Rooster as Spirit Animal

Roosters hold a special place in our daily life. They are one of the most important domesticated birds both in the rural and urban areas. They work as nature’s alarm clock and wake us up with their loud crowing.

Roosters are the male birds who keep an eye on the chickens and their chicks and keep the predators at bay. They are physically strong and big. They can’t fly much higher but they are fast runners. The beautiful red comb on top of their head signifies pride and confidence.

Roosters could be your spirit animal if you experience things like frequent dreams of them, getting their thoughts randomly, coming across their pictures in your surroundings, someone talking about them coincidentally, and events that make you question their occurrences.

Characteristics and Personality

Roosters have a high significance in Chinese culture. According to Chinese astrology, people born in the year of the rooster possess qualities of deep thinking and accurate observation. They are strong, confident, and full of personality.

People with a rooster as their spirit animal are very organized and punctual. They take their duties and responsibilities seriously. They make a great leader as they are warm-hearted, generous, and compassionate. They are highly communicative and capable of running a big team under them smoothly. They value and respect each member of their team.

People with a rooster as their birth totem are bright, honest, ambitious, and self-reliant. They are nice and quiet but if someone does not abide by them or annoys them unnecessarily, they can be irritated and aggressive.

Rooster-spirited individuals are great observers. They notice subtle things that other people might overlook. They understand people’s behavior and actions rightfully. They tend to put forward distinctive ideas and solutions to the betterment of the organization or any other aspects of life.

Rooster people are very active, responsive, outspoken, and enthusiastic. They have strong self-respect and easily pull themselves out of the low phases of their life. Giving up is not something that can be found in their dictionary. Individuals with the rooster as their core energy tend to choose careers where creativity, imagination, deep thinking, and courage are required.

Rooster Spirit Animal Positive Powers

People with the rooster as their spirit animal has unique personality traits. Below are some of the positive attributes of rooster-spirited individuals  –

  • Active
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Pride
  • Decisive
  • Communicative
  • Leadership
  • Resourceful
  • Protective


Roosters are highly energetic and moving. They are physically strong enough to keep an eye on a flock of hens and save them from predators. Roosters also fight with each other to claim the position of the lead of the flock.

As a rooster-spirited individual, you are dynamic, active, and zestful. You like to do your work with full enthusiasm. Laziness is not the word that can be found in your dictionary. You tend to fulfill your duties diligently within the given amount of time. You are highly productive and the true inspiration for your team.


The rooster animal totem represents self-confidence. People with rooster energy take great care of their bodies and mind. They stand their ground firmly no matter what. They try their best to equip themselves with knowledge and skills to present themselves as the best in the world.

If you have been doubting your abilities and looking for guidance to move forward, pray on your spirit animal to infuse you with strength and determination.


Courage is something rooster-spirited individuals are born with. They are bold, smart, and passionate in their move. People with low self-esteem can learn a lot from them. Their strong and valiant nature makes them unique and prominent and keeps them ahead of the crowd. They are outspoken and always take a firm stand for truth and justice.


Rooster individuals take pride in their accomplishments and capabilities. Criticism can’t put them down. They have the attitude of not giving up easily. They seldom rely on others and mostly figure out and get things done all by themselves.

If you have been pulled down by criticism lately and not feeling good about your identity and true self, try to call on your rooster spirit animal to bless you with self-reliance and self-sustenance.


Rooster-spirited individuals are great observers. They are good at getting the key points and can make decisions quickly and efficiently. They play a conclusive part in group discussions, and important decisions using their power of reasoning and astuteness.


If the rooster is your spirit animal, you have strong communication skills. You can express yourself the way you want. You can impart and channel information clearly and concisely. Be it in relation or work or life in general, you can talk things out in an effective manner and see a resolution of the matter.


Roosters are more than just a bird. They give a waking alarm to the world by making their distinctive sound. They protect the hens and chicks from predators. They adjust pretty well with other livestock.

The innate confidence and authoritative nature of the rooster spirit help them to create positive influences among the team. People like to work under their impression and guidance. The rooster energy helps you to stand tall, take a lead from the front, and optimistically take any criticism. When this energy is used effectively, it can help you to earn respect and dignity among your team.


