known as a judgmental individual. You have not previously paid them any mind so there is no reason to start now. This is a waste of time to listen to someone undeserving of your attention. Continue on your path as you know the way.

Having Dream About Antelope Horns

Seeing a antelope horns can represent your faith and your devotion to God. You feel close to him when you have this dream. You are a true believer and he can recognize this devotion. Your faith is deeply ingrained into you and it affects you so much that appears in your dream state.

You may have been feeling alone lately, this is a signal from the divine realm that your loneliness is a sign of your capability of standing alone in your faith. You will reconnect with others after you first connect with God. Many cultures have used antelope horns for medical purposes as they believed was the center for magical powers.

Seeing a White Antelope in a Dream

Witnessing a white antelope in the wild is a particular species of antelope known as the Addax AKA the screw horn antelope. This particular species is native to the Sahara Desert. Seeing this type of antelope is a good omen as they are animals known for their adaptability to harsh conditions. If you see this animal you are also adaptable to harsh conditions, you thrive in pressure. You can sacrifice if need be it means getting ahead.

Seeing a Blue Antelope

This energy is important as it propels you forward in your own journey. These people rely on you as you rely on them. Consider telling them how much they mean to you as this is always nice to hear and will strengthen your bond with them. You may receive kind words back. Surrounding yourself with the right people creates an indestructible system of support. You may enter hardships but this will not isolate or affect you as much as it would others due to the people around you.

Seeing a Black Antelope in a Dream

Seeing a black colored animal is often associated with evil natured events or unfortunate events. This is not the case with the black antelope. As discussed previously, antelope are shy natured animals and do not wish any harm upon the beholder even in a dream state. A black antelope appearing in your dream can be a symbol of peace and stability. This appearance may come at a time where you do not feel these emotions however, this peace is about to come into your life. Especially if you have experience hardship lately, this creature is a sign that it is about to change.

Seeing a Red Antelope

Seeing a red antelope is a sign that you need to remain positive and be optimistic because better times are ahead. Your hard work is going to pay off and you’ll find deep peace when you are finally recognized for your talents. This peace will fulfil you in ways you have not to known, keep your head high. Look to your future and forward on your path as this is the most important thing in your life right now. Achieving your goals and getting to your destination is imperative.

Seeing a Group of Antelopes in a Dream

Seeing a group of antelopes in the wild can be an amazing experience and seeing them in your dreams can evoke the same emotional response. You may be wondering what seeing this in your dream state means. This can often symbolize togetherness and teamwork. Antelopes rely on each other for survival much as humans do. They watch out for each other in times of vulnerability as do the people in your circle. Seeing this means you have the right people around you either in your workplace or your friendship circle. You have made the right choices in keeping these individuals around as their energy positively affects yours.

Spiritual Symbology of the Antelope

An antelope is a majestic creature which are native to various regions in the world such as particular parts of Africa. They are often considered easy prey to predators like leopards, cheetahs and lions to name a few. They can vary in size and color making each sub species unique and distinctive. In African Mythology, Satis who was the goddess of War had the antelope as her symbol. Her modern depiction regularly includes the crown of Upper Egypt which has Antelope horns on it. Satis according to African mythology, could shapeshift into an antelope at will.


If any of your dreams contain an antelope, you need to be aware of your energy and the opportunities that are presenting themselves. This dream is encouraging you to go for them but be mindful of your tendency to make quick decisions without much thought. This can seriously affect the outcome of the decision and can greatly affect your life as a whole. Antelope dream imagery can also mean that you are looking at something without giving it proper thought and attention. You are not thinking about this decision enough to be moving forward with it.

Don’t spread your attention thin as you will need to focus from now on. Important decisions need to be made and you have people relying on you to make the right ones. Relax and take guidance from those you trust in your circle. Good luck will come to you if you remain optimistic.