Shark as Spirit Animal

Sharks have been dominating the ocean for hundreds of millions of years. Historians explain the reason behind this as the potentiality to survive in different levels of water – from extremely deep oceans to shallow seas, and even lakes and rivers.

Sharks can survive on a variety of ocean foods like fish, crabs, seals, plankton, and even whales. This amazing diversity has made them survive the major mass extinctions of history. That shows how incredibly powerful and strong sharks are!

We all have enjoyed at least one shark movie in our lifetime. If you remember any movie where sharks were the main interest that created a strong impression in your mind, or you might have been fascinated about sharks since childhood, or have been noticing images of sharks in posters, books, magazines, media, art, or in any other way; then the shark is your spirit animal. These are the ways the spirit animal is trying to create an imprint on your mind.

Meaning and Symbolism of Shark as a Spirit Animal

If the shark is your spirit animal, you are a sharp, dominating, focused, and highly confident person. Being one of the ancient creatures on the planet, sharks have not changed much and they carry the ancient wisdom from their ancestors in their DNA. The same quality can be found in you. As a shark spirit, you are the person of knowledge and intelligence. You value and respect the importance of wisdom.

Sharks can swim hundreds of miles making them one of the fastest moving fish of the ocean. As a shark spirit, you are known to be wild, full of life, and adventurous. You love to explore new opportunities, new places, and new dimensions of life.

You can face fears and challenges with an indomitable attitude. You are naturally smart, enthusiastic, and charming as a shark-spirited individual.

Characteristics and Personality

We often let our outer circumstances define our reality. We suppress our inner voice under the opinions and judgments of others. Shark persons can rise flawlessly above all kinds of criticism and obstacles they face. They will go after whatever they want, however they want and whenever they want.

They are born with a bold and valiant nature. They can remove all the noises of the world and have a sharp focus on their target. As a shark-spirited individual, you should be aware of the positive as well as the negative energies to have a well-balanced personality.

Shark Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Generally, we have one common picture in our mind whenever sharks are mentioned and that is going after their prey like it has no other intentions in the world. But, sharks are more than that. They have plenty of positive characteristics and they are not always as dangerous as we know.

Take a look at some of the major positive traits of shark as a spirit animal –

  • Opportunist
  • Fearless
  • Independent
  • Sharp Focus
  • Adventurous
  • Knowledgeable
  • Survivor
  • Authoritative
  • Productivity
  • Guidance
  • Protective

Shark-spirited individuals are considered old souls. They have known to experience all kinds of struggles, happiness, and transitions of life. That’s how they acquired the surviving nature. Let’s take a glimpse at the positive dispositions of sharks as spirit animals.


We have often seen few individuals are being referred to as shark-minded creatures. And the context comes from the fact that sharks have the eyes and the mind to recognize possibilities and opportunities in any kind of circumstances. They have incredible sniffing ability to smell their prey from a pretty long distance.

If the shark is your spirit animal, you are an inherent opportunist to sniff the perfect moment. You tend to keep your mind open for the right shot.


Sharks are well known for one notable trait – fearlessness. They fear no one and almost all other sea animals are afraid of their presence.

As a shark-spirited person, you have an undaunted soul. You like to have an eye-to-eye face-off with your opponent or any kind of hurdles of life. People are often hesitant to mess with you. In the moments of darkness, call on your shark spirit and remind yourself of your true nature.


We have often noticed in the movies that a single shark creates panic and nightmare in a particular region of sea, river, or lake. That’s needless to say, sharks can get through alone pretty well. They are wild, free, and self-reliant.

Remember you are a self-sustaining individual as a shark spirit. Try not to depend on anyone emotionally and spiritually. Be your own mentor and listen to your inner voice in times of uncertainty and hesitation.

Sharp Focus

Sharks see nothing else while chasing their prey. They are known for their laser focus and sharp mind. The shark power animal drives you to maintain high concentration and helps you to keep your awareness of one specific thing for a longer period.

You are not the person to listen to the unnecessary noise, criticism, or anything that moves you away from your aim. This is one of the remarkable qualities of shark-spirited individuals which help them achieve their goals.


