Cheetah as Spirit Animal

Cheetahs are revered for one particular quality – speed. They are the fastest animal on land. So fast that they can accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 3 seconds. The big cats can even turn in mid-air while running. A cheetah can easily outrun a sports car with its speed reaching 112 km per hour in just a few seconds. Many of us find this animal extremely fascinating. They are the most iconic photogenic wild beasts. They always look mesmerizing and fearless when captured from any angle.

Do you feel a strong connection to this animal? Do you often dream of cheetahs? Do you feel strong emotion when you notice them on TV, magazine, art, books, or any other way possible? Do you feel the mammal’s traits are very similar to your nature? If you are naturally drawn to the cheetahs and can sense a deep relevance with them, then the cheetah is your spirit animal.

Characteristics and Personality

Cheetah as the spirit animal symbolizes speed, agility, and self-confidence. You are a quick action taker. When the cheetah as your spirit animal glides in your path, it helps you to take the right decision and overcome any kind of obstacles that may come in your way. You become highly focused, persistent, and a go-getter. The cheetah energy helps you to be independent, fierce, and powerful.

Cheetah Spirit Animal Positive Powers

When cheetah as your power animal chooses you, it brings positive changes, confidence, optimism, and success. Cheetah as the spirit guide energizes the person with notable positive traits which are as follows –

  • Focus
  • Speed
  • Intuition
  • Determination
  • Patience
  • Opportunity
  • Curiosity
  • Adaptability
  • Elegance
  • Fearlessness
  • Independence


The cheetah has a sharp focus and intense vision. They have a wide field of viewing capacity with their high-set eyes. If a cheetah is your birth totem, you are born with sharp focus and unwavering concentrating abilities. You like to set a clear objective and vision before commencing any task.

If you feel your focus is drifting away, meditate on your cheetah spirit animal to have a steady mind to be completely mindful of whatever you aim to do.


The cheetah has a long slender body with a narrow structure and is lightweight. They have a flexible spine and long legs and tails which help them to achieve remarkable speed.

Cheetah as your spirit animal drives you to bring momentum to your life. It helps you to think, decide, and act faster. Laziness is not in your dictionary. You accomplish any given task within the timeframe and move to the next.

A swift attitude helps you to be more productive and efficient. When lethargy and procrastination surround you, summon the cheetah spirit animal to charge yourself up to go through any challenges of life with ease.


Cheetah as your birth totem helps you to trust your inner voice before anything else. It gives you the right instinct to sense any negativity or evil intention of people. It gives you the sixth sense to observe your surroundings with a calm disposition and recognize anything inappropriate that other people might miss out on.


As a cheetah-spirited individual, you are born with the strength of will and perseverance. You serve as a backbone to your family and friends. People look up to you for your firm belief and sheer determination. Once you make up your mind to work on a purpose, you give your heart and soul to achieve success.

You like to prepare a plan of action keep going no matter how challenging the situation becomes. If you feel disoriented and off-track; call on your cheetah spirit animal to provide you a sense of purpose and willpower to stay the course.


Cheetah as your power animal provides you the patience and self-restraint to endure any difficult circumstances of life. It provides you the obstinacy and tolerance to hold on to your quest till the end no matter what.


If the cheetah is your animal totem, it brings new changes and transformations in life. It helps you to recognize the hidden opportunity and right set of circumstances to connect with the right individuals. If cheetah as your spirit animal glides in your path when you are about to lose hope, do not worry, it indicates the long-awaited opportunity is on the way. Your hard work will be paid off soon.


As a cheetah-spirited individual, you value knowledge and like to question everything around you. You have a curious mind and like to discover the world as much as possible. You seek answers for everything. Things that are off-beat, mystifying, unconventional, and adventurous have always caught your attention. This curious endeavour keeps you ahead of everyone and makes you smarter.


Cheetahs are terrible tree climbers and adept swimmers. The big cats can run, climb, and swim – mostly everything that’s needed to survive in the wild. As a cheetah-spirited individual, you can adjust and adapt to any kind of environment. New place, new people, the new situation does not matter; you have the power to maintain balance, tranquillity, and a realistic outlook in any adverse situation.


It’s impossible not to get amazed by the classy appearance of the cheetahs. The mammal always sets an impression of grace and style. As a cheetah-spirited person, you know how to carry yourself with class and dignity. You have the self-confidence and charm to attract people. Your presence makes a notable difference in the crowd.

If you have self-doubt, hesitation, and uncertainty; remind yourself of your true spirit – the cheetah. Cheetahs do not impose self-sabotage on themselves, they are the definition of self-assurance, strength, bravery, and conviction.


The cheetahs are the mark of undaunted spirit and valiant nature. They are no lesser than the lion. The first thought that comes to mind after hearing the word ‘cheetah’ is fearlessness. They are not afraid of anyone in the wild.

If you feel overwhelmed by your surroundings, lose faith in yourself, or start doubting your abilities; start imagining the persona of a vibrant cheetah with sheer confidence. Meditate on your cheetah power animal. It will infuse you with unflinching courage and strength.


Cheetahs do live in a small group; however, they also thrive well when living in solidarity. They are okay to stick together, but they mostly walk alone and are not afraid of any other creature.

Cheetah as your birth totem pushes you to be self-sufficient and self-governed. It helps you to blend with everyone and remain social but reminds you to rely on yourself in the moment of emotion and spiritual crisis. It urges you to listen to your inner voice and will guide you in the right direction.

