Lion as Spirit Animal

Nature has a very unique way to communicate with us. Very often, you might have been forced to think about the repeated occurrence of a certain animal that grabbed your attention out of nowhere. It might have crossed your path through dreams or caught your attention randomly through a book, a magazine, TV, or any other way that gave you a mystic feeling about synchronicity.

You might have encountered certain sounds and sensations giving a vibe that there must be a hidden message that you need to listen to. Well, this could be the call of your spirit animal trying to connect with you.

The existence of spirit and power animals has long been understood by shamanic tribes. They firmly believed that each one of us has an animal spirit that gives us strength and can communicate with us through signs and symbols if we expand our awareness of it. The spirit animal in your life gives guidance, acts as a protector, and sends you the intuition to walk on the right path on your journey.

Meaning and Symbolism of Lion as a Spirit Animal

Powerful, fearless, and pride are the attributes that immediately come into thought whenever a picture of a lion comes to mind. The lion does not afraid of any other animals in the jungle.

Most important traits of lion spirit animal are pride, courage, majesty, confidence, leadership, protection and in certain cases compassion.

A person with the lion as a spirit animal is courageous and charismatic. The lion as an animal guide inspires the person to step up and take the lead. It will bring the best out of you and will help in maintaining your courage, dignity, and balance in a world of chaos.

The spirit of a lion gives you strength and encourages you to speak up the truth. If you face a challenging situation where your heart screams to go for it but you are filled with doubt, fear, and uncertainty, your spirit animal guides you to take the plunge and reveal your best self. It gives you the power to be in charge of your destiny when things become out of balance.

Spirit of Lion

Characteristics and Personality

Every spirit animal has positive as well as negative traits… If you are a lion-spirited person you need to be aware of your energies which need to be managed wisely, otherwise, it may work against you.

These are the most important traits of lion spirit animal:

  • Pride
  • Courage
  • Majesty
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Protection
  • Compassion

The lion spirit in your life helps to remove low self-esteem, doubt, and insecurity and infuses your soul with strength and confidence. It encourages you to trust in your abilities and motivates you to look straight into the eyes of the problem and overcome any kind of challenges life throws at you.

Lion Spirit Animal Positive Powers


It’s an impressive sight to watch lions resting and hunting as a group. No wonder why they are called ‘A Pride’ when they come together. The spirit of the lion reminds you of who you are. Be proud of yourself.

In the moments of conflicts and worry, seek guidance from your spirit animal and face every obstacle with a roar. Remind yourself of your strength and endurance and keep the pride in your eyes to walk your way forward.


The lion shines like the sun of the jungle with its vibrant mane and its head soaring high with pride. When this powerful animal becomes your spirit guide, conflicts can be seen to disappear and the soul gets an indomitable spirit to banish fear, doubts, and stress from the mind.

So, when you are filled with the fear of the unknown or any stressful situation that’s pulling you down, be calm and invoke the power of the lion within yourself. Remind yourself of your true courage.


The lion is also a sign of royalty. In the Swahili language, ‘Simba’ is the word for lion which means ‘The King’. The Lions can be seen as a sign of elegance and royalty in ancient architectural designs, motifs, and emblems. If the lion is your animal spirit guide, you are born with the spirit of the majestic kingship. Look in the mirror and remind yourself of the same every day.


Another admirable trait of lions is confidence. It can be seen in their eyes. We often glorify individuals as lion-hearted when they project their sheer confidence and braveness in their act. Remember as lion spirited person, confidence is your inherited personality trait. Meditate on the energy of your spirit animal and know that you can rely on your inner strength and skills to handle whatever comes up.


The lion is not dependent on anyone. It fears no other animals and keeps everyone at bay with its roar. When the lion is your spirit animal, it charges your life with fiery energy which provides you the confidence to lead the pack and communicate clearly and effectively in the group. Trust your intuition and do what’s best for your team.

The lion energy will inspire you to stand tall, lead from the front, and take any criticism positively. When this energy is used constructively, it can help you earn dignity and respect as a powerful leader.


The lions are extremely protective of their pride and try to keep their group close together. In the lion kingdom, males and females both work as a team to keep the pride strong and protective.

People with the lion traits are very protective and caring for their family or anyone dear to them. They can become fully ferocious if the existence of their loved ones is threatened. They work as a shield to protect their family and loved ones from any kind of negativity or danger.

At times, the individual who would need protection could be you. So, if your spirit animal is trying to connect with you, it’s an indication that you need to invoke your lion strength and protect your mental, emotional, and physical self.


A lion is also a cat from inside secretly. They can be wild and brave from outside, but they have a soft side too. A lion-spirited person will also show affection, devotion, and kindness for their loved ones and fellow beings. They will always be there for anyone who needs emotional support.

The lion spirit reminds you that even though you need to be courageous when the time demands, never forget to be gentle, kind, and affectionate towards your loved ones.

