Cat as Spirit Animal

Your soul is closely connected to an animal spirit – that accompanies you on your journey through the universe. Finding out who your spiritual guide is, and what they represent as a deity, is a step forward to better understand your mission in this life.

“Soul companions”, also known as spirit animals – are spiritual helpers that exist in almost every culture. This refers to sacral energy, presented in the form of an animal, that accompanies, cares for, and protects your spirit in this and other worlds.

Have you seen repetitive dreams about a specific animal, reaching out to you? Or have you sensed some otherworldly connection towards any type of creature that provided inner peace, whenever being close to them? Ask yourself whether you have always felt a deep, inner bond with exactly THIS animal! Learning about your power animal traits will help you to resonate with its energy on a higher level.

Those who know their spirit companion can navigate through life with more security – because those who are connected to their guardian animal, will be empowered enough to thrive towards their aspirations and strengthen their inner world.

This article will help you find out how the spirit animal energies work and specifically what characteristics a cat animal spirit has.

If this description resonates with you, you will have the opportunity to further gain knowledge about how to connect to your guardian spirit on a deeper level.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Cat as Spirit Animal

The cat spirit animal can analyze everything deeply with its sharp eyes – that is the most common concept of the cat spirit deity.

Cats are gentle, prideful, and smart. Their joy of having fun and elegantly maneuvering through obstacles are combined with an unshakable will and a keen power of observation. In late ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as sacred animals. A cat priest cared for the well-being of the animals and whoever killed a cat was heavily punished. Even holy spells were used to cure injured cats. The cat as a spirit animal represents a great combination of masculine and feminine energy, gentleness, and temperament. These “predators” teach us to accept the inevitable and to take responsibility for our every action. This guardian animal is quite a rebel against outer influences, it doesn’t like submission to social constructs and always acts as it wishes.

As a spiritual helper, the cat conveys courage for following new life paths and enhances our natural telepathic powers. This animal spirit symbolizes independence and self-reliance. As these animals are gifted with shamanic powers, they draw our attention to allowing success to flow into our life and freeing us from monotonous mundane events of everyday life. This spirit animal is all about inner healing and overcoming emotional distresses independently.

Characteristics and Personality

The cat as a spirit animal symbolizes the following characteristics:

  • Intuitiveness
  • Willfulness
  • Flexibility
  • Sensuality

The cat spirit deity represents inner wisdom. It promotes mental and creative development and stands for a strong 7th sense. The cat is wild and gentle at the same time. It symbolizes self-determination, freedom, and intuition as its most precious gift.

The cat as a spirit animal is free, flexible, and independent. If you are connected to a cat power animal, you will understand that indispensable self-determination always leads to freedom of soul. Attachments that often determine our self-worth and our behavior lead us to unwanted dependency. We want recognition and affection without being rejected, and the cat spirit animal is the divine creature that helps us to maneuver our way through this type of “free-spirited” life.

Cat Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Intuitive – cat as a spirit animal is highly intuitive. It knows the hidden intentions behind every action and can recognize fake kindness in every social setting. People who are connected to cat power animals are gifted with the third eye, a visionary of understanding people’s shadow selves and analyzing energies without trying too hard.

Flexibility – throughout life we find ourselves in situations where we have to showcase our best selves, show our best potential and navigate through stressful environments. Cat as a spirit animal is a highly flexible creature, having this power guardian as your protector, allows you to adapt to uncomfortable social settings and still be able to present your very best self. It’s like being a gifted diplomat – knowing what and when to say things that will make others love you immediately.

Goal-oriented – people who have a cat as their spirit animal are very go-getter type of individuals. They have their aims and aspirations set clearly and always have the inner strength to follow what they believe in.

Sensuality – cat spirit animal is often associated with sensuality, as it has a great sense of its physical charms and knows how to enjoy life pleasures to the fullest. They know how to make their partners happy and spice things up whenever a relationship enters a mundane phase sometimes.

Cat Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Overly independent – sometimes people with cat spirit animals tend to obsess over independence, as they always thrive to accomplish their aims alone, without anyone’s help. They sometimes isolate themselves from their surroundings and merge into complete separation, which is caused by a lack of trust in other people.

Manipulative – these goal-oriented spirit animals do everything to, achieve their dreams and evolve further. Sometimes they think that a little manipulation is okay, to achieve what they have dreamed of for all their life, and they are quite good at manipulating their surroundings for their good. This aspect of their personality might cause distress to other individuals.

Cat as Animal Totem

The cat as an animal totem is considered to be very flexible, quick, and wise. This totem is also associated with indispensable reflexes. Elegant and independent, surrounded by a touch of mysticism, cats as animal totems are among the very special power deities.
Cats have always been and still are something utterly special. So, it is not surprising that the cat animal totem, as the guardian of numerous secrets, also represents these qualities.

