Lizard as Spirit Animal

Throughout time humanity has believed in various higher powers. For example – gods, natural forces, the divine – the names vary, but they are the same. We used to look for answers in the world around us – trying to spot patterns. In the process of trying to understand the universe and our place in it – we forget that we are in a constant connection with everything that surrounds us.

While we contemplate those philosophical questions, they seem to take up all of our attention, and we forget that the life which we are so desperately trying to understand is happening right now.

Constantly looking for ways to rediscover the divine has led us astray from the current moment and its importance. That is why we are working on our connection to nature again. To live as one as the divine instinctively comes to us – we need to know how to spot it. Let yourself become inspired by nature, trust your intuition, and it will share its timeless knowledge with you!

Try to broaden your knowledge base of universal symbolism and learn more about yourself to check if you agree with what you learned.

This article focuses on the Spirit Animal Lizard, its symbolism, personality traits, ways to reconnect with it, and more.

Lizards are colorful, stealthy, adaptive, intelligent, and creative animals. They are not afraid to sacrifice parts of themselves for a great cause. Ressurection and rebirth are only two things they are associated with in different parts of the world.

The spirit animal lizard knows how to adapt to any situation. It changes its skin and is willing to go to great lengths to survive and thrive. Of course, that is because it instinctively knows that it can bring anything it wants to this world. That is why it is not afraid to lose a tail – that is a small price to pay for its goals. It is remarkably goal-oriented and can change its appearance, speed, and overall personality to fit with the situation.

If you feel like you relate to this animal and its traits or want to channel them in your life, keep reading this article – to find a way to understand how to use and find them.

Meaning and Symbolism of Lizard as Spirit Animal

If you relate to the Spirit Guide Lizard – you are most likely well-calculated, intelligent, adaptive, creative, resourceful, and stable. You can wait and create the perfect plan and will do everything in your power to execute it with precision. That is highly valued, but what steals the show is your ability to calculate risks and to know what and when to let go of. Those are qualities of a true leader – whether you have them or are currently developing them – your spirit animal is here to guide you.

Here are some facts about them that may surprise you and help you see the whole picture of their character. Most lizards don’t need to live near water, can survive with three meals a year, can regrow parts of their body, change color, and look in different directions – but since they are cold-blooded – can’t survive in cold temperatures.

In other words, there are very few conditions that they can’t adjust to. We can learn from these diverse animals to stay focused on one goal. The other quality they can provoke in us is – to boldly change ourselves according to our surroundings. Lizards are associated with light, magic, resurrection, warmth, and rebirth.

The lizard – evolutionary speaking – has mainly lived in warmer areas. It embodies the Element Earth – it is resilient, goal-goal oriented, stable, protective, intelligent, and adaptive. The spirit guide lizard will inspire you to find these qualities in yourself. It will help you become focused, stable, and resilient. Being so resourceful that you can adapt to any situation is an admirable trait. This spirit animal will help you stay on your way and achieve all of your goals.

Characteristics and Personality

The Spirit Animal Lizard will help you become resilient for your goals yet adaptive on the way. It’s advisable to stay focused on what you truly desire in life. However, the means of achieving it should be adaptive. It’s impossible to predict every movement or decision that will happen around you. However, when you have a set of goals – how you get there should change depending on the circumstances.

This spirit guide knows the importance of standing your ground and fleeing – it is a master planner. Lizards know how to make well-calculated decisions, how to adjust their behavior accordingly so that they can execute their plan flawlessly.

You will become inspired to live a life led by a dream. Nothing else will be of the same importance as the goals you have set for yourself. You will become the master of your own life, you will be able to plan events with precision, and to follow the steps to success.

Undoubtedly, this level of professionalism and idealism comes at a cost. It will be necessary for you to learn how to balance the wants and needs of others and your goals. Sometimes you may need to make personal sacrifices with your plans for the people important to you.

The Spirit Animal Lizard will guide you on setting your priorities straight. It will help you organize your life and stay on track with your tasks – while remaining open to daily changes.

These animals represent:

  • Resilience
  • Adaptation
  • Intelligence
  • Stability
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Confidence

Lizard Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Resilient: Being resilient means facing difficulties head-on instead of falling into despair or using unhealthy coping strategies. Resilience is often defined as the mental reservoir of strength that helps people handle stress and hardship. The Spirit Animal Lizard can help you find this inner strength.