Cheetah Spirit Animal Negative Powers

The cheetah is an incredible animal with lots of positive traits to boast about. We all have positive and negative sides to ourselves. Individuals born with cheetah spirit animals are well-balanced, calm, and courageous souls. However, a lack of self-awareness can hamper their state of mental peace. Here are a few negative aspects that cheetah-spirited individuals need to be careful of –

  • Exhaustion
  • Isolation
  • Restlessness
  • Self-sabotage
  • Aggression


Cheetahs tend to exhaust energy faster than any other animals. If the cheetah is your spirit animal, you tend to lose energy frequently as you act faster and always on the go. Try to take small breaks between your work to avoid burnout. Try to incorporate healthy drinks and snacks for charging yourself if you run out of time. Sleep well and meditate regularly to keep yourself fit internally.


As a cheetah-spirited person, you tend to isolate yourself frequently. That does not mean you feel lonely or depressed, it simply means you like to reflect on yourself and spend time with yourself. However, if you are in search of opportunity and progress in life, it is imperative to socialize with the right mentors and individuals. It’s also important to invest some time in your family and close ones for your overall wellbeing. The moral is to maintain harmony in every relationship including the one with yourself.


If a cheetah is your animal totem, you like to take action and achieve a lot with minimum time. You tend to find a sense of purpose in your work. You love to plan, strategize, and execute the goals you have set for yourself.

At times, you tend to do so much that you lose clarity and the flow of work. You may become agitated and restless for not being able to accomplish the target. Schedule your tasks in mini blocks and try to take small breaks in between. This will help you to keep a track of activities and will keep you in mental peace.

Practice deep breathing and meditation regularly to keep a check on your emotions. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain a calm disposition and overall wellbeing.


At times, you might feel stuck and hopeless and may have the urge to give up on your journey. We all go through the phase where life seems to have stopped and not going anywhere. When you feel this way, it’s critical to remind yourself that difficulties and challenges always convey something important to us. Stop criticizing and hammering yourself. Be compassionate with your soul and try to accept things as they are.

Cheetah as your spirit animal helps you to pull you out of the shadow and face the light. It guides you in the right direction and helps to keep the wheel of life in motion.


As a cheetah-spirited individual, you may act impulsive and aggressive if the situation does not go according to your way. Practice deep meditation and try to have a good sleep. Practicing deep breathing every day will help you to calm your restless mind. The cheetah always remains super calm, still, and highly focused before attacking its prey. Be the cheetah to have steadiness, self-control, and presence of mind.

Cheetah as an Animal Totem

Being born under this animal totem, you are a naturally fast action taker, achiever, and highly intelligent. Cheetah as your spirit animal encourages you to awaken your hidden potential. People with cheetah as their birth totem know how to seize the opportunity faster than anyone else. They can adapt to any kind of change in life and know very well when to take decisive action. As a cheetah-spirited individual, you have a strong will and a good deal of expertise to achieve anything you want.

Times When You Need to Summon the Cheetah Spirit Animal

  • You are restless and need to focus on the given task.
  • You need to remove self-doubt and face the problem.
  • You need to summon strength, courage, and determination.
  • You feel helpless and need direction in life.
  • You are looking for new possibilities in life.
  • You need to be agile and act fast.
  • You need to have patience and persistence.
  • You need to adapt to a new phase or challenging circumstances of life.
  • You need to be bold and self-reliant.

Dream Interpretation of Cheetah Spirit Animal

If you see a cheetah in your dream, it can either be a sign of positive changes or some kind of warning. The meaning of a dream depends mostly on the psychological state of the dreamer.

If a cheetah is resting peacefully in the wild having a glance at the distance, indicates that you are happy and content with the current phase of your life. You have the vision to achieve your dreams and goals.

If you saw a cheetah attacking you, it means you have low self-esteem and you need to take a stand for yourself. You need to face the problem and stand your ground with firm conviction.

If the cheetah is chasing you in your dream, it hints that you are running away from your insecurities. Cheetah as your spirit guide is here to remind you of your highest potential and adapt to any kind of change.

If the cheetah is hunting for its prey, it means you need to be careful and pay close attention to any upcoming opportunities of life.

If you saw the cheetah is missing its prey while hunting, it means you are acting too fast or moving way more quickly. You need to bring self-restraint and focus to accomplish your target.

If the cheetah has caught its prey, it indicates that the golden opportunity is on its way for which you have been working so hard.

If you are fighting with the cheetah, it hints at some upcoming argument or conflicts with your family or your workplace.

If the cheetah is running swiftly after its prey in your dream, it shows your skilfulness and fast pace in every aspect of your life. It shows your strength and toughness to achieve anything you want.

Mythological Significance of Cheetah Spirit Animal

There is not any significant mythological context of cheetah spirit animal, however, some references can be found in African folklores. One story illustrates the cheetah as a kind-hearted soul. The tale goes something like this where the Cheetah was racing with an Antelope. While racing, the Antelope falls but the generous cheetah comes up to help the creature while God notices this act. The divine blesses the cheetah for its unmatched speed for its selfless gesture.

According to another African lore, a lazy hunter tries to steal the cubs from the mother cheetah so he could utilize their speed and fierceness to hunt for him. It is believed that the mother cub cried so much that it left traces on her face and body as stripes that were passed from one generation to another.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect with You

The best way to establish communication with your spirit animal is to meditate deeply. In the state of meditation, the mind is calm and remains free from agitation and conflicts. You get to see a better picture amidst the chaos. Also, pay attention to your dreams. That’s another way to have a look at your subconscious mind and go deeper into your awareness.

When the cheetah as your spirit animal glides into your path, it forces you to wake up from a deep slumber and take charge of your life. It provides you with sharp focus, persistence, and a big burst of energy to become successful in your endeavours. Summon the cheetah spirit animal to spot new opportunities and bring new movement to life.