Eagle as Spirit Animal

Our physical world is tied to the spiritual realm. What we see and what we touch has an energy of its own. Throughout life, we feel a connection to certain things and symbols, that empower us during hard times. Each of us has its own spirit animal – a protector and guide. Different cultures paid respects to these spirits since they knew how important it is to have a divine guide of your own.

Spirit Animal – powerful energy, that has characteristics of the animal. Their true nature is to navigate and help us through uncertain times. Once you find your own spirit animal, it will be easier to comprehend the signals and messages sent from the universe, because your spirit animal will act as a mediator between you and the universal energies.

It is important to understand what different spirit animals symbolize and to know how to connect with them or get their help when in need.

This article will guide you through different characteristics of the eagle spirit animal – the most powerful and brave spirits of all.

You will have the opportunity to understand eagle spirit personality further and if it will match your inner energy, you can find out how to connect with it on a deeper level.

Eagle is a symbol of courage, leadership, power, and fearlessness. So being tied to this spirit animal will uplift your unique talents even more.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Eagle as Spirit Animal

The energy of the eagle is often associated with authority and power, but it is important to know that along with an ambitious soul, eagles represent bravery and kindness. They symbolize a great source of inner energy and intelligence. As their ability to fly high and observe every little detail from the clouds, contributes to the opportunity to be very rational in every situation and understand complex tasks.

Sometimes we come across such instances, where we can’t analyze a given situation rationally and tend to focus only on a subjective point of view. Having an eagle as a spirit animal helps you to look at the bigger picture, as their vision is broad and detail-oriented at the same time.

Eagle also provides courage in any circumstances and lessens the feeling of doubt oftentimes. Being self-oriented and knowing your potential is a benefit of having an eagle as your spirit animal.

Eagles are also known for their strategic and well-thought-out approach while hunting, so people who are tied to eagle spirit animals are often very goal-oriented and ambitious people, who receive a great deal of pleasure by achieving their objectives, even if it takes them a while.

Victory is something that the eagle always thrives towards. Eagle spirits provide a great quantity of inner power for their “hosts”. Their intensity can lead you to the greatest achievements in life, so it is important to know how to communicate with your spirit animal correctly, to fully use its potential.

Characteristics and Personality

Eagle as a spirit animal symbolizes freedom and power. Their characteristics are very intense, as their energy is always focused on fulfilling their greatest needs.
Opinion of others does not affect them, since they are always sure of their true worth and are ready to thrive towards independence and freedom in any given environment.

The Spirit animal of an eagle represents:

  • Power
  • Freedom
  • Ambition
  • Dignity
  • Supremacy

These tenacious spirits tend to have a much more complex personality, so in order to understand their authentic nature even better, let’s have a look at their positive and negative traits.

Eagle Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Attentiveness – these spirits are known for their ability to have a very broad vision. The understanding of the complex situation from a different point of view is their forte. People who have an eagle as their spirit animal, tend to think very rationally and often follow logical thoughts – rather than emotions. Their detail-oriented nature provides a great sense of visionary.

High-achievers – one of the positive traits of eagle spirit animals is their goal-oriented nature. They have a strong need to accomplish important objectives. They first tend to visualize their aim and then work diligently towards achieving it. No matter how far and difficult their target is, they don’t rest until it’s accomplished. Eagle spirits persistently fly through the stormy clouds to achieve the final victory.

Vigor – having an eagle as your spirit animal will give you the strength to move forward and never feel discouraged. The nature of highly resilient spirits provides higher capacities of inner power. We might go through situations or relationships where we feel very drained. During these times it’s important to find the source of motivation and a source of inner energy to either work on ourselves or thrive towards better environments. Eagle spirit animal might become the greatest wellspring of inner strength, to overcome those types of situations.

Free-spirited – a very remarkable trait of an eagle spirit animal is not being constrained by any type of convention. Enjoying open spaces where they can navigate freely, according to their own rules and visions, might be their favorite state of being. Having an eagle spirit as your guardian will help you to have a more carefree attitude towards certain situations and not be bothered by the morality of others. Knowing that your own perceiving of self-abilities is most important, will help you to avoid forced relationships and communications.

Dignity – sometimes we forget our worth. We seek validation from different people throughout life and don’t pay attention to our inner capabilities. The guidance of an eagle spirit animal will help you to always carry yourself with a great sense of dignity. This energy will often remind you how great you are, as low self-esteem is something eagle energy despises.

Eagle Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Egocentrism – knowing the difference between the essence of being self-oriented and a moderate amount of self-love is always important. Sometimes the energy of the eagle spirit goes overboard in that aspect and turns into an egocentric personality. During those times it is very hard to be empathetic towards other people as it makes you dismissive about others’ feelings and emotions. It often leads to conflicts with your surroundings, so it is important to know how to embrace your inner greatness and also be aware of the people’s sentiments around you.

