Bees in a Dream

Bees are one of the rarer dreams that may occur to you while you’re undergoing transitions in your waking life. Bees can often show up after a career change, after entering a new relationship or taking up a new hobby.

There’s no surprise that these little spiritual beings have a rich history of being symbols of rebirth, order, balance and ingenuity, interpreted in various ways depending on each religion, tradition, culture, or psychologist involved.

One single bee in the palm of your hand could potentially foretell immense success and financial gains while a lifeless bee found near a hive may trigger the beginning of a series of less fortunate events.

Bees possess a rich and vivid presence across cultures and faiths around the world, generally embodying the importance of growth and progress in all areas of one’s life.

General Symbolism Behind the Little Bees

Bees are universally regarded as positive dream symbols, even in cases where they bring warnings of more auspicious events entering one’s life. These small yet incredibly important insects have been associated with good fortune, happiness and team-work.

Having a dream that involves the bee symbolism, in whichever form it takes is closely connected to your relationships within the community and with trying to keep every aspect of your life well balanced.

Most cultures, such as the Hindu or the Upanishads strongly believe that bees are expressions of freedom and highly evolved organization skills. A dream in which a queen bee is usually shown is considered to be a direct message from a higher power.

Natural mastermind creators, bees easily mimic the behaviors that can also be found in our society, giving them a much more complex appeal. Freud, along with other psychoanalysts have argued that a dream in which bees appear represents the unconscious mind’s way of reaching the conscious layer.

Such dreams can generally bring to your awareness a romantic desire you never realized you had, a fear or worry you are not yet aware of, or perhaps a memory that you’ve repressed.

Having a Dream of Bees Swarming Around You

Bees are harbingers of good fortune and self-reliance, providing the dreamer with the confidence to become “busy as a bee”, idiom which resonated with diligence and industriousness.

Visualizing yourself surrounded by a swarm of bees that do not seem to be bothered by your presence could signify that you will need to put in more effort into your work projects and endeavors in the waking life.

Furthermore, the swarm of bees around you may represent the need for you to reconnect with your social life a bit more and become more active in your community.

A swarm of bees is a rare sighting that reveals itself to you when you’ve been needing the extra push to help you engage with people around you in a meaningful way.

Dreaming of a Single Bee

Seeing yourself holding one bee in the palm of your hand or just admiring it from a distance usually represents upcoming turbulences into your everyday life, sometimes even signaling busy times ahead, especially in terms of work and career endeavors.

Having such a dream should not be discouraging you, but on the contrary, it should be received as a warning well ahead of time, meant to prepare you for the difficult situation about to enter your reality.

A dream about a single buzzing bee flying by or around you can also deliver good news of upcoming happiness and beneficial opportunities, while also reminding you to be mindful of burning out or else you might find yourself “stung”.

Uncovering a Beehive in a Dream

Coming across an entire beehive formation in a dream is linked with abundance and prosperity about to enter your house and family life within the real world.

The beehive is a symbol of unity and good fortune even in terms of business and work-related pursuits, foretelling great success in all that you planned out for.

Dreaming of a beehive may also bring to your attention the need to overcome current troubles through persistence and sustained hard-work and to solely focus on attaining good health, fruitful income resources and peace of mind.

In other words, with hard work come high rewards and this is exactly what the little bee is reminding you of – that sometimes you may have to just take luck into your own hands in order to invite it into your real life.

Seeing an Empty Beehive

If the beehive in your dream seems to be devoid of dwellers or honey, or even worse – if it happens to be surrounded by dead bees or bees that seem to be lost, it may signify those tougher times are now on the horizon.

This is, however, no real reason to panic or despair as you still have all of the tools needed to overcome any challenges coming your way. The empty beehive may foretell financial loss or problems within the household, all which can be solved by openly communicating with one another and by remaining prudent.

