Woodpecker as Spirit Animal

Woodpeckers are some of the smartest and most fascinating creatures in the world. As the name suggests, the woodpeckers are specifically known for their constant pecking against the bark of the tree. They peck into the trees in search of food and to create their nesting space.

If the woodpecker is your spirit animal, you are a creative person from the inside. You are someone who is known to be innovative and passionate. Just like the woodpecker, you can create something unique and interesting out of your life.

Meaning and Symbolism of Woodpecker as a Spirit Animal

Woodpeckers peck woods as they look for insects, grubs, and larvae inside them. The rhythmic knocking on the wood indicates the knocking of new opportunities. Woodpecker as the spirit animal, guides you to channel your focus and energy to identify new possibilities and use your strength and capabilities to accomplish your goal.

As a spirit animal, the woodpecker symbolizes creativity, wisdom, communication, determination, protection, perseverance, strength, progress, kindness, and happiness.

Characteristics and Personality

The Native Americans associate the woodpecker as the symbol of the essence of life. They symbolize the bird’s rapid drumming sound with Nature’s heartbeat.

Woodpecker as the spirit animal shows us the constant quest for discovery. It helps you to be in complete awareness of your surroundings. It guides you to navigate through any difficult situation of life and hammer your way forward with faith and determination.

These are the most important traits of the woodpecker as a spirit animal –

  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Opportunity
  • Perseverance
  • Protection
  • Relationship
  • Happiness

Woodpecker Spirit Animal Positive Powers


Woodpeckers are mainly unique for their pecking habits. They create the holes for nesting which look very unique and artistic. The woodpecker as your spirit animal reminds you of your true nature of creativity and imagination. Woodpeckers have the innate ability to create something unique even out of the dead trees. Open yourself up and channelize the power of innovation to express yourself through your distinctive individuality.


Woodpecker as your spirit animal provides you the power of determination. It pecks the bark tirelessly until it finally shapes the nest out of the tree. The relentless effort shows the never-give-up spirit and unshakable determination of the bird.

The woodpecker spirit inside you helps to recover your lost strength and willpower and infuses you with the courage to accomplish your goals and dreams. It reminds you not to give up no matter how challenging the situation becomes.


Woodpeckers communicate with their fellow mates through the drumming sound of pecking. The bird uses the rhythmic succession of pecking to create its territory and attract mates. The continuous hammering creates a specific rhythm to connect with other woodpeckers in the region.

If you are having trouble communicating effectively in your circle, invoke the power of your spirit animal. The woodpecker as your spirit guide will help you to be confident and convey your message effectively to the world.


The Native Americans deeply believed that the woodpecker spirit animal signifies the symbol of knowledge and intelligence. It is believed so due to their constant quest to discover more in nature. If you are the seeker of knowledge and follower of curiosity, the woodpecker spirit animal will help you to stay in the path of wisdom regardless of the obstacles and difficulties that may arise in your way.


Woodpecker as a spirit animal represents new possibilities coming your way. The knocking sound that the bird produces while hammering implies new opportunities are knocking on your door. It indicates that your long-term struggles are showing results and fresh opportunities are coming your way. Just like the woodpecker, you need to constantly look for your options and remember not to give up on your journey.


If the woodpecker is your spirit animal, it reminds you of your inherent power of dedication, patience, and perseverance. At times, you may feel like giving up on the quest of whatever you have set your mind upon, it’s that moment when you might need a ray of hope and a touch of strength inside you. Connect with your woodpecker spirit guide to provide you with the diligence and endurance to hold on to your dreams.


The Native Americans also embody the woodpecker spiritual animal as the symbol of protection. They believe that the nest created by the woodpecker is a wonderful example of protecting their habitat and ensuring the safety of their loved ones against any sort of danger. The woodpeckers are extremely protective. They hunt for ants, caterpillars, borers, and other insects by pecking and thus saving the trees from getting infected by the insects.

The woodpecker power animal in you helps to create a protective shield for yourself and your dear ones. It gives you the protective instinct to understand people and surroundings which you might otherwise have overlooked.


If you have the woodpecker spirit, you tend to give high importance to your loved ones. A woodpecker is kind, loving, and loyal by nature and so are you. You are very sensitive and devoted to the needs of your dear ones. You can easily sense someone’s vulnerability. You can communicate effectively with others and you have the power to heal emotionally distressed people.


As a woodpecker spirit, you are a natural nurturer. You are a soul full of joy and happiness. People coming in contact with your energy feel naturally uplifted and hopeful. Make sure you don’t forget to nurture your spirit while nourishing others. The woodpecker spirit drives you to build a happy home with love, warmth, faithfulness, and kindness.

Woodpecker Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Woodpeckers usually don’t have any notable negative traits, however, a few of their positive aspects might work adversely if they become out of balance. Following are some of those personality traits that you need to keep in check –

  • Being too kind
  • Noisy
  • Sensitivity
  • Possessiveness

You should spend some time with yourself to reflect and be aware of your negative sides.

Being too kind

As a woodpecker-spirited soul, you are known for your positive attitude, compassion, and kindness. In a world of chaos and cruelty, we need people like you who know the importance of peace and love. However, at times, people might take advantage of your kindness and sincerity. You need to check if you tend to give yourself too much.

