Wasp as Spirit Animal

There is a natural pull in human history towards spirituality. We have always believed there is something greater than us, wiser, powerful, loving, and supportive. The names of these forces vary through different times and cultures. Some see them as gods, spirits, magic, guides, angels, divine forces – ultimately they overlap and are the same thing.

Whether you call upon a deity for guidance or your spirit animal – you will be calling in the same divine energy into your life. Sometimes we get picked by them according to our life, choices, beliefs, and goals. We draw in this specific energy to help us find strength and answers. There is a need for all spirit guides – they bring out the variety of life, just like in the animal kingdom. No one is better or worse – the collection of these individualities makes life a worthwhile experience. The animal or diety you are drawn to is in direct correlation to who you are and what you need. Use this information to understand yourself on a deeper level.

This article focuses on the Spirit Animal Wasp, its symbolism, personality traits, ways to reconnect with it, and more.

Wasps are spring animals – that is why they are a symbol of new beginnings. They are hard-working, stable, fearless, assertive, protective,  well-organized, and focused. This animal will inspire you to take charge in your life, to work towards your dreams, to be bold, and courageous. Their size doesn’t stop them from their goals. That is why when you feel small, like you can’t really make a difference –  the wasp will help you find your inner strength.

With the guidance of this animal you will become more organized, well-calculated, and assertive. You will learn that your goals need disciplined work and true faith in yourself and your abilities. Everything in life changes, but confidence in yourself will open more doors for you than you can imagine. Dare to try and dare to follow up on your dreams!

If you feel like you relate to this animal and its traits or want to channel them in your life, keep reading this article – to find a way to understand how to use and find them.

Meaning and Symbolism of Wasp As Spirit Animal

If you relate to the Spirit Guide Wasp – you are most likely goal-oriented, ambitious, courageous, organized, assertive, and stable. You know that it takes hard work and diligence to achieve your dreams, and you have the well-structured mind that helps you navigate through the chaos. New beginnings are inspiring for you because you know your worth and are eager to show it to the world. Showing the world yourself through your work is one of the many pleasures in life for you. Try to keep an ongoing plan for all of your goals – it will help you bring them into realization faster than anything else.

Here are some facts about wasps that may surprise you and help you see the whole picture of their character. They are one of two types – solitary wasps and social wasps. Solitary wasps are responsible for constructing a colony, and social wasps engage in protecting it. They can be found almost all over the world and have shown signs of logical conclusions. They understand that in every task there is a hierarchy and each participant has an important role.

Whether you are the founder of a project or work towards sustaining it – there is a mutual understanding of the importance of both. These animals are goal-oriented and ambitious, they can make the best out of any situation! The wasp is an intelligent and resourceful spirit guide that will help you bring all of your dreams into reality!

The wasp – evolutionary speaking – lives on land and in the air. It embodies the Elements Air and Earth – it is resilient, ambitious, resourceful, assertive, logical, and protective. Wasps will inspire you to find these qualities in yourself. You will learn how to be organized, brave, and goal-oriented. If you have amazing dreams that you can visualize clearly, this spirit guide will help you find the inner strength you need to achieve them. You will find a more practical outlook on life while remaining open to new possibilities.

Characteristics and Personality

The Spirit Animal Wasp will help you become resilient, concentrated, and bold. You will learn to follow up on what you set as a goal. This spirit animal will inspire you to make organized lists, to prepare, to fight for what is important for you, to create a safe environment for your projects, and to be brave.

Learning how to prioritize your goals so that you have a balanced life is an important quality that you will improve while working with this guide. When you direct all of your energy in one direction – your other priorities are neglected and that has an overall impact on your happiness and mental state. The wasp will help you find a balance in life. You will learn how to achieve your goals while being an active part of society.

This spirit guide will teach you how to be bold and assertive when it comes to setting boundaries. It will encourage you to be brave and to protect what is important for you.

Achieving a goal is only part of the idea – you need to learn how to maintain it. That can only happen when you are brave enough to protect it. The wasp will teach you and guide you on your path!

These animals represent:

  • Resilience
  • Balance
  • New beginning
  • Ambition
  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Courage
  • Confidence

Wasp Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Resilience: It is the mental battery of strength and willpower that helps people in difficult situations. The wasp knows that it takes great effort to follow up on your words. This type of integrity is what keeps you on the path to improvement! It will help you find the necessary confidence and safety in yourself – for you to achieve all of your dreams.

