Panda as Spirit Animal

Pandas are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are cute, clumsy, and cuddly exteriors. They are a real joy to be around. Pandas are the lovely teddy bears most of us want as pets. They don’t cause harm to any other animals unless they are being annoyed by other creatures. At times, they are aggressive and fierce. However, being full of love and lazy and eating bamboo all day is their true nature.

Most of us can relate to pandas. If you are someone who loves pandas and can associate with them in terms of behavior, attitude, eating habits, lifestyle, and personality; then you are a panda from inside. Panda as your spirit animal can communicate with you through dreams, pictures, media, art, or any kind of signs in nature. Pay close attention.

Meaning and Symbolism

Pandas have very important significance in Chinese culture. Though they have a gentle temperament, they are known to be as strong as tigers according to Chinese belief. It is because they can find food for themselves, they can climb and swim, and withstand cold and harsh weather conditions.

Pandas are the symbol of peace, luck, and harmony. They nurture themselves with love and care. The Panda as your spirit animal helps you to be humble, grounded, loving, friendly, comforting, and a bit lazy. You do not like a noisy environment. You prefer your own space and boundary.

Characteristics and Personality

People with Panda as their spirit animal will always try to find peaceful resolutions for all the conflicts in their life. Panda as your spirit guide helps you to bring balance into everything. It’s a sign that it’s time to let go of anything you have been holding on to for a long time.

Panda Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Pandas have a lot of cheerful qualities.

Below are the major positive traits that the Panda as a Spirit Animal own:

  • Solidarity
  • Comfort
  • Peaceful
  • Gratitude
  • Grounded
  • Caring
  • Foody
  • Friendly
  • Protective
  • Balance
  • Happiness


As a Panda-spirited individual, you need a space of your own to be yourself. You can’t stand a loud and noisy environment as it hampers your natural vibe. Just like the Panda, you tend to move towards peaceful places where you can fully unwind yourself. You might be a person who likes rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, and beaches where the crowd is less and you can connect with nature.


As a Panda person, you are a comfort lover. You like to be satisfied with little things and want to have a peaceful life. You like to socialize and meet people, but you may find comfort and solace in your company the most.


Needless to say, Pandas are the most loving, funny, and peaceful creatures in the world. If Panda is your spirit animal, you love to maintain peace and serenity wherever you go. People often find themselves at ease when they come across you. You love to stay absorbed in your activities, you tend to like indoor games, and you do not cause any trouble or irritation to your surroundings unless your peace is violated.


When Panda as your spirit animal glides your path, it asks you to let go of your past, and start counting your blessings. No matter what the circumstances of life are, you should always keep a gratitude feeling in your mind. This is the powerful tool that brings you out of the darkness and hopelessness of life. Stay thankful and be humble always because that’s what you are.


Panda as your spirit animal teaches you to keep your paws connected to the earth and remain grounded. Maintaining humbleness and humility is one of the natural qualities that you possess. People like to be around you and share their stories and emotions. Remember to maintain your grace and kindness in all possible situations of life.


The Panda as your spirit animal works on the heart chakra which helps you to show love and tenderness to others. You are very sensitive, caring, and have a gentle side. You don’t like to be rude to people even when it is appropriate. You like to keep a transparent and peaceful conversation to avoid hurting other people. Make sure the way you take care of others you nurture your soul as well.


Food could be your ultimate love if Panda is your soul animal. You love various delicacies. Food is the main interest for you for any celebrations. You love to taste, cook and also feed other people as you believe happiness begins from the stomach.


You tend to have many people around you who love you for the person you are. They like to hang out, chill, and have fun with you because of your loving, jolly, and friendly nature. You are a helping hand and a supportive pal for many. Though you like to maintain your boundaries you make sure you are there for your group.


Pandas do not attack other animals or humans. But the female Pandas become aggressive while protecting their young. They can be ferocious and attacking if needed. The same nature can be seen in you. You can give your heart and soul to protect your loved ones. You make sure of the utmost safety of your close ones and can be highly protective when time demands.


Panda refers to the sense of equilibrium. Panda as a spirit guide helps you to maintain your balance and stability. If you find yourself losing balance in life while performing your duties and responsibilities, pray on your calm nature and meditate on your Panda spirit animal. It will prepare you to ignore the noises in your surroundings and will assist you to pay attention to your inner voice.


Frowning, being rude, screaming, and disrespecting others is not something you have in your nature even when the circumstances might be forcing you to be so. You are here to spread joy, love, and happiness. You are the symbol of compassion and affection and you always try to look at the brighter side of every situation. Pray on your Panda spirit animal if you are struggling to find happiness and peace in life.

Panda Spirit Animal Negative Powers

People who have Panda as their spirit guide do not have any such notable negative personalities. Although, few of their positive traits need to be channelized correctly to avoid any mental or physical conflict.