Sometimes it may be difficult to believe that you can handle everything, or it feels overwhelming – to carry a lot of responsibilities is no easy task. Remember that being resilient doesn’t mean taking on more than you can handle – it is to evaluate what you are comfortable doing and not backing out on that.  There is no holiness in being overworked for long periods without an end – try not to push yourself too far.

Resilient people can draw upon this strength to cope and recover from challenges. That’s true even when they face significant traumas, such as job loss, financial problems, serious illness, relationship challenges, or the death of a loved one. The idea here isn’t to ignore what happened – it is to acknowledge it and know you can cope with it. Remember that it is okay to have days for rest, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed occasionally, from everything you have to cope with daily. It is a little unfair sometimes that you have so many responsibilities – but at the end of the day, you know that you will pull through and manage it.

Resilience also means understanding that life is full of challenges. While we cannot avoid many of these problems, we can remain open, flexible, and willing to adapt to change. This spirit animal will teach you to believe in yourself, you will become more self-aware of what you can handle and what not.

Keep in mind that your mental and physical health shouldn’t suffer for the sake of being resilient. You need a proper evaluation of your desires and what you are willing to sacrifice on the way. The lizard will teach you to prioritize what is truly important for you.

Adaptation: Being adaptive is crucial in the constantly changing time we live in – knowing how to react to the environment you are in will help you whatever goal you have set. The Spirit Animal Lizard can help you on this journey. It knows the importance of blending it or acting swiftly. To master this skillfully – you will need to evaluate the situation accurately with high consideration of your skills. Adaptation requires observation and evaluation above anything else. Keep an open mind for the things you are unsure about and stand your ground if you are sure. That requires a realistic judgment – all success does. Try to accept your qualities as they are currently and use them to improve. Without this non-biased evaluation, you won’t know what to improve and when.

The Spirit Guide Lizard will help you see your true colors and change them if necessary. Remember, for you to change – you first need to be well aware of your current state and then what you want it to be. Try to keep your judgment clear and realistic – to make the best choices for yourself and others.

Intelligence: These animals have a closer connection to the other spiritual realms and magic. Their wisdom and inner strength give them this stable and calm energy. They know what their priorities are and how to behave to achieve them. Lizards effortlessly evaluate their surroundings –  they have a higher understanding of the world.

They know that some goals need sacrifices and need you to be resilient, yet well-calculated. The Spirit Animal Lizard has achieved the balance between standing its ground and giving up. It has a perfect evaluation system correlated to its abilities – it spends its life experiencing life with all of that knowledge. This animal has found a way to stay focused and resilient at times and to adapt and blend in when needed. It can guide you on your way to finding your truth about life. The lizard will help you understand yourself and the world better.

Focus: Your ability to focus has huge implications. Learning how to focus and keeping your eye on the prize in a world of distractions is paramount. It’s the secret ingredient to taking charge of your life and shaping your future. Your ability to follow a focused strategy is the path to reaching your full potential.

For many of us, it seems necessary to multitask constantly – otherwise we seem to be running behind on time. However, in the long term, this has side effects on our productivity – shorter attention span, burnout, fatigue, etc. It’s important to learn how to prioritize tasks and focus on what we are currently doing with our whole attention – in this way we can accomplish it faster and better.

Lizard Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Incosiderate: The lizard can become too absorbed in its world, tasks, and beliefs. It can be dismissive of other people and prefer to move alone rather than even considering compromising. That stubborn and resilient way of living is unsustainable for longer periods. It is advisable to learn how to compromise with close ones and goals – to find the balance between them.

Being too focused on your goals can make you lose track of what the people around you need or feel. At the end of the day the family and friends we have helped us get this far – we shouldn’t dismiss them lightly. Try to be more considerate of the wants and needs of the people that consider yours.

Self-absorbed: Most lizards aren’t particularly social – they tend to be in their world, and there is little to no space for anyone else there. When you are on your way to achieving all of your marvelous dreams, it seems rather unnecessary to waste time on something else. It is advisable to remember that we can learn a lot from others.

Shared experiences enrich our lives – we create new core memories, we learn, we experience life more fully while fully interacting with it. Try not to back away from communication because you are too focused on your own goals – what happens in between achieving them matters just as much.

Lizard as an Animal Totem

A Lizard totem reminds you to be: adaptive, balanced, goal-oriented, resilient, focused, and well-calculated. Whenever you need to embody some of the characteristics that this animal represents – keep a symbol of it nearby. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary – it can be in the form of jewelry, art, written words, or anything you associate with this animal. A totem can be anything that you associate with this animal.

