Condor as Spirit Animal

Condors are considered the largest raptors in the entire world. They are large birds of species belonging to the California condor species or Andean condor species. Andean condors are primarily known for their distinctive looks with their velvety black features.

They have an impressive wingspan of more than 3 meters (10 feet) which makes them the largest flying bird in the world. Due to their heavy weight, they often have a hard time staying afloat in the air. That’s why Andean condors prefer windy and desert areas where they can glide effortlessly along the current of the air. It can soar up to a height of almost 15,000 ft above.

If this impressive bird catches your attention, you feel as if you need to know more about them, and you get the sense that the bird’s characteristics align with your personality; then the condor could be your spirit animal.

Characteristics and Personalities

Unlike, eagles and vultures, they do not have a toe facing backward, hence, they can’t snatch or carry their prey in the air. This is the reason condors survive on anything dead and decaying flesh, especially larger animals. They survive on anything from dead mice to whales.

They perform a very critical role in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. They eat dead and smelly fish, rabbits, rodents, sheep, seals, whales, etc. They are the natural clean-up crew of nature who devour any dead and rotten animal body parts across the coastline or desert. They consume a large amount of food in one go and can then go without food for several days.

If condor is your guiding force of life, you are associated with the traits like courage, fierceness, strength, and great survival instinct. These are long-lived birds. They are known to live as long as 70 years. Hence, condors are often associated with physical health, wellness, and longevity.

People with condor as their spiritual energy are known to be powerful, calm, and mystic. They are emotionally and physically well-balanced and ardent watchers.

Condors are one of the endangered species right now and one of the most stunning and glorious creatures created by God. They help us by keeping our environment clean and it’s our responsibility to preserve and ensure the safety of these birds from getting extinct.

Condor Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Condor as your spiritual power can be your guiding force when your life is full of doubt, uncertainty, and difficulties. Below are the positive traits of the condor spirit animal –

  • Powerful
  • Courage
  • Longevity
  • Cleanliness
  • Creativity
  • Watcher
  • Self-love
  • Adventurous
  • Transformation
  • Parenting


It’s spectacular to watch this bird flying high with its exceptionally broad and massive wings. These birds are heavy and highly powerful. They have a solid and heavy appearance in the sky and don’t get dashed against rough winds like the way that smaller birds do.

This is why people with the energy of condor are naturally powerful and emotionally stable. They are headstrong, resolute, and self-willed. They are highly ambitious and don’t like to divert an inch from their goal. They are persistent and don’t give up easily.

People with condor as their birth totem are known as the highly determined and focused individuals in the room. No matter what happens or how difficult life becomes, they like to observe everything by taking a step back, and then make their final move.


Seeing the bird at the first glance, anyone can spot the fearlessness and vigor within the bird. Condors are not afraid of any other creature. They soar high with pride and energy.

Condor as your birth totem helps you to face any kind of challenges upfront. It gives you the strength to stand your ground and have a firm belief in yourself no matter what. You are known for your ability to withstand any obstacles that life may throw at you. People find their strength in the moment of doubt and uncertainty by simply being with you.

You are also known as the healer in your circle who alleviates distress and pain. People find comfort in sharing their thoughts and emotional troubles with you. They see you as someone who knows how to infuse courage and emotional stability and gives the hope to move on in life.


Condors are seen as the symbol of wellness, medicine, and longevity. Their wings, bones, and organs are used in various traditional medicines. These birds are known to have an exceptionally long lifespan which is more than 60 years.

When the spirit animal condor glides in your path, it reminds you to take good care of yourself and give your body what it needs. It urges you to take a break and spend some time checking on yourself. It can be your physical, emotional, or spiritual health that might need attention.


Condors play a vital role in keeping the environment clean and balanced. They help in nature’s recycling system by eating dead fleshes can be found along the coastline or desert.

If condor is your birth totem, you are naturally organized and like to maintain things nice and clean. You hate it when the room or kitchen or any part of your house is messy and untidy as it stresses you out and hampers your energy. So, you are naturally attracted to places where cleanliness and hygiene are maintained.


