Spirit animals, sometimes known as power animals, are spiritual creatures many people worldwide believe in, so as we authors of this site. We think these animals have certain qualities and can give protection, advice, or wisdom.

Think of spirit animals as your personal spiritual guides that help you in life. Spirit animal characteristics vary, for instance, a bear can stand for being brave and strong, while a butterfly might show us how to change and grow in good ways. These animals aren’t like the ones we see around us; they’re more like energies, ideas, or feelings.

Similar to spirit animals, gemstones and crystals also can support you and boost your energy. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each one has its own feeling or energy.

Guys at AllCrystal.com noticed that some of the crystals are correlating with our spirit animal list, that crystals and spirit animals have a unique bond.

When you pick a crystal that matches your spirit animal, it’s like having a bridge to help you think and feel more deeply about that animal’s energy.

Basically, they compiled this big list of our spirit animals with corelating stones and that’s what you can find here. We find it fascinating that the whole world is so interconnected.

Spirit AnimalMessageConnected StonesAffirmation
WalrusCuriosity, adaptation, resilience and knowledge.Amazonite"Embrace change and trust inner wisdom, like the adaptable walrus."
HawkClairvoyance, intelligence, independence and adaptability.Clear Quartz"Soar with clarity and manifest dreams, like the hawk."
SkunkProtection, self-awareness and courage.Black Obsidian"Release negativity, create a protective shield, like the skunk."
GooseLoyalty, family values and communication.Lapis Lazuli"Be a beacon of inner peace, navigate life's waters with grace, like the goose."
OrcaCommunication, intelligence and kindness.Larimar"Flow with life's tides, embrace emotional healing, like the orca."
TurkeyAbundance, intuition, community.Citrine"Radiate abundance and attract prosperity, like the turkey."
GroundhogSelf-reliance, curiosity, groundness and balance.Hematite"Embrace inner strength, face challenges with determination, like the groundhog."
FrogChange and flexibility.Amazonite"Release what no longer serves, welcome positive change, like the frog."
GoatDeterminations, stubbornness, independence and adaptability.Malachite“Strive to climb to new heights, embrace adventure, like the goat."
OwlWisdom, intuition and independence.Amethyst“Trust intuition, embrace divine knowledge, like the owl."
ElephantMemory, intelligence, strength and repressed anger.Rhodonite"Symbolize love, compassion, protect those you care about, like the elephant."
SalamanderTransitions, observer and vision.Fire Agate"Ignite inner fire and vitality, be fearless and creative, like the salamander."
DeerInstincts, agility, grace and caution.Rose Quartz"Embrace love and compassion like a gentle deer."
FireflyInner glow and mysticism.Moonstone"Radiate wisdom, guiding with your unique light, just as a firefly does."
OrangutanIntelligence, harmony and compassion.Red Jasper"Stay grounded and in tune with primal instincts, like the orangutan."
YakStrength, endurance and union.Selenite"Bring serenity and clarity, a calming presence like the yak."
HedgehogCuriosity, creativity, fertility.Labradorite"Trust your intuition, guarding your energy, akin to the hedgehog."
ElkPower, confidence and independence.Moss Agate"Navigate life's forest with resilience and grace, like an elk."
MonkeyPlayfulness, creativity, intelligence and confidence.Picture Jasper"Embrace your inner child, finding joy in every moment, as a playful monkey."
OtterHappyness, companionship and intuition.Aquamarine"Flow with life's currents, building meaningful connections, like the otter."
CobraAgility, control, change and control.Black Tourmaline"Walk your path with confidence, releasing fear and negativity, as the cobra does."
JellyfishRegeneration, elegance, self-reliance.Aquamarine"Surrender to life's journey and embrace change, like the jellyfish."
AlbatrossGrace, stamina and tenacity.Sodalite"Trust your inner compass and explore new horizons, like the albatross."
FerretPlayfulness, energy and curiosity.Rhodochrosite"Open your heart to joy and healing, embodying love and playfulness like a ferret."
LlamaAchievers, healer and adventurer.Pink Opal"Like the llama, I embody purity and emotional balance, radiating love and tranquility.”
KoiWealth, peace and dedication.Red Aventurine"Similar to the koi fish, I conquer obstacles and turn challenges into opportunities."
BeeAbundance, work-ethics, iron-will.Yellow Jasper"Resembling the bee, I toil diligently, reaping the sweet rewards of my efforts."
