Bat in a Dream

Frequently described by various cultural systems around the world as symbols of darkness, the underworld or even gloomy castles and haunted mansions, bats represent one of the most common spirit animals showing up in dreams.

The mysteries and secrets behind these sacred creatures are highly subjective to the dreamer and the things happening in their waking life at that moment, however a few recurring themes can be observed, such as metaphorical warnings about upcoming troubles, rebirth or even the death of a family member.

General Significance of the Bat Symbol

Regardless of the nature of your bat dream, one thing is certain; in most cases bats are believed to be symbols of wisdom, inner and outer growth or even femininity.

At the same time, most bat dreams also symbolize nighttime phobias, for some people that are naturally afraid of them in the waking world. Given the common nature of this symbol and the variety of dreams out there, we will cover the most recurring ones.

Metaphorically, the bats are known to be symbolic of various things in different cultures and situations. In most cases, the bats are believed to be symbolic of mysterious, spiritual thins, hidden desires and symptoms, wisdom, feminine energy, rebirth, and much more. At the same time, dreams about bats normally symbolize different metaphorical aspects of the inner self and outer life.

In modern-day culture, we can easily associate bats with Victorian Goth novels and tales, such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, however they have not always been considered such a gloomy symbol.

In Ancient Mayan folklore bats have been worshipped as divine beings, associated with death as a natural part of life. The bat’s connection with the underworld, also referred to as Xibalba was one of transformation, change, cycles and even infinity.

Much like the Mayans, in the Chinese tradition, bats, also known as “wufu” were the lucky token that equaled their concept of ‘five blessings’, responsible for bringing love, health, longevity, richness and eventually a peaceful death.

Having a Bat Dream in Which the Bat Acknowledges You

If you happen to have a dream about bats, usually containing only one single bat, it means its high-time to change your perspective for the future. The bat appearing in your dream urges you to make vital changes that will help you transition onto the next chapter of your life.

Bats in dreams could also mean that you have to let go of habits you are used to in order to progress. In broader terms, bat dreams are all about facing your own worries and fears and getting through the dark episodes in your life.

Catching or Holding a Bat in Your Dream

Did you try catching a bat in your dream? If that is the case, whether you’ve managed to succeed or not, it signifies that the dream is connected to a strong desire of standing out in your community. Essentially, you can consider this a sign that you need to work on improving your plans in order to achieve your goals.

If the dream results in being unable to catch the bat, be aware that there are areas in your life which will spin out of your control as you try to reach out only for one main thing.

Seeing Bats Hanging Upside Down

Bats which appear in your dream hanging upside down are symbolic of a deeper need to lead an eclectic life, out of the ordinary that is true to yourself.

If you are trying to make important changes in the real life and are currently facing opposition, a bat dream of this nature serves as a reminder to try and look from a different angle to be able to fully understand all aspects of the situation.

Being Bitten or Attacked by a Bat in Your Dream

The bat paying you a visit in your sleep feels rather aggressive to you? Be on alert and known that it could potentially act as a bad omen.

Experiencing dreams in which a bat scratches, bites or is hostile towards you in any type of way represents a reflection of real threats in your real life that oyu are not yet aware of or would rather not face.

Another symbolic meaning of this dream could point out that you are about to be betrayed by someone close to you in unexpected ways.

Running Away from a Bat in Your Dream

This type of dream is intended to help you bravely face challenging times in your waking life. When you run away from the bat showing up in your dream, it indicates that something seems to be draining you of all your energy.

This dream might imply that in your real life you will need to gather all your strength and face the stress factor headfirst. It may also indicate that someone is slowly getting closer to you in order to cause you harm or break your trust by following their own agenda and using your resources.

Seeing a Bat Bite in a Dream

Looking at your arm and noticing that you’ve already been bitten by a bat could suggest that in reality you are ill, or about to become ill, hence this matter should be investigated urgently.

In this type of dream the bat is also trying to make you aware of potential ongoing unhealthy bonds from your waking life that are simply keeping you stuck and feeling depleted of all vitality.

Dreaming of a White Bat

It is believed that if a white bat appears in your dream, a member of your family or a closer friend is about to be faced with a great deal of trouble in the real world, get very ill or even die.

In this type of dream the white bat acts as a symbol of communication, encouraging you to reach out to them and try to cheer them up or even help them in whatever it is that seems to bother them.

White bats are also symbolic of receiving messages from individuals dear to you that have already passed away.

Meeting a Sleeping Bat in Your Dream

If the bat in your dream is asleep by the time you find it, the general interpretation is based around your own situation in the real world. Of course, each analysis is different, varying from one individual to another, however one thing is fairly clear – you feel like you are in the dark.

If you encounter this sleeping bat in a cave or room filled with darkness, at dusk, or in a hidden corner may symbolize your natural ability to walk between different paths of life, swinging from inner contemplation to outgoing social behavior.