Seeing dead bees around an empty beehive has usually been linked to loss, social misunderstandings or bad luck, however if the bees are still alive, it can be taken as a positive hint that the negative situation is not here to stay too long.

Being Stung by a Bee in Your Dream

Ouch! Nobody wants to experience a nightmare in which the bee is not exactly friendly and strings you as you interact with it. The bee stinging you is usually a nudge from the dream realm into paying closer attention to the things that are being said behind your back in the waking world.

Moreover, the bee sting may signify the betrayal that could occur from completely unexpected sources, that may even involve your loved ones. Having such a dream is, therefore, an auspicious omen meant to make you more aware of people’s true intentions.

On the flip side, the bee might just be telling you that you have accidentally caused harm to someone close to you and left them feeling rather “stingy” without realizing it.

In rarer cases where you do get stung by a bee, yet don’t seem to feel any sort of pain may indicate a momentary loss of identity or unaddressed emotional issues.

Dreams of Being Assaulted by a Swarm of Bees

This is undoubtedly one of the less desirable dreamtime experiences one wishes to have. If you find yourself helplessly attacked by a swarm of bees, this may mean that auspicious times are ahead and if you fail to thoroughly plan ahead, things could potentially feel overwhelming.

Another possible meaning of seeing yourself under assault by a swarm of bees could point out menacing intentions of a close friend or relative in your real life, that may act without your best interests at heart. A possible secondary meaning of this dream could be connected with unsettles memories or business affairs.

Having this type of nightmare, although painful, serves as a heads up, urging you to pay attention whom you decide to put your trust into and to become fully aware that not everyone that claims to be your friend actually is one.

Tending to a Bee Sting in a Dream

Envisioning yourself tending to a freshly discovered bee sting may indicate rejection and the emotional pain that comes with it.

Without a doubt, someone you’ve invested a lot of emotional interest into turned you away. Like all of us, you naturally react by taking a step back and processing this event in the most effective way possible.

Observing the bee sting while actually experiencing the pain of this aftermath in a dream is also closely tied to a less fortunate business affair or just overall being in a situation where not everyone acted with integrity and resulted in harm coming your way, whether in an intentional manner or not.

The pain may feel very intense or barely even present and the positioning of the mark may also vary depending on each subjective scenario – for instance if a bee stings your chest, it may signal a relationship gone bad.

Dreaming of Honey

We cannot mention dreaming about bees without, of course, mentioning their precious honey. Many people simply experience dreams of eating honey, seeing a jar of honey or even pure honey dripping out of a hive – all these symbols are considered lucky tokens, making the dreamer aware of incoming good times.

The honey symbolism resonates with rising success, excellent health, creative bursts or even inspiration of seeing the bigger picture in your waking world.

Honey is generally associated with the unity of all life around you as a whole and the interconnectedness of our ecosystem as a whole. If the honey seems to be not so easily accessible to you within your dream, this may mean that your skillset is soon to be put to test and that you’ll need to be ready to stand up for the challenge.

Running Away From Bees in a Dream

Being chased down by a furious swarm of bees might sound terrifying to most of us, however, this dream is often regarded as an important message regarding work or school and in some rarer cases it may even contain key information about the way in which you may actually be undermining yourself in the real world.

The bees appearing in such a dream would like you to become more mindful of your actions and how they affect your everyday life. Perhaps you have been neglecting or overlooking something important to your significant other, family or friends and continuing down that path may lead to further troubles up ahead.

To experience a dream in which you’re running away from the swarm may contain a deeper meaning in what concerns your social and familial life. Maybe you have reacted to constructive criticism in an impulsive way that has been misunderstood or maybe you did not consider other’s opinions when making group decisions.

Dreaming of a Black/White Bee

Our fellow striped winged honey makers can sometimes make a striking appearance into our dreams by luring us in with their completely white or completely black figures.

Although rare, these dreams can happen and are mostly linked with facing sides of ourselves we have been hiding from. A black bee is usually symbolic of isolation as well as repressed emotions and desires in terms of romantic affairs while a while or albino bee signifies abundance, femininity and nurturing beauty.

