Raven in a Dream

When entering our dreams, ravens represent symbols of rebirth, transformation, but also loss or even death. Most raven dreams, however are not particularly negative, especially if they take place when you feel under the weather in your waking life.

The ravens have been considered by many dream books to be suggestive guides, helping us embrace the changes in our daily lives or being prepared for the troubles ahead. The entrance of a raven in our dreams is by no means a coincidence.

There are as many different dream meanings as there are dreamers, so once you have this dream, it is incredibly important to pay attention to the details of your nighttime encounter with the raven as it may just reveal something you have yet to learn about yourself.

It’s well-known that ravens are primarily associated with secrets and knowledge, therefore these powerful dream totems can reveal things that you have not actively addressed in your awake state.

General Raven Symbolism

A raven dream will generally reveal a shift in consciousness in your real life. This bird is, in essence, a thematic symbol for sacrificing the past in order to meet your future. It has been often noted that raven dreams coincide with intensive therapy, psychological transformation or the spiritual awakening one might experience in the real world.

Among the most notable symbols of a raven, we find adaptability, heightened intellect, transformation and even physical death. Although the raven is a spirit animal that exists throughout many cultures and belief systems around the world, it is not a very common dream encounter and may only appear during key moments in the dreamer’s life.

The innate creative attributes of the raven might be just the missing puzzle piece you needed in order to complete a project you are working on or to solve a problem you are experiencing.

Dreaming of a Single Raven

Many superstitious people believe that dreaming of a raven foretells the death of a person close to you in the real world, however this is not always the case with a raven dream.

Most raven dreams signify attracting favorable change into your waking life and attaining material gains in an avid manner. A raven might also indicate the presence of a stingy, arrogant male figure that seeks to spread false rumors about you in the real world by unlawful means.

On the other hand, a playful raven could be the sign of upcoming beneficial changes into your life, particularly related to your work environment. Perhaps you will finally receive the recognition you’ve been seeking for a long time and you could gain a promotion or make progress quickly.

Dreaming of a Three Eyed Raven

If you dream of a third eye raven, it usually indicates a lack of experience or wisdom to make the right choices. It may also symbolize that you are making important decisions impulsively and that might not always serve you in the long run.

A third eye raven is also a spiritually charged dream symbol, suggesting that at the time the dream takes place you may be at a turning point in your life and will need to be prepared for it. This dream can foretell a marriage or, equally, a divorce in your life or even the birth of a child.

Dreaming of a Flock of Ravens

A flock of ravens appearing in your dream is usually indicative of a major career opportunity. You are likely to achieve significant milestones in your career soon or may receive a salary increase or a promotion.

This type of dream announces progress and positive changes in your life. You are on the verge of manifesting all your dreams.

Catching a Raven in a Dream

Catching a raven in a dream is considered a positive omen, symbolizing that you have done a significant amount of work to truly understand yourself and let go of your fears. You have had your share of troubles in the real world and have emerged as a winner in the end.

To catch a friendly raven in a dream represents conquering your own ego and taming your impulses, which in turn helps you make more educated decisions that will reflect positively on your path.

Dreaming about a Flying Raven

If the raven in your dream is flying high above you it is usually an indication that good luck and prosperity is afoot. The symbolism being the flying raven is an optimistic one, announcing that the worries are now behind you, with nothing but blue skies ahead. The flying raven in this type of dream stands for your innate adaptability and your easy-going-with-the-flow type of character.

Dreaming about a Raven inside your House

To see a raven inside your home is considered bad news. If you are married in the real world, it could be an indication that your partner is unfaithful to you or that there is a serious illness headed your way that will affect the entire household or even bring about death.

If the raven in your dream sits by a window or a door, it suggests that thieves might be seeking to break into your home or that somebody in your household could be committing a serious crime that they will regret.

Seeing a Raven on a Rooftop in a Dream

If the raven appearing in your dream sits on a rooftop, it could be interpreted as a sign of co-dependency. It reflects that in the real world you heavily rely on your family members for support and that, in turn they also rely on you.

The raven looking down at you from a rooftop can also suggest that you are overworking yourself and don’t get enough chances to follow a healthy routine. As ravens usually pray on the weak, it is an indication from your subconscious mind to take better care of yourself in the real world.