Killing or Harming the Bat in Your Dream

If you dream about killing a bat it is intrinsically connected with your unsatisfied needs in the waking life. At this current stage of your life, you seem to feel out of place, yet unable to quite figure out what needs to change and somehow involuntarily continue to remain stuck in your old ways.

The act of killing the bat in your dream is synonymous with your need to overcome this unknown and fear of change in reality and cut down toxic relationships and behaviors that weight you down.

The killing of the bat could also be indicative of someone close to you about to betray your trust or become rude in one way or another. Alternatively, this type of dream could also mean that you are going to be victorious over your ill-wishers and adversaries.

Holding a Bat in Your Hand Without It Flying Away

The dream in which you hold a willing bat inside your palm means that you are trying hard to remove particular negative thoughts and habits from your waking life.

The deeper message of this dream is to never be frightened to face difficulties coming your way. Holding a black bat in your hand can foretell your future spiritual awakening.

This type of dream where you hold a bat is deeply connected to your own ambitions. The willingness of the bat appears to be symbolic of our need to achieve or complete goals in the real world.

Alternatively, holding a bat in your arms can signify embracing the goodness and success that is waiting on your spiritual road.

Dreams About Bat Colony or Infestation

Dreaming about bat colony or a bat infestation is associated with inner social circles in your waking life. The saying “blind as a bat” applies to the message of this dream, telling you about the important details that are right in front of you and yet concealed from your sight at the same time.

This could potentially be indicative of secrets, gossip or bad-mouthing around your back. If the colony of bats is pitch black, this means that even if you are socially active, you still feel secluded from your friends.

As black bats are often considered quite sociable creatures, this dream urges you to try and reconnect with family and friends and rekindle bonds that have been lost or broken and in doing so you will eventually move out of your isolation and back into the light.

A violent, uncontrollable colony of bats seemingly coming at you out of nowhere is associated with emotional blocks, toxic relationships, or a poorly chosen career that is holding you back from manifesting your best self.

Dreaming of Bats Flying Inside or Outside Your House

A single bat flying in open air is suggestive of facing difficult challenges in your real life, the wings of the bat representing the wind of emotion.

To see bats flying uncontrollably can reflect your spiritual control and ability to manifest things as you go. This type of dream suggests that you have to be ready to encounter obstacles and find out ways to overcome them.

The house in your dream represents your own self, therefore it is extremely important where the bats are located or flying as this is indicative of the source of negativity in your waking life.

If the bats happen to be flying inside your house, take it as a sign of inner unresolved dilemmas. It is symbolic of confusion in regards to family.  A bat flying in your house indicates that your own “higher-self” will be challenged.

If the bats are flying outside, this can serve as an important clue suggesting the negative forces are outside of your control and will affect people close to you, but not yourself directly.

Coming Across a Dead Bat in Your Dream

The dead bat symbol in your dream is connected to the transformation of darker thoughts lurking in your mind into positive energies. To see a dead bat in your dream can signify that even if people will try yo generate conflict in the real world, you should use your best judgement and walk away.

Essentially, the dead bat is not necessarily a bad omen, but a wake-up call for you to pay closer attention to your relationships with other and cut out the ones that seem to be “dying out”.

Bats Falling Down from the Sky

Seeing bats flying down from the sky in your dream is surprisingly, a positive sign.

This peculiar, yet positive dream has a connotation of inner well-being, shedding away all that is no longer serving you and embracing the divine blessings you are being given.

Bats swooping down from the sky can also indicate that changes are soon coming into your life, whether you have invited them in or not, but that regardless of the scenario, you should be getting positive outcomes out of it.

Bats falling down in broad daylight suggest that you will be pushed out of your comfort zone and will need to figure out a brand-new way to rethink your real life.


To summarize, we can mention once more that bats symbolize different aspects of life in different places and cultures around the world. To some, bats are usually symbolic of spirituality, mystery and wisdom while to others they constitute hidden feelings, hidden threats and even rebirth.

Similarly, the bat dreams symbolism varies depending on the dreamer’s current life situation at the time it takes places, although a set of commonly shared essences are visible.

The most common dream references for bats are usually associated with family, inner social circles and interna struggles to balance out thoughts and emotions.

As bats are communicative, sociable creatures, the dream might be warning you of potential betrayal or changes in your social groups or family life, that you may not have been aware of.

The bat symbol in your dream is also suggestive of knowing yourself and understanding various aspects of your feelings and emotions.

As bats are animals that heavily rely on their senses and intuition to navigate through their surroundings, so should you in the real world if you choose to embrace the wisdom of the bat. Close your eyes, meditate and clear your mind of all negative thoughts – it will help you think clearer and come up with solutions to any problems of your waking life.