Life puts us in uncomfortable situations to teach and test us. Whenever you send a signal to your guide saying: “I want to be the best version of myself!” – it immediately notices and sends you the necessary challenges for you to evolve. Keep in mind that everything that you ask for will be given to you! That means that you need to be very careful what you wish for or you will be surprised.

Either way, have faith in the divine, in your spirit guide, and in the universe. You are one step closer to your desires every day! Try not to be afraid of the future, you will be supported and guided on your way. Be excited about the experiences you will have and know that you will find your inner power to face them.

The spirit animal wasp will help you be courageous and confident. Obstacles won’t scare you anymore – you will know that it will take time to resolve the issues, but you will be sure in yourself that you will manage.

Balance: Various areas of your life require your attention. When you neglect one of them, there is a shift of energy that you can feel, leading to a daily disbalance. That is why it is of the highest importance to set a list of your priorities. Figure out what those areas are, how much time you are willing to spend on them – set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for your prioritized areas of life.

The spirit animal wasp will help you find the balance between them. It knows the importance of maintaining a family, working towards a higher goal, protecting it, and enjoying life. You will learn how to divide your time between your goals. Whether you want to focus on loved ones, career, self-improvement, health, family, relationships, or friends – as long as you know what exactly is important for you – the spirit animal wasp will help you balance it.

New Beginning: Most people prefer the safety of knowing rather than believing in the abundance of what a new beginning might hold in store for them. Countless situations can be an example. People choose safety, even when it brings misery, rather than taking a risk. We actively decide to stay because it doesn’t force us out of our comfort zone.

The spirit animal wasp will show you how to believe in the universe. There was a time when you held hope and expectations for a person or a situation, and you were left down. When similar events begin to pile up – you subconsciously learn to settle. “You have seen much worse. Let us not hope for something amazing – this is still better than everything so far.” is the common mindset. Try to remember that you have come this far only by stepping out of your comfort zone. It might be scary to leave the old looking for something uncertain and new. The wasp will remind you that life is an endless cycle: for there to be a new beginning – there needs to be an end. Those are the two parts of the same coin.

The wasp understands how difficult it can be and is here to guide you! Have faith in the abundance life holds!

Organization: To keep track of your goals, you will need to become organized. While this seems like an easy task for most people, keeping track of everything can be challenging. However, the secret to success is planning every step and remaining open to changes. Keeping up with long lists sound tedious, we are motivated at first, but eventually, we get distracted and forget. While working with this spirit guide, you will be inspired to change that. You will find the beauty in keeping everything neat and organized – it will save you time and optimize your flow. Eventually, you will be closer to your goals!

Wasp Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Annoying: Being persistent is a useful quality, but it is also important to know when to stop. Otherwise, we risk being annoying and lowering our success chances to zero. No one wants their boundaries disrespected and neglected. Therefore, while working on your goals, try to notice when it’s time to let something go.

You can’t always be persistent and assertive, sometimes you need to accept that you need to improve before you achieve what you have set your mind to. It’s tricky to decide when to stop trying, be patient with yourself, it will take some time until you develop this skill.

Aggressive: Being goal-oriented comes with different skills – some are positive, some not so much. An example is the thin line between being aggressive and assertive. To clarify, the difference between the two is if you take into consideration the other person’s thoughts and emotions. That means that achieving a goal shouldn’t happen at all costs! While pushing your desires on other people might bring fast results occasionally, it is morally wrong to use the poor boundaries of people to your advantage.

In the cases when it doesn’t work – you have lost all future chances by disrespecting the person. Therefore, there is absolutely no sustainable gain. We need to be considerate and caring of each other in everything we do in life. Trust the divine timing and the lessons it brings to you.

Wasp as an Animal Totem

The Wasp as a totem reminds you to be: practical, balanced, goal-oriented, resilient, assertive, and protective. When you need to develop some of the characteristics that this animal represents – keep a symbol of it nearby. What you see as a totem doesn’t have to be unusual – it can be jewelry, art, written words, music, a small sculpture, or anything you associate with this animal. Your totem can be highly personal – as long as it reminds you of the spirit animal wasp, it doesn’t need to make sense for anyone else.

Carrying a wasp totem in your home will bring strength, focus, self-improvement, new beginnings, balance, courage, and organization skills to you and the people around you. Try to keep it someplace you glance at frequently – it will encourage you to embody the characteristics of the spirit animal wasp.