MouseAmbition, humility and stealth.Snowflake Obsidian"Like the mouse, I shed fear and find inner strength, displaying adaptability, resourcefulness, and courage."
PigIntelligence, good fortune and luck.Rose Quartz"Much like the pig, I embrace the abundance of love and joy in my life."
ButterflyMetamorphosis, change and beauty.Chrysocolla"I, akin to the butterfly, welcome change and radiate both inner and outer beauty."
DragonWisdom, magic, spirituality, nobility and strength.Dragon's Blood Jasper"I stand as a guardian of strength and courage, just like the dragon, protecting what is dear to me and standing firm in adversity."
GiraffeSincerity, stability, intuition.Crazy Lace Agate"I represent grace and adaptability, reminiscent of the giraffe, elegantly embracing change with a touch of humor."
PossumJoy, community and curiosity.Howlite"I symbolize adaptability and defense, like the possum, trusting my instincts and knowing when to safeguard myself."
PenguinSurvivability, unity and family.Black Onyx“I mirror the determination and endurance of the penguin, navigating life's challenges with resilience and purpose."
DonkeyTenacity, endurance, intelligence and practicality.Unakite"Like the donkey, I demonstrate patience and determination, persevering with grace and staying grounded on my journey."
BadgerDiscovery and resilience.Black Obsidian"Releasing negativity and fortifying my energy, like the badger, I fearlessly confront challenges."
DolphinProtection, team-work and higher intelligence.Larimar"Harmonizing and fostering connection, like the dolphin, I spread love and joy.."
AntPerseverance, loyalty, and work bonus.Green Aventurine"Working diligently and cooperatively, like the ant, we construct a better world together."
SheepGentleness, kindness, peacefulness.Blue Lace Agate"Serenity and tranquility, like the sheep, I discover stillness and gentle communication."
FalconVision, endurance, agility and authority.Falcon's Eye (similar to Tiger's Eye)"Vigilantly guarding and focusing, like the falcon, my sharp vision protects what's dear."
WolfIntelligence, determination, confidence, loyalty, boldness.Black Agate"Instinctually protecting and trusting, like the wolf, I defend my pack with courage."
BatUnusual perceptions, wisdom, adaptability.Lepidolite"Change and transformation, like the bat, I find inner wisdom in life's mysteries."
LemurPersistence, psychic awareness, memory.Moonstone"Intuitively connecting with the spirit of the forest, like the lemur, I trust my inner knowing."
ScorpionTransformation, death, mystery, darkness and bravery.Obsidian"Releasing negativity and bolstering resilience, like the scorpion, I stand strong in facing challenges."
MoosePride, peace and strength.Picture Jasper"Like a moose, I embody adaptability and strength in life's forest, moving with grace and endurance."
SalmonWillpower, adventure and endurance.Orange Calcite"Similar to a salmon, my journey mirrors determination and transformation, swimming upstream with courage and purpose."
Blue HeronSolitude, observance and open mind.Blue Lace Agate"Reflecting the blue heron's patience and grace, I discover tranquility in stillness and contemplation."
DogLoyalty, intelligence, protection.Labradorite"Like a nurturing and resourceful chicken, I provide sustenance and safety for those I cherish."
ChickenPositivism and naïve thinking.Picture Jasper"I navigate life with the grace and resilience of a lizard."
LizardResilience, adaptation, independence.Malachite"I adapt to change and embrace transformation, like the lizard. I navigate life with grace and resilience."
AlpacaAdaptability and calmness.Amethyst"Much like the alpaca, I seek spirituality and inner peace, finding serenity in spiritual connection."
Puma / CougarOpportunism, intuition, confidence and observance.Red Jasper“I embody courage and strength, akin to the puma, taking on challenges and protecting my territory with determination."
DoveLove, purity and hope.Rose Quartz"Like the dove, I bring love and harmony to those around me, promoting peace."
Unknown BeetleSafety and resilience.Tiger's Eye"Similar to the beetle, I rely on my instincts and face challenges with unwavering determination, embodying strength and protection."
EagleFreedom, power and supremacy.Lapis Lazuli"I embody insight and wisdom, like the eagle, reaching new heights through inner sight."
MantisCamouflage, disguise and secrets.Green Aventurine"I find harmony in stillness, embracing life's ebb and flow, akin to the patient mantis."