Sharks are known to keep moving and exploring new fishing grounds for their hunt. If the shark is your spirit animal, you love to explore new opportunities, places, people, and new escapades of life.

You are wild and adventurous. You like to travel and experience all the exciting things that life has to offer. This moving energy of sharks keeps them alive and going.


Being one of the early evolved creatures of the planet, sharks are known to genetically derive some of their ancestor’s DNA attributes and wisdom.

The shark spirit animal empowers you with knowledge and skills to deal with situations with your wittiness and expertise. You tend to have the proficiency and intelligence to accomplish anything you want.


Sharks are one of the primeval creatures on the planet who have been known to co-exist with dinosaurs and known to have survived the biggest mass extinctions of history.

Being a shark-spirited person, you have the strength to get through any adverse situations with your indomitable willpower and perseverance. No matter how tricky or dire the situation is, you seem to pull it through with your strength of character.


As a shark-spirited human, you have sound leadership qualities and commanding nature that helps to keep your team together. Your dominating personality makes you a fearless leader who shines above criticism and negativity.


The shark spirit animal drives you to be highly productive and make the most out of every opportunity. You like to set a crystal clear objective and don’t get distracted easily by unnecessary stuff.

You are a person who does not like to waste time and you are true to your duty and responsibilities. You like to complete the given piece of work within the allotted timeframe.


Few ancient cultures believed that sharks are helpful guides for the fishermen to track the high-yielding fishing grounds as they can smell their prey within miles.

Sharks generally know the best places for fishing. They were considered to be the guides for off-course ships as well who used to lose track of their way back to the shore.

Call for your shark spirit animal if you are feeling stressed and uncertain about a situation in life. Ask for direction to help you to make a better decision. You may not have all the answers to your problems, but the shark spirit in you helps you to listen to your inner voice for guidance.


Sharks used to be considered as the guardians of oceans in many religious scriptures. If you feel anxious, fearful, and troubled by uncontrollable events of life, then summon your shark spirit animal and pray for protection and strength to fight back.

The shark power animal will infuse the self-confidence in you to stand up, face the fears and take a stand for yourself.

Shark Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Sharks have superior qualities to boast about, but they have negative traits too. Sharks are often seen as the negative characters of the sea. Being a shark-spirited person, you should be aware of the downsides of your energy.

Below are some of the negative traits that sharks do possess –

  • Aggressiveness
  • Egoistical
  • Dominance
  • Lack of Patience

Be mindful of your negative energies and try to channel them constructively.


Sharks are at the top of the seafood chain. They cause fear wherever they belong. Shark-spirited individuals tend to be fierce and aggressive. While maintaining authority and leadership, they might create fear and a negative impression among groups for which people may not look up to them.

As a shark spirited human, make sure you try to deal and communicate with people with calmness and humility. Regular meditation and deep breathing will help to pacify the hostile nature.


As an ambitious and highly focused person, you often tend to become rude and might show the inability to empathize with people. You might lack the awareness to build rapport and show sympathy to others.

Bring a grounded nature in yourself and try not to hurt anyone along the journey of your accomplishment. Remember balance is the key.


As a shark-spirited individual, you tend to boast about your superiority. You might earn respect and set dominance by creating fear and suppression among others like the way sharks are feared and left alone for being the finest predators.

This energy can create a negative impact on your career and relationships. Be calm and try to be empathetic while communicating with others.

Lack of patience

You might feel restless and agitated if the shark energy goes out of balance. At times, you might not be able to think clearly and you may feel restless.

Try to sit down and practice deep breathing regularly. Call for your shark spirit animal to provide the calmness and patience to deal with a stressful situation.

Shark as an Animal Totem

Sharks are the symbol of fearlessness, power, and momentum. They define the essence of being lively and full of spirit. Being highly adaptive creatures, they are known as the toughest survivors.

Shark as your power animal defines you as a great leader, achiever, opportunist, dynamic, and adventurous. The shark energy in you keeps you moving to venture out for the new possibilities of life. As an animal totem, the shark spirit animal provides a protective shield against any evil eye. It empowers you with the valor to break through any barriers and obstacles along the way.