Keeping a lizard totem in your home will bring strength, focus, self-improvement, flexibility, restoration, intelligence, and balance to you and the people around you. Try to put it somewhere you look at often – it will help you rediscover your inner strenght.

How to Call the Animal Spirit of Lizard for Help?

When the time comes, and you need help from your Spirit Guide, take a totem of it with you. Whether you are working on a specific quality that this animal represents or want help with a decision – the fastest way to get in touch with your guide is through visualization and meditation. You can try to imagine what the lizards’ life is like – if that is challenging – then try being in the presence of one or watching a video with this animal. Observe how it behaves and moves – try to be inspired by it. You can also ask for a sign. Your spirit guide can make itself known by a specific signal in real life. You can demand anything your mind can think of as a sign. Remember to have no expectations of how and when you will receive it. Trust the divine timing!

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

The Spirit Guide Lizard receives information from other spiritual realms. It is using your thoughts, beliefs, and memories, to accurately translate its knowledge into our language or into physical signs. Some of their messages remain unnoticed – because they aren’t extraordinary – they are everyday things and events. That is why we should learn to spot them and decode them.

Try to notice when and where you see this animal. Remember that there is divine timing behind everything. It’s advisable to ask yourself clarifying questions such as: “How did those events make me feel and why?”.

The Spirit Animal Lizard can make itself known in any form of reality – dreams, visions, and real-life situations. Some examples are: seeing it in art or on clothes, reading about it, hearing about it on the news, tv shows, or from a random conversation, often encounters with the same animal, a person randomly mentioning it, dreaming of it, or receiving a figure of them. To understand the message, try to remember the events around it – remember, your thoughts and feelings should be involved in the interpretation as well!

How to Understand Your Spirit Animal’s Message

When you keep in mind that your guides send you messages specifically designed for you – that would mean that the most accurate way to understand what they mean is to rely on yourself and to trust your intuition. Understandably, it can be a tedious process. At some moment, it may be tempting to rely on universal symbolism, but nothing can compare to your associations and beliefs. The information they bring you is in tune with your whole being – past, present, and future. Therefore you hold the key to understanding them. If you feel lost, it might be a good beginning to read different opinions on the symbolism, just to see what resonates with you. In the end – you should decide what is true and what is not.

The time, place, situation, surroundings, atmosphere, and emotions it brings – are to be carefully observed and considered. Start by noticing how you feel about the message, then think thoroughly about what triggered your emotions. Take the time to dig deep into your thoughts and memories – it will prove itself useful over time!

Meaning of Lizard in Dreams

Our minds and bodies react the same way to dreams, visions, and thoughts – as to reality. Therefore, decoding the messages from either form of reality follows the same logic. The meaning of dreams is highly personal and specific – only you can fully understand yours. Therefore we need to rely on intuition and observation once again. However, if you feel stuck here are some examples of what seeing a lizard in your dreams might mean:

If you dream of a colorful lizard – it may be time to adapt more adequately to your surroundings.

The dream of lizard fighting means that you need to confront some aspects of your personality and work on them.

Dreams of a long lizard or a giant lizard are a bad omen. The dream can be terrifying and it means that you will face issues while communicating with people.

Killing lizards represent your inner self and how you interact with other people. Spiritually, the dream means that you will be experiencing a change in different aspects of life.

A beautiful lizard in a dream means you will understand yourself better and find your creative side.

Meaning of Lizard in Various Mythologies

In ancient Greece, the lizard offered itself to Apollo to achieve eternal light.

In Egyptian myth, the lizard represented divine wisdom and good fortune and symbolized fecundity and devouring heat.

In Roman mythology, the lizard that slept all winter is associated with death and resurrection. Since lizards shed their skin, they represented rebirth.

In African mythology, the lizard is the embodiment of departed souls.

Japanese legend tells of the lizard as a vengeful spirit with supernatural powers.

Lizards play positive roles in the folklore of many Native American tribes. In Plains Indian tribes, lizards are associated with healing and masculinity. In some Plains tribes, a newborn boy’s umbilical cord was sewn into an amulet in the shape of a lizard to ensure his health and strength.

Australian Aboriginal myth tells of the lizard Tarrotarro, the culture hero who was the creator of the sexes and taught man the art of tattoo.