VultureResistance, wisdom and confidence.Black Obsidian"Like the resilient vulture, I release negativity, safeguarding my energy in times of change."
CheetahSpeed, focus and elegance.Leopard Skin Jasper"Trusting instincts and moving gracefully, I race toward goals like the agile cheetah."
BobcatSolitude, beauty and affection.Snowflake Obsidian"In the face of change, I'm agile and adaptable, like the transformation-embracing bobcat."
ParrotCommunication and awareness.Amazonite"Like the expressive parrot, I communicate authentically, connecting through joyful expression."
PeacockBeauty, grace and self-love.Peacock Ore (Bornite)"Radiating my unique brilliance, I share my gifts with the world, as vibrant as the peacock."
MayflyTransformation, yin and yang.Aquamarine"Finding wisdom in fleeting moments, I embrace life's transient beauty, akin to the mayfly.."
RabbitFlexibility, fearfulness and caution.Moonstone"Trusting my intuition, I hop into new opportunities with joy, like the abundant rabbit.”
LynxLoneliness and aggression.Rhodonite"Protecting loved ones with courage and an open heart, I embody love and strength, like the lynx."
TroutEnergy and observance.Lepidolite"Flowing with life's currents and navigating with grace, I adapt like the tranquil trout."
FoxCleverness and independence.Red Jasper"Trusting instincts and finding creative solutions, I adapt cunningly, akin to the fox."
RattlesnakeTreachery, alertness.Jasper"Shedding the old to welcome the new, I am strong and adaptable like the rattlesnake."
LionPride, courage, leadership, strength.Tiger's Eye"With unwavering determination and confidence, I protect my pride like the courageous lion."
AntelopeEnergy, grace, endurance and distrust.Kyanite"Trusting instincts and leaping forward with grace, I embody the speed and agility of the antelope."
BullStrength, dominance and stamina.Rhodonite"Strength and resilience, like the bull, facing challenges with unwavering courage."
RacoonTrickery, cleverness and bravery.Raccoon Jasper"Resourcefulness and adaptability, like the raccoon, finding creative solutions and embracing change."
RattlesnakePersistence, problem solving and curiosity.Black Obsidian"Releasing fear and negativity, like the rattlesnake, shedding what no longer serves."
JaguarStrong will, confidence and dignity.Leopard Skin Jasper"Stealth and adaptability, like the jaguar, moving gracefully with trust in instincts."
AnacondaManipulation, observance and perception.Serpentine"Transformation and power, like the anaconda, embracing change and inner strength"
SwallowHappiness, agility and partnership.Blue Lace Agate"Freedom and grace, like the swallow, finding tranquility in the winds of change."
GrizzlyStrength, fearlessness and independence.Crazy Lace Agate“Strength and humor, like the grizzly, navigating life's challenges with resilience and humor."
CoyotePlayability, curiosity, adventurousness and self-determination.Picture Jasper"Adaptability and cleverness, like the coyote, creatively solving life's puzzles with ingenuity."
CricketLuck, vocalism, communication and sustainability.Tiger's Eye"Abundance and luck, like the cricket, bringing fortune and abundance to those around."
RoosterActivity, pride and protection.Citrine"Awakening and vitality, like the rooster, greeting each day with enthusiasm and vitality."
WoodpeckerOpportunism, perseverance and creativity.Petrified Wood"Determination and resilience, like the woodpecker, persistently working towards lasting change."
DragonflyLightness, joy and quick thinking.Dragonfly Agate"Transformation and adaptability, like the dragonfly, embracing change and navigating life gracefully."
LadybugGentleness, luck, love.Red Jasper"Good luck and joy, like the ladybug, bringing happiness and good fortune to those encountered."
FlamingoPassion, serenity and companionship.Pink Opal"Grace and emotional balance, like the flamingo, finding serenity and harmony in all aspects of life."
CowFemininity, nurture, gentleness.Selenite"Purity and clarity, like the cow, bringing peace and clarity to those around."
WaspResilience, organization and courage.Yellow Jasper"Productivity and determination, like the wasp, working diligently to achieve goals."
CanaryLiveliness, healing and instinct for friends.Citrine"Joy and positivity, like the canary, radiating optimism and happiness."
OctopusIntelligence, mysticism and flexibility.Aquamarine"Flexibility and intelligence, like the octopus, adapting to any situation with grace and intelligence."