Times When You Need to Summon the Shark Spirit Animal

  • Moments when you seek inner strength, power, and confidence.
  • You are full of doubts and uncertainty.
  • You are unable to take decisions in life.
  • You are looking for opportunities and progress in your life.
  • You need the power of concentration and focus in a world of chaos.
  • You need to fire up the dominance and authoritative nature.
  • You need to protect yourself and others from negativity and unforeseen situations.
  • You are seeking wisdom and intelligence.
  • You are looking to explore new dimensions of life.
  • You need the endurance to survive the most unfavorable circumstances.
  • You need the inspiration to keep moving forward.
  • You need the power of patience and self-discipline.

Dream Interpretation of Shark

Dreaming of sharks can be scary but the interpretation of your dreams can vary depending on your mental state. Sharks in your dreams can signify the emotional turbulence that you might be going through.

If you see a shark in a river, it means you need to calm yourself down or you need to mentally prepare yourself for an upcoming situation.

If you are being chased by a shark, you are running away from past events or trying to overlook some important emotional problems.

If you are bitten by a shark in your dream, it indicates you are not sure about your goals and purpose in your life. It might also mean that you dislike your profession and looking for a change in your career.

If a shark eats you in your dream, it implies some upcoming event that might cause you stress. If the water is violent, it means you are going through some emotional instability.

If you are fighting a shark, it refers to an ongoing or upcoming conflict with someone in real life. It is also associated with your aggressive nature.

If you are being attacked by the shark, it indicates your low self-esteem and lack of strength to deal with situations.

If you are the shark in your dream and attacking other animals or people, it is associated with your relationship with others in real life. You might be taking advantage of your power and lacking empathy in relationships.

Mythological Significance of Shark

Historical evidence shows many important religious aspects of sharks as spirit animals.

Hawaiian mythology

People in ancient Hawaii used to worship sharks as deities. They had seven shark gods who were known to protect the ocean. The ancient Hawaiians also wore shark teeth as a necklace as a belief that shark teeth have the power to ward off evil forces. The fishermen also believed that wearing shark teeth can prevent severe weather conditions at the sea. Since then, shark teeth have been used as an amulet as a protective shield.

Japanese mythology

Japanese people had their shark god named Ebisu who was a combination of a dragon and a shark. Ebisu was the deity of good health, luck, prosperity, and wealth.

Christian mythology

The sharks are the representation of the devil according to Bible. They are seen as oceanic demons and are unclean for eating.

New Zealand Shark folklore

People in New Zealand worshipped sharks as their trusted saviors. The belief came from a story where at one time the canoe of the voyagers is swallowed by sea monsters and a white shark comes to their rescue. Since then, sharks are seen as the saviors of the sea.

Chinese mythology

Shark fin soup is a very popular dish in China since the 14th century Ming Dynasty. The fish is hard to catch and it used to be considered as a special occasion when they were caught. Ancient Chinese medicine practitioners claimed that shark fin soup is beneficial for boosting sexual potency and preventing many other ailments. This practice is followed even today and has put the sharks at risk of extinction.

Fijian mythology

Fijian people used to worship a particular shark god named Dakuwaqa. He was a half-man and half-shark deity who was known to protect fishermen from any kind of danger at the sea.

Let the Shark Spirit Animal Connect With You

Usually, shark-spirited individuals know how to deal with their troubles and low phases of life. But there are moments in life when we all need to find that inner strength to push us forward.

If you want to connect with your shark spirit animal, the first and foremost thing is to be calm and still. As it is difficult or rather impossible to connect with your spirit guide with an agitated mind. Focus and meditate deeply on your spirit animal.

There can be recurring incidents like coming across a poster of a shark, dreaming of it, seeing a shark totem in a shop, frequent thoughts of sharks out of nowhere, or seeing something in nature that reminded you of the sharks are the signs that your spirit animal is trying to connect with you.

Keep an open mind and pray to your spirit guide to show up and communicate with you. Invoke the shark power in you and reclaim your superiority and fierceness to take charge of your life.