Possessive – people tied to eagle spirit might sometimes show signs of overly-possessives. After working hard towards something, whether it is having a harmonious relationship with a partner or accomplishing career goals, leads them to be over-protective of achieved objectives. It is a natural feeling that originates from being very emotionally and physically invested in something, but it is important to know how to let go of things also. Their possessiveness often complicates things and leads them to show aggression and assertive behaviors in some situations.

Hermit-behavior – sometimes people with eagle spirit animals tend to think that they are so powerful and so independent, that they don’t need anyone in their life and they are better of alone. They are drawn to solitary practices and even if it gives them space to better analyze their purposes in life, sometimes they tend to forget that it’s also important to have someone, be it a friend or romantic partner, to share your happiness with.

Eagle as Animal Totem

The totem represents the sacred spirit, the energy. Its existence has been believed by representatives of various civilizations since ancient times. The totem could have been an animal, a plant, and a natural force. Animal totems were highly worshiped, they had a magical-religious connotation, and it was believed that those totems had the ability to protect a person or group of people.

Eagle as an animal totem represents authority and pure protection. The energy of the eagle totem can help you to feel powerful in situations where you might feel a little bit discouraged. It’s very helpful to summon the power of the eagle animal totem when in doubt. As its main attribute is to boost self-esteem and give you force to move forward.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Eagle for Help?

There are different methods of summoning the animal spirit of an eagle. It is important to understand that spirit animals are not part of our physical world. Therefore, calling them into our everyday life needs a bit of concentration and dedication.

You might be going through a very complicated situation or have a hard time making decisions for yourself. During those times, it is very helpful to receive the guidance of an eagle spirit animal. Their self-disciplined and rational nature will help you to overcome any given obstacle.

How can you call the animal spirit of the eagle? First of all, keep in mind that the energy of this spirit is tied to the air element. Eagles fly through the highest altitudes and navigate greatly in between the clouds. So, the ability to maneuver through hardships is a very prominent trait of the eagle animal spirit.

Whenever you will feel the need to call an eagle animal spirit, try to concentrate on your breathing first. Make sure to feel comfortable in the stance you are in. Close your eyes and imagine slowly ascending on a mountain route. Nothing scares you as the place is familiar and comfortable.

You find a magnificent spot with the greatest view. Feel the slight pleasant breeze embracing you. From afar you see the clouds forming beautiful shapes, as you feel like floating in the air. Now imagine that a magnificent creature in the form of an eagle slowly descends near you. When it gets close you feel a strange connection to this bird, as you have known it for whole your life.

Let the energy of the eagle standing near you flow through your whole being. Feel the power radiating through you, as you feel strength and motivation uplifting you to the higher frequencies.

Whenever you will feel the need to avoid being discouraged, you can use this meditation technique in order to call an eagle spirit animal.

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

It should be noted that human does not choose a spirit animal, but on the contrary – a spirit manifested in the form of an animal chooses its “host”. What does this mean?

Have you ever dreamed of an animal approaching you, and after touching it you understood that it will do you no harm while giving you a strange and positive feeling? Or maybe there was such an impressive and memorable situation in your life that was related to a specific animal? Generally, when the connection between a human and a spirit animal is quite solid, it means that the special tie is indeed correctly identified.

A vision of an eagle might appear frequently in your dreams or in real life. You might come across the illustrations of eagles too often.

When taking a closer look at your surroundings, you will most probably catch the signals that your spirit animal might be giving you.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

Spirit animals often serve the role of messengers from the spiritual realm. It is important to know how to understand what our spirit animal is trying to convey to us.

The best way to receive messages from spirit animals is through meditation or visualization.

You might see the symbol of an eagle too often or it flies into your dreams too often. It means that you are repressing your true desires and declining the needs of your spiritual self. Eagle spirit animal warns you to use your full potential unapologetically and embrace your authentic self.

Meaning of Eagle in Dreams

The most common dream for people who have eagles as their spirit animal is flying through the clouds. This dream represents the deep connection you have with your spirit guide and assures you that its energy will always be there to protect you.

The eagle flying in circles above your head indicates that you might engage with some type of fight or conflict soon, which will end with your victory – you will achieve what you desired.

If you see an eagle flying high in the sky, fate will reward you with all the goodness.

Meaning of Eagle in Various Mythologies

The eagle was a symbol of sun, light, and power in ancient times. It was used by the Persians as a symbol of military power. In Greece, the eagle carried arrows to Zeus, and with them, the lord of Olympus defeated the titans. Generally, the eagle was a symbol of strength, victory, fertility, an adviser, and a servant of Zeus. The Romans took it from the Etruscans and symbolized it as the power of the emperors. In that sense, the eagle was considered a good fortuneteller. It also symbolized kindness in Christian symbolism. The Roman legions had wands with the symbol of an eagle, as it was believed that it would bring victory in any battle.