SealOptimism, strength, transformation.Sodalite"Seal symbolizes balance and protection."
JackalIngenuity, opportunism and intelligence.Picture Jasper"Adapt like the jackal, find creative solutions."
Blue JayHappiness, curiosity and courage.Blue Lace Agate"Express with clarity, seek serenity like the blue jay."
HummingbirdCoquetry, vitality and good luck.Amethyst"Discover joy in the present, bring light like the hummingbird."
ServalSelf-love and observance.Leopard Skin Jasper"Trust instincts, move gracefully as a servant."
CatSensuality and intuition.Labradorite"Navigate gracefully with inner knowing, like the cat."
SeagullAdaptiveness, resourcefulness and freedom.Selenite"Embrace freedom, offer clarity as the seagull."
CrowMystery, intelligence, magic.Black Obsidian"Release negativity, stay strong through transformation, like the crow."
CaterpillarTransformation, beauty and hope.Chrysocolla"Trust the process, embrace inner beauty, as the caterpillar."
FlyFreedom, fertility and independence.Black Tourmaline"Release fear, move forward with confidence, like the fly."
CrabProtection, creativity and caution.Aquamarine"Balance emotions with grace, navigate life's waters like a crab."
MagpieProblem solving, balance, balance.Blue Lace Agate"Express with clarity, find tranquility in stillness like the magpie."
SparrowSimplicity, happy life, union.Lapis Lazuli"Share a unique voice, inspire with creative spirit, like the sparrow."
MosquitoPersistence, intuition and irritation. Amber"Persist, adapt, find strength in resilience, like the buzzing mosquito."
GrasshopperAbundance, freedom and achievements.Green Aventurine"Leap forward with confidence, embrace change like a grasshopper."
HyenaHumor, resourcefulness, easy and lazy life.Snowflake Obsidian"Balance light and dark energies, find harmony like the hyena's laughter."
GazelleFlexibility, instinct and awareness.Kyanite"Trust intuition, move gracefully through challenges, like a swift gazelle."
OspreyElegance, visions and mental toughness.Falcon's Eye (similar to Tiger's Eye)"Soar with a keen eye for opportunities, hunt with precision like the osprey."
SlothRelaxation, introspection and peace.Rhodonite“Embrace a slower pace, savor life's moments, find inner peace.”
WombatCare, strong-will and determination.Picture Jasper"Grounded in Earth's stability like a wombat."
LeopardIndependence, focus, elusiveness.Leopard Skin Jasper"Unique spots and strengths, a leopard's stunning coat."
KoalaFaith, confidence and calmness.Moonstone"Nurturing inner wisdom and peace like a koala's branches."
CamelJourney, pilgrimage, wealth and hope.Desert Rose Selenite"Carrying burdens with grace and resilience, like a desert camel."
SnakePrimal energy, change, flexibility.Serpentine"Shedding old skin for transformation, like the snake's wisdom."
CardinalSelf-confidence, loyalty, assertiveness.Red Jasper"Expressing passions boldly, vibrant as a red cardinal."
ArmadilloLimitations, boundaries, caution and judgment.Rhodochrosite"Protecting the heart with strength in vulnerability, an armored armadillo."
RoadrunnerResilience, quick thinking and recovery.Picture Jasper"Swiftly navigating life's challenges with agility, a roadrunner."
BuffaloTruth, optimism, abundance.Picture Jasper"Connecting deeply with the earth, moving with the determination of a buffalo."
AlligatorStreet-wisdom, strength, self-confidenceGreen Aventurine"Patient and wise, navigating life's waters with alligator strength."
GorillaIntelligence, power and kindness.Black Obsidian"Channeling inner strength, protecting family, like a gentle giant, the gorilla."
WhaleStrength, spirituality and wisdom.Larimar"Diving deep into emotions, embracing the vast soul, a majestic whale."
MothTransformation, hidden knowledge and intuition.Moonstone"Drawn to the light of inner wisdom, like a moth to a flame."
PelicanGrace, self-sacrifice, transition.Blue Lace Agate"Carrying emotional burdens with grace, releasing into a sea of healing, like a pelican."
SpiderBalance, strategy, creativity.Black Onyx"Weaving life's threads with patience and creativity, a spider's intricate web.."
TurtleAncient wisdom, perseverance, home values.Amazonite"Carrying home within, moving at one's pace, finding strength in patience, like a turtle."