The cat as a totem animal is capable of very special magic. Cats have lived with humans for thousands of years. However, unlike dogs, cats have always maintained their independence. So, this totem is all about doing best on your own, without anyone’s interference.

However, if you take a closer look at the characteristics of the cat animal totem, you quickly realize that they are also symbols of quick adaptation. They always help their “hosts” to follow their life paths. Numerous characteristics that the cat carries within itself are associated with sensuality and intuitiveness.

Animal totems are commonly worshipped in old cultures. They protect and accompany us through special phases of life. Their energy stays also loyal to us for life.

Self-determination, intuition, and gentleness are the best characteristics of the cat animal spirit. They symbolize the ability to adapt while remaining independent.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Cat for Help?

The path to finding your spirit animal is different for everyone. Some power animals reveal themselves in dreams, then they suddenly become part of your everyday life and you get to know your power animal by heart.
Some people also practice affirmations for calling their spirit animal before falling asleep, asking their guardian deities to show up in their dream states. And if this method is implemented successfully, power animals might show up in your dreams.

For some people, the spirit animal suddenly shows up in real life in the form of symbols associated with this guardian spirit – like seeing pictures of specific animals in your everyday life too often and so on…

How Does Cat Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

Spirit animals have been with people since time immemorial. In ancient religions, guardian spirits come in various forms, not infrequently as special animals. Old mythologies and especially shamanism ascribe a special role to power animals. In early times it was almost normal to communicate with animals. Over time, this special gift was largely suppressed, forgotten, and no longer taken seriously. Some people remember this and come into contact with animals again. People who are connected to their special cultural history have never lost contact with spirit animals. It is nice to see that more and more spiritual people are rediscovering this gift that they thought was lost.

Once you open your heart and mind to receiving signals and visions from the universe, you will discover subtle massages, signs that will guide you to your spirit animal. You will see them in your dreams, or maybe you will see representations of your guardian animals on TV way too often and once the realization hits that you found your power animal, it will be easier for you to receive messages from it.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

Verbal communication is not the only way to understand outer sources or connect with them. We are gifted with understanding different energies on deeper frequencies.

Emotional intelligence allows us to understand our surroundings even without verbalizing thoughts and comprehending what they want to tell us.

Once you have managed to find your spirit animal and visualize its presence near you through meditation or dreams, you will be able to communicate with it freely.

It is quite easy to understand what is your guardian animal trying to tell you. Open up your heart and observe how it acts around you. Does it give you any type of visual image? How do you feel when you are near your spirit animal? Do you feel happy? – it might mean that everything is going smoothly and you can proceed as planned with your upcoming activities.

Do you get a strange sense of alertness when you visualize your guardian deity? – it means that something is trying to block you from engaging in new opportunities.

Meaning of Cat in Dreams

A cat that is ill in your dream will always indicate trouble unless you chase it away from your house.
If a cat attacks you – your enemies will try to overshadow your reputation and destroy it; But if you can chase the cat away, you will overcome all obstacles and become successful in any given situation.

If the cat looks dirty and skinny – expect bad news: someone close to you may get sick, but if you manage to cure the cat, your acquaintance will also get better.

If you are dreaming of a young woman that is holding a cat or kitten, might indicate strong emotional support from a person close to you.
A clean, white cat means that you will hear very good and pleasant news from someone, either about your work or private life.

A cat that is purring comfortably in your dream symbolizes emotional bliss, happiness after some type of depressive episode.

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Meaning of Cat in Various Mythologies

Bastet – Daughter of Osiris and Isis, the cat-headed goddess of the ancient Egyptians, the incarnation of the new or full moon, later identified with the Greek Artemis and the Roman Diana the moon goddesses.

According to Herodotus, the most significant and popular of the numerous solemn festivals in Egypt was that held in Bubastis in honor of this deity. Every year on the day of this celebration, the town reportedly welcomed 700,000 guests, both men, and women (but not children), who arrived in a place danced and played music in the honor of the Egyptian goddess.

Cats are said to have protective abilities and to represent good luck and riches in Japanese folklore. The story of the Maneki-Neko is a perfect example of this. According to legend, a feudal lord was standing under a tree, when he observed a cat waving his paw at him.  He approached the tree where the cat was sitting and suddenly a lightning bolt struck the place where he was standing at the time, blessing the man with ultimate success and treasures of life. The narrative of the Maneki-Neko was developed throughout the centuries, and it has since inspired monuments and likenesses all around the world.

In Japanese stores and restaurants, the Maneki-Neko is frequently seen as a figure, bringing blessings and good fortune to its owners and those who enter as regular guests.