Cobra as Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are helpers and guides that are there to help someone in a difficult time in their life. Alternative names for spirit animals are animal guides, spirit helpers, power animals, or animal helpers. They appear to us in a time of need, to help us overcome given obstacles and to resolve problems that we are experiencing.

In this article, we will cover all important information about the spirit animal of the cobra.

Meaning and Symbolism of Cobra as Spirit Animal

Although many people think that snakes are a bad sign, spirit animal cobra will bring a lot of good things into your life. The cobra spirit animal can have various meanings and symbols.

Having a cobra as your spirit animal can mean that you need to be there for your loved ones, to take care of them, and to protect them. They will teach you that family is one of the most important things in your power. Cobras also represent healing, so it can mean that you need to heal from the pain you encountered in the past. It can also mean that you need to be there for someone in a time of need.

The same way snakes change its skin, having a cobra spirit animal can signify that you need to have a change in your life. You might need to accept new challenges or experience new adventures to be your true self and to achieve great things.

Another symbolism of the cobra totem is that you might need to act quickly about something that’s happening in your life. It can mean that you need to be rapid when making decisions to not miss out on any given chances or opportunities.

They also symbolize gracefulness and wisdom, but danger and mysticism. They represent the unknown and can be harmful at certain times. People with the cobra totem are persistent and go beyond the limits to achieve their goals.

Characteristics and Personality

Cobra spirit animal has multiple personalities and characteristics. The main ones are:

  • Protection
  • Rebirth and Healing
  • Change
  • Quickness
  • Wisdom
  • Persistence
  • Controlling
  • Mystery

If your spirit animal is a cobra, you are protective of anyone you love. You won’t allow anything bad to happen to them, and you would give your life for them. That can sometimes

reflect badly on you as you can become overprotective. Your family and friends can feel like you are suffocating them, the same way a cobra does it to its prey.

A lot of people with the cobra spirit animal need to learn the difference between protection and smothering. Your loved ones will appreciate it because everyone needs private space. Due to this, you can also become too controlling. You need to realize that everyone’s allowed to live their lives and to decide about their choices.

People with this totem love changes and new adventures in their life. They are not afraid to take on any given challenges and love to explore the unknown. They love everything new, especially if it’s mysterious. Cobra spirit animal people are also drawn to the occult.

They are persistent in their goals and dreams, and they are able to do anything to make their wishes come true. If your spirit animal is a cobra, be sure to not become too persistent. If you do, you might hurt people along the way, while looking out for yourself only.

In the past, cobras have represented healing, and that has lived up until today. They represent rebirth as well, so a person with this spirit animal can easily retrieve from any losses and get back on their feet. No matter how many times they fall, they will rise again and go after their goals.

Quickness is another sign of cobra spirit animal people. They react fast and are always ready for anything that life may throw at them. They are wise, so people with that totem have a lot of knowledge.

Cobra Spirit Animal Positive Powers

As mentioned above, the cobra spirit animal actually has a lot of positive powers. It’s up to you whether you will keep them balanced since they can turn into bad traits.

If your spirit animal is a cobra, you are daring, outgoing and you love innovation. You cannot stand still and you are always looking for new things to do and learn. You are loving, caring, and defensive.

You try hard to make your dreams come true and you fight for what you believe in. Your strong opinions are heard by everyone, so people respect you and look up to you. People with cobra spirit animals are smart, and they easily adapt to new things. They represent people with power and people that can accomplish everything they wish for.

Cobra Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Cobra spirit animal has negative traits as well. Here, we will try to cover the most important ones in this article.

People with cobra spirit totem can become pushy, obnoxious, and over-ambitious. They can go from loving to being forceful in a blink of an eye, without realizing they are doing something bad.

If cobra is your totem, you can become dangerous and even sometimes violent. If you let the cobra occult spirit side overpower you, you might turn into the worst version of yourself. If that happens, you risk losing everything and everyone you love for your personal gain.

You need to understand that you are not the most important person in the world and that you don’t know everything. Otherwise, you will become pretentious and scare away people you care about.

Cobra as Animal Totem

The cobra animal totem brings you great and valuable things, only if you know how to use them. They represent some of the biggest mysteries in life, and they will give you an opportunity to discover them.

With this talisman, you can become agile, quick, and enlightened. It’s important to find the perfect harmony in between the positive and negative characteristics this spirit animal brings. You need to learn to control your senses and not let the bad cobra signs overpower you.