SeahorseKindness, luck, sensitivity.Aquamarine"Navigating life's currents with grace and adaptability, like a seahorse in the ocean."
ChameleonTransformation, adaptation, caution and patience.Chrysoprase"Embracing change with ease, adapting surroundings, like a chameleon changing colors."
TortoisePeace, calmness, your own business.Green Aventurine"Carrying the wisdom of time, finding strength in steady progress, like a tortoise."
TigerStrength, cunning behavior, self-confidence.Tiger's Eye"Your inner tiger's power and confidence."
DuckSolidarity and sensitivity.Lepidolite"Glide through life's challenges with the calm of a duck on water."
KangarooGroundness, swiftness, nurturing and faith.Rhodonite"Find strength in family bonds, embracing nurturing instincts like a kangaroo."
CondorPower, longevity, freedom and courage.Sodalite"Soar above, gaining wisdom and insight from a higher perspective like the condor."
RobinRejuvenation, joy, eternal bliss.Blue Lace Agate"Let your song bring beauty and joy to the world, like a robin's melody."
KookaburraHappiness, friendship and eternal bliss.Petrified Wood"Ancient wisdom and laughter, just like the kookaburra's call."
BeaverDiscipline, motivation and attention to details.Picture Jasper"Build your dreams through determination and teamwork, inspired by the industrious beaver."
BumblebeeHard work, care, gentleness.Yellow Jasper"Buzz with vibrant energy and productivity, like a bumblebee gathering nectar."
PantherElegance, shadow work, stealth, disguise and power.Leopard Skin Jasper"Embrace your wild, mysterious nature, as a panther prowling in the night."
CraneCare, wisdom and ambition.Blue Lace Agate"Dance with grace and beauty, finding inspiration in the world like the crane."
GopherExtroversion, social skills, nurturing and persistence.Snowflake Obsidian"Uncover hidden truths and inner peace by digging deep, much like a gopher burrows underground."
WolverineAutonomy, independence and confidence.Rhodonite"Face challenges with courage and determination, much like a fierce wolverine."
DodoEmpathy, care and love.Picture Jasper"Cherish your uniqueness and adapt to change with resilience, akin to the dodo bird."
ToucanCare free attitude and adventurism.Amazonite"Bring color and beauty to life, finding inspiration in the vibrant world like the toucan."
EmuHealing, resilience and power.Moonstone"Navigate the vast Australian outback with inner wisdom and intuition, like the emu."
PorcupineProtection, humor and nurturing.Rhodochrosite"Protect your heart with love and vulnerability, as gentle as a spiky porcupine."
Arctic FoxAdaptability, smartness and wisdom.Snowflake Obsidian"Adapt to harsh environments and find strength in resilience, like the Arctic fox."
SquirrelAttentiveness, future planning.Picture Jasper"Gather your resources and face the future with preparedness, much like a busy squirrel."
PigeonPeace, good fortune, good parentism.Selenite“Release burdens to find inner peace, soaring like a peaceful pigeon."
Komodo DragonPragmatism and laid back life.Picture Jasper"Channel ancient wisdom to navigate life's challenges, akin to the Komodo dragon."
SwanBeauty, romance, love.Amazonite"Glide through life's waters with grace and serenity, as a swan on the lake."
MoleOriginality and curiosity.Lepidolite"Navigate the darkness with inner wisdom and insight, much like a mole burrowing underground.."
MockingbirdPlayfulness, safety, security.Blue Lace Agate"Sing a symphony of peace and beauty, spreading joy to the world like the mockingbird's melodies."
CuckooLuck, good omen, sympathies.Chrysocolla“Life's rhythms, like the cuckoo's call."
EarthwormGroundness, intuition and fertility.Petrified Wood"Nurture your soul's soil, bringing life to the world, like the earthworm's underground work."
SquidLight, secrecy and curiosity.Aquamarine"Navigate emotions with grace, like a squid in the ocean."
TickLuck, sacrifice and tenacity.Amber"Find your place in life's circle and adapt with resilience, like a tick."
TunaLuck, strength and intuition.Lapis Lazuli"Swim through life with strength and determination, like a powerful tuna."
CormorantSkepticism, isolation and pragmatism.Blue Lace Agate"Dive deep into emotions, emerging with wisdom and grace, like a cormorant."
IguanaPeace and vision.Serpentine"Adapt to surroundings, finding strength in your ability to change, like the iguana's camouflage."
