Bluejay as Spirit Animal

Blue Jays are the beauty of the backyard. Many of us are bird lovers and we love Blue Jays around our house seeking peanuts. Spotting this beautiful bird in your garden or backyard while enjoying your morning coffee is such a wonderful way to start your day.

If you love to observe them or have a fondness for photographing them, you may know how graceful, active, and intelligent they are as birds. Be it a nice summer morning, or a cozy winter day; the sight of a single Blue Jay or a bunch of Blue Jays can make anyone’s day brighter.

If you have always held a great fondness for this bird, you love Blue Jay’s smartness and bravery, you have always felt as if you can understand their intricate chatter, and you find yourself having certain similar qualities like the Blue Jays; then the Blue Jay is in your spirit. As spirit animals, they can communicate with you through everyday appearance, frequent dreams, pictures, arts, or through various signs and symbols in nature.

Meaning and Symbolism of Blue Jay as a Spirit Animal

The beautiful black, blue, and white combination of the Blue Jays creates such a soothing experience for the eyes. The sky blue of the bird signifies space, tranquillity, freedom, faith, loyalty, and confidence.

Blue Jays are the spirit animal that symbolizes strength, solidarity, and patience. They are brave and curious. They are smart enough to find their peanuts. As a Blue Jay-spirited person, you are determined to overcome any obstacles.

You love to communicate with people and you are pretty good at it. Blue Jays are also the emblem of opportunity to seek new possibilities in life. The bird is smart and witty and so are you.

Significance of Finding Blue Jay Feathers

Blue Jay feathers are stunningly attractive and can make one think what a beautiful creation of God. The feathers are not blue in real, they are pale and greyish. The sun’s reflection on tiny microscopic structures on the feather creates the pleasing blue pigmentation.

Ancient American tribes considered the Blue Jay feathers as sacred. They used to paint their bodies with the crushed Blue Jay feathers as an animal totem to bring them luck and victory.

Finding a Blue Jay feather indicates hope and positivity. It also refers to the healing of your body, mind, and spirit. The feathers are associated with finding new opportunities and the purpose of life. It may also signify that you need to hold on to your dreams and have patience.

The adorable feathers are the bearer of good luck and fortune. In short, Blue Jay’s feathers indicate good things are on the way.

Characteristics and Personality

Blue Jays always create a feeling of joy, hope, and optimism in mind. Watching them use their cleverness to grab their peanuts on a quiet sunny morning can be very entertaining. You will never get bored watching them. Those who have Blue Jay as their spirit animal have interesting personalities which are positive as well as negative. Let’s take a look at the traits of a Blue Jay spirit.

Blue Jay Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Below are the major positive characteristics that Blue Jay spirited people hold –

  • Curiosity
  • Opportunity
  • Communication
  • Optimism
  • Cleverness
  • Active
  • Courage
  • Protection
  • Faithfulness
  • Happiness


Blue Jays are always curious about anything bright and shiny. They are always hopping from one place to the other in search of peanuts, walnuts, and other small pieces of stuff. They give an impression as if they are investigating something important.

If Blue Jay is your spirit animal, you are a curious person by nature. You like to question things and look for discoveries. Blue Jay people are full of trivia and they can talk about anything. As a person, Blue Jay people are highly interesting and full of vibes.


As a Blue Jay spirit, looking for new options and possibilities is in your nature. Blue Jays can skillfully hunt and find out their regular bird feeders. They don’t create their nest just anywhere, rather they look for functional places from thick deciduous branches to old mailboxes.

The Blue Jay spirit in you will help you to have the skills, knowledge, and smartness to look for the right opportunity and grab them at the right moment.


Blue Jays have expertise in mimicking human voices and Red Tail Hawks. If you have impressive quality of mimicking others, you know why is it so. As a Blue Jay-spirited individual, you love to communicate and bond with other people. You are very lively, easy to talk and have that positive aura that makes people connect with you easily. You are that Blue Jay in human form who loves to chatter and spread joy.


Blue Jays are one of those wonderful birds who create a sense of joy and happiness whenever anyone notices them. They are known as the symbol of hope and cheerfulness.

If you are feeling stuck in life and see no way ahead, summon the Blue Jay spirit in you and remind yourself of your true nature. As a Blue Jay spirit, you like to bring hope and confidence in people who are feeling low and doubtful. You are someone who is born to be the ray of hope for others.


You might have noticed how witty and tactful the Blue Jays can be in grabbing their favorite food from the bird feeders or any other place. It’s amazing to watch their trickiness. Needless to say, Blue Jays are smart, focused, and clever and so are you. Don’t forget to use your intelligence when dealing with complex situations in life.


Blue Jays are very active, energetic, and mobile. As a Blue Jay person, you are a person of action and known to prioritize your objectives and accomplish them. You do not like to waste time. You are someone who dislikes laziness and sitting idle. You like to keep that energy moving and dynamic. This quality helps you to set clear goals and be highly productive.


The Blue Jay spirit animal makes you bold and courageous. You don’t like to surrender. You have the strength and agility to face your fears and overcome any obstacles in life. Like the bird, you are born to fly and be valiant in your quest.


Blue Jays are known to abandon their nest if they sense any predators or any sort of danger. If Blue Jay is in your spirit, you are a pretty fierce defender and highly protective towards your loved ones. You can do anything to protect your family and your dear ones.