If you stay on the right path, the cobra will bring you endless opportunities, where you can shine and be the main star.  You don’t like to be taken for granted, and you are strong about pursuing your passions. Make sure you are not too self-sure, or you can show off as a know-it-all.

People with this symbol need to stay away from bad things, otherwise, they could be drawn to them. If you decide to join the darkness, there will be no light in your path. Always have that in mind when you want to do something that’s not right.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Cobra for Help?

It’s crucial to know how to call the animal spirit of cobra for help when you’re in a tough situation or going through a rough time in your life. Here is a list of ways you can call the cobra for guidance:

  • Meditate – take your time to really envision the cobra spirit. The cobra totem will appear to you, and you will be able to communicate with the spirit.
  • Journal – Make sure that you journal any encounters and the cobra behavior. Don’t miss out on any signs, as the spirit might show up to you in any place you visit.
  • Ask the animal to reveal itself to you – spirit guides always hear your calls, so the cobra spirit will appear to you when you need it,
  • Oracle cards – you can use oracle cards to call on your cobra spirit animal and to get closer to it.

You can call upon your cobra spirit guide when:

  • You need more wisdom, guidance, and knowledge
  • You need strength or want a change in your life
  • You need to overcome a difficult time in your life
  • You need to become persistent and need a push to bring your ideas to life

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

The animal spirit will make itself known when you call for it. Also, since they can sense high vibrations, and your thoughts, an animal spirit may appear to you even without the call. If your spirit guardian thinks that you are in a tough situation, or need help and guidance, they will try to reach you, and help.

It’s always good to call for its help so that you can resolve your problems or achieve your goals quicker. The spirit animal can show itself to you in dreams, through meditation, or even appear to you in random places. Don’t take the encounters for granted, and try to figure out the message it’s trying to express to you.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

The message of your spirit animal might vary, depending on what lesson you need to learn, or obstacles to overcome. Sometimes, the spirit animal appears to help you change yourself and go through a life transformation. Other times, it might try to teach you a new sill or transfer important news to you.

You need to pay attention to the way the spirit animal is acting around you, where is it showing up, and how often. You can do research and find out everything about your spirit animal so that you can understand its message better.

As said in the article, try to journal the encounters, behaviors, and anything that might seem important when you communicate with your spirit animal. That way you will be able to evolve faster and become your greater self.

Meaning of Cobra in Dreams

Cobra in dreams can have different meanings and significations. Here are the most common cobra dreams and their meanings. For example, dreaming about a black cobra is a type of dream that usually has negative predictions. It indicates that there’s a close person that’s wishing you bad things, and wants to harm you. You need to be alert at all times and be careful who you spend time with.

A white cobra can reveal dangerous knowledge and secrets, whereas a green one can hint a major financial gain.

If you dream about multiple cobras in one place, that are crawling around, but not trying to harm you, that can mean that there are plenty of new opportunities in your way. Make sure you are prepared to not miss out on any of them.

Another common dream is killing a cobra. If you dreamt about that, there are two different interpretations. That sort of a dream can indicate that you will resolve all issues that have been going on lately. On the other hand, it can also mean that you might hurt someone, or do something you won’t be proud of. Remember that you cannot step on everyone to achieve your goals.

Meaning of Cobra in Various Mythologies

Snakes have been mentioned throughout centuries, in both good and bad contexts. Various mythologies have considered cobras sacred, where some thought that it’s the devils’ guardians.

In Egyptian mythology, cobras were sacred animals as they were considered as a sign of royalty and power. They have been worshipped and sacrificed to gods as a sign of appreciation and respect. Egyptians believed that cobras are messengers of the god Amon Ra, who was the supreme sun god.

Cobras are also respected in Indian culture, where they are connected with their most important gods like Shiva and Vishnu. In Hindu mythology, people believe that cobras are immortal and that they represent the god of destruction and creation.

Buddhist’s mythology says that Buddha was protected by a cobra on his journeys. African beliefs are that cobras bringeth and pain, so they tried to stay away from them as much as possible. There were also African tribes that believed in the king cobra that would bring them magic and eternal life.

Christian mythology considered cobras as a sign of a devil. Even the Bible says the cobras indicate people who have sinned, and that they have sold their souls to the devil.