Buffalo in a Dream

Buffalos have always been considered sacred animals across a variety of cultures throughout history. When coming face to face with one it is usually symbolic of a difficult task which can be solved only through hard work and commitment.

There are many situations in which the buffalo reveals itself to you. For instance, if it does not seem to notice you as you observe it, it is usually a warning for you to closely pay attention to your entourage and spot out potential enemies.

The core meaning of a buffalo dream is symbolic of survival, strength and power to overcome hardships in life. While in the dream state, you can consider this as a sign that you are aided by this spirit animal in the completion of your goals.

Alternatively, despite all the positive sides of a buffalo dream, there can be certain less fortunate sides to it. For instance, the dream may also be a warning for imminent struggles coming into your life if you have deviated from its normal pattern.

But rest assured, the Buffalo symbol can bring great abundance and prosperity in life, even after the most difficult battles.

The dreaming of a buffalo often alternates in context, from individual to individual, based on how this creature reveals itself to you and the action taking place in the dream space once you see the Buffalo.

We will now proceed on a captivating journey to uncover the most general dream messages behind a buffalo dream, also known as the spirit animal of respect and honor, of gifts and abundance.

General Significance of a Buffalo Dream

Within the spiritual animal kingdom and nature, the Buffalo urges the dreamer to remember to honor and respect all that is granted to them.

As ruler over the land, for Native Americans, the buffalo has always been a strong link to sustaining life as in their culture they were highly dependent on it for food and making garments.

Essentially it represented prosperity and abundance, often used for creating horns as decorations or other religious objects specific to their culture that reminded them that they belong to the animal kingdom called Earth.

The Buffalo was regarded as they envoy of the Great Spirit sent on Earth to sustain and perpetuate our life, hence the significance behind the Buffalo speaks of gratitude, thankfulness and the happiness that comes from enjoying life as it comes.

In most instances when a buffalo appears in your dreams, this majestic creature urges you to focus on living a life based on gratitude and throwing out worries and negativity, leaving room for enjoying the abundance that is soon coming your way.

The Chinese people, on the other hand, look upon buffaloes as symbols of servitude, dedication and reliability and often associate them with rivers. According to them, the dream symbolism of a buffalo stands for familial connections, roots and ancestry.

They often interpreted these dreams as messages of crucial importance in inside family matters, in forgiving transgressions and in needing to reconnect with and honoring one’s ancestry.

The appearance of the Buffalo might also suggest that you subconsciously need to stand your ground and focus on your strengths, knowing that you already possess the abilities you need to make your dreams happen and to handle challenging situations with ease.

Besides symbolizing survival and power, buffalo dreams can aid the dreamer in avoiding confrontations with potential adversaries, providing clues that may also reflect the innermost fears of the dreamer.

Dreaming of a White Buffalo

If the buffalo appearing in your dream happens to be while, that can reveal to you that your enemies will be powerless in the face of your intelligence and insight. As white buffalos are very rare in nature, this dream signifies your uniqueness and adaptability to overcome your opponent.

In other words, witnessing the presence of a white buffalo in your dream, stands for the ultimate fulfillment of your wishes, while a black buffalo usually shows up as a warning of impending troubles.

In Hinduism it is widely believed that dreaming a white buffalo is a reminder for you to take action and make serious changes in your everyday life. To dream of this sacred being can be considered most sought-after dream, as the appearance of this creature foretells abundance, assures prosperity and serves as a good omen for the dreamer.

Generally speaking, the presence of a white buffalo in your dream is symbolic of purity, innocence and bliss, all of which can be manifested into the real life once your intentions, thoughts and emotions are all in alignment with your actions.

If you happen to come across a white bison totem, it portrays the purity and gentleness of your heart and points your attention towards your roots and how you can best use the lessons learned from your ancestors to bring your desires or wishes to fruition.

Hunting or Fighting with the Buffalo

If you dream of hunting a wild buffalo, it could be indicative of your need for adventure. Perhaps you have been sucked into repetitive patterns and feel like breaking out of your routine.

In this case, hunting the buffalo down remind you of your sustainability and self-reliance, helping you become more independent and grounded into reality.

If you successfully hunt and defeat the buffalo, it foretells the imminent resolution of your troubles effortlessly, as well as the possibility of plunging into a beneficial affair very soon.

On the other hand, a dream in which the buffalo tries to hunt you down signifies an unstable state of mind, that can lead to making carless choices which will negatively impact your life

If you choose to kill the buffalo, it means you are being controlled and maybe even manipulated by external forces into your real life. Most likely foretelling the loss of property, income, or loved ones.