Blue Jay spirited individuals are known for their loyalty and faithfulness. As a Blue Jay soul, you are the symbol of patience, solidarity, and strength. Blue Jay persons can maintain long-lasting bonds with people close to their hearts. They are trustworthy, reliable, and serious when it comes to maintaining their relationships with others.


People love to be around Blue Jay souls. If you are the Blue Jay spirit, you know how to uplift others and ease their moods. You are the bird who spreads joy, happiness, and ecstasy through your distinct chatter.

You are the individual the world needs when everything is in chaos and life seems dark and hopeless. Remember the true spirit inside you and don’t forget to call out your spirit guide when you need the joy and happiness in your own life.

Blue Jay Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Blue Jays have many positive qualities to admire, however, they have few positive energies which need to be channelized in the right way to avoid mental and spiritual disruption. Below are the few negative traits the Blue Jay persons need to be aware of.

  • Noisy
  • Egoistic
  • Possessiveness


Blue Jays are known to make a variety of sounds like loud jeering sounds, whistled sounds, gurgling sounds, hawk sounds, and many other sounds. While chirping sound is soothing, they screech loudly to communicate with other fellow birds to alert about predators, greet their neighbors, or hunt for their foods.

As a Blue Jay spirit, you may not be noisy by voice but may tend to create fuss and noise about things in life. You may also have a restless mind. Meditate and practice deep breathing to pacify the agitated mind.


Blue Jay persons are strong communicators. They are confident, lively, and social by nature. At times, they might be arrogant and egoistic about their admirable skills. This might give a wrong impression about them. If you are a Blue Jay person, make sure to maintain a grounded and humble nature which can take you a long way.


Blue Jay individuals can be highly assertive in protecting their loved ones. They can be overprotective and hurt other people emotionally in the process. If Blue Jay is in your spirit, remember to invoke your loving and joyful nature. You can deal with situations with patience and you can empathize with people.

Blue Jay as an Animal Totem

Blue Jay as your birth totem refers to your confident core. You can easily communicate your needs and express yourself without any hesitation. You love to explore mystical aspects of life. You earn people’s respect quite easily through your loving and independent nature.

Blue Jay is your greatest ally to get going when you feel like giving up on your quest. Shamans believed Blue Jays represent pride and opportunity. Blue Jays remind us to honor and be grateful for our intellect and wisdom.

Times When You Need to Summon the Blue Jay Spirit Animal

  • You have low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.
  • You are seeking new opportunities and trying to be creative.
  • You need power and wisdom to move ahead.
  • You need to improve your communication skills.
  • You need to be witty and smart to deal with a situation.
  • You need the strength to overcome any sort of obstacle.
  • You need courage and boldness to face the fear.
  • You need protection or need to protect others from anything negative.
  • You need to channel your true energy of joy and happiness.
  • You need to remove procrastination and laziness.
  • You need to control the mind’s restlessness.
  • You need the awareness to be humble and grounded in nature.
  • You need to maintain and protect your relationships with your loved ones.

Dream Interpretation of Blue Jay

Blue Jays in dreams convey a vast range of possibilities including higher spiritual messages. We often overlook the insight that the dreams are trying to show.

If a Blue Jay bangs on your window and eats foods from the bird feeder in your dream, it can indicate that you need to bang your opportunities and communicate well to be heard by others.

If you dream of a Blue Jay flying around you, it implies that you need to communicate with people with whom you have not spoken for a while.

Dreaming of a Blue Jay singing and you are enjoying the sound indicates that you can express yourself confidently and people love to be around you.

Dreaming of a Blue Jay singing, flying, and chattering freely with other birds can imply your free-flowing vibe. It can also indicate spiritual awakening.

Seeing Blue Jay feathers in your dream is a warning sign that you need to trust people wisely.

Dreaming of a Blue Jay around your house but hesitating to come near your bird feeder can mean that you need to break the barrier, face your fears, and express and communicate freely with others.

Mythological Significance of Blue Jay

Native Americans look at the bird as tricksters. They used to consider Blue Jays as noisy, arrogant, and selfish birds. They associated Blue Jays with bad omen. Seeing Blue Jays around the house meant that some people might be jealous and trying to cause trouble.

According to Christian symbolism, spotting a Blue Jay around you implies good luck and optimism. It meant some good news are on the way. It also meant to have faith and determination in oneself and not to give up on dreams.

Celtic people considered oak trees as sacred plants. Blue Jays often settle their nest on the oak trees. Ancient Celtic tribes believed that Blue Jays helped in reviving the oak trees by spreading the seeds. They referred to the Blue Jays as the mark of sustenance.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

Take time to reflect on yourself and find out if you have any similar characteristics like the Blue Jays. Have you ever wondered while observing Blue Jays in your backyard that you are the bird in human form? Then, you have the Blue Jay in your soul. You might have wondered that their actions, chattering, and cleverness represent you in some ways. Well, nobody knows you better than you.

When you feel like you need to reclaim your power and strength, close your eyes, be calm and meditate on your spirit animal. Look for signs and symbols in nature and around you to identify any clue that your spirit animal might be sending you.

Blue Jay invokes courage, tenacity, resourcefulness, communication, and surviving skills. Summon the Blue Jay spirit animal in you and discover your true self.