Chicken as Spirit Animal

Chickens are one of the most commonly available creatures all over the world. Did you know that chickens have great memories and can remember more than 100 faces? They can recognize various other animals like cats and dogs as well. They have their way of maintaining social order. The bigger and stronger chickens peck other chickens to create dominance over the flock.

The chicken could be your spirit animal not because you notice them often on farms or shops, but if they appear in front of you in the usual ways. You may dream of them quite often, you may get random thoughts of chickens, you might notice them on TV, in books, in magazines, or videos randomly; then the chicken is your spirit animal.

Characteristics and Personality

Eggs have always been the main symbolism during Easters and Ostara. But what does chicken as the spirit animal represent? As the spirit animal, the chicken represents courage, authority, community, and nourishment. They have a great deal of perspective and higher vision. People born with chicken spirit animals know who they are and what they want in life. They are born with humble nature and strong self-confidence.

They have a strong parental instinct. The way chickens nurture their young, chicken-spirited souls have that warmth, affection, and gentleness to comfort another soul. Chickens are also the symbol of fertility that refer to new beginnings and new opportunities in life.

Chicken as your spirit animal teaches you to believe in truthfulness and speak up with conviction when needed. It helps you to develop higher consciousness and gives a sign when it’s the time to harvest your energy.

Chicken Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Rooster as the spirit animal brings positivity, hope, and new changes in life. Below are the positive traits of an individual with a chicken spirit animal –

  • Self-cultivation
  • Humility
  • Social
  • Community
  • Nourishment
  • Renewal
  • Courage
  • Intuitive
  • Sacrificial
  • Creative


Chicken as your spirit animal reminds you to be aware of your thoughts and actions. It indicates that it’s the time to keep some time aside and reflect on yourself. It’s essential in cultivating individuality and enhancing personal growth.

Meditate on your spirit animal to strengthen the integration and coordination of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Self-analysis helps to see life from a different perspective and helps you to pay attention to your inner self.


People with chicken as their spirit animal are confident, determined, and proud of themselves. However, they have a sense of humility and kindness that make them unique among others. They don’t allow criticism or humiliation to attack their self-dignity, on the other hand, they like to keep their foot on the ground while achieving everything in life.


Chickens usually live in groups. They don’t like to be alone. Chicken-spirited individuals are social creatures. They like to meet, connect, and hang out with people of various kinds. They are mostly extroverts and love gatherings, events, and celebrations. They tend to make new connections wherever they go and like to share their ideas and thoughts with other people.


Chicken as the spirit animal represents the strength of unity. As a chicken-spirited soul, you like to keep your team intact and unified. You take all possible measures to sustain and protect the healthy bonding in the group. You know how to value and appreciate each member of the team and encourage them to do their best for their growth. People with chicken as their spirit animal make a great team players.


Chickens are well known for taking good care of their young. They nourish, protect, and take great care of their chicks. People with chicken as their spirit animal are gentle, kind, and affectionate. They mostly become a great parent.

They project a sense of warmth and comfort to the person who looks for support and healing. People like to share their thoughts on strengths and weaknesses with them. They feel a sense of calmness and protection in their moment of vulnerability when they spend time with chicken souls.


If you feel stuck, worried, helpless, and unable to see any way out; call on your chicken spirit animal to guide you. Chicken as the spirit animal opens new doors of opportunity and growth. It helps to see the hidden answer in the chaos of troubles and worries.

When chicken as your spirit animal walks in your path, it brings new changes, new transitions, and new possibilities in life. You may start taking action and accomplish things that once seemed harder and out of your reach.


Confidence and self-trust are a few of the key characteristics of the chicken spirit animal. When chicken as your spirit guide comes across your path, you feel a sense of determination and conviction towards life. You feel like it’s time to take action and utilize your full potential.

If you are someone who is not able to make any progress in life due to low self-esteem, you need to seek guidance from your spirit animal. Let your spirit animal invoke the power, fortitude, and tenacity in you to overcome anything that life throws at you.


Sometimes chicken as your spirit animal shows you the meaning behind everything and urges you to delve deeper to understand yourself well enough. At times, it warns you to step back and take a thorough look at what you are trying to achieve. Listen to your inner voice when you feel something is not right and observe the situation from a different perspective.


Chickens have been known as sacrificial animals for decades. It does not question its purpose; it simply serves its duty. Individuals with chicken as their birth totem always come forward in the service of others. They are always ready to lend their hand of support to the people in need. If you are a person with chicken as your animal totem, you like to give your life for the greater cause, and the welfare of others.


The energy of the chicken spirit animal helps you to think out of the box. It gives you the psychic ability to imagine and perceive things at a different level. As a chicken soul, you have an ingenious side that loves to explore things from new angles. Innovativeness and originality are something you are born with. You tend to express yourself best through art, mastery, and craft.

Chicken Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are some of the negative traits of individuals with chicken spirit animal –

  • Isolation
  • Aggressiveness
  • Self-negligence
  • Arrogance


If chicken is your soul energy, you are naturally social, fun-loving, and look for companionship. At times, you feel restless when you are alone with yourself. It’s critical to spend some time reflecting on yourself. Try to incorporate the practice of mindfulness. When you look deep within yourself, you get better clarity on life and a better understanding of your problems.


Chickens, when they sense a threat, can be attacking and aggressive to protect themselves and their babies. As a chicken-spirited individual, you are balanced and optimistic about life. But if anything goes wrong, or if you sense a sort of uneasiness or threat in your surroundings, you take full measures to protect your close ones.


As discussed earlier, chickens are self-sacrificing creatures. You tend to put others before your own needs. You tend to sacrifice your time, health, and effort for the well-being of others. While it’s good to lend your assistance to help others, giving yourself too much can also be detrimental to your mental and physical health.

