Rabbit as Spirit Animal

We – as humans are deeply connected to nature and the spiritual world within. Everchanging energies of the universe are flowing through us and protecting our beings from harm and bad luck. These energies are presented in animal form in some cultures.

Spirit Animal is a spiritual vital force that embodies different animals’ characteristics and guards their “hosts” against negative influences.

It is important to know what each animal’s spirit symbolizes and when and how you should seek its help.

In modern life, it is much more difficult to define your spirit animal than in older times, because too many people don’t own the collective sacral knowledge of re-connecting to spirit guardians. You, yourself have to identify the animal that transmits the sacral energy.

As mentioned, each animal’s spirit has unique traits. In this article, we will discuss the special power of rabbit spirit animal and there will be a detailed description provided to be fully aware of how they exist and ways to connect to them.

The rabbit spirit animal symbolizes affection, high flexibility, and tentativeness.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Rabbit as Spirit Animal

People connected with rabbit spirit animal have access to the powers of the moon and therefore are considered to be sensitive and artistic. They are characterized by ambition, refinement, and virtue. According to ancient knowledge, the rabbit is spiritually connected to the moon, that is why it often symbolizes abundance and calamity.

Prominent traits of the Rabbit include its reproductive ability and speed. As it is known, this animal moves fast and loves to jump around. The life flow of people with this spirit animal is often repeated in the same pattern. Learning and embracing these aspects of the rabbit spirit animal can be very rewarding, as it provides a joyous feeling when in need.

Rabbit spirit animal has a very distinctive ability to recognize threats and bad energies, before actually engaging with them. High alerted senses help them to make decisions according to their intuition. It does not necessarily concern a life-threatening environment – as these spirits are also very good at pinpointing toxic vibes and damaging energies.

We often come across situations that affect our subconscious in an unwanted way, but we always have trouble emphasizing why are those happenings destructive for us. Having a rabbit as your spirit animal, will help you to analyze your surroundings to the tiniest details and flee as soon as you will feel those bad energies getting to you.

Rabbit spirit animal is also associated with affection and pure love. Having this guardian animal will help you to be more expressive about your feelings and will push you to fight for your desires and love.
People connected to the rabbit spirit are very harmonious and caring partners. The pure energy of love is following them like a shadow everywhere, making their presence very special in every social setting.

Characteristics and Personality

Notably, Rabbit as a spirit animal embodies very complex traits, that is why their diverse nature is very interesting.

Rabbit spirit animal represents:

  • Creativity
  • Pure Love
  • High Flexibility
  • Extroversion
  • Positivity

To have a deeper understanding of the rabbit spirit animal energy, let us dive into the less unknown traits of these animal guardians.

Rabbit Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Intelligence – Intelligence is not only the practical knowledge collected throughout your lifetime. This trait is also deeply connected with the ability to change your behavioral patterns to cope more effectively with your environment or reshape your surroundings into a more comfortable space to be in.
Rabbit spirit animal is very adaptive and this skill is mostly based on their intelligence – trait of analyzing surroundings carefully and deciding what to do next. Their observative nature allows them to be more in tune with nature and outer energies. People connected with Rabbit spirit animal always know where to nourish themselves.

High Spirited – Rabbit spirit animal tends to have traits of a social butterfly. Individuals with this animal guardian, are often high-spirited. They tend to seek out social opportunities to engage with their surroundings and interesting personas. These individuals are often described as being full of life – as they tend to have a very positive influence on their friends and companions.

Affectionate – Individuals who have a rabbit as their spirit animal are never scared of showing love and their caring side always resurfaces during romantic relationships. These people sometimes prefer showing love through physical touch as their love language varies from verbal assurance to warm and nurturing hugs. They are very good at expressing and the delight they bring with them is always worth pointing out.

Flexibility – Since the rabbit spirits love engaging in social settings and love being surrounded by people, their environment is always quite diverse. They are drawn to meeting individuals with different backgrounds and beliefs. These practices are only successful when a person is highly flexible – meaning you can deal quickly with unexpected situations. Flexibility isn’t a trait that only involves responding to situations as and when they arise. It also means proceeding with substantial changes to the way we think, live, and absorb information.

Rabbit Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Bratty – Sometimes being able to be affectionate and investing all your love into your partner, might make you very demanding. People with a rabbit spirit animal think that they should always receive what they want, and this desire reaches up to extremities from time to time. Having a hard time receiving “No” as an answer or dealing with slight rejections is very hard for these individuals. This trait often leads to conflicts and misunderstandings in private matters. Sense of being less demanding and more understanding of the needs of other people will help these souls to avoid complicated situations.