Rooster as your birth totem makes you sharp and insightful. You don’t like to work for others forever. You want something of your own leaving the rat race behind. You have outstanding competence and an earnest attitude towards your career. You are also highly creative and ingenious and can adapt to new environments skilfully. Your keen observation helps to recognize the right opportunities to progress and develop yourself.


Rooster being your core spiritual energy, you naturally hold the art to fight back and protect whatever you value. It can be dignity, relationship, emotional health, or any material assets that you value. You take all possible measures to provide the utmost protection to yourself and your loved ones. You stand strong and take all the damage on yourself if necessary. Always remember, as the rooster-spirited individual, you always have the strength in you to protect your vibe from negative people and surroundings.

Rooster Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are some of the negative traits that rooster individuals need to be careful of –

  • Egoistic
  • Impatient
  • Hot-tempered
  • Selfish


Rooster people often find it hard to go along with people having different views. They tend to have ego issues that make them narrow-minded and biased at times. If you are someone who often faces a clash of opinion with others, arguments with peers, or disagreement on a particular subject; you need to remind yourself of your true nature.

All you need to do is to have an open mind and listen to the other person carefully, and then express your point of view. Acknowledging the other person’s concern first and then representing your ideas could lead to a smooth discussion from both sides.


People with the rooster as their spirit animal are quick-minded and at times pretty hyperactive. They tend to do their job very well and finish their target within or before the given period.

They find it difficult to sit idle and tend to look for something or the other to keep themselves busy. This way they give too much of their energy to things that can be outsourced or managed by others. They like to do things all by themselves which makes them easily exhausted.

They often feel restless and impatient and find it hard to keep up with daily life. Moments like this occurs when you don’t take some time out for yourself. You need to withdraw during these times, take a break, and set some time to reflect on yourself. Regular practice of mindfulness and meditation can benefit a lot.


Rooster people are also known to be hot-headed if things do not turn out their way. They tend to lose patience easily and can become aggressive if they sense anything that’s trying to cause damage to their image or reputation.

Respect is an important factor for rooster individuals. They take great care of their image and try their best to accomplish things in a finer way to maintain their stature. They can even be highly aggressive if someone or something causes a threat to the well-being of their loved ones.


Rooster individuals are confident and they are highly conscious of their self-worth. If the rooster is your birth totem, people often take you as arrogant, selfish, and too outspoken. Try to maintain calmness and humility when dealing with people. You can listen to others and empathize with their problems, and help them as much as you can while maintaining a grounded attitude.

Times When You Need to Summon the Rooster Spirit Animal

  • You need the confidence to back yourself up
  • You need to overcome fears and obstacles to move forward.
  • You need to remove laziness and be active.
  • You need to protect yourself and your close ones.
  • You need to listen to your inner voice and make the right decision.
  • You need to control your restlessness and aggressiveness.
  • You are looking for the right opportunities.
  • You need to be communicative and lead your team confidently.

Rooster as an Animal Totem

The rooster as the animal totem signifies dedication, boldness, and ambition. Rooster energy makes the person easy-going, social, and lively. They don’t shy away from participating in groups, events, or celebrations. They are straightforward and discerning. They love to joke around and feel strong emotions.

They like to be independent and free from debts and bondages. Rooster individuals usually take good financial decisions due to their sharp minds and logical thinking.

They are trustworthy and maintain strict time management skills. They like to finish things on time, and if they are unable to do so, they feel guilty. So, even if it’s tiring they continue to perform their job and reach their target. Being responsible and organized, they make sure everything is outlined clearly and carefully and set off with a clear objective in mind.

Dream Interpretation of Rooster Spirit Animal

Dreams are the manifestations of thoughts that are hidden deep in the subconscious mind. They can have several implications that you need to understand to get better clarity of your life.

If the rooster is making morning sounds outside your home or any place, it is a wake-up call for your life. It can be an indication of new beginnings, new opportunities, or maybe it’s urging you to take a fresh look at your life to identify if you are missing out on something. This dream signifies opening your eyes and taking a thorough look at your life.