A furious buffalo running towards you or wrestling with you means that you have assigned important tasks to other people instead of tackling them yourself, which may result in unfavorable outcomes if you do not take action.

If you only injure the buffalo in your dream, without killing it, it forewarns you that you need to carefully rethink any projects or activities that you are undertaking.

Seeing a Buffalo Totem

Witnessing a buffalo totem in your dreams is considered sacred and usually reminds you to stay focused on your goals as you thread the path to success. It teaches you to enjoy the journey, as it is just as important and fulfilling as the destination.

The symbolism behind a buffalo totem is representative of prayer and praise given to Mother Earth, hence, this spirit animal teaches you to be mindful of all life surrounding you.

This dream is highly connected with achieving inner peace and harmony while being thankful for the gifts that you have already received in life. The totem urges you to commence walking on a sacred path, honoring every aspect of life.

When having a totem buffalo dream, it is advised to practice humility, and to reconnect with nature and all living things. This dream will sometimes ask you to support the endangered species of our planet, in exchange for prosperity, abundance and enlightenment.

This manifestation of a dream cannot be triggered or forced; it happens to you in key moments of your life, when change is needed.

Riding a Buffalo in a Dream

In most dreams where you see yourself riding a buffalo, being above the animal’s body usually describes your status in your community. Certain dream interpretations consider riding a buffalo as a good omen.

For instance, if you dream of riding a buffalo while the buffalo tries to shake you off, it symbolizes upcoming financial gains through sustained efforts.

This type of buffalo dream is also associated with luck or unexpected opportunities. If the buffalo you are riding in your dream is a male bull, then it foretells your status growth within the community you are part of in the real world.

In other instances, the dream of riding a wild buffalo can be considered a sign that you will become a financially stable person who will play an important role and give back to the community.

For certain people, riding buffaloes represent the strength, material gains and social recognition they strive to maintain in society. The buffalo you are riding in your dream can also be a good sign of future partnerships of any kind.

Being Chased by a Buffalo

To be under attack by a wild buffalo in a dream implies that your hefty lifestyle is endangered by mindless spending. Alternatively, it may also indicate you could be cheated on by your partner in the real life.

Unsurprisingly, a dream about being the target of a buffalo may be an indication that your spirit animal wants to bring an urgent message to your attention. It may just be telling you that you need to pay close attention to a set if important matters that are either being neglected or forgotten just because they don’t feel very pressing at the moment.

Depending on which context this type of dream takes place in and how you feel while it happens, you can tell whether you need to be mindful of other’s betrayal or even of your own actions betraying you.

For example, dreaming that you run away from the buffalo as it charges could potentially mean that you are trying to escape a major stress source in your waking life which you are not sure how to solve and such, you dream about running away and detaching from it.

Dreaming About a Herd of Buffalos

Buffalos in a herd formation appearing in your dream can signify your current financial status. If you happen to see a herd of wild buffalo slowly walking towards you, it may represent abundance is now heading your way.

Secondly, if you come across a buffalo herd in your dream, it is usually a sign of good omens, material gains and abundance. This type of dream is also often associated with feelings of tranquility, unity and harmony.

If this group of buffalos stares back at you in your dream, you might want to look around and see if everything seems right with all those surrounding you and maybe even watch out for them or you might miss important warnings.


To summarize, buffalo dreams are generally considered good omens of future opportunities and abundance. The buffalo in your dream suggests that you should closely examine your waking life and decide if action or change is needed in the present moment.

Secondly, having a buffalo dream is often associated with strength, abundance, gratitude and the sacredness of nature uniting all living things. For certain cultures, the apparition of this sacred spirit animal is synonymous with survival and the continuity of life, while other cultures link it with home and family ties.

Depending on each subjective instance a buffalo dream occurs, it may hold either positive or negative connotations. Moreover, the buffalo’s behavior may just be a reflection of your own mental and emotional state in the waking life. It can be a true mirror of your anxieties, fears, or even your love for things related to the animal realm.

The interpretation of a buffalo dream varies depending on the activity unraveling in dream space as well as the number of buffaloes encountered. If you dream of one single buffalo, it means that you are likely to soon experience an unexpected increase in your income in the real world.

Alternatively, if you dream of a buffalo herd, it is usually indicative of a period of challenges while trying to fit in the community and achieving inner peace.

If your dream depicts the killing, hunting or injury of a buffalo, it suggests you should rethink your life choices and ongoing projects. This dream may also be linked to having enemies in the waking life, warning you about their intentions.

While these enemies will work against your best interests, the buffalo dream tells you that you will be able to overcome any disputes or challenges arising from their actions by taking a diplomatic approach.