Butterfly as Spirit Animal

Every person has their guardian spirit animal. An energy that is assigned to them and that is responsible for a person’s well-being and good luck.

During ancient times, people believed that universal force that was preserved in an animal form and was not seen by the normal human eye was a blessing that came from the heavenly realms itself.

Tribes had spirit animals that guarded them and represented their powers. Magicians, people who were practicing spirituality and were deeply connected to nature, always had their power animal – a divine force that helped them to create most of out of life experiences.

It is important to mention, that there are all types of spirit animals and they differ from each other drastically. Some represent authority, some represent docile caring nature and they all have their virtues and merits.

Once you understand the very personal traits of each spirit animal, you will be able to work on establishing a connection with it. Once the tie is entrenched and you feel very close to your spirit animal’s energy, you will feel how strong and unbreakable you can become.

Want to attract good fortune and pleasant experiences in life? Then connecting to a spirit animal will help you to gain that power over your destiny.

Butterfly as a spirit animal represents transformation, the joy of life, and pure love.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Butterfly as Spirit Animal

The butterfly symbolizes constant renewal and metamorphosis, it flies through the sunny fields and seeks joy and happiness. It’s a great symbol of inner and outer beauty and divine power.

Even if a butterfly looks fragile at a first glance, it still might be the strongest and most resilient spirit animal, because of its ability to go through heavy transformation phases. To embrace the change, a huge amount of inner energy is needed, and for the process to be successful, you need to be very patient with yourself. That is what a butterfly as a spirit animal is all about – finding enough inner strength to not give up and calmly go through important lifetime transformations and find the joy of renewal during this interval.

The butterfly as a spirit animal is often associated with harmony and balance. They always bring delight to people around them and it’s a good luck charm in its special way.

This spirit animal is hope, it is a sign of light at the end of the tunnel – anticipation that no matter how hard life gets, you will always make it through it and achieve what you desired.

Also, people who possess the energy of the butterfly spirit animal, are often very receptive to others’ beautiful qualities. The butterfly is a sign of charm and allure so, pleasant aesthetics is always closely tied with the butterfly spirit animal. People that have a butterfly as their spirit animal are very attentive towards others’ notable qualities. They can see the good in the negative and always point out the best traits in their friends and individuals around them.

In various cultures, butterflies were often associated with pure love that emerges from kind hearts and creates an indestructible union between two people.

Characteristics and Personality

Butterfly spirit animal is very kind and pure. It is filled with caring energy and loves being appreciated by other people.

People who have a butterfly as their spirit animal know the value of a spiritual change and they are always aware of how much a person goes through during shaping their authentic self.

Here are some keywords that are often used when describing butterfly spirit animals’ personalities:

  • Happiness
  • Beauty
  • Metamorphosis
  • Tolerance
  • Pure love

It is important to know about both sides of the butterfly spirit animal, to analyze its power more precisely.

Butterfly Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Endurance: being able to go through a powerful metamorphosis, without not losing hope and inner peace – is a merit of a butterfly spirit animal. Through a lifetime, the butterfly engages in a changing process, that requires endurance and patience. The level of tolerance they possess is very unique and high.

Vibrancy: the energy of the butterfly spirit animal is a delight itself. Bringing joy to the outer world and even to themselves, is a distinctive trait of people with this power animal. Being in their surroundings is always a pleasure, they radiate positive energies and make other people happy even without trying too hard. They have this characteristic embedded in their spirit, so they always radiate joy and bliss.

Hopeful: through life, we experience events that sometimes drain us and block our perceptions of happiness and the beauty of living. Getting the urge to quit going further is caused by a lack of belief that everything will be alright, lack of hope that you will do fine in any given situation. The butterfly spirit animal is a mascot of hope and aspiration. Possessing the divine power of butterfly spirit animal will strengthen your hopes and allow you to see everything in a positive light.

Light-hearted: butterflies as spirit animals have this special trait of approaching life-changing events with a light heart and not dwelling too much on what will happen if things don’t work out. They find pleasure in leaping through uplifting environments and are always ready to openly receive blessings directed towards them.

Butterfly Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Overly sensitive: even if these spirit animals are all about joy and happiness, they tend to be sometimes overly emotional. They get triggered by little things and even the slightest unwanted dispositions might change their mood for the worse.

Needy: neediness is something butterfly spirit animal shows in relationships. Their needy approach might be even directed towards themselves (wanting to become overly invested in self-development for example), but mostly they crave attention from others and feel very drained if they don’t receive enough love and affection from their partners or people around them. They have this constant need of being appreciated and if it doesn’t get fulfilled, they close off and avoid communication for a while.

