Hummingbird as Spirit Animal

Do you know what a spirit animal is? Maybe you have heard the term somewhere but never got the chance to understand the whole essence of it.
What do they represent? How can we call them into our lives? What positive changes can they trigger once summoned by us? If you are searching for answers to these questions, stay tuned because this article will give you comprehensive information about all the needed details concerning spirit animals and their energy traits.

The knowledge about spirit animals comes from the old shamanic traditions. They are our companions in the spiritual sense and appear in animal form. They are regarded as a person’s guardian, which gives its host strength and accompanies them on their way to ultimate happiness. A power animal can also appear in difficult situations or hard phases of life and support, advise, and strengthen its protégé during this period.

Each spirit animal has its power and its description differs according to what type of creature we are talking about.

In this article, you will be able to further find out about the Hummingbird spirit animal – a symbol of eternal bliss, and if the description resonates with you, you will also have the opportunity to learn techniques about how to connect to it on a deeper level.

The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing, happiness, and good fortune. It’s no surprise that the symbolism and meaning of hummingbirds are important to people all over the world. Just as the hummingbird spirit animal is a sacred totem for many.
Despite being tiny creatures, hummingbirds are always glowing with strong, positive energy.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Hummingbird as Spirit Animal

Hummingbird symbolism and meaning vary in different cultures, and they can mean different things to individuals on a personal level. However, here are some universal hummingbird meanings for people around the world: joy, healing, beauty, and good luck.

The hummingbird is always surrounded by flowers. In a sublime, harmonious partnership, the hummingbird gets nectar from the flower and in return the little creature pollinates them, prolonging their vigor. That is why the hummingbird is a symbol of health, healing, and vitality.

The hummingbird spirit animal reminds you to be aware of what you seek for stimulation and sustenance, be it food, substances, hobbies, or relationships. Is it a truly symbiotic, balanced, and mutually healthy relationship? If not, be like a hummingbird and move on quickly.
Keep in mind that balance is crucial in your life. You just have to be willing to leave the unhealthy situations to find the ones that nourish you.

The hummingbird is also a popular bird and a symbol of good luck for many. These nectar-drinking birds are reminiscent of life, – the sweet living. Life can be hard – but the hummingbird, with its lively, nourishing presence, reminds us to focus on the blessings of life.

The hummingbird spirit animal reminds you that happiness comes to you when you are receptive and open to the wonders of life.

Characteristics and Personality

Despite being tiny, hummingbirds stand out because they come in vibrant jewel-like colors. They are also associated with the colorful flowers from which they get nectar. Because of this, hummingbirds are symbols of vibrancy and diversity.

The spirit of the hummingbird reminds us to welcome diversity into our lives and to honor the richness of colorfulness and joyous life. Too much routine can drag us down and put things on autopilot so it might cause a disturbance in self-development. The hummingbird spirit is the opposite of getting caught in the routine and mundane activities of everyday life.

Hummingbird as a spirit animal symbolizes:

  • Coquetry
  • Joy
  • Good Luck
  • Vitality

This spirit animal has positive and negative powers. Down below you will see descriptions of both sides of the hummingbird as a spirit animal.

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Social: In everyday life, people who have hummingbirds as their spirit animal are very social and extrovert. They like to be in the center of attention, they are active and mobile, have many friends and hobbies, and they glow with positive energy and optimism.

Optimistic: Hummingbird as a spirit animal symbolizes hope and optimism. The optimistic approach of a person that is connected to the hummingbird spirit energy – always looks for the best in any situation and always expects only nice things to happen in life. These optimistic people believe, wait and hope that everything will turn out for the best.

Supportive: hummingbird as a spirit animal is very good at pinpointing the best potential in people. Having a friend who has a hummingbird spirit energy is a blessing because they are very good at encouraging their surroundings – and even if you can’t see the hidden gem inside of you, your hummingbird spirit animal will trigger it to resurface in a needed moment.

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Sacrificial: a hummingbird as a spirit animal needs to be in a perfect environment where everyone is happy and content. Conflicts and stressful situations affect their energy in a very negative way, so they always try their best to act as a mediator in conflicts and sometimes even sacrifice their well-being and inner peace to make other people happy.

Impatient: even though hummingbird loves balance and inner stability, its energy is always focused on getting things done faster, and achieving goals and aims very quickly. They want to see the product of their hard work right away, which is not always the case because good things take time – so they are often frustrated when they don’t see the result straight away.

Sentimental: it is good to be emotional and sentimental, it triggers empathy within us and in other people, but when it gets out of hand – it can be pretty damaging to our mental state. Sometimes people who are deeply connected to their hummingbird guardian animal, tend to be a bit sensitive and vulnerable towards outer stress and triggers.

