Owl as Spirit Animal

We all have a powerful scent within our souls. Whether we are humans, plants, animals, or planets in the galaxies. The only difference is that humans have drifted away from our spiritual source a long time ago. Animals, however, are completely in tune with their spiritual force.

What we call instinct, our ancestors regard it as sacred power and ancient wisdom. This is why animals, far from being inferior beings, have mighty powers and amazing skills that we also have within ourselves.

If you have lost the connection with your talents and skills, your animal guides can come to your side and help you overcome your challenges. And if you are lost and unsure how to proceed, calling on your spirit helper will clear your doubts to move forward.

Every animal guides hold a specific lesson and approach to life. Some of them teach us about resilience, patience, loyalty, and others teach us about happiness, joy, and confidence.

So, what does it mean to have the owl as a power animal? What are its attributes and what is the message it wants to give you?

The owl spirit animal embodies the connection with our wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If this is your power animal, you will likely see what others try to hide from everyone’s sight.

So read on and find out all about this spirit animal’s characteristics, skills, and special meaning.

Meaning and Symbolism of Owl as Spirit Animal

The owl is associated with wisdom and intuition that comes from being connected to our spirit and past experiences. This animal inspires people to explore the depths of the unknown and discover the magic of life.

The owl spirit animal enhances our intuition when we feel lost or confused. The owl also heralds change and gives us the wisdom to see through appearances as we adapt to them.

It also gives us the strength to accept the truths we are too afraid to face. This powerful animal inspires us to open our eyes and see into the shadows from a spiritual perspective.

The owl as a spirit animal lifts our spirits and allows us to have a clearer picture of things and discover those secrets that remain hidden.

Owls are too wise and clever to be fooled, so this animal reminds us to be true to ourselves. The owl does not tolerate secrets or false expectations. It will dig out all the dirty laundry and clean up the air to get a more objective perspective of our circumstances.

Overall, the owl symbolizes navigation through the dark waters of our life, bringing clarity and a strong connection to our spirituality.

Characteristics and Personality

Owls are independent hunters who rely on their intuition and wisdom to face their daily challenges.

They are highly intuitive and are strongly connected to their spirit world, making them strong and courageous animals.

If this is your spirit animal, other people look to you for advice because you know exactly how to guide others to a better destiny.

These animals also have the ability to see their life from different perspectives that help them make better decisions for their path.

Some people consider these animals to be gatekeepers of other realms, especially those where the souls of the deceased reside. This belief comes from the fact that they are nocturnal and mysterious animals.

These animals are not afraid of the occult and invite us to go within and face our own shadows. Do not be scared of change as it will bring great possibilities into your life.

Among the characteristics of their personality are:

  • Independent thinker
  • Courage and protection
  • Wisdom
  • Powerful intuition
  • Navigates darkness
  • Embraces changes

Owl Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Independent thinker: Owls do not need a mate to hunt and live comfortably. If this is your animal spirit, you probably enjoy your independence and don’t usually second guess your decisions.

You enjoy the company of your loved ones but also appreciate your solitude and are likely to live alone. These animals stay true to their ideals and worldview, even when others disagree.

Owls see what others miss, so they are able to hold fast to their convictions regardless of the hostile environment.

Courage and protection: When owls find their nest, they protect it fiercely from danger, especially when they have a family and are happy with their circumstances.

This proves how brave these animals can be. They are even capable of fighting far more imposing predators using their intelligence rather than brute force.

Although the owl is independent, it puts its loved ones above all else. The owl can be a sign for you to protect your closest relationships and set boundaries where you feel necessary. It also reminds you to spend more quality time with your family and friends to strengthen the bond.

Wisdom: One of the most remarkable qualities of the owl is its sharp eyesight. They can see their prey from miles away, even in the dark.

The eyes of owls cover 70% of their head, which gives them extraordinary vision and wisdom. A truly wise person can consider their circumstances from different perspectives. This ability allows the owl to understand how the past influences the present.

The owl’s animal spirit reminds us to use our experiences to gain more perspective, which is where true wisdom comes from.

Powerful intuition: People who have the owl as their spirit animal have a keen intuition that some even describe as psychic powers.

These individuals have the ability to prevent disasters or predict situations with their prophetic powers. They have the talent to guide others to the light while standing in the darkness, giving them hope even in the most desperate of times.