How to Call the Animal Spirit of Wasp for Help?

When you are facing hardships or wondering what decision to take, and you require support from your spirit guide, carry a totem of it with you. Another way to get in touch with your guide is through visualization and meditation. Try to imagine how a wasp lives, what it is like being around it, how it behaves. If that is challenging – try watching a video with this animal – it will inspire you. Understanding its qualities will help you embody them. If you have a hard time with visualization and meditation – feel free to ask for a sign. Spirit guides can make themselves known by a specific signal (decided by you) in real life. Anything you can think of can be a sign. It is essential to remain open about how and when you will receive it. Don’t set expectations about the means, only for the result. Believe in the divine timing of your spirit guides arrival.

How Does Wasp Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

The Spirit Guide Wasp carries knowledge from different spiritual worlds. Working with your thoughts, beliefs, and memories, it attempts to translate that information into language or physical reality. Most people ignore or miss their messages. We can learn to notice and decrypt them to live in unity with the divine.

Firstly, try to identify when and where you notice your guide. Continue asking yourself more questions such as: “Why did it present itself exactly then? How did it make me feel? Did it trigger any emotions and memories – if yes, which?”.

The Spirit Animal Wasp will appear in dreams, visions, and reality. There are various examples like seeing it in art or on clothes, reading about it, hearing about it on the news, tv shows, or from a random conversation, often encounters with the same animal, a person randomly mentioning it, dreaming of it, or receiving a figure of them.

Rely on association and observation before anything else!

How to Understand Your Spirit Animal’s Message

Spirit guides generate messages precisely for you. That means that in order to comprehend the information they are trying to communicate, you need to rely on observation and intuition. Sometimes it can be frustrating to try and understand, it is a long process and we might rush into someone else’s answers. You will need a significant understanding of your thoughts and actions to be able to decipher the messages accurately. Even then you might end up surprised occasionally by the blessing in disguise that you failed to see. The messages of your spirit guide are designed according to your past, present, and future. That means that they are personalized and reflecting is the best way to interpret them. However, you can read different associations and texts before you start – that will help you realize what is possible. It will enrich you and you will have more options to chose from when it comes to interpreting information.

Remember that every component is a valuable part. Observe the time, place, situation, surroundings, atmosphere, and emotions it brings. Try to ask yourself as many questions as possible and to answer them honestly!

Meaning of Wasp in Dreams

Physically and mentally, we react identically to dreams, visions, and thoughts as to reality. Therefore, interpreting your guide’s message in your dreams follows the same logic. We may not always remember them, but with practice, you will learn to recall them accurately. Your dreams are highly personal and specified – that is why you will need to rely on intuition and association once again. Only you can understand them completely!

Here are some examples of what a dream might mean:

Wasps flying in a dream signifies a very dangerous situation. It encourages you to take extra precautions.

Dreaming of being stung by a wasp is an indication of an imminent attack from enemies.

Seeing a wasp fly around is a symbol of new beginnings.

If you had a dream about hearing the buzzing of the wasps but they did not attack you for some reason, this means that you will be able to stay away from threats and other unpleasant situations.

If a fly lands next to you – it is a reminder to be more practical and organized.

If you dreamed about killing wasps or removing their nests, such dream is usually a good sign, indicating that you are able to confront anyone who opposes you and win over your enemies. It is a sign of success and overcoming obstacles you encounter on the way.

The most accurate meaning is the one you discover for yourself! Take your time with the interpretation and trust yourself!

Meaning of Wasp in Various Mythologies

Bhramari is a Hindu Goddess associated with bees, hornets, and wasps, which cling to her body. She is typically depicted as emanating bees and hornets from her four hands.

In the Old Testament, the wasp, in giant form, is mentioned several times, representing God’s efforts to keep foes out of Canaan.

Africans look to wasps as representing evolution and our ability to take the reins of control in our lives.

Ancient Europeans talk of how wasps play a role in pollination, therefore they symbolize fertility.

Wasp plays a role in Native American creation stories. Here Wasp is portrayed as productive, methodical, and regulated; this mythology parallels that of the Aboriginal tales. Choctaw beliefs say that the Wasp and Snake both got their venom from a magical plant.

Ahti – with the head of a wasp and the body of a hippo, this is one maladjusted Goddess. A strange combination even for the Egyptians. There is little known about this diety, mainly that she is spiteful.