Hummingbird as Animal Totem

In Native American culture, animal totems possess the protective powers of the animal they represent. Thus, the hummingbird totem is a helpful symbol to manifest more joy, diversity, health, and happiness in your life. Additionally, the hummingbird totem is a helpful symbol when you are practicing meditation or trying to send positive energies to your loved ones.

Also, as it is known native Americans worship nature and animals. As such, their culture has many vivid stories about the power of animal spirits and the profound role – they play in human life. While the cultural beliefs and elements vary in different native American cultures, the hummingbird is seen by many tribes as a helpful spirit guide and messenger, as well as a healer and good luck charm.

How to Call Animal Spirit of Hummingbird for Help?

Before calling your spirit animal, you need to find and connect to it first!
When you wake up in the morning, ask your spirit animal to appear somewhere, in any type of form – be it a visual representation or like a thought. During the day you will certainly hear someone mentioning your spirit animal, or see its image or read about it, and you will immediately understand – it made itself known to you!

After making yourself familiar with your spirit animal, try to connect to its energy before falling asleep. Imagine this guardian animal being close to you as you venture through to beautiful nature scenery.

Visualize communicating with your spirit guardian, manifest its energy into the physical world, and as soon as you will need help – you will be able to summon your spirit animal with the visualization.

How Does an Animal Spirit make Itself Known?

The key to understanding the universe – is being curious and observant. Highly cautious people manage to catch signals that are deeply hidden.

Have you seen repetitive signs – like seeing the same representation of a hummingbird, for example, in your everyday life? Coming across the hummingbird illustrations on banners, seeing them in your dreams, and so on… this all might mean that the animal spirit is trying to make itself known.

Make sure to be very observant and analyze the repetitive signs and their hidden meanings. Once you feel that you found your spirit animal and catch its energetical frequency, you will be able to summon it whenever in need.

If a hummingbird makes itself known to you, pay attention! There are no coincidences! Seeing a hummingbird in real life, in a dream, in an art piece, or in the media that captures your attention is an event worth exploring. Hummingbirds are always positive symbols and good omens.

How to Understand Your Power Animal’s Message

Whether you already know that the hummingbird is your spirit animal or this connection has suddenly resurfaced in your life, delving into hummingbird symbols and meanings can give you insights into the journey of your soul and its mission. Hummingbirds are always perceived as positive signs. With their beautiful colors and vibrant wings, they remind us to step out of our shells and appreciate the wonders around us.

Visualization is the best way to communicate with your spirit animal.

Before falling asleep try to imagine yourself in a calm and serene atmosphere;

Call your spirit animal with the power of the mind, ask it to accompany you during this meditation.

When you visualize your power animal being close to you, try to communicate with it non-verbally, ask it questions through your mind.

You might receive visual images or might hear the spirit animal talking to you in your native language. Be open and receptive towards those signals and you will understand their hidden meanings.

Meaning of Hummingbird in Dreams

Seeing red-feathered hummingbirds indicates a happy union with your partner. You might be going through some stressful phase in your relationship so now, you can rest at ease – everything is going to change for the better.

If a hummingbird suddenly stops chirping – you will be under the influence of a powerful and rich person. You might be oppressed by higher authority at work or in your public life.

A wounded hummingbird represents the deepest grief you get into because of your friend’s behavior. They might neglect your emotional well-being and abandon you when in need.

Flying hummingbirds are a harbinger of success – everything that bothers you will stay in past!

Catching a hummingbird is a good dream; as it indicates raise of a financial income.

Listening to the chirping of hummingbirds means undertaking a task that requires a great deal of effort from you but in the end – you will be able to solve it and reach your goals.

If in a dream you kill a hummingbird with a shotgun – it will cause fruitlessness or natural disaster.

Meaning of Hummingbird in Various Mythologies

Tens of millions of years ago, hummingbirds lived in the geographic region that is now Europe. In recent history, however, they can only be found in native America – with a distribution area from southern Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in the southern part of South America. Hummingbirds are also found on the Caribbean islands. Because of this reach, the human cultures of the Americas and the tropics are rich in hummingbird legends and folklore.

In the Hopi and Zuni tradition, a story is told about a famine that ravaged the land. With food and water scarce, a mother and father had to leave their young son and daughter behind as they searched for supplies to support their family.

To pass the time, the boy carved a hummingbird out of a piece of wood. When his sister threw the toy in the air, the little bird came to life and played along with the children.

However, when the hummingbird saw that they were hungry, it began to become very worried. So it went in search and returned every day with corn to feed them. Realizing that they would need more food, the hummingbird flew to the center of the earth to ask the god of fertility to replenish the land. Impressed by the beautiful and sincere little bird, the god of fertility brought rain that nourished the soil and helped crops grow again.