Coming face to face with a fully black or white colored bee in a dream may also relate to a deeper calling towards healing, communication or artsy careers some of us might have. When experiencing such a dream, it is highly advised to try and pursue holistic careers, developing psychic insight, innovation and spiritual fascination.

Being Followed by a Bee

Your nightly companion seems to be bussing around you with no intention of harming or stinging you? Consider yourself lucky as this is a positive omen representing important lessons that will prove helpful to you in social situations.

This type of dream is based on creative energies, meant to inspire you into overcoming blocks, shedding negativity and overall undergoing a deep spring cleaning of your social and family life.

Coming across a seemingly friendly bee in a dream is commonly linked with abundance and prosperity that you will soon be able to invite into you house and family life within the real world by using your innate abilities.

Being stalked by a friendly bee in your dream is also a symbol of compulsive behavior that was left unchecked as you may not have been fully aware of it, however the bee in this instance is trying to guide you into avoiding a negative or harmful situation based on impulsive reactions in the head of the moment.

Dreams of Killing Bees

Dreams of killing bees are meant as warnings from the dream realm, letting us know that unpleasant events may be looming on the horizon due to our reckless behavior and selfish choices along the way.

This type of dream is meant to prevent further negative surprises, as long as you make use of your best judgement and reach out to people you may have caused harm to or picking up projects that are way overdue.

As we transition through different stages in our lives, it is sometimes too easy to not get carried away and your little companions are making you aware of your own physical and emotional wellbeing.

This is an ideal time to step back, analyze everything and prevent unwanted accidents from happening. Although not an easy task, you may still be able to avoid loss of any kind by making serious, rational decisions.

Finding Dead Bees in a Dream

Being in the presence of lifeless bees is usually symbolic of loss and serves as a warning for you to “grow thicker skin” and face the challenges up ahead with utmost humility and tact.

This type of dream could also be signaling the end of a chapter in your life that you are not yet ready to let go of. Similar to dreams of finding dead bees around or near a hive, this nightmare urges you to think your next steps and actions carefully.

These less than fortunate news you are receiving should not bring you down, as in most cases loss can be averted by slowing down, takin in all sides of a story and keeping an open mind to any sudden changes that may occur and acting accordingly.


We can wrap up by mentioning the importance of bee symbolism in our dreams, as powerful spiritual guides that can sometimes help us overcome issues while other times may prove to be less friendly companions. Bees are generally positive omens, announcing abundance and prosperity and teaching us to see the bigger picture in the everyday life.

One single bee in the palm of your hand could potentially foretell immense success and financial gains while a lifeless bee found near a hive may trigger the beginning of a series of less fortunate events.

The properties, colors, behavior and placement of the bee or bees in a dream are extremely important as they have the potential of altering the dream’s essence entirely. The bee visiting your dream is usually a friendly omen, reminding you of establishing order in your waking life and organizing your thoughts and emotions.

Seeing honey in your dream is symbolic of change for the better, brand-new opportunities and engaging into new partnerships that will prove to be fruitful for you, rewarding you for all your hard work performed so far.

The beehive symbol in a dream is strongly connected with team-work, cooperation and prosperity as part of a bigger whole. This type of dream may also indicate that in order to attain wealth and happiness in your life, you’ll need to work together with those around you.

If you get stung by a bee in your dream, although painful, may constitute a necessary message delivering key information that may concern unforeseen betrayal coming from someone drear to you.

The dream of tending to or observing a bee sting could imply that our own actions and words may have harmed ourselves or others within the real world and is an indication that we may have to sacrifice our ego in order to fix the situation.

Lastly, as outlined all the way through, bees are hard-working, resilient little creators, signifying productivity, industriousness and efficient problem-solving announcing upcoming success into our lives or making us aware of changes needed to be able to grasp it.