If the rooster is fighting with other roosters, it means you are trying hard to make an identity for yourself. You might need to fight your way out to overcome the obstacles.

If the rooster is protecting the hens or the eggs, it implies you may need to be more responsible and fulfill your necessary obligations. It can also mean you need to be more careful about your family and loved ones and protect them from unforeseen events.

If the rooster is crowing at other roosters or any domestic animals, it can indicate the dominating personality of your nature. It means you have a strong opinion that needs to be shared with others.

If you are being chased by the rooster, it means you are feeling defeated or threatened in your waking life. You may feel like you are losing control of everything or something is being taken away from you. This dream indicates its high time to stand up and face your fears.

Dreaming of a white rooster indicates the positive traits in your character. It may imply that you are feeling positive and confident about yourself. You may act bold and outspoken, but deep inside you are humble and well-mannered.

If the rooster is hiding from you or running away from you, it may imply that your self-confidence needs a boost. You need to feel proud of yourself again and take action accordingly.

Seeing a dead rooster in your dreams can imply a lot of possibilities. A dead rooster indicates the end of the current phase of your life, the end of struggle or sickness, or the end of low emotions and pain. It may indicate the beginning of something new. On the other hand, the same dream can hint at upcoming conflict or turbulence in life. You need to strengthen yourself to be ready to face the challenges life throws at you.

If you killed a rooster in your dream, it can be a reminder that you should kill arrogance and practice humility and prudence at all times. It can also imply the end of some habits or letting go of the things that you have been holding on to for a long time.

Mythological Significance of Rooster Spirit Animal

Ancient Chinese culture holds the special significance of the roosters in the new year calendar. People in China used to put their roosters together into fighting to the witness who wins. This used to be seen as a sign of bravery and competitiveness.

According to a few Chinese folklore, the rooster’s crow can drive ghosts away. It was believed that people residing in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River used to hang a picture of roosters on the main door during every Spring Festival to drive evil forces away. Older people used to teach children to imitate the rooster’s crow if they encountered a ghost.

In the early time of the pre-Qin period, people in China had a belief that roosters represent the power of the Sun God as they crowded every day when the Sun rose. Hence, they believed that the birds had some divine powers. Many activities during the pre-Qin period used to sacrifice roosters to honor the Gods.

The Chinese word for ‘rooster’ sounds similar to the word for ‘luck’. Roosters used to be considered to have belonged to the same family as the phoenix. Roosters are seen as the emblem of luck and prosperity as per the ancient Chinese belief.

According to Greek mythology, there was a soldier named ‘Alectryon’ who was appointed by the god of war named ‘Ares’ to guard the outside of his bedroom door while the god engaged in a love affair with the goddess ‘Aphrodite’. But Alectryon fell asleep and at that moment the sun god ‘Helios’ walked into the room unintentionally. Ares turned furious at his guard and turned him into a rooster. It is said since then the roosters don’t forget to alarm the sun’s arrival in the morning.

Bible marks the roosters as the symbol of vigilance and betrayal. It is taken from the context where Jesus prophesied the betrayal by peter.

As per some old European folklore, the rooster is believed to drive the devil away at its first crowing. A myth says that there was a giant snake ‘Basilisk’ who was capable of killing with its single glance. It was believed that the snake will die if it hears a rooster crowing.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

If the rooster is your birth sign according to the Chinese zodiac calendar, then you may have a majority of your personality traits getting synced with the rooster attributes. If you are fond of this bird and find many similarities between you and the bird, the rooster could be your birth totem.

The ideal way to connect with your spirit animal is by asking for signs and symbols appearing in your surroundings. Frequent dreams can also signify a lot of your issues or possibilities in waking life.

The best way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. When the mind is calm and free of regular turbulences of life, that’s when you can connect with your inner voice.

When the rooster as your spirit animal glides in your path, it brings a sense of judgment, enables you to survive every difficult situation of life, and prepares you to be destined for something big and meaningful in life.