Below are some of the negative powers of Panda as a spirit animal:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Lazy
  • Shyness
  • Friendly Nature
  • Sensitive


As a Panda-spirited individual, you might act possessive while being protective towards your family and close ones. Remember to maintain balance and humility while dealing in relationships as people might feel hurt due to your overprotective nature. Make sure to sustain your loving, kind and calm nature while handling delicate situations.


Pandas are clumsy and comfort lovers. As a Panda person, you may have a side that makes you lazy and unproductive. At times, you may not feel like doing regular important things. You may cling to your sofa or bed and spent the day wasting without doing anything valuable and regret it later. To avoid this, you need to practice fitness to stay active. You need to cultivate the habits which will help you to get rid of lethargy and procrastination.


Pandas are shy and like to hide in trees when they don’t want to be around people. As a Panda individual, you tend to be shy and avoid social gatherings. It is good to avoid the crowd and spend time with yourself to sustain your energy. However, there could be moments where you might lose significant growth opportunities if the shyness deprives you of communicating with people. Be aware of your emotions and act accordingly.

Friendly Nature

Your pleasant and friendly nature can be seen as an advantage to some people. You may be considered as an easily accessible person and wrong people might take advantage of the same. Beware of the people and situations where your emotions could be used for the wrong reasons. Be alert and listen to your intuition to understand the difference between right and wrong.


Being sensitive and empathetic is highly important in today’s world. But at times, you tend to get entangled in others’ emotions while giving your shoulder as support. It might make you feel drained and exhausted emotionally.

Try to remain detached and provide mental support without hampering your emotional stability. Also, being too sensitive can make others take advantage of you. Remember to stay calm, alert, and shield your vibe from evil forces.

Panda as an Animal Totem

Panda as your spirit animal drives you to rise above any mental conflict and be in peace with yourself. As a Panda person, you like to be around nature. Spending time in nature helps to balance your overall well-being. You are a food lover and love to enjoy life gracefully. You don’t like to rush, rather you like to absorb and savor each moment of life. You are kind, affectionate, and have that warmth that heals the emotional pain of others.

Times When You Need to Summon Panda Spirit Animal

  • When you need to have patience in a challenging situation.
  • You need to be kind and caring while handling difficult people.
  • You need to be grateful for whatever you have in life.
  • You need the courage to face your fears.
  • You need to be protective of your loved ones.
  • You need to heal others and yourself emotionally and spiritually.
  • You need to overcome aggressiveness.
  • You want to be fit and active and remove procrastination.
  • You need to connect with Nature and be yourself.

Dream Interpretations of Panda Spirit Animal

Seeing Pandas in dreams can indicate many possible aspects depending on your psychological state.

If you see a Panda is relaxing under a tree in your dream, it indicates that you are calm, peaceful, and going in the right direction in life.

If the panda is eating in your dream, it can imply your fondness of food or you should take greater care of your diet.

If you dream of a panda cuddling another panda, it shows your gentle and caring personality. It means you have a good relationship and bond with people around you.

If the Panda has bitten you, it can hint at stressful circumstances in your life. Our inner voice talks to us when the mind is come and relaxed. Try to relax and resolve your issues tactically.

Dreaming of Panda chasing you mean you are running away from your fear or unwanted situations of life. It’s time to face your fears and evict them from your life.

If you dream of a dead panda, it can indicate that you let your emotions take control of you. You become highly emotional while taking crucial decisions in life.

Mythological Significance of Panda

The mythological significance of Panda can be found in Chinese and Tibetan cultures. As per Chinese belief, Pandas are seen as one of the significant species of the earth. They are also the inspiration for the WWF logo. Being one of the endangered species of the earth, the Panda has been symbolized as the mascot of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) since its formation in 1961. The Panda is the perfect symbol when it comes to conserving endangered species.

According to people in China, Pandas are seen as warriors as they can swim, climb, and can survive in harsh weather conditions. They are also considered the National treasure of China. Pandas are the symbol of strength, peace, and harmony. They are the physical representation of Yin and Yang (two opposite forces of the Universe) due to their black and white colors.

Pandas are also seen as the mark of friendship due to their gentle temperament. Ancient Chinese people had a believe that Giant Pandas could ward off evil spirits and natural disasters.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

Your spirit animal can connect with you through many different channels if you are open to all the possibilities. You might get random thoughts of a Panda, they can appear in your dreams, you can come across their pictures anywhere possible, you can hear about them from a friend or anyone unknown, or you could stumble upon events that might remind you of them. Pay attention to every subtle detail.

The best way to connect with your spirit animal is to offer prayers through meditation and ask them to communicate with you in all possible ways.

When you find yourself in chaos and out of balance, summon your Panda spirit and solve your problems with peace and clarity. Listen to your inner voice and bring out your true nature of kindness, abundance, and joy.