Try to help people as much as you can, but don’t entangle with their emotions. Be independent and provide support keeping your energy unscathed.


Chicken as your soul power drives you to stand tall, be confident, and proud of yourself. However, at times, you can be a little egoistic and arrogant about your achievements and talents. If your energy is not balanced, you may feel a sense of superiority for the wrong reasons.

Remember your true nature of modesty and humility. When you are kind, generous, and grounded; you will receive an abundance of opportunity, love, and happiness.

Times When You Need to Summon the Chicken Spirit Animal

  • You need to believe in yourself and have self-confidence.
  • You need to have the confidence to communicate in social gatherings.
  • You need to be humble and kind.
  • You need to listen to your inner voice.
  • You need to overcome the challenges and obstacles of life.
  • You are looking for new opportunities and life changes.
  • You need to nourish your relationships.
  • You need to develop higher consciousness.
  • You need to be strong while thinking of the welfare of others.
  • You need to use your imagination and be creative in your way.

Chicken as an Animal Totem

Chicken as the animal totem represents the cycle of life and death. Chickens are farmed and used for the food industry. They give up their life for humans. Chicken as your birth totem brings new changes in life. It can be new people, new ideas, new interests, a new place, or the beginning of a new chapter of life altogether. With the help of the chicken soul, you can overcome the baggage of the past and move on with your life.

Chicken helps you to be curious, mysterious, and optimistic about life. Use your instinct as your powerful guidance to access every challenging and doubtful moment of life. Chicken as your birth totem helps you to live confidently with pride, yet be kind and humble towards people and everything in life.

As an animal totem, the chicken symbolizes certainty, honesty, determination, unity, and healing. It helps you to be outspoken, loyal, and truthful to your beliefs.

Dream Interpretation of Chicken Spirit Animal

In general, dreaming of chickens signals rebirth. It means you are ready to take on new ventures in life and embrace who you are. Although, depending on the dreamer’s psychological state, the dream can interpret a lot of things.

If you dreamt of a chicken sitting peacefully in its nest, it symbolizes balance, stability, and contentment in life. It means you are content with the present phase of your life.

If you dreamt of a noisy chicken, it can indicate that you need to remove unnecessary chatter and gossip from your life.

Dreaming of the chicken inside the cage or any closed area indicates possibilities of financial stress, or may indicate that you are feeling stagnant and stressed about something.

If you dreamt of the chicken flying, it shows your confidence and fine skills of communication in society. It means you are surrounded by people who support you and would love to see you growing and thriving.

If you saw two or more chickens fighting with each other, it hints at some upcoming conflicts or misunderstandings with your friends, family, or peers.

If you are being chased by a chicken, it means you are running away from problems and challenges and don’t want to face them. It shows you need to bring your strength back and face your fears.

If you killed the chicken in your dream, it means you have low self-esteem, or you are tired of the mental conflicts and want to overcome them badly.

Dreaming of a dead chicken means the problem that were bothering you for a very long time will be resolved soon enough.

Dreaming about chicks may indicate that you want to make a fresh start with your life, or may you have a plan to start a business, set for an adventure, or give a different meaning to your life altogether.

If you dreamt of buying chickens, it indicates financial growth, prosperity, or having a good time with your close ones.

If you saw someone stealing the chicken, it indicates that you may need to put in a lot of hard work to get recognized despite doing your best. If you are stealing the chicken, it means you might be taking the wrong path to achieve success, or maybe trying to be unethical to accomplish your task.

If you dreamt of a flock of chickens, it shows abundance and resourcefulness. It indicates good times are on the way and you may have a celebration with your friends and family.

Mythological Significance of Chicken Spirit Animal

Augury used to be a well-known ancient roman practice to interpret omens by observing the behavior of birds. It is said that the hen gave a positive omen when appeared from the left. The Romans used chickens for the oracle. The chickens were taken care of by some special keepers of sacred chickens who were known as pullarius. During the time of Augury, they opened the cage and fed the chickens special kinds of pulses to observe their activities. If they made noises or flew away, it would indicate a bad omen. And if they ate the pulses greedily, it meant a good omen.

In ancient Greece, the chicken used to be considered an exotic animal. People in ancient Greece used to sacrifice chickens due to their religious significance. The chickens were believed to have the attributes of Heracles, Ares, and Athena due to their valor and strength.

According to the new testament, Jesus compared himself with a mother hen and expressed his desire to gather his children together as a mother hen gathers her chicks with love and affection under its wings. In the sixth century, the rooster was declared the emblem of Christianity by Pope Gregory I.

Shamans in Northern Mongolia have a ritual to drink rice wine mixed with the feathers of chicken as a sacrificial act. The drink is consumed before the shamans enter a trance to communicate with the spiritual world.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

Chicken as your spiritual power can connect with you in many ways. You may notice the random occurrence of the bird in unusual ways. Noticing the bird’s picture, statue, or art anywhere without any expectations can arise questions in your mind. Understand that your spirit animal is asking you to withdraw and look within yourself.

The best way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. When you practice meditation regularly, the mind becomes calm and free of agitation. This is when you can communicate with your inner voice most effectively. Keep a check on your dreams if you are noticing the bird quite often. Try to decipher the meaning of your dreams.

Whenever you feel stressed, hopeless, stagnant, or unable to find any way out; always take some time out for yourself and reflect on yourself. Pray to your spirit animal to show the light amidst the darkness.

Summon the chicken spirit animal to bless you with courage, nourishment, and recognition. Invoke the energy of your spirit animal to illuminate your mind and begin a new chapter of life.