Manta RayCalmness, passive aggression.Larimar"Glide through life with grace and serenity, embracing the depths of your emotions, like a manta ray."
PythonTransformation and patience.Serpentine"Shed the old to make way for the new, like a python's graceful renewal."
ChimpanzeeIntelligence, playfulness, trickster behavior.Picture Jasper"Your playful and intelligent nature, finding strength in your adaptability, like a chimpanzee."
CapybaraCommunity, extrovertism and communication.Rhodonite"Nurture connections and find strength in community, like the social and gentle capybara."
OstrichStrength and problem ignoring.Moonstone"Unique beauty and wisdom, like the ostrich in the vast African savanna."
AnteaterSolitude and independence.Petrified Wood"Dig deep to uncover hidden truths, finding nourishment in the depths of your soul, like an anteater."
MeerkatCaution, alertness.Leopard Skin Jasper"Watch over your family and community with vigilance and love, like the meerkat in the desert."
CockroachInstinct, survivability.Black Tourmaline"Adapt and survive, finding strength in resilience and resourcefulness, like a cockroach."
BarracudaBoldness, assertiveness, awareness.Aquamarine"Swim through life's challenges with power and agility, like a barracuda in the ocean."
HamsterOvercoming fears by preparedness.Picture Jasper"Gather and store resources with diligence, finding strength in preparedness, like a busy hamster."
CrocodileAdaptability, stealth and patience.Green Aventurine"Be patient and powerful, waiting for the right moment to strike, like a crocodile in the waters."
BaboonInner child connection, joy and skills.Red Jasper"I channel my passions and protect my community with boldness, like the spirited baboon."
HorseValor, passion and freedom.Amazonite"I charge through life with freedom and grace, savoring the journey, like the majestic horse."
KestrelObservance, ferocity, ambition.Falcon's Eye (similar to Tiger's Eye)"I stalk my goals with precision and unwavering focus, mirroring the vigilant kestrel in the sky."
StarfishPatience, intuition and ignorance.Lepidolite"I embrace diversity and adjust gracefully to change, akin to the adaptable starfish in the ocean."
RhinocerosStrength, determination and confidence.Rhodonite"I'm unyielding and resilient, navigating life's challenges with unwavering determination, like the rhinoceros."
WormResourcefulness, transformation, patience and persistence.Petrified Wood"I delve into my inner world, nurturing my soul, as the earthworm enriches the soil."
BearStrength, protection, ferocity and courage.Smoky Quartz"I stand grounded and wise, seeking introspection in the depths of my being, like the hibernating bear."
Gnu / WildebeestTravel, migration and strength in numbers.Kyanite"I move in harmony with life's rhythms, following the path to new horizons, like the Wildebeest on the African plains."
EelHumbleness, search for inner strength.Aquamarine"I navigate the depths of emotions with agility, just as the eel glides through water."
HippopotamusStrength, rethinking and skepticism.Rhodonite"I embrace my inner strength and tranquility, like the peaceful hippopotamus in still waters."
PartridgeProtection, family and fertility.Blue Lace Agate"I discover beauty and grace in simplicity, like the partridge in a tranquil forest."
MarmotGroundness, connection with nature, balance and harmony.Snowflake Obsidian"Harmony within, like the peaceful marmot."
ZebraReliability, honesty, openness.Jasper"Celebrate diversity, like the zebra on the savanna."
HareAdaptability, creativity and resourcefulness.Moonstone"Navigate challenges with grace, like the agile hare."
SnailPatience, persistence and humbleness.Petrified Wood"Carry home within, strength in patience, like the snail."
WeaselFocus, strategy and tactics.Leopard Skin Jasper"Embrace uniqueness and strengths, like the weasel's coat.."
RavenMisticity, prophetic symbolism, versatility and intelligence.Black Obsidian"Protect your spiritual realm, like the mysterious raven."
PandaSolidarity, groundness, happiness and balance.Snowflake Obsidian"Find strength in inner peace, like the peaceful panda."
AardvarkImagination, hard working, fulfilling goals.Red Jasper"Embrace curiosity and passion, like the aardvark's nature."
CaribouConnection with nature, higher consciousness, awakening.Picture Jasper"Adapt with strength through life's journey, like the migrating caribou."
Polar BearPower, bravery, endurance and strength.Selenite"Thrive in harsh environments with resilience, like the polar bear."