Be aware and show your generosity and tenderness to people who need it the most. This way your energy will be channelized for the right cause and you will have a sense of fulfillment.


Woodpeckers are also considered a bit noisy due to their constant pecking habit. If a woodpecker is your spirit guide, you might not be a noisy person in general but at times you might create a moment of noise and disturbance in your mind which might throw you off the balance.

As a woodpecker spirit, you are naturally an individual with high spirit, joy, strength, and determination. Meditate regularly and practice deep breathing to keep your emotions in balance and maintain mental peace and clarity.


As a woodpecker spiritual person, you are very sensitive towards others’ needs. While being sensitive and caring are highly valued qualities, there can be times when you might feel drained and exhausted due to the same. You might seek validation from others. People may abuse your sensitive nature and you might end up being tangled in another person’s emotions.

Connect with your spirit guide for emotional support and strength and try not to depend on other people for emotional needs. Be cautious and lend the shoulder of care and value without wasting your mental health.


Although woodpeckers are very supportive, caring, and protective; their highly sensitive nature can give rise to the habit of constantly pecking into another person’s life. They might become over-protective, possessive, and jealous while expressing their support and love.

If you are a woodpecker spirit, this is the energy that you need to keep in control. Make sure not to be hypersensitive or highly emotional while dealing with your loved ones. Remember balance is the key.

Woodpecker as an Animal Totem

According to the Native Americans, the drumming sound of a woodpecker personifies the heartbeat of nature. They represent the concept of life and their inherent bond with Mother Nature. The energy of a woodpecker is associated with the energy of the Earth flowing through all living beings. Therefore, the woodpecker as an animal totem symbolizes the ability to communicate with natural forces in nature.

It also helps you to find your way amidst the darkness and provides the power of creativity to shape your life the way you want. As a woodpecker spirit, you are a stellar opportunist and you can be kind and positive even in the most hopeless situations of life.

Times When You Need to Summon the Woodpecker Power Animal

  • You are looking for new opportunities and new dimensions of life.
  • You are looking for the strength to learn from the past and move forward.
  • You need to be creative and use your intellectual abilities.
  • You are seeking knowledge and wisdom.
  • You need the source of inspiration and strength to back yourself up.
  • You need to enhance your communication skill.
  • You need to be kind, sensitive, and mature.
  • You need the strength to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • You are looking for the lost happiness and meaning of life.
  • You feel like giving up on your dreams and need the inspiration to hold on.

Meaning of Woodpecker in Dreams

Seeing woodpeckers in your dreams can indicate a lot of possibilities depending on a person’s feelings, present situations, and past experiences. Dreaming of a woodpecker can indicate upcoming new opportunities in your life. Keep your mind open and continue seeking new possibilities.

The image of a woodpecker in your dream refers to something unnoticed in your life. It’s time to pay attention and identify the significant part of your life that you may have overlooked for a long time.

If you were trying to catch a woodpecker, it implies that you want to have control over your life but you often get distracted. It shows your hidden desire to be the best at what you do. Try to focus on one thing at a time and meditate regularly to improve your concentration.

If you saw yourself admiring a woodpecker, it may indicate that you like to admire other people and encourage others to achieve more. If a woodpecker was flying in your dream, it has something to do with your job or your source of income. It might imply that you are looking for a change in your career.

If you have dreamt of being attacked by a woodpecker, it indicates that you are feeling stuck and worried. You are lacking the freedom to express yourself. Connect with your spirit animal and awaken the power and strength to stand up for yourself.

If you killed a woodpecker in your dream, it implies that you are focusing on the wrong target in your life. It also refers that you are not able to get hold of the new opportunities that life has offered.

If you see the woodpecker relaxed and sitting on a tree, it denotes that you are feeling confident in your life. You are well aware of your capabilities and you know how to seize the opportunities.

Mythological Significance of Woodpecker

Woodpecker as a spirit animal has great significance in roman mythology. A woodpecker named Picus used to be worshipped as an agricultural deity who was known to strengthen the soil with good fertilization power. It used to be worshipped mainly in ancient Italy and was sacred to the God of Mars.

Woodpeckers are revered as the God of Thunder in Norse mythology. The birds peck on the trees and create noise while doing so. The hammering sound on the wood is associated with the noise of thunder. If you take a close look at Thor’s hammer, a small pointed end on top of the hammer can be seen which has similarity to the woodpecker’s beak.

According to Celtic mythology, the woodpecker’s screech used to be considered a sign of rain. The knocking sound on the trees and their echo was believed to be a positive sign of rain and harvest and new beginnings of nature.

Let Your Spirit Animal Find You

The spirit animals guide us to offer wisdom and hope and teach us how to see ourselves. Meditation is ideally the best form to connect with your spirit guide. Pay close attention to your dreams, surroundings, and everyday events. Keep an open mind and look for the signs, symbols, and messages through which your spirit animal may want to communicate with you.

In the moment of hopelessness, darkness, and worry, close your eyes and call out the woodpecker spiritual strength to rediscover your potential, creativity, passion, and devotion.

The woodpecker spirit animal will provide you wisdom and a zeal to use the obstacles as stepping stones to peck the best out of your life.