Dreaming about a Raven Sitting on Your Head

If the raven appearing in your dream sits onto your head you should take great cautions in the waking world. Something bad is lurking in the shadows and if you let your guard down, it might just sneak into your life. In this case, the raven warns you of the presence of danger and suggests that maybe you could try taking a more reserved approach to life.

A raven sitting on your head is also a reminder to do the things you truly enjoy in life more often. Dedicate more of your free time to your hobbies in your spare time and try viewing things from a loftier or higher perspective.

Being Chased by a Raven in a Dream

Being followed by a raven in your dream implies that co-operation and teamwork will be required to succeed in an important task at work. You may need all the help you can get to overcome the task at hand, which might prove to be more challenging than anticipated.

If you dream about being followed by a raven everywhere, try balancing out your options and be very cautious of whom you give your trust to. They might just be looking to keep the success for themselves or betray you.

Being Attacked by a Raven in a Dream

If you find yourself attacked by the raven in your dream, know that you are about to find out a harsh truth that will truly devastate you emotionally. Whether it is an unfaithful partner or a backstabbing colleague, the raven attacking you is a symbolic representation of disappointment.

Another meaning of an aggressive raven showing up in a dream indicates that you will come by a bonus or material gain by unjust means. Accepting them will harm you in the long run, hence it is recommended to refrain from doing unlawful maneuvers.

Essentially, the raven attacking you is letting you know that the direction your life is headed in might not be the one you envisioned for yourself, but that you still have time to step back and re-evaluate everything before making your next move.

Seeing a Pair of Ravens in a Dream

A pair of ravens appearing in your dream symbolize an unfaithful parner that might be cheating on you with a close friend that you’d never suspect would do that to you. If you have this type of dream, it would be wise to have an open-hearted conversation with your significant other about the state of your relationship and where it’s going, especially if the dream itself becomes repetitive.

Hunting Ravens in a Dream

If you hunt the ravens in your dream, it might signify that you have lost all trust in your friends and loved ones in the real world. Although they have betrayed you in the past, willingly or unwillingly, you have still given them a second chance.

If this is the case, the raven dream suggests that it might be a good idea to look after your own best interest first, before lending others way too many chances.  Although they are an important part of your real life, your physical, mental and emotional health should always be prioritized.

Dreaming of a Wounded Raven

If you see a wounded raven in a dream, it means that you will find yourself in danger because you are being naive. Someone will try to persuade you to do something that is against your beliefs. Considering that you always “fall” for sweet talk, this time you will do the same and put yourself in a very awkward position. It’s time to start learning from your mistakes.

Alternatively, if you dream about a wounded rave, it could mean that you will end up being taken for granted by someone who will try to persuade you into doing something that opposes your beliefs and opinions.

Seeing Raven Feathers in a Dream

Dreaming of only raven feathers indicates that somebody close to you is spreading false rumors around and seeks to damage your public image. Moreover, this person will prove to be somebody you truly valued and trusted and due to the gravity of their action you will be impacted in a big way.

The feathers of a raven can also symbolize betrayal or simply a relationship that is slowly falling apart as a result of others spreading gossip and rumors around.

Talking to a Raven in a Dream

Although rare, many dream books show that a talking raven appearing in your dream is a symbol of healing either yourself or another family member in poor health. The talking raven is a symbol of wisdom and confirms that you are on the right track to improving your life, despite all challenges and obstacles thrown in your way.

If you dream about a talking raven while in the real world somebody in your family is sick, there is a good chance that their health will soon improve significantly. Additionally, if you’ve been working hard to nurse someone back to health, you will soon receive good news about them from their doctors.

Dreaming about a Dead Raven

Seeing a dead raven in a dream signify death and uncleanliness. It means that things in your real life have taken a turn for the worse and that a negative or toxic person is present in your everyday life.

To see a dead raven in your dream implies that injustice has been done to you and it possibly affected your personal relationships and the way others perceive you.

Hearing a Raven in your Dream

If you are only able to hear the call of a raven in your dream, without actually seeing it, it is a sign that in the real world you have fought bravely in the face of adversity, however, your best efforts were not enough to succeed.

In this case, the raven’s call stands for picking yourself back up and carrying on, as this is the only way forward. Gather your strength back and stand up for your goals. The dream may not be the most positive one, however it should not stop you from becoming the best version of yourself.