Anxiousness – Overwhelmed with the senses in stressful environments is pretty common for a rabbit spirit animal.  Sometimes they tend to be a bit fearful. Need to know everything beforehand, blocks their initiative to engage in certain situations. People with rabbit spirit oftentimes overthink the future and it doesn’t allow them to think rationally. Too many “if” -s can hinder their self-esteem and their merry-go-round personality, but throughout life, they will learn to overcome these obstacles and practice bravery when needed.

Vengeful – Usually it is normal to feel wronged by the negative deeds done by someone, and it is okay to confront those people for their wrongdoings, but the negative trait of the rabbit spirit animal tends to get a little obsessed about avenging their emotional disturbances, caused by others. They sometimes feel like the universal law of karma is not enough and they have to punish their wrongdoers by themselves. This practice might be emotionally draining for them oftentimes.

Rabbit as Animal Totem

Some believe that the animal totem must necessarily be a wild animal, which is quite wrong. Horses, cats, and even rabbits are represented as pets in many cultures, but they are by no means inferior to wild animals. Every animal totem has its own specific and unique energy, which is why it is so important to know what type of vibrancy each one of them brings.

Rabbit as an animal totem is known to have good luck with money. Thus, they have become a symbol of wealth and abundance in many cultures. The totem rabbit teaches us to work hard and save earned money to get through the hard times later on.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Rabbit for Help?

It should be noted that animal spirit recognition through visualization is one of the most common ways to understand which animal’s energy is endowed by you. You can try different types of visualization in practice.

While visualizing different animals and their energetical auras, ask yourself these questions:

  • Which animal is most familiar and lovely to you and which one provokes your admiration?
  • Do you have common features and how strong are those similarities?
  • Can you visualize the energy that surrounds them? What color is it and does it match your own?
  • Which animal do you dream of often?
  • Which animal have you always been interested in?

After you become more familiar with your spirit animal through visualization, you can call it through stressful and hard times.
For example, when you have a hard time expressing your authentic feelings to your other half and feel very drained and unmotivated to do so, you can count on the energy of your rabbit spirit animal. Close your eyes and summon it with your strong will, feel its pure love energy flowing through you, feel the rejuvenation happening right there and then.

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

Have you felt a strange pull towards some animal? You always end up thinking about it when feeling down, imagining being near them uplifts your spirits… You see it in your dreams, you see it in your everyday life – Look closely! It means that your animal spirit is reaching out for you.

Usually, the spirit animal chooses the “host” itself, so as soon as you feel connected to an animal and its energy, it means that you have been chosen to be the “carrier” of its spiritual energy.

Make sure to be attentive to your surroundings, the massages of your spirit animal are always visible, once you carefully observe everything around you.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

Sit or lie down and close your eyes. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a forest. See the blue sky between the leaves and the white clouds drifting along the horizon. See how the sun shines through the tree branches. Feel the energy of the forest, feel the wind, water, land, and sun, feel the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Feel like you are part of a forest. Now think of the animal you wish to accompany you.
Suddenly you will see your spirit animal emerging from the woods. As it will come close to you, you will feel comfort and warmth flowing through your body. Now visualize that you can freely communicate with your guardian spirit. Observe it closely, does it have something to say? Do you have some questions you want to ask?
Once the communication takes place, you will be able to receive messages meant for you, whether it concerns private matters or career. Listen closely, and try to catch the hints that your animal is trying to give to you.

Meaning of Rabbit in Dreams

Usually, when you dream of a rabbit, it symbolizes good luck, abundance, and it carries the message, that for you good things multiply. Seeing a rabbit in a dream gives a positive outlook on life. However, for all dream symbols, there can be both positive and negative interpretations provided. Dreaming of rabbits jumping in a circle can mean an increase in your responsibilities, an overwhelming work process, and poor time management. It can also symbolize living in an illusion and being too attached to your comfort zone.

Meaning of Rabbit in Various Mythologies

Legends and folklore tales are full of the symbolism of rabbits. The Egyptian hieroglyphs use the symbolism of a rabbit, associated with the concept of being and life cycle.
In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is one of the twelve astrological signs.

There is also a myth of a rabbit who lives on the moon in East Asian folklore. The myth is based on the resemblance of a dark-spots on the moon with rabbit form. The myth originated in China, then was spread to other cultures in Asia. The moon rabbit is also called the “jade rabbit” or the “golden rabbit”, Chinese poets frequently used these words to describe the moon itself. In Chinese folklore, the rabbit is often depicted as accompanying the moon goddess, who constantly prepares the elixir of life or medicine for mortals; In the Japanese and Korean versions, the rabbit makes mocha or other types of rice cakes. Similar myths existed in North and South America but the symbolic meanings of a rabbit varied throughout the cultures