Owl Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Navigates darkness: Some people say that owls represent a negative omen since they only appear at night. If you meet one on your way, you could be in for a shocking surprise.

However, this can also mean a wake-up call for you to change something in your life. Owls navigate the darkness and can see those things that, for us, remain unnoticed. Maybe it’s time to be more committed to your circumstances.

Embraces changes: The owl as an animal spirit also represents death, but not in a literal sense. This animal stands for a symbolic death, a radical change that is coming to your life.

This spirit animal invites you to embrace change with optimism. Whatever is ending will make room for new beginnings that will bring positive teachings to your life. Just take that first step with courage, and everything else will follow.

Owl as Animal Totem

The owl as an animal totem opens the doors to our inner self. The owl talisman can guide you to the correct answers when you are feeling confused.

The owl totem pole will help you see the truth when the time comes. You can also invoke the owl image when you have an important goal to achieve and need focus and wisdom to keep it from slipping through your fingers.

Use an owl totem when you need to see all the details of a particular situation or person coming into your life to determine if they are right for you.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Owl for Help?

If you need to summon the presence of this spirit animal, you can call it through different methods. But first, sort out your thoughts and be clear about your intentions and the things you need. The more precise you are, the easier it will be to invite the owl to reach you.

You can ask your power animal to come your way by calling its name out loud or writing a compelling message on a piece of paper.

You can also make a visualization in which you find this powerful animal in a place surrounded by nature and feeling its presence near you.

Take a few deep breaths and wait until your stream of thoughts slows down. Then, picture the owl coming to your side; watch the color of its feather and the gentle sound of its voice. Ask them to manifest themselves in your path and thank them for offering their wisdom to you.

Or, you can find pictures and symbols of this animal and place them on your nightstand, cell phone, and work desk. This will bring it to your mind and keep it alive in your consciousness during your everyday tasks.

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

The owl will make itself known once it hears your message and understands you need its help and wisdom. The most direct way they reach us is through our dreams, joining you in the unconscious realm to give you an encouraging message.

It can also manifest itself through specific coincidences or synchronicities. You may realize people mentioned the name of this animal repeatedly, find images of the owl on walls, or even see owls on the news.

Another way, though perhaps less likely, is to encounter one in person, clearly indicating that you should pay attention to its message as soon as possible.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

You won’t struggle to understand your power animal’s message if you are aligned with your intuition. If you are too concerned with your external affairs, the message may go under the radar.

Hence, start taking a few minutes a day to meditate and reflect on your spiritual purposes. This will make you more attentive to the Universe’s message and right after you encounter your animal spirit in your way, you will understand its message more easily.

Don’t forget that it will be related to your current circumstances and problems, so consider what challenge you are now facing and check if your spirit animal’s personality traits can help you overcome them.

Meaning of Owl in Dreams

Dreaming of an owl may be a wake-up call for you to be wary of a situation or person that is not what it appears to be.

It may also signal a major change that will come your way and completely transform your life.

When the owl appears in your dreams, it could mean that your intuition is calling for you to pay more attention to the subtle signs in your life. You are missing a good opportunity by forgetting to use your higher senses. If you practice your focus and connect more with your inner self, you can become more aware of what is going on around you.

More Owl Dream Meanings

Meaning of Owl in Various Mythologies

Greeks consider owls as great protectors. If an owl flew over an army or soldier, this was a sign of victory since owls would be watching over their backs. In Greek mythology, the goddess Athenas that governs wisdom and war was represented by an owl.

The Celtic and Egyptian culture regarded the owls as gatekeepers to mysterious realms and the souls of the dead since they are night creatures. Some legends say that these birds accompany the soul of the recent deceased so they don’t get lost on their journey.

In Native American tradition, Owl represents sacred knowledge. They thought that owls had magic under their wings, and its presence gave them wisdom and clarity.

In some European and Indian American traditions, owls were associated with witchcraft, as they say, that witches use the owl as their spirit guides.

The night owl was the animal linked with the Lord of Death in the Aztec tradition. There’s a similar meaning for the Celts. They associated the owl’s presence with death, especially if it crosses into someone’s window while a sick person is in the house. It was seen as the creature that would carry the souls of the departed to the underworld.