You are often considered the dreamer but that does not mean you live with your head in the clouds. You tend to immerse yourself in the world of imagination and come up with unique solutions to the real issues of life. You have a creative mind that helps you to find practical ways to turn your ideas and notions into reality.


As a condor-spirited individual, you are an ardent observer. You like to take one step back and view the entire situation from a different perspective. You do not let yourself get carried away by the circumstances. It’s not surprising if you are known as the coolest person in the group. You tend to watch everything closely, pay attention to subtle details that others might overlook, and gather as much information as possible before making any decision.


If you are born with condor as a birth totem, you like to spend time reading, contemplating, and journaling. You like to give more of your time to creativity and healing. You tend to be fond of self-development contents, healing, and sharing your thoughts. The peak of your creativity comes from this solitude. You like to spend as much time as possible as that renews your spirit.

If you are having trouble coming to terms with yourself, or you are unable to love or forgive yourself, the condor as your spirit animal reminds you that it’s time to treat yourself better. It gives you the strength to move on from guilt, anger, resentment, and pain from the past.


Condors are known to travel more than 120 miles to find their meal to reach islands and coastal areas. The condor energy helps you to live your life mindfully. You are wild and adventurous.

Exploring the unexplored, knowing the unknown, and experiencing life beyond the comfort level is something that comes naturally from your soul. You like to spread your wings and fly as high as possible, yet maintain contact with the ground reality. Reading, learning, exploring, reflecting, and trying out new things keep you going. This is what keeps you alive.


When the condor spirit animal walks into your consciousness, it urges you to look within yourself and listen to your inner self. It teaches you to observe your thoughts and get clarity on what’s going on in life.

If you feel stressed, confused, indecisive, and full of uncertainty; pray on your condor spirit animal. The condor energy helps you to shed the baggage of old thoughts and helps you to see life from a new angle. You can feel a sense of fulfillment and an urge to transform your life for the better.


Both the male and female condor take equal part in taking utmost care of their babies. Commitment and loyalty are something that can be learned from people with the condor spirit animal.

They are highly devoted and protective toward their loved ones. They believe in unity. The condor energy can help you find your lifelong soulmate. As a parent or guardian of the family, you like to support them, share with them, teach responsibilities, and provide a range of experiences. People who are trying to be a parent can work with condor spirit energy.

Condor Spirit Animal Negative Powers

There are certain aspects that condor-spirited individuals need to take care of. Below are the negative traits of people with condor as their birth totem –

  • Emotional Burden
  • Overeating
  • Power of control

Emotional Burden

Condors are physically strong and heavy. They have a mesmerizing wingspan spreading across almost 10 feet. But their heavy body weight often obstructs their movement and flying. Apart from searching for food, they can be seen soaking in the sun and shunning their claws and wings.

As a condor-spirited individual, you might find it quite difficult to shed off your emotional baggage of the past. It may become a struggling job for you to move on leaving the painful memories of the past. Condor as your spiritual guide helps you to overcome the emotional turmoil and provides you the strength to face your emotional demon and move on with life.


Condors are not natural hunters. Their body is not made for hunting. Rather, they begin to circle the area containing dead and rotting meat and fish. They can go up to 2 weeks without eating. But when they eat, they consume meats of almost 10 pounds in one sitting. Most of the time, they eat more than what they can handle. This, in turn, makes their flying difficult. They usually need to rest before they can fly.

If condor is your birth totem, you tend to overeat a lot. You might be a connoisseur. You may be an avid food-loving person that makes you eat more than you can take. This can cause health issues later.

Make sure you eat to a certain limit that your body can digest and helps you to move freely without feeling bloated. Condor as your spirit animal helps you to take good care of your health habits.

Power of control

People with condor as their birth totem feel restless and struggle deeply when things go out of their control. If they find out they can’t change the people or the circumstances, they might distance themselves to feel control back in their life. And this might strain their relationship.

Condor as your soul energy reminds you that the only control you have in life is over yourself. You cannot control external circumstances. It gives you the realization and truth of life to adjust and deal with situations accordingly without hampering any relationship.