Butterfly as Animal Totem

Knowledge about totem animals exists in many cultures and religions. it is a spiritual creature presented in a form of an object –  that protects a person throughout life. Totem animals are considered to be human companions from birth till death and they have a special power to guide the troubled and attract the ultimate happiness into the lives of people.

The butterfly starts life from the chrysalis and goes through several stages of transformation, it acquires the ability to fly and becomes free and independent after the metamorphosis is over.

Tribe whose totem was a butterfly paid tribute to it not only for its excellent ability to transform but also for being a freedom-loving creature that, as a wind, is in constant motion and tirelessly moves from one place to another.

Butterfly animal totem can be used for several reasons and one of them is: summoning power to go through a transformative period of your life (be it changing jobs or moving to another place…)

How to Call Animal Spirit of Butterfly for Help?

Spiritual practices of summoning our spirit animals have been perfectly described by our ancestors.

The most common approach includes visualization.

Our mind is very powerful and it’s capable of connecting to spiritual beings from other realms. Once we master the technique of visualization, it will become much easier to call your spirit animal for help.

Before falling asleep, try to visualize your perfect environment, imagine you are somewhere alone, where no one can disturb your peace. It would be much better for this visualization to be somehow connected to nature (for example: standing in a field, sitting in a forest, and so on…)

Now start thinking of your spirit animal. Imagine your guardian butterfly slowly emerging from the atmosphere, landing either on your shoulder or on your hand. See how bright, colorful and expensive its wings are. A light creature that also carries divine energies with it.

Try your best to visualize the massage in your head, ask your spirit animal to receive this plead from you openly. Ask for blessings and state your needs for guidance and eternal happiness.

You can stop the visualization process whenever you will feel the need to do so.

When you will feel down, sad or discouraged, try to remember the feeling of your butterfly being near you, providing the desired comfort and inner peace.

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

Spirit animals are deities that are not visible to a human eye… they don’t exist in our physical world, and it’s often very hard to find the connection between you and your guardian animal.

The only way to find out what your animal spirit is – is through observation. Observe your surroundings, take a close look at your environments.

Do you see butterfly symbolism way too often? Do they land on you whenever you are out in nature? Do you have vivid dreams about chasing beautiful butterflies with colorful wings and expansive visuals?
It all might mean that your spirit animal is trying to reach out to you.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

Once you connect to your power animal and master its control through everyday life, it will be much easier to understand the messages that your spirit animal is trying to deliver to you.

The best way to analyze hidden meanings of your guardian’s message is to engage in telepathic communication with it. A most common way to do so is through meditation.

The practice of meditation has existed for millenniums. Earlier, meditation was used to understand or explain the spiritual and mystical aspects of life. Nowadays, meditation is used to reduce stress. But it is still strictly connected with understanding otherworldly energies and receiving massages from them.

Imagine a blank paper laying on the ground. Try to feel completely detached from this paper. It doesn’t belong to you, you have no control over what will be written here in the next few seconds.

Now imagine your guardian spirit – a butterfly landing on this paper, swiftly moving across it, creating some type of illustrations, it even might be letters or scribbles. Let yourself relax through the process, let the butterfly leap through symbols.

Once it is finished you can observe the paper and see the signs that the butterfly is trying to show you. You might see money symbols or even texts written on it. Try to interpret those signs and analyze them through your current state.

Meaning of Butterfly in Dreams

To see a butterfly flying above the green grass and flowers in a dream is a very good sign – a sign of wealth and prosperity. This dream also means that you will soon receive a message from a long-lost friend.

Butterfly slowly landing on your hand represents a discovery of true love. A new uplifting romantic adventure might cross your way sooner or later.

If you are surrounded by white butterflies, it means that shortly you should expect to meet interesting people and have fun with them. It might also indicate the upcoming opportunity of changing your life for the better.

Meaning of Butterfly in Various Mythologies

In the mythology of various cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul, immortality, resurrection, and transformation. In China, the butterfly represented immortality, joy, and eternal bliss. In Mexico, the butterfly was an attribute of the god of spring and love – the “lord of flowers”.
The ancient Greeks considered the butterfly a symbol of the metamorphosis and so on.

Itzpapalotl – Obsidian butterfly In Aztec mythology, the goddess of fortune was associated with the plant cult. She ruled over the heavenly paradise of Tamoanchan. Originally she was one of the deities of hunting of the Chichimecs (the ancient people of Mexico) and was depicted as a butterfly with obsidian-shaped blades on its wings, or a woman with butterfly wings and jaguar claws. Instead of a tongue, she had a knife, and her cloak could make her invisible.