On this page you can find two Spirit Animal calculators.

Your thoughts power the first calculator. Second calc is using your birthday and current date to calculate your spirit animal.

Yet, both have some inconsistencies.

1st spirit animal calculator

First one is not precise due the inability of people to properly concentrate . Second one is not accurate, since spirit animals can take over main spirit animal. This is depending of your current feelings and state of your mind.

To compensate, return to this page and repeat the steps couple of times. All spirit animals you get as a result are VALID RESULTS, read them!

To calculate with power of your thoughts:

  • deeply inhale and exhale 5 times
  • close your eyes
  • concentrate for 30 seconds to your feelings and troubles (do not concentrate on physical animals)
  • open your eyes and click on the button bellow.
Calculate Spirit Animal

2nd spirit animal calculator

This calculator is using your birthday to assign you a spirit animal. Just scroll through table until you find your date, then read about your spirit animal.

Spirit Animals by Birthday

3nd spirit animal by zodiac

This is calculated using your zodiac sign. It’s highly unreliable but it was a try to see connection between zodiac and spirit animals. I don’t suggest using it but it exists and here it is.

Spirit Animals by Zodiac