Condor as an Animal Totem

Condor is considered the master of the sky. When it shows up in your path, it could be asking you to take control of your life and detach yourself from the earthly desires of life. In short, when you see the condor spirit animal, it can be a calling to dive deep into higher consciousness.

It asks you to let go of anything that’s holding you back and embrace the newer self. Condor also teaches you to protect yourself and your loved ones. Spending time with your dear ones should be the top priority in life. Condor-spirited people are excellent partners and loving parents. They are faithful and devoted to their loved ones.

Another message this spirit animal gives you is to spend some time with yourself. Make a routine to exercise, eat healthily, and get a good sleep. Practice meditation regularly to keep your emotions well-balanced.

As an animal totem, the condor energy represents courage, fearlessness, harmony, ambition, protection, and aspiration.

Times When You Need to Summon the Condor Spirit Animal

  • You need to listen to your inner voice and make the right decision.
  • You need to be emotionally strong and well-balanced.
  • You need to be persistent and patient in challenging situations.
  • You need to be organized and maintain a routine.
  • You need to be loyal in your relationship.
  • You are trying to be a good parent.
  • You must protect yourself and the people you love.
  • You are venturing out on a new voyage.
  • You are trying to explore the unknown.
  • You need to take care of your health and hygiene.
  • You are trying to observe things in your surroundings.
  • You need to be creative and ingenious.

Meaning of Condor in a Dreams

Seeing condor in the dream can signify positive as well as negative aspects of your life based on your psychological condition.

If you dreamt of a group of condors or one condor is circulating over a particular area and you are not scared, it means you are looking for new opportunities in life. It can also imply that it’s the time your hard work will pay off and new doors will be opened for you.

If you see two condors nursing their babies, it means you need to take care of your close ones. You need to spend more time with your family.

If you have dreamt of condors eating fleshes and clearing the environment, it means you need to take a look at your surroundings and get the clutters cleared as soon as possible. It can be emotional clutters as well. It may also mean you need to welcome the changes of life and let go of anything that is holding you back.

If the dream was about seeing the condor flying high peacefully with confidence, it implies the strength and courage within you. It means you have faith in yourself and you are confident enough to deal with things all by yourself.

Dreaming of being attacked by condors represents your challenge to face your fear. You are trying to run away from someone or some situation that is causing you stress. Condor teaches you that running away is not the solution, instead, you need to look within yourself and get your strength back to face the problem upfront.

Dreaming of a dead condor can mean something positive as well as negative. It can imply some financial loss or upcoming conflicts. Or, it can mean the end of something old and the beginning of a new chapter. It depends on what the person is going through at this moment.

Mythological Significance of Condors

Native American people believed that condors are the messengers of the afterlife. Condors were associated with the sky and the feminine energy whereas eagles were considered the masculine energy. Ancient Californian tribes used to honor condors as the healers. This is why Shamans used to wear condor feathers during their healing ceremony and rituals.

According to Andean religious mythology, the condors used to be associated with the Sun God and were considered to be the symbol of power, wisdom, and leadership. The spiritual significance of condors has been found in Andean art dating back to 4000 years.

The Wiyot tribe of California used to worship condor as the creator of the universe. There’s folklore that says humanity was wiped out by a dangerous flood that was sent by the deity called ‘Above Old Man’. After this, the condor took charge and recreated humanity.

There’s a myth revolving around the mono tribe that says condors were seen as the evil force that terrorized mankind. According to one story, the condor deity beheaded mankind to use their blood to cause a flood and damage the home of its prey.

The Chumash people had a special significance of condors in their art and culture. They believed condors used to be white but gradually turned into black as they approached flames.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

An ideal way to establish communication with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. When the mind is calm and relaxed, it helps you to see your thoughts from a different perspective and gives you better clarity on your actions and behaviors. When the mind is free from regular stressors of life, this is when you can hear the inner voice that’s trying to talk to you for a long time.

Summon the condor spirit animal and prepare yourself to discover a newer self. Step back and see the bigger picture before taking any action and find a sense of fulfillment, vigor, and determination in life. Spread your incredible wings and soar high.