Lion Spirit Animal Negative Powers

  • Aggressiveness
  • Possessiveness
  • Self-doubt
  • Arrogance

The lion has a lot of commendable qualities to boast about. However, a balance between the positive as well as the negative is the way to live a meaningful life. You should take time to reflect on yourself and be aware of your negative sides.


Lion-spirited individuals tend to have that anger and fierceness of a lion in them naturally. However, if this energy is out of balance, the person may cause harm to themselves and others out of aggressive behavior.

Make sure to use your untamed vibration in manifesting something good or to bring justice to an unfair situation. Keep a check on your anger and try to practice meditation regularly. It will help you to keep your aura balanced and healthy.


Lions are very careful and protective of their pride. At times, this energy can create jealousy and possessiveness and can make someone over-protective when the person is not aware of their actions.

Remember to handle situations with a calm nerve and to value others’ emotions and opinions.


If you are not truly aware of your strength, chances are you will feel suffocated and end up doubting your abilities. This will create a blockage in the flow of your energy.

The lion does not get tamed by any other animal and has fewer enemies to worry about. In the moment of loneliness and darkness, think of your spirit animal and uplift yourself with the lion energy inside you. Don’t fall deep into your negative thoughts.

Seek guidance from your spirit animal and let the energy flow freely.


Lions possess a lot of qualities to be truly proud of. Very often, the person with the lion’s spirit can become arrogant about their strength and abilities.

This is where the energy works adversely for the person. Always try to maintain a humble and down-to-earth attitude while using your lion energy. Be aware of your thoughts and actions and maintain strength and pride with humility.

Lion as an Animal Totem

An animal totem represents the powers that the particular animal holds. Thus, the lion as an animal totem provides positivity, strength, determination, and confidence. It helps you to face challenges head-on. It is a protective shield when you feel a lack of physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

Lion as a Power Animal

Times When You Need to Summon the Lion Power Animal

  • You feel stressed and anxious and need the courage to move forward.
  • Need the willpower to get yourself going.
  • Need to remove self-doubt and wear the armor of confidence.
  • You feel a lack of motivation and feel lost, and need power and valor to progress on your path.
  • Need to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Need emotional strength and support.
  • Need to strengthen relationships with those who are dear to you.
  • Need to take responsibility for yourself and others.
  • Need to take the lead in the group.

Meaning of Lion in Dreams

There are various ways a lion can show up in your dreams that have different interpretations. For example, if you dream about a lion sitting in calm or walking gracefully without making you feel afraid, it indicates that you feel powerful and have control over your own emotions and situations around you. Also, if you have been dealing with stressful situations, the lion power animal is here to encourage you and remind you of your invincible energy.

If you dream of a lion in a cage, it is a message that you are feeling stuck in life, you need to let yourself flow freely. It’s time to live up to your highest potential.

If you are being chased by a lion in your dream, it’s an indication you are running away from your strength. Lately, if you are feeling you are not capable of feeling powerful and confident, it’s time to invoke your lion spirit and strengthen yourself mentally and physically.

Having dreamt of a lion attacking you is a warning sign that you feel powerless and you let the situation get better of you. It’s a reminder that you need to get up and face any difficult situation with the unbeatable spirit inside you.

If a lion is running towards you, however, you are not running away but feeling scared, then it is a sign that you are facing your fears and challenges with courage. It’s asking you to keep your spirit high and trust the process.

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Mythological Significance of Lion

According to ancient Hinduism scriptures, Indians worship the god named ‘Narasimha’ (meaning ‘lion man’) who is half human and half lion. He is the destroyer of evil and injustice on Earth and is known to restore peace and righteousness for the wellbeing of mankind.

Ancient Egyptians also had deities with both human and animal qualities. They used to worship the warrior goddess Sekhmet who is depicted as a lioness. She used to be worshipped as the destroyer of enemies and a goddess of war.

In the Bible, the lion is often depicted as the teacher and the judge of humanity holding a book or scroll in his hand. He is referred to as the Lion of Judah who is a symbol of courage, strength, dignity, and agility. Jesus belonged to the tribe of Judah and he is known to be the Lion of Judah in revelation.

The lions are the symbolic representation of the bodhisattvas (Buddha’s lions) in Buddhism. The lion protects his clan from the enemies. Due to this reason, lion motifs could be seen at the entrance of the monasteries and shrines giving protection to the religion. Royalty, pride, and wisdom were the cultural significance of the lion motifs in Buddhism.

Let Your Spirit Animal Find You

The best way to let the spirit animal find you is to keep your mind open. Be observant and look for the signs in your natural environment. Pay close attention to your dreams. Try to relax and meditate to connect to your spirit animal.

Moments of stress, anxiety, conflicts, hopelessness, failure, and darkness are the inevitable part of life. You should never think that you are alone on this journey.

Close your eyes and invoke your lion spirit to rediscover your inner cub. Let your power animal show you the light amidst the darkness and let it guide you to reclaim the might.